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Events In Israel Will Vindicate A Post Tribulation Return
Return of Jesus!
[We understand the name 'Israel' in this End time to be all ethnic Jews, especially in Eretz Israel.]
Answering the 'Pre-Tribulation Rapture Teaching' through reading about the Jewish People, in the Endtimes.

INTRODUCTION. Right from the beginning of this study we repeat words of Jesus Messiah about the 'Time of Tribulation'' in Matthew 24. "When you see standing in the Holy Place,"  [The Temple in Jerusalem] "the Abomination that causes desolation, spoken of by the Prophet Isaiah," [a horrible statue representing the cruel Anti-messiah world Leader] "then let those in Judea flee to the mountains... How dreadful it will be in those days... For then there will be great distress," [for the entire world except the Jewish People of God] "unequaled from the beginning of the world until that time, and never to be equaled again."
 Rev. 18 tells of the horrific, evil 'Babylon' Governing power.
Therefore, by warning you as watchful, Fellow Believers, we aim and long to be a blessing to you.
We hope to give you thoughtful, logical reasons for our beliefs, [mainly different from 'Pre-Tribulation Rapture' Believers'] ~ as we offer you this 'paper' with prayerful reliance on God and His written Word.
Few Bible Teachers seem to see that GOD is focusing especially on His Jewish People, in these Endtimes, so that finally every PROMISE He made specifically to them,
and His COVENANTS ~ will be fully completed on this Earth ~ ready for the future Reign of their Saviour- Messiah from Heavenly Zion on His final Return to Earth!  See Rom.11 & Acts 3: 19-26.

Your responsibility is to check the Scriptures and examine the conclusions we offer carefully for your self!


BACKGROUND. We are presuming that readers will have some knowledge of some of the main End-time events that we refer to very briefly, (as we understand them) in this article, without explanation of their full meaning (and only Scripture refs. for your own study) such as:

>> For some years there will be a 'Time of Rebellion' and serious End Time disasters and 'Signs’. [Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13.]
>> Events in the M.E. will ensure a time of Security for Israel, [Ezekiel 38] and prophecies for Iran/ Syria happen, then. [Isaiah 17:1, Jer. 49:37.]
>> Eventually Muslim jealous impatience with Israel ~ will bring the 'Magog' futile threat to Israel. [Ezekiel 38/39.]
>> This will culminate in a huge, worldwide Earthquake at the 6th 'Seal'; also destruction of 'Gog'. [Ezekiel 38:18 - 21 & Rev. 6: 12 - 17]
>> The main results will be: "all Israel will be saved"- [Romans 11: 26], Islam's power broken [Psalm 83] - and total world chaos *.
>> Yet all Jews will "bless the Earth" living as a holy People in Israel, [as will Egypt and Assyria]
as given in Isaiah 19: 23 - 25
>> *Chaos allows two World leaders to take World Control: the False-messiah and False Prophet.
Rev. 13.]

>> * Their period of world control will bring at least 7 years of terrible ‘Tribulation’, [in 2 halves]. [Daniel 9: 27, Rev. 11.]
>> Through this time, 'Saved' Israel will be center of world attention with 2 individual God inspired Prophetic Witnesses. [Rev. ch. 11.]
>> By contrast, Tribulation will be for Gentiles, [but not Israel] ~ "darkness covers the Earth" - [as in Isaiah 60: 1- 3.]
>> *This is for Daniel's "one week" ~ 7 terrible years, tho' worse after 3.5yrs, when God shortens each day. [Matthew 24: 22.]
>> Finally Satan is imprisoned, the 'Beast' destroyed, with his Army, & Prophet -at ‘7th bowl of wrath’. [Rev. 19: 17 - 21 & Isaiah 13: 9 - 13.]
>> At the same time Jesus will return to Earth with all His resurrected true 'Family' ~ and Angels. [Rev 19.]
>> This is ‘the DAY’~ 1 ‘Resurrection Day’ for all Believers only, a rapturous, noisy, glorious Day! [I Corinthians 15.]
>> This means Believers ~ all Believers ~ including Jewish People, of all time will receive bodies (like Yeshua at His Resurrection) so that we can rise to meet our Saviour, "as He Returns". [1 Thess 5: 1-11.]
>> Jesus/ Yeshua will commence His reign on a renewed Earth, as at Creation, for 1000 years! [Rev. 20: 1 - 11].

