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This is a Summary only, so please look for the:
'Full Israel Future Timeline' with more details.


1. The importance of the Jewish People.
Being Bible -reading Believers in the whole 'WORD of God' - the Tanakh (O.T.) and the B'rit Chadashah (N.T.) we are convinced that God's first chosen people ~ the Hebrew/ Jewish people, have always been essential in God's over-all Plan. First to form a special holy Jewish 'Family' ~ by choosing to serve God themselves, then to bless all mankind, and for God Himself, and His glory! This will be here on Earth before Yeshua returns.
See other articles on our
'Israel section', please.
For a time from AD66, God allowed Gentile (non-Jewish) people to become the focus of His Plans. Soon God will restore the Jewish people individually but as a visible Earthly nation to His original Place for them in His Kingdom, even before the Return of Yeshua Ha Meshiach/ Jesus the Messiah ~ to this Earth!

This article out-lines how we believe Scripture explains the way this will happen,
(possibly in the next 10 years), step by step.

2. Israel in relation to the rest of the World.
It is important to note that - while this brief article is about ISRAEL -
many other Prophesied trends and events are happening at the same time, throughout the whole world. So you can see a
'Full End Time ~Time Line', (that is one for ALL people- a little different in details only, from the 'Israel Timeline').

3. Details and answers to the question about 'ISRAEL'S FUTURE'.
These are found, for your own study in: Ezekiel 36 ~ 39, Joel chapter 2: 1 - 20, resulting in the events in Joel 2: 21 - 32 and Revelation 11: 1 - 13!
Many more are in other books of the Tanakh, (especially the Prophets and even in the Psalms), - an exciting study!
We mainly include references only in this study, for you to check out yourself.

4. Note that suggestions are made in this article about how the last 4 'Jewish Feasts of Israel' may be fulfilled, one (unknown) year soon, by some special, future events happening for Israel; just as all the first 3 Feasts were fulfilled ~

In Israel    ~    in the same year     ~   as experienced by Jewish people ~
With spiritual meaning for all Bible Believers, especially today's Jews.


By looking at this study you will be able to see why it is said that "Israel is the 'time piece' for End time Events and the nearness of Yeshua's Return to Reign on Earth".
The events in which they - as a nation - are involved, will impact on the whole of the rest of the world in very serious ways. That means 'us' readers!

1 >> THE RECENT PAST - a great proof of the sure fulfilment of all God's Promises! Very many Scripture prophecies for Israel have already been fulfilled!
See Ezekiel 36, and 37, Isaiah 11: 11, Ezekiel 11: 16 & 17only, with more to come.

>The Establishment of the Jewish nation within part of the boundaries of their God-promised Land in 1948 ~ was the start of the fulfilment of many Scriptures. It is a well-known event, but a real Divine miracle!
See Deuteronomy 30:3 - 5, Isaiah 54: 1 -8, Jeremiah 30: 1 -3 & 18 - 22, Ezekiel 36. We believe for Israel - this is the beginning of the second and final re-gathering of Jews (even in 'unbelief') and they will never be scattered again but 'planted' firmly, as Amos 9: 11-15 says! See Isaiah 11:11 too.
This has encouraged the return of many Jews, from all over the world, so their population at the dawn of the 2nd decade of the 21st C. is close to 7million.
The Hebrew language is restored as a modern and main language in the Nation.


2 >> THE PRESENT PROCESS shows God's patience with Israel, giving time to develop as a Nation, although with many large problems and threats, leading to finally seeing (we believe) that they cannot do without HIM!

When Ezekiel saw Israel raised up, and "breath entered them; they came to life and stood up on their feet - a great Army", (ch. 37) he probably didn't realise that God would use the actual wars and fear of war to help to weld Jews from 100 lands into a unified, (if argumentative), secular nation! But this is the reality after 60+ years! With few exceptions all 18-year-old men and women must join the I.D.F. (Israeli Defence Force), and all must speak Hebrew and promise loyalty to Israel.

