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Concepts and ideas of how a person could view the next few years.

These thoughts and conclusions are simply offered as a basis for your own studies and prayers. The series of events are based on the whole Bible, however to reduce the size of this article we give few brief references only.
For a complete, reasonably detailed time line, see the article:
A Full, Possible, Endtime Time Line.'

>The emphasis is on what PRACTICAL things we should be doing
right now,
[from 2013] as Bible-believing people. <

A NOTE >Thoughts from 2 Timothy 2: 15 is worth noting carefully.
Study... to present yourself to God a workman... Rightly handling ~ and skilfully teaching ~ the WORD of Truth.” This is our prayer for ourselves and for you, our readers. [We are writing specifically for true Believers in Jesus.]
When we write of God, we mean ADONAI [LORD] God and Father of our Lord Jesus Messiah. The Mighty GOD ~ 'El Shaddai', Everlasting Father.

Almost all of us think that we would like to know –in a general way – what to expect in the next few years, because as Bible reading Believers we believe we are in the ‘End Times’ before our LORD Yeshua/ Jesus Messiah Returns to Earth to reign as the Prince of Peace. Psalm 45 & 72 plus Rev 19!

As the writers of this article, we want to state absolutely clearly that
we do not know the whole scenario of future events
or the exact order in which they will happen, for certain.
Also that in all our thinking we must never forget the principles of our
Bible-based Faith in God's Word and God's Sovereignty.

Perhaps these can be simply summed up in the words “Trust & Obey”.
A large part of the signs of the End times indicate many kinds of disasters which we should be prepared for – in order to be a blessing to others
- our families, friends and neighbours!

You are welcome to look at our ‘
Guide to Preparing for any Disaster’.


1. Watch for the Scriptural and Spiritual Factors.
The Bible is the only source and guide, to any thoughts or conclusions we make about the future, as we pray for the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit.

2. Watch the Current Events and Trends, or Warnings.
We will be sensible, if we are partly guided by the developing events we see around the world. Our personal and family needs must be considered too.

1.Actual Events. These are quite important in preparing for some of the future serious events. [See
'Scriptural - Post Trib Beliefs'  Also about the 'One World Government'.] With the Internet we have higher 'watch-towers' than at any time!

2. In Scriptures. Everywhere in prophetic or apocalyptic literature, events are foretold which give us guidelines to guide us how we should or could re-act.
The key is: “LORD teach me”. God’s prophets always gave warnings before serious changes so people would know how to act.

We believe many of us will live to see some of the 'signs' Jesus and God's Prophets like Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah and the Apostle John wrote of!
> However there are many details we will not know until they happen. <

3. The last four Jewish Feasts.
We [the writers] expect that the last four Jewish Feasts will also be matched by special events, in Israel, in the same year! The focus will be on the Jewish People being restored to their own Messiah as Saviour, Yeshua, through real repentance and FAITH.  So these Feasts should be seen as important parts of the ‘End Times’. We outline these in a longer article 'Future Events for Israel'.



Our Advice 1. READ the Bible! Consider what we read in Scripture that matches - what we know is happening around the world.
We should not worry about what we don’t know. 
Just concentrate of what we DO know!

Advice 2.
  Check our ATTITUDES.
We should always look to see if our personal knowledge and attitudes are true to a humble, prayerful, genuine, sacrificial, loving ‘walk with God’. It is no blessing if we are theoretically sure of what we believe, but do not turn it to care for others! Listen to other points of view, prayerfully. Prepare water, food, things, and plans to help in a disaster.

>Whether ‘we’ are right or wrong about the Future, is not so important, only trusting and obeying God’s Word - is important! <

Advice 3. Be practical now. All Believers should hold possessions lightly and give often. Remember Matthew 6:33! Invest in good, effective causes, (i.e. Bible translation, discipling, or overseas evangelism) - strategic Christian ministries! In the light of coming world chaos, perhaps NOW is the time to turn your 'goods' into assets for building God’s Kingdom. We do NOT recommend building ‘hide-outs’, but normal emergency supplies for any type of disaster is very important for yourself and others. See our "Guidelines to Preparations for Disaster"

Many of the 'signs' are already here – economic loss, wars, disasters, fear, crime, plagues, false prophets, famine, plans for world governance… but the Spread of the Gospel, inspite of growing evil of all kinds!
Yet most Christians are living in a ‘glass bubble of Pre-trib Rapture complacency’ – which will burst - with showers of broken hopes, panic and terrible fears and regrets, raining down on the unprepared.

