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~ IRAN ~
FOR ‘THIS 21st CENTURY' ~ Chapter 49: 34 – 39.

"This article is being updated, but you are welcome to see:
'Iran ~ Israel ~ Syria ~ Some background facts'.

This is actually a long study paper, linking historical and current events with the most ancient, but also the most reliable book ever written:
The Holy Bible ~ which is the Word of Almighty God.
Even future events are given there which are reliable, because some other related events in the same chapter, have been fulfilled in the last 35 years!
Note that all quotes taken from the Tanakh/ Bible are in purple Italics. 

For the past few years, especially since the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, there has been an increasing interest also in the changes and especially the plans and statements of Iran’s Leaders.
To a degree it is not possible to separate the affairs of any one nation from the rest of the world. Ever since the formation of the UNO and more recently other ‘Power Blocks’, such as the EU, [even the 22 Nation 'Arab League'] efforts have been made to bring stability and seemingly good ‘resolutions’ to many situations, by these various organisations. The Middle East has become the main focus especially, with Iran and its wide influence taking center stage.
Sadly, these 'Power Blocks' are proving to be rather ineffective, whether it is agreement on reducing world poverty, or the threats to the environment, or harmony between nations (or even within a nation - e.g. Syria), or the “Non-proliferation” of weapons, mainly nuclear weapons that Iran hopes to make.

The reality is, as the Prophet Isaiah wrote 2,600 years ago:
"Listen! A noise on the mountains, like those of a great multitude! Listen, like an uproar among the kingdoms, like nations amassing together..." Isaiah 13: 4.

Sources of information on current events in Iran.
These are readily available, especially from the secular news, so that it hardly seems sensible for us to repeat changing current news, which they give.
However, we do need to prayerfully match the events we know of with the Prophetic Word of God. * See the book of Jeremiah, chapter 49: 35 - 39.
Verse 36, (the 3rd of these six verses) in the Tanakh given by Jeremiah in the 49th chapter have already happened, (see below) and are 'historical facts', such as the dispersal of thousands of Iranians around the world since the 1979 Revolution in Iran!

 [NOTE 'Elam' was the ancient name of Iran in 599BCE. We use 'Iran', here.]
Note! These 2 verses have actually become true since 1979!

Vs 35: "This is the word of the LORD that came to Jeremiah the prophet concerning Iran, early in the reign of Zedekiah king of Judah: [597 -586 BCE]
This is what the LORD Almighty [ADONAI El Shaddai] says:
> "See, I will break the bow of Iran, the mainstay of their might.
Vs. 36: > "I will bring against Iran the four winds from the four quarters of the Heavens.
I will scatter them to the four winds, and there will not be a nation where Iran's exiles do not go."
 However these next events have NOT happened yet, but they will!
Vs 37: > "I will shatter Iran before their foes, before those who seek their lives;
I will bring disaster upon them, even My fierce anger," declares the LORD.
I will pursue them with the sword until I have made an end of them.
Vs. 38 > 'I will set My throne in Iran and destroy her 'king' and officials', declares the LORD.
Vs. 39: > 'Yet I will restore the fortunes of Iran in days to come', declares the LORD."


First, the election as President, in 2005, of a relatively unknown leader, the ultra-conservative Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who had previously been the Mayor of the capital city, Tehran. In 2004 the ‘hard-line conservatives’ had won the Parliamentary elections, rendering the reformist President Khatami less powerful. Then in 2009 Ahmadinejad was returned as President in a disputed election, but supported initially by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
 [He is the successor of the reformist hard line Muslim Supreme former Leader Komenei who died in office. One difference in their names are the vowels 'o' and 'a'.] The group both men represent - is the powerful body of clerics called the 'Guardian Council'. This is different from the reformist camp 'The Association of Combatant Clerics' to which a former President Mohammad Khatami belongs. However since 2011, Achmadinejad has not pleased 'The Supreme Leader' Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has banned him and his party from standing for re-election in 2013!

President Ahmadinejad, since taking office however, delighted in (1) making overtly negative - even extremely inflammatory statements against the USA but especially regarding Israel, but (2) also claiming Irans right to develop Nuclear capabilities, though insisting they would be for “internal peaceful purposes”. However, Iran has been exhibiting other powerful, lethal weapons in recent years [and testing them], which makes his contradictory claim less believable! Iran has also launched a number of space vehicles in recent years. In response, the 'West' has set up financial sanctions (and other methods ~ even 'cyber warfare' using mal-worms via Internet) to stop threats. Sanctions don't appear to have limited these military actions, especially nuclear advances, yet by October 2012, Iran's money has decreased greatly in value!

