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In the time of turmoil for a number of important M.E. nations, from 2011
it is good to go to the only reliable, written source of TRUTH,
The ancient Middle Eastern Book called 'The Holy Bible'.

> The Holy Bible
, which is made up of two parts, called 'The Old Testament' and 'The New Testament' or 'Covenant'. - It means 'a treaty' between God and people. It consists of fascinating real-life stories about people since Creation!
> It gives a great deal of information about the Middle East nations - some large ones - Egypt, Assyria, Arabia and Roman, and small ones like Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen and Israel... with their kings and rulers, and wars!
> Both parts
of this sacred book were written by people of the M.E. for the people of the Middle East with valuable Historical Information about the people God made and cared deeply for, as different groups, that we now call 'Nations'.
> God gave great wealth and knowledge
to these ancient nations ~ including a knowledge of Himself, as archaeology and other ancient writings show.
> Some He punished
by allowing them to be lost in the Past, but some He still has good Plans for, yet now ~ He also reaches out to individuals to know Him!
> Therefore, the same Book gives many insights to different Future events in the wider Middle East, even events happening now in the 21st Century!

~ So, this is a Bible Study about these topics. ~
While these events are geographical, and political they are especially in the Spiritual area, to bless many people far more than 'Democracy'
or any other ideology!
[Just see Isaiah 19: 23 - 25!]

Note: Whenever we quote from the actual Scriptures (using the New International Version), we emphasise God's Word in purple, bold, italic print.


So the Holy Bible shows us God’s Loving, but Holy and Fair concerns for the Peoples of the Middle East: - Egypt, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Israel!
Being in this central part of the world - and being part of the diverse, yet gifted Peoples, (stemming from very ancient roots), and the fact there are many Biblical prophecies for them, means that we can look at them, and their future with real hope and expectation of great blessings!

However we are pleased to remind you, that NO matter, where in the world you are, or where you feel your roots are, "The LORD God is a sun and shield... no good thing will He hold back from those who walk in His ways."
 [Psalm 84:11].


> Names for 'Jesus'.
Just as we have tried to use names more acceptable to Jewish Believers in some of our articles, so we are doing the same here for our readers from a different M.E. background. We also believe it is important to notice that transferring words to English means that there can be more than one way of spelling it! So we use several names, (used by Arabic or Farsi speakers) like ~‘Isa’ or Yasuo or El Mesih ~ for ‘Jesus’, which is His own, personal God given Name, meaning:

" He will save His people from their sins.”

> However ‘Messiah’ is His title, meaning 'anointed One, (like ‘king’ or ‘prince’ or ‘president’.) Sadly this is a title which as ‘Christ’, has often lost it’s meaning in the West, and also is more and more being applied to any ‘charismatic’ leader – as it will be by the False-messiah one day. So after asking our friends from the Gentile M.E. we are using the title ‘Massih’, or sometimes spelt 'Mesih'. [Different language groups use different names or titles, so please use the name or title you know, that brings respect for Who He is.]
For true Believers, it is precious to confess for ourselves that we recognise and believe for ourselves that Isa, Yasuo, El Massih, or Jesus ~ is God's anointed One so that we can say as Yeshua's Disciple, Peter said, “You are Massih!”

> Who we mean when we say 'God'.
The amazing and wonderful fact is that 'The Most High God', (the name the Priestly-king Melchizidek used 3 times when he blessed Abraham, as written of in Genesis 14: 18 - 24), also made Himself known to people by many, very special, meaningful names, YHWH, ADONAI, El Shaddai, and many more!
 ['Allah' is not one of His names, though.]

It is generally agreed that 'LORD' in English, matches the Hebrew name 'ADONAI', being His own personal name, as the Bible uses the Hebrew letters YHWH, in the Old Testament. Later on, in the New Testament, He is called, "The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Messiah".
After His resurrection from the dead, Isa said to Mary, (who had been looking for him ~ as her Spiritual Teacher), "I am going to My Father and your Father, to My God and your God." [John 20:17.] That is a most amazing statement, lifting us up to an honour we do nor deserve ~ but it can be absolutely true if we accept that He sent Jesus/ Isa/ Yasuo/ El Maseeh to show us exactly what the true God is like!
= He is Holy LOVE!