However they still need to turn and call to their ADONAI individually - but as a Nation. Many individuals are already Messianic Believers in Yeshua as Messiah and Saviour, and coming together in increasing numbers of 'Congregations', but not without some persecution. See Romans 11:5 & 23, compare James 1:1 with Revelation 7: 3 & 4, a specific group of Endtime "servants", that surely will represent all Israel! ["144,000" is not the total number of Believers in Yeshua.]


3 > THE FUTURE PROCESS when God will finally make ISRAEL into a Holy nation!
We now present the various sections of the Endtime Events as we see them.
However we want to emphasise we are not dogmatic about these concepts, but you could use them as a starting place to consider the subject yourself.


Section 1 ~ A time of - amazingly significant events for ISRAEL.
 [These concepts are personal ones, by the writer of this site, for your own study]

a) A M.E. war with Iran, possibly in 2013? The threats to Israel's security are based on Iran's controlling influence on Israel's neighbours, especially Hizballah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, also Syria and Turkey and Shi'ite peoples in the area. However Ezekiel makes it clear that Israel will have a time of false peace and security first, yet it seems Israel can only have it after the power of IRAN, (not all the people) is broken. This is described as God's acts in Jeremiah 49: 37, but God also uses people or nations, so it is possible He will use Israel.
This would
bring a time of false peace, but also a time of isolation for Israel.

b) So then will come, a time of 'False Peace' for Israel only, and a sense of 'Security', (maybe for a few years), which will help to grow their economy; but this will not be until a 'miracle' situation happens to ensure 'security', in their own Land.
This must come first, as Ezekiel 38: 8,11, & 14 declares it clearly.
But Revelation indicates no time of world peace, ever in this Age.
Please see Matt.24 & Rev. 6-9, etc.

>This 'security' will be influenced by what happens to Iran, whose control of Hamas, Hizballah and Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Shi'ite peoples is strong in 2013.
[However this will be a future time of isolation for Israel, being "a nation alone".] The clear prophesy of Jeremiah 49: 34 - 39 is our reason for believing Iran will lose power, plus Ezekiel 38: 4 & 5. [See study on
'Iran - 6 verses of Prophecy'.]
It would be worth checking this web site:  

>Muslim Nations get impatient for world glory for Allah - and so they form the 'Magog Army' under a Russian head, known as 'Gog' to 'reclaim the Land of Israel for Islam and eliminate all Jews there.
(This is NOT 'Armageddon'.)
This will be to try to show how great Allah is, see Psalm 58 & Psalm 64.


Section 2. Then, the 'Ezekiel War' ~ Russian-led, Islamic war against Israel.

>The sudden presence of the Magog Army (in Syria) brings HUGE fear to Jews worldwide, esp. in Israel. Thousands of non-Jews leave Israel, Muslim Arabs as in Ps. 125: 3 & Ps. 78: 55. But some true Christians and many Jews go to Israel - even to die there. But Israel will start to call on ADONAI for help.

This may possibly be one year - at the 'Feast of Trumpets' - with a call to real heart-searching in Israel for the 10 'Days of Awe'. All Jews 'wrestle' with Yeshua - a short time of 'Jacob's Trouble', (NOT 3.5 years) - Jeremiah 30: 4 - 7a, describes it! Then they become God's True Isra-EL by calling in repentance and faith on the Name of Yeshua as in Zechariah 12:10 - ch. 13: 1, realising that Yeshua/ Jesus alone is the sacrifice that 'Yom Kippur' (Day of Atonement) is about.
They will have their names in the Book of Life - in trust only, before Jesus Returns.

 > By Yom Kippur, it is known by all Jews and many Christians that ADONAI is the only One Who can help Israel. They cannot help themselves and no other nation, will help them, either. But the world will be watching!