- added to these are serious questions and claims, is that the world economy, has been affected due to rising costs of oil in the last few years, [especially in the USA]. 'Sanctions' reducing the sale of crude oil, (of which Iran has the world’s 4th largest supply) has divided nations when there are increasing demands for oil, as by China and India so aggravating things. [However Iran has to import refined petroleum.] For Iran, sanctions against it, has affected some parts of Iran's own economy, though they seem to have very adequate income for their military goals! This is angering their own population.

 Finally, as a result of these 3 issues, a roller-coaster of offers (e.g. from Russia) and efforts by the EU and UNO over the past years and also by USA to have diplomatic dialogue over the issues, have only seen a progression of defiant words and actions from Iran’s President Ahmadinejad, which are based on his Religious Beliefs about the "Final World Crisis" and Islam's World Victory.
The result of these situations is a great debate about a future war.
In the light of these things there are growing fears of the possible reactions that might be taken by other nations, such as Israel, who feel the most threatened. Some recent articles have even out-lined possible scenarios of military attack to disable the centres of weapons production in Iran. Also Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are now more careful in their reactions to Iran's belligerent acts and statements. Obviously these are possible serious developments, in many, ways!
America, under President Obama has a seemingly changeable attitude to it all.

As Bible-reading ‘watchmen’ for God’s people, we always want to seek for God’s over-all purposes in allowing any serious situation. We believe the Bible has all the answers, and therefore, as we discern these, we can be both reassured and can pray according to God’s will. This means we can pray in faith, forthis is the confidence we have in approaching God; that if we ask anything according to HIS will, He hears us. And if we know that he hears us –whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of Him.” 
 (1 John 5: 14/15.]
It is also very important to remember:
 “GOD'S ways are higher than our ways.”
It may not be God’s will to intervene to stop any war or disaster, but to use it for His glory and in the end for the blessing of His own People even hastening the ‘End of the Age’ for the coming of the glorious Kingdom of His Son, Jesus/ Yeshua Messiah.
So we do not offer these thoughts in any dogmatic, casual or uncaring way, but only for you to consider for yourselves.
Biblical Watchmen must pass on events they see happening, matching
God's Word
~ enabling Godly people ~ to respond as they wish…


> Iran
was called ‘Elam’ in Scripture for much of its time, until in 549 BC it became ‘Persia, when Cyrus the Great made the Babylonian and Medo-Persian empires into one nation of Persia.
> The books of the Tanakh/ O.T
, especially Daniel, Esther, Ezra and Nehemiah, come from this period, indicating that Israel’s fortunes were closely linked to the events of the nation of Persia, 2,500 years ago!
> Before this, (particularly the Prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel) foretold both near-time’ and ‘distant-time’ events about the people in this area.
Many of these Scriptures are still relevant, like the one we are considering right now from Jeremiah 49.
> In 1,935th year A.D. the name ‘IRAN’ was adopted, by the then, ‘Shah Dynasty’ of several royal leaders.
Islam - made an impact
after its growth in the years from 700AD.
Various M.E. wars and the discovery of oil affected the changing relations in this area, and with the rest of the Western world, in the 20th century.
There is a high degree of literacy and a rich history of cultural, astronomical and scientific knowledge in Iran.
It is thought the 'Magi' that visited the baby Jesus came from there - not just 'magicians' but skilled astronomers and astrologists.

> It now has a population of more than 74 million, 23% under the age of 25!
However there are a number of very different ethnic groups living there.
The main population are not Arabs, but ethnic Persians, speaking Farsi.     