We do hope He is your Father and God by faith in His Son, Jesus / Yasuo /Isa ~ whichever name is a true and precious to you!

3. God and the nations of the 'Middle East'.
The nations that are mentioned in the Bible from very early times, have been a very important part of God’s plans for all mankind, and we believe the very first families and groups of people were mainly in what we now call the Middle East! God hoped from the first pages of Genesis that mankind would spread out and develop and enjoy the wider blessings of the Earth. Therefore we read of His concern for nations, (as well as individuals) -and His plans for them as a whole. We read of His patience with them, His help for them in times of trouble, and often His displeasure, and even judgements against them - but also His great longing to bless every one. See Isaiah 19: 23 - 25.

A sure prophetic promise: "In that Day, Israel will be the third,
along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the Earth!"



1. Before the Flood. God waited a long time for the skills and privileges He had given to the first descendants of Adam and Eve, (the most unique part of His Creation, the first man and woman) to be used for good. But though those ancient people used their great God-given skills very well, (as archaeology has shown with great cities and even ‘indoor plumbing’ and good facilities, as well as art and music), it was all for selfish and godless aims. Sadly as it says, The Lord saw how great man’s wickedness had become and every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time. The LORD was grieved that He had made man on the Earth, and His heart was filled with pain.” (Genesis 6.) The resulting story of God’s choice of Noah, to arrange a way of saving innocent animals and birds and any people who would accept the offer during Noah’s patient 120-year preaching programme, and building of the floating 'Ark', is well known. (Genesis 6 –9.)

In fact, in God’s dealing with nations especially, the word or concept of God’s mercy and patience comes through, time and time again!


2. After the attempt to build a Tower in Babel. We would think that in the years of living memory the lesson of the punishment of the Flood would have lasted! Yet it was Noah’s own great-grandson, Nimrod, (through Cush, son of Ham) who was a leader of this next very sinful revolt against God’s plans for mankind to spread throughout the Earth to enjoy and administer it well.
So it was the beginning of the great divergence of tribes, languages and ethnic groups which developed, and the groups came to be both possessive of their own areas and aggressive to others, creating many ensuing years of racial and ‘land’ wars and strife. (Genesis 11.) This is one of the main reasons for all wars!

This has persisted to the present times, and will into the future.


3. God’s next plan was to choose one man, then one family and from them one Nation to honour His Name and His loving way of life. So we have the Biblical Story of God’s special dealing with the Nation of Israel, being the descendants, ethnically of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in a very deliberate set of events, such as miraculous births to mothers - unable, (without God’s help) to give birth to sons. [God also promised some blessings for Abraham's other descendants through Ishmael, the natural born son of Abraham. [Also at different times other Gentiles were included into the nation of Israel.]
However God confirmed His choice by wonderful Covenants and promises, which can be traced through all the Tanakh/ O.T. for Israel, descendants of Isaac. It is very, very important to remember that God never chose anyone simply for his or her own benefit.
It was always so that they would teach and show the true relationship anyone could have with their holy, powerful and loving God!
God’s way was: to bless you and make you a blessing.” Therefore, because even Israel often sinned against their special God, ADONAI Elohim, they were punished ~ in holy love, but always with a view to blessing them!


This is still God’s way!  God loves all peoples. God loves you!
Here is a poem by Roy Lessin:                “Just think,
You are not here by chance, but by GOD’S choosing!
HIS hand formed you and made you the Person you are.
HE compares you with no one else- you are one of a kind!
You lack nothing that HIS grace cannot give you…
HE has allowed you to be here at this time in History,
For YOU to fulfill His special purpose for this generation.”
Psalm 138:8 says: The LORD will fulfill His purpose for me.
Your love, O LORD endures forever.”



>Sometimes other nations were used by God to be a blessing, to Israel, as Egypt was, for a period of many years, using the Hebrew son, Joseph especially to more than help them, so that they were not only saved from total destruction from 7 years of terrible famine, but Egypt became richer by selling the carefully stored grain to other nations! "And all the countries came to Egypt to buy grain from Joseph, because the famine was severe in all the world." [Genesis 39 - 41, see verse 57, especially.]