[We recommend you study these. More complete explanations are at: or ask for study.]



(This is especially before and during the False Messiah’s -Anti-christ's Reign and the 'Time of Tribulation'.)

INSET: We realise many people do have a different understanding from ours about who End time Jewish Israel really is. We readily agree that Spiritually speaking, because of the whole work of Yeshua/ Jesus, (especially on the cross) all Gentile Believers are already ONE with all Believing Jewish people, in God's eyes, and in His Plans, as Ephesians 3: 1- 3, & 8 - 12 explains carefully!
we do NOT Believe we are joined as one, literally and physically yet. Christians are not the "lost Tribes of Israel" in our minds, and all Gentile Christians are not promised the Land of Eretz Israel, nor it's promised prosperity, nor the increase in physical children, (as in Ezekiel 36 & 37) nor officially in establishment of the Political nation of Israel, nor the experience of the Magog War of Ezekiel 38 & 39.
The "joining of the 2 sticks" [estranged 'Israel' - called 'Ephraim'] with Judah in Ezekiel's hand was the contemporary time he was partly in, (and later at the time of Daniel, Esther, etc in Babylon BCE, so the people became ONE People and were called 'Jews' from that time on, and Synagogue Worship and Community activities, helped to make them ONE nation = 'the Twelve tribes of Israel'.  [Esther 10: 3; James 1:1.]
> Many people from the '10 tribes' went to Judah before the Exile. [See 2 Chronicles 15: 9, 11: 13 -17, 29: 26 - ch 30; & 31:1; ch.35:16-18; & Ps. 80.
> This is borne out in the New Testament, where all Jewish people were addressed in several places.
Jesus Himself often spoke of them and He was crucified for claiming to be 'the King of the Jews'. [Matthew 27: 37.]
> The references to End time Jews being a 'Remnant'
~ means ALL Ethnic Jews since at least the beginning of the 20th Century, so to us ~ ALL present ethnic Jews, (possibly even 20 Million), ~are a 'remnant' in comparison with the descendants of Ishmael, the Arab population of the world being more like 350 million! Sadly ~ even Christians cannot believe God is able to save "ALL". [Jer. 33:3, Zech. 8: 12, Isa 11: 11 -13]
There could be no better prayer than to pray for 'ALL Israel to be saved!'



1. First Reason: ONE 'rapture' message of Messiah's Return ~ for all 'the Saints' through all the Scriptures, even O.T. [This is an exciting study you could do yourself, as well as reading our other studies.]

> Almost every part of the New Testament – which was either said or written to both Jews and non-Jews - refers somewhere to the actual Coming/ Return of Yeshua and to ‘The End of the Age’. 
Although one part was directed to Israel ~ Matthew 24: 32 - 35 ~ that was a unique sign to all, (e.g.1947 when national Israel was reborn, and publicly declared as an independent Nation). A unique, great Miracle!
So one message was for all Believers about being united AT Messiah’s Return! John 11: esp. 25, 1 Cor. 15: 22 & 23!
> We feel that where the words ‘saints’ or ‘elect’ or 'the holy people' are used in Apocalyptic [E.T.] Scripture meaning all Jews and Gentile Believers, as in at least 17 times throughout both parts of Scripture. [E.g. Daniel 2: v.44/45, and 7:v.18 & v.21/22 & v.25 & 27. Then, Col. 1: 12, and Eph. 1: 18 and Rev. 18: vs. 20 & 24.] If writers were referring to Jews, they would say 'Jews', if Non-Jews or both they are called 'saints' - in these Endtimes!

CONCLUSION: Scripture indicates that at the ONE only Return of Messiah, ALL God's People Jews and Gentiles will be included... The dead first, but quickly joined by all living Jewish and Gentile Believers.


2nd Reason.  GOD's Endtime PRIORITY IS FOR ALL JEWISH PEOPLE TO COME TO KNOW HIM, accepting by repentance and faith His way of Salvation only through YESHUA/ JESUS ~ His sacrificed and risen SON.