Present Day Realities.
Ethnic, Religious and Geographical Factors.
While the main language of the area is Farsi, there are clear divisions between the Persian, Luri, Bakhtian, Qashqai, Azeri, Turkic and Arab SHI’ITE Muslims, and the Arab, Kurdish and Turkish SUNNI Muslims. 
In the present situation the southern province of KHUZESTAN is of special interest, because of 5 factors.
It is occupied, not by ethnic Persian, but by Arab Shi’ite Muslims, as the large southern part of Iraq also is. (There is not a lot of love between the Persian and Arab racial groups.) Most of Persian Iran are Shi'ites.
The predominance of oil wells and production in this area, at the head of the ‘Persian Gulf’ sea, with its key ports, is a second key point of concern. This Province, of Khuzestan contains 85% of Iran’s oil supplies, going to 4/5ths of the world market.
[A recent rumour is that a large gas well has been found.]
Also this area is partly separated from the rest of Iran by the Zagros Mountain chain. Much of Iran is subject to serious earthquakes.
The close proximity to other Gulf States with large Sunni Muslim populations makes for even more tensions, especially as most of the Gulf States have been allied in recent times, with the West, (which Iran ‘hates’), especially their involvement with the Iraq War.
Khuzestan, as mentioned, is right next to Basra in south Iraq, which however, is largely Shi’ite as Khuzestan is. Saddam Hussein tried to gain this province for Iraq, ’80 – ’88, unsuccessfully, though at cost of 1 Mil. lives.

Economic Factors.
Often and often the use of money for selfish ambitions and manipulation of people and events indicates the direction evil will take in its course toward prideful goals. In the ultimate - ‘One World’ scenario - the Prophet John was shown (regarding that last great world power), the commodities used by that world regime called ‘Babylon’ with a list of final sales items given, even the bodies and souls of men.”  (Revelation 18: 13.) So Satan is always alert to this strategy, now also revealed in the current events. This is linked to the fact that since the USA was able to turn from gold as a basis for their currency, to oil, the American dollar has been the means of virtually controlling the world’s economies. * In the 21st C. this could be changing.

By introducing a method called ‘euro-based bourse’
, Iran has threatened the power of the U.S. dollar, by replacing it with its own currency, which could have a devastating effect on America. [The word ‘bourse’ is the actual name of the French stock market, but literally means “an exchange" or place where bankers and merchants meet for business – like the stock exchange (of Paris).”]
However, while this threat is real and is a factor in the reactions of, especially the USA, Iran’s own economy has suffered, even since this President took power! This was made worse by a long and severe drought and Sanctions...
Their stock market lost $10Billion, the thriving property market has withered, and the outflow of capital money, (and people) has increased.
Experts have written, that while Iran could not cause world recession alone, by its actions alone, it could demonstrate how other anti- American regimes could act, to cause great disruption. However most M.E. nations are losing finances.


1. IRAN'S ‘right’ to procure and use NUCLEAR capabilities.

> This, it is claimed is for electric power production, (in this oil rich nation) – so-called “peaceful uses”. The fear is that in the light of other strong, war-like statements, it is only a cover for the desire - indeed the intention to produce nuclear weapons, and the known increase of the essential ingredients.
Again there are many media sources out-lining the probabilities and problems of Iran having nuclear weapons, as seen by the UNO, Europe, USA and even other Middle East nations, especially Israel.
The added dilemma for the Western nations is, that while they have relations with nations that have nuclear weapons capabilities such as Pakistan, India and possibly Israel, none of these have signed the “Non-proliferation Pact” by which the UNO hoped to limit the dangers of these lethal weapons.
However words like ‘tipping the balance of power’ come to mind as an argument against Iran’s possession of this capability, also who else may gain it.
> The lack of transparency by Iran’s Leaders
over the past 30 years has not helped, inspite of apparent efforts of the IAEA, [Int’l Atomic Energy Agency,] to discover the real plans and potential uses of the nuclear bases.
The difficulty in fully determining these plans has mostly caused Russia and China to decline to support proposed sanctions against Iran, by the Security Council of the UNO.
Also Russia is heavily involved already in the nuclear power development and seems more recently to be closer and more supportive of Iran. Russia's own Presidential elections in 2012 may yet reveal the depth of support for Iran.
STOP PRESS. In September 2012, Achmadinejad's personal Cameraman defected to USA with 2 suitcases of films of all the Nuclear installations and explanations given to both the top Leaders of Iran. USA & Israel will plan further actions - perhaps early in 2013, possibly war against Iran?