>Sometimes God used other nations to punish Israel.
The prophet Habakkuk was one prophet to understand that this was sometimes God’s way. "In wrath You strode throughout the Earth, and in Your anger You threshed the nations. [But] You came out to deliver Your People..."
 [See the whole of Habakkuk chapter 3.]

>Sometimes God waited hundreds of years for a nation to turn to Him.

We can remember the almost 400 years of God’s patience with the Amorite people and their neighbours, as God explained in the special vision He gave to Abraham. (Genesis 15: 12 –19.) In the fourth generation,” (after Abraham), your descendants will come back here,” (to the Land of Canaan), for the sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure.” It is wise to notice that God did not give the Land, from the River of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates” - without notice, to the peoples that Israel would replace.

Later, God, (through Obadiah the Prophet) foretold the destruction of Edom
, (descendants of Esau), as other prophets did; yet it did not finally happen until hundreds of years later. In fact it was a descendant of Edom, Herod, no less, (also called an Idumean), who adopted a form of Judaism and paid Rome to be allowed to administer the Land of Israel as ‘the king of the Jews’ around the time of Jesus. Yeshua/ Isa was the true ‘King of the Jews’ and died for that claim, because Satan was behind the tragic events of His death, but allowed by God for our salvation!  "He was crushed for our iniquities."
See all of Isaiah chapter 53 that clearly foretold this ~ 500 years beforehand!

>Sometimes God sent Hebrew prophets to warn Nations to repent
, as Jonah and later Nahum did for Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian Empire. Obadiah warned Edom, and God used even Jewish Captives like Daniel and Mordecai and Esther to make God and His ways known to the Nations of the Babylonians and later the Medes and Persians. Ezekiel, also a captive in Babylon, gave serious warning to many of Israel’s neighbours. You can read about them in Ezekiel chapters 25 to 32, serious, and sad, and meaningful!

1. It is very important to use a good Bible commentary
as many of the prophecies about various Nations  - (but not all) have already happened and will NOT happen again. Getting the 'timing' right is true of most of the Prophecies, because often the warnings of judgement did actually take place B.C, or shortly after the New Testament times, up to 100 A.D. and they will NOT happen again!
Some prophecies could be only partly fulfilled -with part of the message still in the future. Therefore it is very important to ask, Has this ever actually happened?” If all the information indicates that it has not happened in the past, then, of course, because it is the Word of God it will happen sometime in the future. [See our studies on
Iran and 'Focus on Egypt']

2. Later in this study and another one ~ we look at the phrase often used in the Old Testament - words that were used often by the Prophets: - [see link

In that Day” or on that Day”, about 75 times in the O.T, and the N.T!


So what NATIONS ARE WE REFERRING TO in this study of

The Nations that God's Plans especially apply to are:

ALL the Peoples of the Area From North Africa up to Syria and across to Iran

1. They represent many Ethnic/ Racial Groupsincluding non-Arabs by origin, such as: BEDOUIN, DRUZE, EGYPTIANS, HASHEMITES, KURDS, LYBIANS, PERSIANS, (in Iran), SYRIANS and TURKS.

2. True ARABS by origin, are descendants of Ishmael, the physical son of Abraham, by his slave girl, Hagar. Now 3,000 years later, they are spread in various other Nations, such as Lebanon, Iraq and the Gulf States, but they are called by the nation they are living in, such as: PALESTINIANS, JORDANIANS, and SAUDI ARABIANS. There are many tribal groupings among them all. They number about 350,000 millions, now, and live in a huge geographical area of land, from Syria to Turkey, Iraq, Iran, the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.
This is actually the fulfillment of God's prophetic words, first to Abraham; "I will make the son of the maidservant into a nation also, because he is your offspring." Later God also spoke to Hagar though His Angel: "Do not be afraid. God has heard the boy crying... take him by the hand, for I will make him into a great nation." [Genesis 21: 13, and 17 & 18.] So we have lived to see this has come true! God has many special people among them.
Maybe you are one ~ now in His royal "Family of God" through Isa/ Jesus?