Here are a few essential truths, of HOW Salvation to Israel would come: [Points 2A, 2B & 2C below.]


> To come as "the Seed of the Woman to crush the head of the cursed Serpent."
Gen. 3: 14/ 15.
> To become the Lamb depicted as the sacrifice that replaced father Abraham's willing offering of his only, miracle-born son, Isaac. "On the Mountain [Moriah] of the LORD, it [a sacrifice] will be provided."
Gen. 22: 12 -14. How perfect ~ that it was on the same 'Mount', that Yeshua/ Jesus died "outside the City"! [They are actually 3 small raised areas, joined.]
> David and Isaiah wrote the prophetic visions of the Future Messianic Saviour
and some of what He would suffer. So we can see God's Plan of Salvation especially for and through one Jewish Person in Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53, at that time ~ seemingly seen as especially for Israel. "He was cut off... for the transgression of My People He was stricken." Isaiah was writing for his own, unique People, first, not yet knowing God's mysterious wider Plan (as Paul discovered later) to include the Gentiles! Eph 3: 2 - 6.
> Ezekiel
emphasised many times, God's determination: "I will save ISRAEL from their sinful back-sliding and I will cleanse them. They will be My People and I will be their God, Eze 36: 23, repeated in 27, and many times: "I will make them holy" ~ "Then they will know that I Am, YHWH, ADONAI."
> Ezekiel was even shown HOW, Israel would have a Spiritual REVIVAL to God as a Nation, in the third part of Ezekiel's vision of the 'dead bones' receiving the Breathe of God!
Ezekiel 37: 9 - 14.  


2. B. The FACT and the EVENT and the TIMING becomes even clearer ~ in the New Covenant- N.T.
> Rabbi Paul was one that wrestled with the disappointment he felt at the Jewish People's rejection of their own Saviour, as he yearned for a time when they would accept Him ~ by FAITH alone!
In Romans 10: 8 - 17 he explained the need for ALL, to "call on God by faith, to be saved."
> Because it must be by faith ~ it CANNOT be by sight ~ at the time of a 'Pre-tribulation' Rapture.
> Therefore, Paul's extreme sorrow was dispelled, as God showed him that their rejection was only 'UNTIL' in a certain point in TIME, HE would restore them to Himself as a Nation ~
11: 25-36!
> Very graciously, God's greater Plan (in Paul's day) was to leave Israel alone for a TIME, in order to open the door of Salvation for the whole world of Gentiles. Romans 11:11, "because of [Israel's] transgression, Salvation has come to the Gentiles." See also Acts 13: 46-47, Rom. 10: 19.
> Yet it seems clear - circumstances in the world would change and that the opportunity for Gentiles would stop. [See below *] This is when the entire world will be given the choice to worship the 'Beast' - or NOT. [Rev 13.]
> We know that for some individual Jewish people ~ beams of Light have shone through to them ~ and we praise God for the growing number of Messianic Believers and Congregations around the world!

2. C. HOW GOD HIMSELF WILL CAUSE ALL JEWS TO CALL ON HIM ALONE! God will choose a way and a time when they are 'shut up' into an impossible, serious situation with no human help at all.

> One day ~ when God reaches the point of using harder pressure on hard hearts of Jewish people,  [as indicated by Jeremiah 30: 4 - 7 & Ezekiel 38 & 39, Joel 2: 1 - 27],"all Israel will be saved," individually - but as a Nation!

[This writer regrets that even Messianic Leaders find this hard to believe happening for ALL Jewish Israel. God is not limited.]