2. Iran’s challenge to the Muslim world of the existence of Israel.
This is a strong 'mantra' this Muslim President has taken upon himself.
For this reason he is not only verbally questioning the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust of WW2 against 6 million Jews, but he has frequently spoken about the elimination of Israel as a nation, -anywhere - but especially not in the Land Israel are now partly occupying, which was once briefly under Islam.
> He has clearly fostered relations with the Palestinian Hamas rulers in Gaza signing them up to pledge help for Iran against Israel, by supplying them with weapons, money, training in making and using weapons, and with 'secret' groups in the Sinai Peninsular. We will refer to this later.
From Iran’s support financially for these various groups and contacts even with South American and African governments, as well as a more Islamic awareness in Russia, there is a clear indication that he believes in more than just words of condemnation for Israel. He talks of eliminating Israel!

3. Support for Syria, and Hizballah in Lebanon
Partly because of the so-called possession of the Golan Heights by Israel, Iran's anti-Israel stance fuels his support for Syria, and Pres. Bashar Assad, where his agents are present. In mid 2012 Achmadinejad has flown thousands of Shi'ite Iranian troops via Iraq into Syria to fuel the fighting against the rebel Sunni Opposition. Iran also extends massive financial support for the radical
Muslim Hizballah in Lebanon’s southern border with Israel, where also a chain of military style lookouts and armed, and strongly re-enforced buildings and bunkers line the territory. While many in Lebanon are not happy about this, they are helpless to stop it. Beside Iranian personnel, extra equipment for surveillance, such as UAV’s, (unmanned spy-planes) have been added.
America’s support for Israel is an added incentive for hate, inspite of Obama's 'behind the scenes' dialogue with Supreme Leader Khamenei in 2011-12.
> Then there was news of Iran joining Turkey against the Kurds, on Turkey's southern border and even in North Iraq! Turkey is less involved with Iran now.

4. Behind it all is a thirst for power and glory for Iran, Islam and the President himself.
In this he is encouraged and assisted by the ‘Revolutionary Guards’ who are under the powerful direction of the Revolutionary Governing Council of Islamic (hard-line) Sheikhs, and the ‘Iranian Expediency Council’. Although the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei - ratified the 'faked' re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - a few years ago, other factors suggest his power is now 'shaky'. At the time of the brief Israel - Hamas war in January 2009, claims were made of hundreds of Iranian young men signing up to be trained as suicide terrorists, extra to many enlisting for war, which they see as a chance for glory. The concept of a Global Jihad for Islam and Allah motivates many young (unemployed) Muslims!
> Conversely, following Achmadinejad's re-election in June 2009, many (mainly young protestors) risked their lives to register the fear that the elections had been rigged, but also they longed for more freedoms.
Numbers in the President's Cabinet have been reduced with dismissals due to corruption charges, also; so "a 'puppet' government is being formed of pliant cronies and officials known for their brutality to usher in a takeover by the Revolutionary Guards." [Debkafile 16.8.09.]*
> Even Opposition Leaders formed a new Party, "The Green Party of Hope" mid August '09, "to restore the peoples stolen rights". Debkafile wrote: "The two parties are set for a deadly showdown". * This has not been so apparent since.
 [See the last notes of this article, though circumstances are changing constantly.]


Islamic traditional teachings, but with a mystical extra dimension.
These have a serious influence on this would-be 'world' Leader.