> But all true Christians can and need to be fully prepared to stand true, to the End ~ now!

We now offer you a shortened ‘time-line’ that seems Scriptural to us.

TITLES OF 9 SECTIONS ARE GIVEN. We only add Scriptures References
Please do look them up.
Also see our '
The Full Endtime, Time Line'.


- A time of all kinds of wars, disasters, turmoil and resentment of God. -

>> The first Rider of the white horse as revealed by the breaking of the First Seal in Revelation chapter 6, (we believe), was possibly from the 1820's on (e.g. 'Pre-trib Rapture' view emerged). This Rider represents deceit and new conflicting beliefs, such as Secular Humanism and many old cults and new religious, Communistic, Islamic or Hinduistic, and other Satanic forms.
See 2 Peter chapters 2 & 3: 1-4, 1 Timothy 4: 1 - 5 and the letter of Jude!

> False 'prophets' - even Christian Preachers deceiving many with 'escape' from suffering' theories, such as a 'Pre-tribulation Rapture', (great if true!)
[Please see: '
Scriptural Explanations of the Future' and Mark 13: 24 - 27!]
Also Islamic and other extreme 'prophets' looking even for a world war to bring the Mahdi, or to destroy any good democracies or Christian organisations.

> Changed liberal attitudes, and anti-God beliefs continued throughout the 20th century aided by many modern inventions, weapons, communications, travel and population growth and movement of people all over the world.

>> Yet inspite of these and even because of these, the Gospel is being spread in wonderful ways - even to hard-to-reach places! Sadly there is a matching rise in cruel persecution of Christians. * Mark 13: 9 - 23.

>Changes in society led to increasing rebellion against all forms of Authority, parents, teachers, police and especially good Biblical standards and God Himself. This 'time of rebellion' has many important events happening; wars, disasters, plagues, crime and cruelty - even because of 'religion'. Matt. 24

> Israel (and many other nations) ~ like a budding fig tree, in 1948 became an independent, Nation State in part of the Jewish homeland of the land of Israel.

>>The second Rider, of the Red horse represents war. Wars of all kinds, since W.W. 1 & 2, with territorial, ethnic, smaller and larger conflicts, which have multiplied and killed millions. [It is possible a M.E. war to 'defang' Iran may fit in here, in 2013 as described in Jeremiah 49:37. See article re '
Iran ~Israel]

>>The 3rd Rider of a Black horse brings famine. diseases, plagues and all kinds of injustice, immorality and cruelty, with extremes of rich and poor nations.

>> The (double) fourth Riders, of the two sickly pale horses bringing untold levels of death by the sword, famine and plagues, wild beasts, killing a quarter of the Earth's people! This is possibly over a period of time in multiple events?

>> World focus on Israel and the M.E. with the constant looming threat of war, yet Israel's gaining of economic success inspite of constant threats against her. This makes Russia and the Islamic Nations jealous and angry.
Zechariah 12: 1 - 3. Isaiah 28: pictures Israel's Islamic enemies, who even teach children it is an honour to die as a terrorist! Death is even a goal of Islam.

>>The breaking of the 5th Seal * reveals the tragedy of Christians being persecuted more than ever before, and continuing until the pouring out of the 'Bowls of God's Wrath' after, but including the terrible, second half of the seven years of the 'Time of Tribulation'-all so severe that God arranges for each day to be shortened. Rev. 16, and Matthew 24: 22, also Mark 13: 20!


These concepts are based on Ezekiel 38/39, Joel 2: 1 -20, Psalm 76 & 83.

>>This is a scenario of serious events we call 'The Ezekiel war' which are clearly an important part of the total series of End Time events, [yet often not included in preachers or teachers over-all view.] All this is so serious we urge you to read our articles here, ((One world Government)) and here. ((Gog & Magog)) The goal of this attack is to show that Allah is the greatest god, by eliminating all Jews from the Land of Israel, so that Islam can take it over!