> God has tried many times and ways to win Israel, to Himself, (even troubles, wars, persecution,) and soon He will even give the nation a time of 'security' and 'false peace' as He says in Ezekiel 39: 26: -
"They will forget their shame and all the unfaithfulness they showed towards Me ~ when
[when?] "They lived in SAFETY in their OWN LAND with no one to make them afraid". Sadly even 'peace' will not work ~ like in the present and soon coming time of "living in their own land - unafraid!"
> However, finally ~ when they think they are going to be eliminated by the 'Magog war' ~ when they cannot even use the IDF [which is why even men will agonise like a 'woman in Labour' as described in Jer.30: 7]. THAT will be the time when God says ~ "I will pour out on the House of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, a spirit of grace and supplication. They will look to Me the One they have pierced, and they will mourn for Him..." [Note other Tribes listed in this chapter.]
 So Israel will come ~ in repentance and FAITH alone ~ NOT by seeing Yeshua literally, but with the 'eyes' of their hearts ~ "All Israel" (in a time of great fear) "will look to Me"~ trustingly, (though with mourning) as they accept Yeshua as Saviour first and then Messiah! Zechariah 12:10.
 [This a big, study as in]
> The Scriptures, to explain about this event, are: Zechariah 12: 10 to ch. 13: 1, and esp. Ezekiel 39: 29!
> How God will do
this is by revealing the 'Face of Jesus', " 'I will no longer hide My Face from them, for I will pour out My Spirit on the House of Israel' declares the Sovereign YHWH ~LORD." As Yeshua said, He is the 'Face' of God- "Anyone who has seen Me, has seen the Father." Jn 14: 9.


CONCLUSION: Even Jewish people can only be saved by faith, NOT by sight, as every other human person must be, SO "ALL Israel will be saved", physically and SPIRITUALLY ~ soon!


3. THE RESULT: GOD wants to turn Israel's rejection into extreme BLESSING to and for the entire world!

It is clear this will bring GREAT GLORY TO GOD ~ if THEY BECOME A HOLY NATION in this world!

[N.B, these thoughts are by the writer of these articles - and not accepted by all Believers.]

> The 'blessing' will be spiritual BLESSINGS of Salvation for many still unsaved people on Earth, but before the Tribulation, (* as no one will be able to 'convert' after receiving the 'worship Mark'.)

> Paul makes the concept of Israel being an Endtime BLESSING, very clear in Romans 11: 12 & 15: -
"If Israel's transgression means [Spiritual] riches for the world... HOW MUCH greater riches will their fullness bring... If their rejection is the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance be but LIFE
[for MANY people], from the dead?"  
So WHEN will this GREAT REVIVAL happen?
> It must be before the Tribulation,
[you will see the reason below], possibly during a short 'window of opportunity' - after world chaos, and while the A/C takes over, and sets up his controlling reign, which will take months.
> The Anti-christ will set up a cruel system, and will demand "every tribe, people, language and nation" must accept a 'Worship Mark' of allegiance to him, as written in Revelation 13.
This seems to indicate there will be a time-span for this to happen, and it may be 3 months or six, or more, but with computerisation it could be quite a specific short time span. [Technology is already making it possible for every willing. but pressured person to be given this 'mark', or risk death if refusing.]
> It could well be (when the Anti-christ's advisors are bringing order out of anarchy and chaos), that new Jewish Believers, already scattered around the world, knowing the languages and customs of every nation, just cannot help sharing the Good news ~ and like a newly appointed Ambassador, or a newly engaged Bride will be unable to stop sharing the joy of knowing Yeshua is their own Saviour!
> So it could well be during that transition time, when Joel 2: 28 - 32 is fulfilled by new Believers!
[We offer this -but do respect your opinion.]
"And afterwards" [the events of Joel 2: 1 - 20, match Israel's experience of the Magog threat Eze, 38,] "I will pour out My Spirit on all People [new Believers and others] "Your sons and your daughters will prophecy [preach]... I will pour out My Spirit in those days!" Days of revival, and the final spread of "the Gospel of the Kingdom", that Yeshua said would bring 'the End', Matthew 24: 14!
> Because we believe this will be before the 7 year Tribulation period, it is the final evangelistic scenario (and includes M.E. Christians) before Yeshua's Return and before the one Resurrection Day! [See below.]
> Revival will extend to the entire Middle East ~ bringing BLESSING to the world! It is exciting to match Matthew 24: 12, with Romans 11: 25/26, Ezekiel 39: 29, Joel 2: 28 -32 AND Isaiah 19: 23 - 25!
> It is clear this is the result of God's work in every Jewish Heart, and in other Scriptures such as Isaiah 19: 23-25 it says God makes "Israel... a blessing on the Earth!"
> The fact that this is linked to God knowing at THAT TIME ~ of the "full [final] number of the Gentiles"- is revealing.
Roman 11: 26. [It seemed hard to understand how these events were related, but now is clearer...]
> Therefore it seems that a crisis will finally bring all Jews into knowing their God, through Yeshua, but the same crisis - [a worldwide Earthquake, as Ezekiel 38 & the 6th seal in Rev. 6: 12 -17 describes], means that shortly after this - the Anti-christ is given world control and his laws will divide all *Gentiles.