Two other notes:
1.All non-Jews, anywhere in the world, are called ‘Gentiles’.
2. Most M.E. people belong to one of (5+) various types of Islamic beliefs.


Section 'A'.

>> God wants millions of M.E. people to be in His "Kingdom of Heaven".
It took 10 years for Peter, the close friend and disciple of Isa/ El Massih (after the wonderful ‘Day of Pentecost/ Shavuot’) to really understand that God wanted even ‘Gentiles’ to come to Him.God, Who knows the heart, showed that He accepted [the non-Jews] by giving the Holy Spirit to them, just as He did to us. He made no distinction between us and them -for He purified their hearts by faith… We believe that it is through the grace of our Lord Isa Maseeh that we are saved, just as they are!”  (See Acts 15: 6 –11.)

Any individual person, anywhere, can be in God's Kingdom,
if they agree to come in God's way ~ of true belief!

>> So, just as God made it very clear to Ezekiel in chapter 18 of His book, and El Massih, Himself emphasised this in John’s report of His special teaching in chapter 3, verse 16,that whoever, [individually] believes in Him shall not perish but have Eternal Life,” so every single person can know God as a loving Father! If you would like to understand more about this we recommend

It does not matter what nation or ethnic group you are in, God is greatly longing for you to know Him and be sure of going to Heaven at the end of your life. For some readers, this is hard to understand or believe, because it is different from other religions. But please don't be put off, but seek the TRUTH.
It does not depend on how ‘good’ you are in this life, because not even one of us will ever be good enough for a Holy God!
But God went to so much trouble to take the punishment of our sins on Himself!
Any Bible can show you the Truth, and you can find it
on the Internet now.

This means that just coming to Him humbly in prayer, trusting completely what His Word says, repenting of our sins and asking sincerely for His forgiveness... this makes it possible for God to do a miracle in our hearts!
He adopts us as His own royal children. This is the kind of miracle we all need! Then after we accept His forgiveness we show our gratitude by living a good life because we love Him. Yes, in many places this is a dangerous decision, yet many Middle East people are finding it is worth the cost!

Here is a good saying; I may not work my soul to save,
For that my LORD has done.
But I would work like any slave for love of God’s dear Son.”

>> We worship only ONE GOD, but He made Himself known to us in a human form, we call Yasuo/ Isa/ Jesus - (although He was still divine), so that we could understand how good and loving God is. Also He could experience what it was like to be a human man, especially one Who was a refugee, arrested, badly treated and killed! Many Christians in the Middle East know about this.
Isa/Jesus is the ‘Face’ of God to us, so just as we cannot look at the sun, but we can see the sunlight and feel its warmth on us. So they are One ~ as the Father God, His representative Son, and His Holy Spirit that gives life inside us.


Section ~ 'B'.

First we need to understand the words, “IN THAT DAY.”

You may find many Bible teachers with different ideas about this. Like all the Bible chapters about the future, we cannot know everything yet, so this writer wants you to know that we do not ‘know it all’! But we believe God has put enough teachings and warnings and encouragements in the Bible for us to take notice of them ~ and be blessed! [Sometimes it takes time for us to study all these amazing things!] So we are making these suggestions for to think about.

God’s timing is often described as ‘in that Day…”
It seems there are 8 different, special times,
which the Bible means
when it says; “in that Day…”

1. This is significant, because the ‘eighth day’ in Scripture was often a very special day, which maybe we can refer to later. Knowing what "The Day" means, can be a help to know what blessings we can still look forward to! We cannot give you ALL the references because there are very many! Often these “Days” over-lap and are intertwined with events for another group of people.
Also, when we quote the words, in that Day”, it always means ‘a period of time’, usually many years, (not 24 hours as at Creation.)
God is in charge of all the events of the world and the times of them.
3. Some of these ‘Days’ are now past, some are present, some are still future.
In fact in this introductory paper, we think of being in "the Last Days" leading up to "The great Day of God, Almighty" when our Saviour Returns! *[Rev 16:]
So in this 'paper' we will focus on the future, especially events before the real End * in other articles:

'Iran ~ Israel ~ Egypt ~ Some Background Facts'.
'Focus on Egypt ~ Through the Window of the Word'.
'In That day - 8 Time Periods in the Bible'.