>The main nations involved in this Ezekiel - 'Gog Magog war' are Russia and many from Islamic/ Communist Nations, with Iran prominent among them. (But this is NOT 'Armageddon' as the whole world is not actively involved but watching!) Please read Eze. 36 - 39 carefully yourself, to see what you think.

>The center-piece is about the anti-Israel, huge Magog Army that will gather in Syria (part of The Land God promised to Israel) to gain the present smaller Land of Israel for Allah, by eliminating all the Jewish people. The Jews will be absolutely terrified, and will finally call on their own God for help. Zech. 12: 10 - ch. 13: 1 -6. Jeremiah 30, and ch 31: 1 - 14. No other nation will help Israel, but thousands of people who do not love Israel will leave. Ps. 52: 5, Ps. 37:10...

>A huge earthquake in Syria will destroy the entire Army, (also destroying Damascus - Isaiah 17:1) and in cities around the world, which will cause total world economic collapse and changes in control of the entire world. See Isaiah 29, Joel 2:1 - 11. Keep Rev. 6 open and compare with Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. [Refer to '
Full E.T. Time Line', or 'Gog & Magog' articles.]



>>God's priorities are the Salvation spiritually of every person possible so that there is at least one person to stand before His throne [Rev 7: 9], from every nation, tribe, people and language! But also the visible turning of the Nation of Israel to Himself, and becoming a Holy nation, in this world.
Ezekiel 36: 16 -23, and 39: 7, but especially 39:29, Romans 11: 12, 15, 23 - 26!

>> So the power of Islam will be broken as God will allow - even arrange for the events of Ezekiel 38/39 to cause this, and also for the entire world to see the great power of The God of Israel, by ensuring Israel's safety, and the total destruction of the Islamic/ Communistic invading Army.
Isaiah 29:5 -8, & Psalms 83 describe the enemy, & Psalm 80 Israel's prayer!

>> When all Jews and Israel, especially turn to their own God their whole attitude to others will change radically, and they will quickly share the Good News of Jesus/ Yeshua with everyone they know around the world. This will fulfill scriptures like Joel 2: 28 & 29, Romans 11: 28, Isaiah 27: 1 - 6.

>The Good News will be shared widely, as many M.E. Christians (who until now have often been persecuted for turning away from Islam) will share with every one of the 57 Muslim Nations as Isaiah 19: 23 - 25 says.
This also fulfils Jesus/ Yeshua's prophecy in Matthew 24: 14, & Mark 13: 10!

>> God will give the last chance in this way, for people to accept His Son as their Spiritual Saviour. There will be not one person in the world that will not know Who the true and only God is, which is His justice being shown.
This will be in a "short window of opportunity" * before the terrible time of persecution and disasters to happen under the soon emerging 'Anti-christ' Babylonian 'Tribulation' system, which will now be set up for seven years.


But the entire world will know Who the true God is!

>During * "a window of time" - after the consequences of the 'Ezekiel War' results in 'Global powers' deciding to take control - and before that is finalised, there will be a world revival as given in Joel 2, with Jews and ex-Muslims being in the forefront of sharing the Gospel, especially where it was not known before. Isaiah19: 23 - 25 & Joel 2: 28- 32 - is very exciting!Now, everyone knows Who the true God is, and about Jesus the Saviour.

> The most serious worldwide economic financial 'crash' will now happen as result of the destruction of the entire 'Magog Army' - and the earthquakes around the world. Chaos and anarchy break out everywhere in fear and panic.
 [Read Revelation 6: 12 -17 - the timing may be now - or later, we are not sure.]

> The Evil world leaders, the 'False-messiah' (or Anti-christ) and his False Prophet, like beastly 'monsters' now emerge to control the whole world, as described in Revelation 13, and Daniel 7: 7 & 8, 11, 19 - 21, 2 Thess. 2: 3 & 4.

>The One world Governance Plans will quickly be brought forward with their chosen Leader in order to bring the Financial chaos under new control with great promises of a "New World Order" as each Government of all countries confirm the treaties previously made, (probably including the 'Global Green Agenda' considered at Kyoto and Copenhagen and Mexico in previous years).
So Nations will also confirm handing over their sovereignty to the UNO!
Plans for limiting population and population growth is part of these plans.