>> By becoming Messianic Believers some years before Yeshua's Coming, Israel WILL show the world that God could make them into "a Holy Nation"
as Ezekiel repeats many times especially in 37: 28!
 [Note too: "The Day of Salvation" for ALL people will END - at the return of Yeshua/ Jesus. "Now is the Day of Salvation". 2 Cor. 6: 2, so Israel will be saved on Earth by God in His way - not in a "Pre-Trib rapture" experience.]
> The problem of Pre-Tribulation Rapture Teaching is: that non-believing Jews, supposedly become Believers when they see Yeshua at the ‘first part Coming’, but are left in the world, when the Church is raptured.
> These Teachers say that (new) Messianic Believers are left behind at the ‘Pre-tribulation rapture’, and then will win a group of ‘Tribulation saints’, from Endtime Gentiles during the terrible 7 year Time of Tribulation.
> It seems clear that after *anyone decides freely to take the 'worship Mark' of the Beast, they will not be able, or want to change or 'be converted to accept Jesus as LORD and Saviour'. [See more notes later.]
> There is confusion as to whether the Holy Spirit is still on Earth or not, during the Time of Tribulation. [This is an area of questions about 2 Thess. 2. Yet how could Jews win Gentile People without the Holy Spirit? You can make your own decision about these issues. Please pray as you study!]


A little more about the TIME factors for these two events: for Israel and for Gentile Christians.

> Sadly, many people, especially Believers cannot imagine how horrific the Tribulation will be, not only for Gentile Christians, but every person, on Earth as Revelation chapter 9 describes. Please read it!
If, as we believe, Israel as a nation and all Jews around the world have also become Believers they will NOT be part of it. See Rev. 13: 8. "All inhabitants of the Earth will worship the Beast - all whose names have not been written in the 'Book of Life', belonging to the Lamb that was slain..." * But all Jewish people will before this order of the Anti-christ ~ now have their names in the Lamb's Book of Life so they will not take the 'mark'.
> God's words in Ezekiel 39: 28 promises that: "I will gather them to their own Land, NOT leaving any behind".
Possibly the Anti-christ makes a separate Covenant with Israel to force them to go to Israel. Dan.7.
> * At the same time, All Gentiles who say 'NO' to receiving the 'Mark' as devoted Christians, will complete the number of true Believers, so that God will know the full number of them, as after everyone has chosen to take the Mark, *there will be no more desire or opportunity to turn to Jesus.


4. This means that JEWISH PEOPLE will NOT be 'Evangelists' ~ to win anyone in the Tribulation. That is, DURING the Tribulation, "70th week" as the Pre-Tribulation Teachers maintain, but they can still serve their Saviour!

> The POSSIBLE SCENARIO is that the nation of Israel
will be on Earth, right up to the time of Yeshua's Coming, living in their own Land as a Holy Nation, as so many O.T. Scriptures describe.
[We writers of this study, do believe it is very possible that the 144,000 (of Rev. 7: 3 - 7) will be sent by Israel to minister to persecuted Christians ~ "Brothers of Yeshua" as representatives of the (now) Holy Jewish nation, of Israel. This explains 2 Scripture passages, Jesus parable of the Sheep nation, in Matt, 25: 34 - 40, and Rev.7, the Sealed representative "servants" of the entire nation of Israel.]
> Since the 'Shoah' called the 'Holocaust', Jews are very mindful of the need to help persecuted people, even Believers.