Possibly over-night, (right on Yom Kippur), the whole Magog Army is destroyed! A huge localised Earthquake, geysers of burning oil and chemicals (sulphur), rain, hail and thunder and panic among the soldiers ensures complete destruction of all.
Eze.39: 21 - 29, Joel 2:1-17, & the 2nd part of the verse in Jeremiah 30:7b "but he (Israel) will be saved out of it" = just like "The time of (the original) Jacob's trouble"- in Gen.32: 24 - 30, and all the Jews over a very short period of time, [NOT 3.5 years] will also plead to be blessed, as they 'wrestle' with the Man -Yeshua and finally call on HIS Name to be saved! Romans 10:8 - 15, 11: 25 & 26!
 (Sadly, people keep copying other people's ideas, without comparing Scriptures).

> So finally ~ "all Israel will be saved spiritually, (and physically), and the world realises only Israel's God is the true God! So ISRAEL is a key to final End Time events. ***
The 5 days up to Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles), bring great changes in all Government decrees, to reshape the nation to become a Holy People as in Isaiah 27: 1 - 6, & 49, 51 & 62 Ezekiel 36: 22 - 27, Joel 2: 28 - 32!

>Total economic disaster from other Earthquakes in 'diverse places' all over the Earth - brings world chaos, anarchy and collapse of all Governments. *** Governments will be unable to take control because the world economy dies.
 [It is uncertain but the earthquake of the 6th Seal Rev. 6: 12 - 17 may fit in here?
However this will clear the world ready for the Anti-christ's regime to take over.]

> But Israel will demonstrate God's power by contrast! All Israel is saved!
No disaster in Israel, where the Feast of Tabernacles will begin a time of rejoicing that Yeshua now 'Tabernacles' (lives) spiritually with Israel! Yeshua will not physically return yet, but will be the focus of life for Jewish people by faith alone!

> It will be like a glorious Jubilee,
(and may- though the true facts are unknown)- be around the end of 2016, or 2017 when the Jewish New Year starts, (Hb - year 5776/7) when Israel is said to be due for the final of 120 Jubilee years, and they also will have been a modern nation for 70 years - the time of 'a generation'!
Consider Isaiah 62, Luke 21: 28 -33, Lev. 25: 10 - 12, Ezekiel 36, and more.

Above all ~ God will make them into a Holy people!


Section 3. The One World Government Begins to rule, except in Israel.

> The 'Global Governance Gurus' quickly initiate all their previous prepared plans for Global control. See here - The new World Leader, (Anti-christ) will be announced, with strict regulations quickly being launched and all the 'prefabricated pieces' of world control put together. ***

Yet the entire world now knows that ADONAI the God of Israel is GOD!

> A new relationship between Christians and Jews, begins.
Some Christians with love for Israel may be able to go there, as in Zech. 8:23.
Sadly many Christians will lose their Faith, and those who take the 'worship mark' under the Anti-christ, (or 'False-messiah'), will ensure that from then on, there will be no more new Believers, as people will not want to, or be able, to change. ***
But the other, faithful Believers, (who refuse to take the 'Mark') will then complete the "full number of the Gentiles", with God's 'mark' of the Holy Spirit on them.
This final number will only be known to God.
 [See Romans 11:especially verses 25,26, and 1 John 3:19 -21, Rev. 13: 15.]
So the time when Christians are willing to die for Jesus, matches the time "all Israel will be saved."
Now the connection between Israel's salvation is seen. ***

>>But first, while the False-messiah (A/C) is organising his control systems, getting all Nations
[the "many" of Daniel 9:27] to confirm the Treaty they made with the UNO in 1995 (to give sovereignty to the UNO), until it is ruled by the Anti-christ; there will be a short "window of a few months of opportunity..."


Section 4 ~ The Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus will finally be known!

>New Jewish Believers and Christians now, quickly share the Gospel, and many people (especially in Muslim nations) are now free to turn to Jesus.
As the power of Islam is broken, thousands turn to the true God, helped by ex-Muslim Believers as Isaiah 19: 23 -25 says. Jews have a great harvest too! Joel 2: 21 - 32 is a wonderful prophecy that will also include dedicated, true Christians.