>Israel will make a separate 'Treaty', not to be part of the world system and will be able to now become a Holy nation here, before the Second Coming!
Note the contrast between a dark evil world - and holy Israel, in Isaiah 60: 1 - 9.
Two godly, modern men, (not reincarnations), Prophets will witness, (preach) the Truth of God's Word ~ but be hated by the lying World Leaders! Rev. 11.


A world treaty is made for 7 years, but changes seriously after 3.5 years.

>>The new System and Anti-christ Leader, with a Religious dimension will fulfill the Scriptures of Revelation chapters 13, 17 and 18 about 'the first, and second Beasts' and their evil economic/ religious control system that will be mandatory for all people to accept by accepting a 'Mark' - a microchip in their hand or forehead. Many true Christians will die rather than accept this worship system. Revelation emphasises God's attitude to their deaths in several places!

>[We believe] the 'Anti-christ' will agree to Israel being separate allowing the building of a 3rd Temple in Jerusalem, and independence on the condition that every Jew must return to Israel from the entire world.
Israel will gain all the Land Promised by God, and possibly more.
Ezekiel 39: 27 - 28, Isaiah 14: 1 & 61: 7. It seems Jerusalem will become a favourite place for Tourists. See Rev 11: 2, compared with all of Isaiah 60.

>>During this time many significant events take place. Because of the rebellion against the True God of Earth and Heaven, by worshipping the spirits of fire, water, wind and Earth, God may now initiate the first 5 'Trumpet Disasters as described in revelation 8: 6 - 9: 12.

 > These may happen - in response to the Prophetic Word of two Prophetic Witnesses in Jerusalem who will harmonise with the Angels sounding the 5 Trumpet blasts. Their serious effects will destroy a third of the Earth each time and many people die. For this reason the whole world will hate them.

>Briefly - 1st Trumpet - God's judgement of 'spirit of Fire' -1/3 Earth burned up.
Second Trumpet blast against 'spirit of sea Water' - 1/3rd Sea turns to blood.
Third Trumpet against 'spirit of fresh Water' - 1/3rd springs and rivers polluted.
Fourth Trumpet against the 'spirit of the cosmos/ Air/ wind' - 1/3rd sun, moon and stars black out, with 1/3rd of the daytime, dark, and 1/3rd of the night.
All Divine events are against the Global worship of the Satanic 'green-agenda' and cheating 'Carbon credit' world system, designed to rob all nations, especially the poor ones, and limit world population by cruel means.



 [Daniel 9: 27b, & 2 Thessalonians 2: 4, Revelation 11: 1 -14.]

 [Revelation chapters16, 17 & 18.]

>> Finally the two Witnesses are killed, and the world rejoices thinking they were responsible for the terrible 'Trumpet' signs. God vindicates them by raising them to life, (after 3.5 days lying dead in the street) then taking them to Heaven while the world watches.
At that moment there is a huge Earthquake in 1/10th of Jerusalem killing 7,000 people. This is all explained as actual, literal events in Rev. 11: 1 - 14.


>>The 'False-messiah' will now break his Treaty with Israel after 42 months, and relocates his speaking Stature to the Temple in Jerusalem. This effectively ensures the 'second part' of 3.5 years of the 7year Treaty with the world brings seven terrible 'Bowl Judgements' and even more serious events happen now, all described in Revelation 16 to 18 - for you to read!
Also you will find more details in the '
Full [Possible] End Time, Timeline.'
There is much that we cannot fully understand - except for its seriousness...

> All Believing Jews in the City of Jerusalem will leave [when the Antichrist sets up his Evil Statue] as Jesus advised them, in Matthew 24: 15, but they will not leave Israel but go to the north, (now the enlarged) part of Israel.
From now on all Believers in Israel will be kept safe by God, (we believe) but still be on Earth. See Exodus 8:22 & 23.
But Christian Gentiles in the rest of the world suffer as in 2 Thess. chapter 1, and chapter 4: 13 to 5: 12, proving they have not been raptured yet.