> Yet, Pre-tribbers say: Gentiles become Believers through new Jewish Believers evangelising, and during a time of unprecedented times of trouble and persecution and after taking the A/C's mark. Not so!
> God will
not take one part * of His ‘Body’/Church, (which does include Messianic Believers), to Heaven, before ~ the *other 'newly-Redeemed-Jewish-Part’* ~ will He?
This last sentence questions the idea of separating true Believers in a 'Pre-Trib Rapture' from all * new Jewish Believers on Earth, left to evangelise the Gentile people - said to have been "left behind"?   
The converts they supposedly win during the horrific Tribulation time - are called 'Tribulation saints', an imaginary third part of Jesus/ Yeshua's Body.
> So a wrong and bad theory is about Endtime Gentile people having an extra opportunity to 'convert' to accepting Yeshua as Saviour...
> This teaching, means Endtime people,
[like all the people in the 20th - 21st Centuries] will be given a second chance to become Believers in Jesus through the preaching of the Jewish new Believers, yet these same people have heard the Gospel (often) MANY times, or could have, since it has been spread all through the 19th C to the 21st, by 'older' and modern methods of radio, T.V. films, Internet, and more Bibles than ever before!
> We believe it will NOT be possible for anyone to try to 'evangelise' during the Anti-christ's reign, (but Jewish Believers will take risks to help Christians.)
> Nor will anyone who has taken the 'worship mark' want to, or be able to change after that.

Extra Note: JUST TO CLARIFY: 'when' does it seem the proclamation of the Gospel will END, making it possible for God to know the 'Full number of the Gentiles?

> This idea comes from Revelation 14: 6 & 7, at the End time when God's 3 Angels are ready to hold back a judgemental wind from blowing, but an Angel simply announces the task of Evangelism is completed as Yeshua / Jesus said it would be ~ So he shouts: "Fear God and give Him the glory, because the hour of his judgement has come..."  
Also Yeshua said: "This Gospel of the Kingdom will be made in all the Earth and then the End will come."  The FACT will be finally announced by an Angel to all, [we believe], before the Time of Tribulation.


5. So GOD WILL FINALLY be able to make the NATION of Israel a BLEST LIGHT to the entire world ~ from their Land, even during the Time of Anti-christ's Control 'of the Earth' for 7 years. [See a), b), & c), below.]

a) Where will the redeemed Endtime Jews live?
> Redeemed Jews will be restored to their God and their own Land as a 'Holy Nation' before the Return of Yeshua. There are so many Scriptures in the Tanakh, that we cannot print them all, but we urge you to look again a Ezekiel 36, Isaiah 48 & 49, Jeremiah 30; 1-11, & 17 -22, & Ezekiel 39: writes,
"This is what the Sovereign LORD says: 'I will now bring back Jacob from captivity, and will have compassion for ALL the People of Israel, and I will be zealous for My Holy Name... Though I sent them into exile among the nations, I WILL gather them to their own land, not leaving ANY behind'." [Zechariah 8: 23 indicates, some (not all) true Christians will be able to join them, also!]
> An example of God keeping Israel isolated from danger around them is:  Exodus 8: 22 & 23, which tells that Israel did NOT suffer 7 of the 10 plagues that God sent on Pharaoh and the Egyptians.
> Another Scripture
that we believe demonstrates that during the Tribulation, God will provide a safe place for Israel on Earth, (to show His glory and power even in a time of testing for the rest of the world) is about 'the Radiant Woman' in Rev, 12: 6, "She fled into the desert...  ['Palestine'/Israel before 1900 was likened to 'a desert'], "where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days." This is specified twice and repeated in verse 14. "A place prepared for her by God". Today's 'Eretz Isra'el' = Land of Israel!
 [N.B. ~ God sheltered one Godly man - Noah and his family in the Ark boat for a set period of time, also.] So during the Tribulation Israel will be an 'Ark'.
> A later Scripture in Rev. 12 about Israel being kept safe in the Tribulation also contrasts us Endtime Christians who are referred to in vs 17: "The Dragon went off to make war [tribulation] against the rest of her offspring, those who obey God's commandments holding to the Testimony of Jesus." This is a clear reference to Christians being in the Tribulation time.


b) How will Israel be viewed by the rest of the world?