Section 'C'.

A. This is how we understand parts of the Bible, which we believe show some of God’s Plans for the Middle East, and for the world, because of M.E people, very soon. This Plan is: to win many people into a relationship with God through trusting in Jesus as Saviour and Lord before it is too late. It is described as "being a Blessing on the Earth" this is after they have turned to Isa/ Jesus themselves. [When we say 'soon' we mean sometime in the next 10 -15 years.]
The reality is we do NOT know any dates, but when we put ALL the Scriptures together about what the Bible says clearly about "The Last days" of man's rulership of this weary, wicked world, they fit perfectly with specific prophecies about the Middle East. A sinful world will suffer many bad times too.
The good part of the End of those "last days" is THE real last DAY, when the One Who is called "the Faithful and True One" ~ "The WORD of God" and "The KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords ~ will actually come back to this Earth! [Revelation 19]. He will recreate and 'heal' it as it was in the very beginning, and bring in a joyful, peaceful time for all the newly resurrected Christian Believers from all the world, right from the very first one, Abel, son of Adam. This is why it is important for you to look at the other studies we have referred you to, like "Messiah ~ Jesus ~ is Returning to Earth!"
This means we are now coming to a part of this study that is especially wonderful, but we are simply weaving together some key Scriptures to come to these conclusions of God’s real Plans! Times of testing and blessing are near. *

You need to study and pray about them for yourself!


B. First part of God’s Plan, is for people to know HIM as their own Saviour!
>>This is clearly explained through the whole Bible. God’s greatest desire is for everyone to come into His Royal Family (by trust in Him) and live with Him forever. This is called being a ‘Believer in Isa/ El Massih’ or a ‘True Christian', [Rev. 1: 5 & 6]. (It is sad but true that many people, especially in ‘Western Nations’ that are called ‘Christian’ are not, they are false Christians and one day, Isa will say to them I never knew you, depart from Me…”)  Here are some more verses that show what God really wants for us to be true Believers.
> John 17: 1-3 Isa… looked to Heaven and prayed: ‘Father… glorify Your Son, that Your Son may glorify You. For You granted Him [Isa] authority over all people, that He might give Eternal Life to all those You have given Him. Now this is Eternal Life: that they might know You the only true God and Isa Maseeh whom You have sent.’ "
2 Peter 3: 9, God is patient with you, not wanting any to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. ["Perish" means ending up in Hell.]
2 Peter 3 is a good chapter to read all the way through, about special "Days".
John 3: 16-17.For God so loved the world, that He gave His only unique Son, that who-ever believes in Him shall not perish but have Eternal Life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but to save the world through Him.” Do you see how important one person is?


C. The Second part of God’s Plan, leads into the third exciting part!
This is to make sure that everyone who wants to know God will hear about this Good News before Isa / El Massih Returns to Earth, when it will be too late to repent. There is NO ‘second chance’. People need to know about God, NOW!
So God has made a promise that is very, very important. Christian People need to learn about the whole 'Good News' by life and study and costly commitment!
Matthew 24: 14 And this Gospel [Good news] will be preached in the whole world as a testimony,” [= a clear witness of something true], to all nations, and then the End [of this age] will come.” Are you prepared for this?
Mark 13:10 says the same. The Good News must first be preached to *ALL nations." We wonder if you will be one who prepares now, to share later?