>The Anti-christ will only agree (in a separate treaty) to Israel, not being part of his 'kingdom' on the condition that ALL Jews (maybe about 10ml), must go to Israel, where they will now have the control of ALL the Land God promised to them.
Jews and Christians will bring wealth with them, inspite of the Anti-christ's threats against them. Isaiah 14: 1, & Isaiah 61: 4 -9! [About Christians Zech. 8:23.]
Israel will become a Holy Nation and be like Noah's 'Ark of refuge' for all Jews and many Christians. Israel will not suffer in the Tribulation.  See Isaiah 60: 1 -5, Daniel 12:1a. Zephaniah has a wonderful prophecy in chapter. 3: 9 - 20!

>The A/C will also give permission to rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount and Israel will have their own Government and start Temple worship.

This is when the 2 Prophetic witnesses (not re-incarnations of old Prophets but godly 21c men, possibly a Jew and a Gentile), will appear in Jerusalem to start their prophetic teaching ministry... (not as evangelists) but as in Revelation 1 - 13.
Many Jews do not know their Biblical history, so this will be a learning time for them, perhaps using nationwide Television for teaching by the Two Prophets.

>The two Prophetic Witnesses represent ADONAI' s Authority in the world, (not the Antichrist's sinful regime), and may announce the 1st 5 'Trumpet warnings' against the worship of the spirits of fire, water, wind and Earth.
Gradually they will act LIKE Moses and Aaron by harmonising with the Trumpet Disasters in response to the evil Worship system of the Beast's Babylon regime. They will be hated for this. Rev. 11:6, cp. 8: 6-12. Many Christians who refuse the 'mark' will be imprisoned, tortured and killed all over the world. Rev. 13.

>It is possible that this is when Israel becomes the only 'sheep Nation' in the world by sending out Jewish people, (144,000) who will risk their lives to secretly minister to the persecuted Christians, "brothers of Yeshua/ Jesus"
The 144,000 are simply called "servants" in Rev. 7, NOT evangelists, as no one with the mark will be able to turn to Jesus as Saviour. Matthew 25: 31 - 46, indicates that the nation acts as a whole and will try to help "brothers of Yeshua/ Jesus". By not 'taking the mark' of the Anti-christ, "the full number of the Gentiles  (Christians), has come in, and so all Israel will be saved."
Romans 11:26, Isaiah 45: 17- 19, 25, and 59: 20/ 21!


Section 5 - After 3.5yrs of the 'Time of Distress' the Anti-christ breaks his treaty with Israel and moves to Jerusalem.

>Inspite of disasters all over the world, in the first 3.5 years, (as in the time of Noah) everything will have continued on, for many people, even with many 'sightseers' choosing to go to Israel to see the new rebuilt, glorious Temple, and Jerusalem a spectacularly beautiful City, now.
Rev.11.The Jewish Worship and Temple System may be used to teach Jews and Christians exactly how perfectly Yeshua/ Jesus fulfilled every detail of the original Temple forms. Today's Jews have little knowledge or understanding of the Temple system, and what it really represented, fulfilled only in Yeshua as perfect Priest and sacrifice for all time, for all who come to Him in simple repentance and trust.
However the level of disasters and persecution of Christians worldwide increases.
>When the 42 months is up, the False Messiah in a jealous rage (because of all the attention the Temple is getting) will transfer his 'speaking Statue'
[AoD] to the Temple in Jerusalem, Israel, and demand to be worshipped there.
Paul prophesied this in 2 Thess. 2: 4. This will be exactly the sign Yeshua gave the Jews in Matthew 24: 15 all Believers in Jerusalem will flee hurriedly to the hills in the North of (the enlarged) land of Israel. They will not leave Israel, as in AD 66.