> Isaiah 60: 1-3 reveals that Israel will be alight with the Presence BY FAITH in Yeshua, while the rest of the Earth is under the deep darkness of Tribulation.
 > GOD ~ speaking specifically to Israel:Arise, shine, for YOUR Light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon YOU. [But] see darkness covers the Earth and thick darkness is over the peoples. But the LORD rises on YOU and HIS GLORY APPEARS over you!”  
> The "thick darkness" describes the nations during the Tribulation
– not in the Millennium, (as some people say), when all will be bright!
So the Tribulation is referred to in the O.T. it seems, but it is NOT for Israel once they have made ADONAI, their Saviour and King, for they will be kept safe, and worship Him in their own Land.


c) How MANY Jewish people and close Believing family and Friends will live in Eretz Israel? Our estimate is that something like 20 million true Jewish people will return, but with Christian Believers with them as in Zech 8:23, maybe increasing the total number 10 times!

> However, we also believe that before the 'Magog War' most of the 1.2million Arabs,
and Cult members and those who do not love Israel will leave voluntarily, (as they have done before), when they fear the possible coming attacks (due to plans to use chemical weapons). Ps. 125: 3/5.
> Revelation 7 regarding the 144,000 Israeli representatives ~ (are simply called  'servants' and will be only a part of some 20 million Endtime Jews) - who may minister to Persecuted Gentile Christians during the Tribulation representing the entire Godly, Holy Jewish Nation - "the Sheep Nation" of Matthew 25:40!

This scenario is before the actual Return of Yeshua. - So Israel, (by repentance and faith before that time) - In the LIGHT of the Spiritual LIFE given by the Holy Spirit, will be a great Blessing, (just as we have received Yeshua "The LIGHT", and seek to live in His LIFE).


For those interested, SCRIPTURES ABOUT ISRAEL BECOMING A HOLY NATION can be found throughout the O.T. Prophetical books, so you could make a list of them yourself, it is so special!

>The whole subject of Israel’s acceptance of Yeshua as their Saviour and Messiah is a very big study, addressed in other articles, on this web site here: [or look for ‘Israel’s Glorious Future’]
> Another important point is the Restoration of the entire Land
to Israel at this time, as Promised often! Joshua 1: 1 - 5, Deut. 1: 6 - 8, Numbers 34: 2 -12.



> We find it impossible to understand or believe, why Jewish people, (after so many centuries of dispersion, persecution and sorrow), should suffer in the extra time of 7 years of Tribulation, let alone while all the other Believers in their Saviour and Messiah are ‘safely’ taken away to Heaven! Surely not!
> Instead we believe, (partly from Revelation 12, as well as Isaiah 60 and many other Scriptures), that the LAND of Israel, will be THE  ‘Place’ God has (and is) preparing for their safety! Ezekiel describes this clearly (ch 36) as do other O.T. Prophets and Revelation 12 says it twice!
> Another thought for us is, since they as Believers, receive resurrection bodies AT the Second Coming of Jesus, according to His teaching there will be no more procreation of new people (babies) there.
>>> Yet many of the Scriptures
(which people use to describe Israel in the Millennium) – mention the great increase in families, which more correctly means Israel, will be blessed right here on Earth, in Eretz Isra'el!
See Isaiah 44: 3-4, & 61:9.
These describe blessings for Israel, before Yeshua's Return to a greatly enlarged 'Eretz Israel' after the 'Magog War'!

> Lastly we reject the concept of the division of the "Body/ Bride/ Temple/ Family of our LORD Jesus Messiah being divided, with one part (the church) in Heaven, the newly redeemed Jewish nation on Earth, and the supposedly [unlikely] third part being 'converted Tribulation saints' on Earth.



1. Our conclusion is; that God will bring ISRAEL to become Believers in Yeshua as Saviour and Messiah by a FAITH miracle here - on Earth before the Return of Yeshua. See Ezekiel 39:29 Romans ch.11.

2. God will not separate Believers at a time of ‘secret’ – or first part  ‘Rapture’; therefore all Believers will be on Earth during the Tribulation, many Christian Gentiles to suffer or die, others to go to safe Israel.