More about the Third part of God’s Plan before the End and Jesus' Return.
1. This part of the Plan is to use the Middle East peoples to tell the “Good News” of the way to know God through Isa / El Massih and therefore to be a blessing on the Earth”. * God will need people who could explain the Good news to all nations” - all the people all over the world, especially in Muslim countries, (where it is harder for them to know about it now.) For 1300 years it has been hard get into (and stay in) these Muslim nations, and true Christians were often too threatened to go to these countries to take the Good News, though God has had many wonderful messengers of His love to every nation.
But God is going to find a way for huge numbers of M.E. people to become Believers in Jesus/ Isa/ Yasuo, * matching up many of the other things that have to happen before El Massih can come back to Earth. Because He wants to hurry up the spread of the Good News ~ He has a great Plan to bring many Middle East people to know God, for themselves! [Matthew 24: 14.]
Please see section D of the article "Sequel to the Gog/ Magog War"
3. You see He needs people who also know the background ideas and cultures of Middle East people! [And their languages, Arabic, Farsi, Indonesian, etc, etc!]
If God has chosen you to come to know Him, even though right now you may have to be a ‘secret Believer’ ~ be encouraged, God wants to use you, so now is the time to learn His Word and prepare your heart, for that time.
Where does it say this?
In Isaiah 19: 23 –25
.In that Day there will be a Highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together. Israel will be the third along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the Earth. The LORD Almighty will bless them, saying, ‘Blessed be Egypt My People, Assyria My handiwork, and Israel, My inheritance’.”  A sure promise from God!


This is some years before the Return of Jesus Messiah on "the Last Day".

1. Assyria’ at the height of it’s most powerful time, included all of what is today, Syria, Iraq, some of Saudi Arabia, which was all probably one big area including all ‘the Gulf States’ and even beyond. By faith, we believe that God’s Plans are BIG and wonderful and will include many nations for this ‘End Time Blessing’! Part of this is to prove to every Muslim Who the ONLY, True God is * and Who is their redeeming Saviour and loving Prophet! This will be the result of a big 'war' by a vast army of 1,000's of Muslims and Communists, called the 'Magog war', which will be to try to prove that Allah is the greatest god. But the Almighty God will destroy the Army by a huge Earthquake.
The careful explanation of this is in Ezekiel 38 & 39.
Plus see our articles, 'Gog and Magog, What do they Mean?' & 'the Sequel...'
Also 'A Short Summary of our full E.T. Timeline', (scroll to Section 2 & 3).
2. Egypt's
Future is very clearly our-lined in Isaiah 19, and we have written a whole study on it, here. After a difficult time with a cruel Leader and the Nile river dries up, Egypt will finally call on the God of Israel, the Almighty God, and be blessed! It is the last 3 verses of this chapter that we have typed above! God uses unusual ways to bless people.
The marvellous prophecy is that most of Egypt will worship "the God of Israel"!
Exactly how these three nations work actually together to worship and serve God together and how this might happen is also in other articles, (about Egypt, and Iran, and Israel) and they will give you some ideas, based on other Scriptures. Psalms 67 and 87 confirm that this is God’s Plans! *
We expect this event to happen in the "Last days" (maybe 10 years or more) the period of time referred to in the phrase in that Day” and in this 21st Century, which we have numbered as 6 & 7a in the list above.
[You need to read and pray about Eze 38:23, Zeph.1: 14, Amos 5: 18 - 24.]
 (Remember we have suggested a lot of over-lapping and inter-twining of the special times mentioned as ‘in that day”.) Whenever "that Day" is for you ~
We must remember ~ God’s
overall Plan is ~ to bless the whole world! *


So as we come to the end of this study of God's Plans for the Middle East,
We have not given specific outlines of coming events here, but you can read them separately, in the links provided, esp. for Egypt, for Iran, and for Syria.
Click on the one that interests you; also look at the Home Page Index please,
[SUMMARY ARTICLES, 'A short Summary of our E.T. Timeline' article,
Scroll down to section 2 & 3.]

As always, we ask you to read and pray over the Scriptures in the whole Bible for yourself, remembering God Loves you and has His plans for YOU!
Our only reason for sharing these is to encourage readers in their Faith, especially regarding knowing the true God through God's only Son, the only One who can give us HOPE IN THE FUTURE!

All that is happening from 2011, in the new time of turmoil of nations and disasters in many places, are all leading up to big changes, but not without both times of testing and times of blessing. Hundreds of people are dying - always a tragedy - but even worse - if they do not know Jesus! Yet God has said to those who truly love and belong to Him, in several places in the Bible, "I will not fail you or forsake you."
Let us also pray urgently for all people injured or bereaved at this time:
"In Jesus Name and for His sake and God's glory".


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