> An even worse period of terrible persecution and "great distress".
During the 2nd part of the 'seven Year Treaty' which the Anti-christ breaks, God will shorten each day, as promised by Yeshua. This is because of the massive Earthquakes, that affect the rotation of the Globe by seconds or minutes (adding up to hours) but there will still be 1,260 shorter days.
See Jesus' concern and His promise that "for the Elect's [Christian's] Sake", God would make each day shorter; yet honour the prophecy of Daniel re the 1,260+ days.
See Daniel 12: 11, Matthew 24: 21 & 22.


Section 6 ~ The final Events Come Quickly with Great Sorrows.

>> The False-messiah now plans to fight God and Israel, gathering his army to 'Ha Megiddo' in Israel. This will follow God's judgements in the first 5 'Bowls of Wrath' poured out, and become part of other events as in Revelation 16,17, and 18 that will reach a crescendo. -
Please see more details here in the
"The Full World E.T Timeline", section 6 - 7.

> Finally, the 6th and 7th Trumpets and Bowls (may) happen together to bring about the final battle of 'Armageddon', or 'Ha Megiddo' in Israel, at the actual Return of Jesus, accompanied by all the saints of all time, and the angels!
See the vivid description in Revelation 19! Victory to Yeshua, "the Rider of the white horse, the Word of God, and the King of kings" but judgement and final punishment of the Anti-christ and his false Prophet, and army!

It seems very possible that during these last events of terrifying Judgement - all Believers, still alive in Israel (and still on Earth), will be Sovereignly protected by God. See Rev.14: 12 & 13, 16:15. Luke 18: 7 & 8, 2 Thess.2: 13 - 17. However in the light of other Scriptures, it seems Gentile Christians will suffer right up to "the End" (Matt. 24: 12) the Return of Jesus, as indicated by 2 Thessalonians 1: 3 - 10.


Section 7 ~ The glorious Return of Messiah with the Resurrected Saints!

>>FINALLY - all the End time events come together - perhaps in a speeded up sequence "to shorten the days" so that all of Revelation 16, 17, & 18 suddenly culminate in ch. 19, with the Actual (only) Coming of Messiah Jesus, back to this Earth!

> The glorious part will be THE great resurrection Day and Meeting in the air, before joining the magnificent precession of Angels and Believers of all time to the Earth - possibly transformed by the Creator's Word - to be as it was at creation as part of the whole magnificent scenario?
Isaiah 2: 1 - 5, Rom. 8: 21.
These events are so magnificent in scope and variety of Angelic actions, announcements and COMPLETION of all God's highest and best Purposes that He has planned, since the foundation of the World - that we will be thrilled and singing!
See the Words of the songs in parts of Revelation 15, 16, and 19!

>>Yeshua finally has Returned to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, to reign from there for 1000 years with the Apostles and Jewish Believers in the highest governing positions, as Jesus promised.
Matthew 19: 28.
All other resurrected Believers will be allocated areas of service based on their faithfulness in this life.
 Matthew 19: 29, & ch. 24: 25 -27, ch 26: 14 - 23.
It appears there will still be some Non-believers in the world to be ruled over, as indicated in Yeshua's Parables, of Matthew 24: 47, & Luke 19: 11- 19.
 [Note: This time must not be confused with the time after the 1,000 years - 'Eternity' as told about in Rev. 21/22. See Dan 7: 11/1]


Section 8 ~  'ETERNITY' ~ The New Earth and New Heaven ~ FOREVER!

Read the full beautiful, exciting 'story' here: 'Eternity ~ Glorious never ending Bliss!'
We can't totally imagine it, but it should thrill us from what we read in Rev, 21 & 22
PLEASE READ THIS SHORTEND STUDY CAREFULLY, WITH PRAYER FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT'S GUIDENCE... and now please look at the complete study here, with fuller explanations, about Iran, Damascus, and more.
'The Full Israel Future Time Line' is
May your own study of the Bible itself, and your prayerful thoughts encourage you!

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