3. It is true that after 3.5 years
, the Anti-christ will become possessed by Satan, and break his Treaty with Israel and put his lethal 'speaking Statue' in the Temple, causing (NOT all Jews to leave Israel), but those near Jerusalem to go north to the hills, (NOT to Petra) as they will NOT leave the enlarged Land of Israel. Carefully read words in Matthew 24: 15 -22, & 2 Thess 2: 4.

4. Israel will be alight with God's glory, and living in the Land of Israel as a Holy Nation. This will be by the Light of God shining on and through them,
during the 7 years of dark Tribulation for the rest of the World!

>>> This will bring great glory to God in this world like it is! ALL God's Covenant promises fulfilled! 
See Ezekiel 36, and other prophetic books!

AGAIN, think about Isaiah 60: 1-3, which is especially given to redeemed, ethnic, Jewish Israel!
 “Arise! Shine! For your Light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. [But] see darkness covers the Earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, - but the LORD rises upon you, and His glory appears over you!Contrasting all People on this Earth during last 7 years. This cannot be during the Millennial reign of Messiah Yeshua as King on Earth when the whole world will be alight with the joy and life of his Presence! So this is one reason we believe Israel will be a light, even a comfort to the nations during the dark time of the Tribulation.
Other aspects of their worship is a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem, the Two Prophetic witnesses,
and more can be read at*

5. "Shorter days" in the second 3.5 years? Gentile Christians will suffer in the Tribulation, but Jesus said twice, that because of the severity of that time, "God will shorten the Days". Modern science has shown that in the case of World Earthquakes, the strong vibrations could cause a slightly changed rotation of this Planet resulting in the loss of some seconds, or minutes to make each day shorter than 24hours! However the number of actual days will be - 1.260 days, as given by Daniel, in ch 12.

The 144,000 Israelis listed in Revelation 7, cannot be evangelists, [as the 'Pre-tribulation Rapture Teachers, say], but they honour God as ‘servants’, which is what they are called in Revelation 7.
One belief we have is that these will represent the entire nation of Israel by risking everything to go to help persecuted Gentile Christians, "brothers of Yeshua", [like social workers do in the present time.]
Sadly very MANY Christians are already facing absolutely awful persecution, but allowed by God... So we too, must be "Brothers of Yeshua to them."

7. Some Gentile Believers will be given refuge in Israel when they ask, as in Zechariah 8: 23, Let us go with you [to Israel], because we have heard that God is with you.” ~ IMMANUEL! So there is encouragement, along with the warnings. Some Gentile Christians we know are already preparing mentally for this possibility. This is when some Believers in Jesus/ Yeshua will become one with Messianic Believers, but ALL even more when Yeshua/ Jesus comes and we meet Him in the air!

8. These two studies have majored on only one facet of the Endtimes, [a Post Tribulation Return of Jesus at the End of this man ruled age.]
There are many more facets/ signs. etc., of this time to learn about. *

> Yet *just as Jesus looked forward to the joy and glory to be His, AFTER the Cross, so we must never lose hope in the MAIN GOAL of the RETURN of YESHUA / JESUS and His REIGN for 1,000 years on a re-created EARTH to prove to angels and mankind that this world CAN be ruled in peace, love, justice and joy!
Even Psalms 45 and 72 describe the 'Wedding day', of Rev. 19!

9. ETERNITY with "a new Heaven and a New Earth" follows the Millennium forever, and will be totally different from this time, and even the Millennium, as Revelation 20 - 22 shows.



Finally we are glad we could offer to show from Scripture that a ‘Post-tribulation Coming' of our Lord Jesus/Yeshua ha Meshiach, /El Massih to Earth - is worth thinking seriously about, especially in connection with Israel and Jewish people.




There is clear evidence that God’s judgement is just; and as a result [all Believers] will be counted worthy of the Kingdom of God, for which people are suffering. For it is justice for God to pay back trouble to those who are troubling people, and to give rest… when the LORD Yeshua is revealed from Heaven with His mighty angels in a fiery flame. Then He will punish those who don’t know God.” 2 Thessalonians 1: 5- 7, from Jewish N.T.

May you experience the wonderful encouragement of these words, every day till we meet you, in the big REUNION with Jesus "in the Air'!


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