>> The Anti-christ now calls on all nations to meet at the plain of Megiddo in Israel for a great battle "of Armageddon" against "the Saints" i.e. all Believers - in his fury and hatred of the God of Israel, Who is now clearly known as El Shaddai - the Almighty One. Rev. 16: 7 - 21, *19: 17 -21, Isaiah 13: 9- 13.

>> This brings to a climax the 6th & 7th, Trumpets and Bowl Judgements, in great acts of the judgement of the Anti-christ's evil and cruel 'Babylonian System' of rebellion against the LORD God - YHWH, yet joy for the righteous as in Rev.16: 16 -21, Isaiah 14: 1 - 27, because evil is vanquished by our * Hero!

>> The fall of the 'Babylonian Anti-christ City' representing all forms of sexual perversion and cruelty is destroyed in an act seen from far away. Rev. 18! Also Isaiah 13: 19 -22! The reason is given, in Revelation 17: esp. vs. 6.
 [We do not know what all the 'pictures' represent in Rev. 17, and it may not be understood until the various 'personalities' are seen, but we know God Rules!]

Many serious events happen in a great cacophony of judgements of terrible destruction of all the evil people, but rejoicing by the saints!


Section 7.

 [Revelation 19, 1 Thess 4: 15 - 17, 1 Corinthians 15: 22 - 25 & 50 - 58.]

>>The age of Man's sinful control of this Earth will end and all evil done away with, and the Earth itself will be 'liberated' as in Romans 8: 18 - 25.
The Return of Jesus to Earth on one great day is the focus of very many Psalms and Scriptures! God's amazing patience and love and justice will be clear to all the saints and angels and the whole universe! See '
The second Coming of the Messiah'. See Psalms, 45, 72, & 95 to 100. Amazing!

> Note: We all unite here on Earth, because Jesus is Returning to Earth, so "we will be with the Lord forever". THIS is the Place He has prepared (through Him going to death for us!) John 13: 33 - 14: 6, a place of UNION with God!

>>The most glorious part of this is all the Believers of all time being given resurrection bodies as we rise "to meet the LORD in the air," on His Return to Earth! A little like going to a giant 'Air-port' to meet a returning loved one to bring them home, so they will really feel welcomed. It is HIS Earthly home, too.
Rev 19: 1 - 16, & I Corinthians 15, 1 Thess. 4: 13 - ch.5: 1- 11!

>The False-messiah/ A/C and his false prophet are thrown alive into the lake of fire, and the army killed by the authoritative word of Jesus, the Rider of the White Horse, Whose name is "the Word of God" and "King of kings". Rev. 19: from verse 17, also Isaiah 14: 3 - 27!



>NOTE: This time is different from the next ‘Time’ ~ 'ETERNITY' “when Time shall be no more”!  But this first period of 1,000 years often just called 'The Millennium' is a glorious study to undertake. See The Millennial Reign. So we are not writing much here - it is too wonderful to treat casually, but is so good to look forward to! Like Jesus, "endured the cross... for the JOY that was set before Him" ~ we too should learn more about this time.

>>This will be on a renewed Earth, like it was at Creation, proving for 1,000 years that this world could be ruled in truth and peace and justice and godliness. Believers will rule over the remnant of human non-believers who will multiply quickly, and live several 100 years, (as before the Flood). See Gen. 5.


Section 9. ETERNITY – OR ‘HEAVEN’ – A TIME THAT CAN BARELY BE IMAGINED!  Described mainly in Revelation 21 & 22.

>>You’ll have to see our article about Eternity to get more details!!!

This list can’t go on forever, (like Eternity!) So we will leave you with the prayer that maybe this study will be a blessing and something worthwhile to think over – or refer to in the years ahead… bringing comfort and encouragement, especially as you study it for yourself!


> Please keep this study as a challenge to be prepared for Jesus' Return.
We would like to encourage you to take the time to read the
Full End Time, Time Line’.
Paul the Apostle wrote a lot about "our being together with the Lord Jesus Messiah" in his letters, so see the last 2 verses of 2 Thessalonians, chapter 2 and even learn it off to be with us through the years ahead?

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