> There is a ‘Hidden Majil’/ Mahdi or messianic figure, who was once the 12th Imam (or special Muslim religious Leader), who is regarded as the ‘True Sovereign of the World’. He went into “grand occultation” in 941AD. From this spirit world, it is claimed he chooses 36 men, called ‘owtad’ or ‘nails’, whose presence secures the universe from falling apart. Although it is not normally known who they are, sometimes one, by his (clever) actions can be recognised. [See 'STOP PRESS' at end of this article]
> Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is happy to be regarded as one of these key persons.
> Periodically the new President goes into seclusion for a kind of séance, a ‘khalvat’ with the ‘Hidden Imam’, for inspiration and guidance.
> It was at one of these, (he claims) that he was given the mandate to be President of Iran, and as such, to precipitate a “clash of civilisations” to gain the world for Islam. [That means a world war!]
> He lists all the advantages he sees which can be reduced to 2, the superiority of Islam and Iran, and the ‘weakness andwickedness’ of the ‘infidel West’, especially the United States of America, whom he claims is hated by most other nations.
> He has a ‘Strategic Guru’ to whom he can appeal to for advice, Hassan Abassi.
> They thought that the Bush Presidency was “an aberration” as all other American Presidents have ‘run away’ from a war, which Bush did not do.
Since the Obama administration gained power, Iran has managed to avoid war or change from the determined path to gaining nuclear weapons.
> However, inspite of the turmoil in Iran following Achmadinejad's re-election he still believes in a final war, (especially against Israel) to win the world for Islam. This, it seems, is timed to have usable Nuclear weapons he has set his heart on, as a threat, not that it is at all likely he would use them himself.
> Ahmadinejad is unlikely to back down under pressure, (of more sanctions). At times he tried to make it look as if diplomacy had worked, [esp. in discussion with the "5+1 Nations"], so there would be no need for any military actions against Iran, and he could continue his preparations, of ‘nukes’ for the “final war”, in secret. His conniving has gained him valuable time...
> One of Iran's most dangerous strategies has been to influence and use money and weapons to empower, Hizballah and Hamas in Gaza to support Iran's directives, espcially against Israel. [Hamas signed an agreement in September 2012.] Iran is now like 'Al Qaeda', but is called 'Al Qods'.
> All this is only part of his strategies to win support around the whole world, especially in a still fragmented ‘Islamic world’. This is inspite of the 52 OIC member ‘Conference of Islam’, or the 22 nation ‘Arab League’, and calls by groups such as the ‘Forum for the Future’ seeking unity and tolerance between Shi’ite and Sunni branches of Islam. In fact ‘Moderate Muslims’ are despised, by such as Iran’s President! However there was a move towards ‘Islamic Umma’ – total unity under 1 'Caliph' - inspite of Sunni and Shi'ite divisions, for a time, perhaps fading now, since the Arab Muslim uprisings.
> Also there are now clear divisions between different nations of the Middle East, as some are very concerned by Iran's goal of supremacy over Islam.
> The religious spirit of Islam - and the glory of Allah are strong incentives for holy Jihad.  But poverty stricken Muslim nations are divided still - only the ‘cause’ against ISRAEL unites them!


Some suggested plans of action, to influence Iran to stop making nuclear weapons.

These are of a changing nature, dependant on various factors! *
Stronger sanctions were sought since 2010.

A. USA, EU, and the UNO, (except for Arab Nations).
> To wait and use various forms of diplomacy, either through the UNO or other Nations with influence - such as Russia, or even China. The Security Council of the UNO did make strong statements condemning the 'proliferation of nuclear weapons in the M.E.' but this is a very complex and thorny issue. [There are no Muslim nations as such on the Security Council.]
> Russia however has vacillated over its co-operation with Iran in constructing the $800Mln Bushehr nuclear plant, (but confirmed and did continue - July 23rd 09, until it came into operation 2011). All spent fuel is supposedly to be returned to Russia. Russia is becoming more pro-Muslim daily, as it has a huge Muslim population and has recently been consulting with Iran.
> The EU made some positive offers to assist Iran in various ways in return for giving up building nuclear weapons. This was rejected.
> Other actions are: to develop strategies for pressuring the Iranian Regime, using sanctions of different kinds. There were concerns that sanctions could perhaps ‘backfire’, enforcing the idea to Iranian people that "they will need to be prepared to not only defend themselves, but attack the 'Infidel nations' of the West". However recent protests against the Governing regime brings this idea into doubt.
> Many Iranians are suffering greatly from the sanctions and other problems, such as repression and cruelty against the protestors. Uncertainty reigns.
> Because of the world-wide presence of pro-Islamic, anti Western, anti-Israel, anti-Christian groups, such as Al Qaida, Hizballah, Hamas and many more, willing to use terrorist attacks anywhere they can, any strategies the West may use, call for careful thought and actions to protect people and property, against reactionary lethal strikes on behalf of Iran - if Iran is attacked. Good ‘intelligence sources’ are needed. [Pray for this!]
> However, in this day of modern technology, with the ability to scan the world with satellite imaging, and ‘controlled’ targeting of enemy sites, the possibility of military air strikes against specified targets is still a strong possibility. [Israel has a spy satellite especially to view Iran.] *
> The USA has these capabilities, and has some real ‘paper plans’ in mind, such as the ‘Khuzestan-Gambit’, but these were more prominent in the 'Bush era' not so much now. [See notes below.]
> These plans were changed by a further revelation of a much bigger and more advanced site for the development of Nuclear weapons, 660 Km N/E of Tehran, at Neyshabour in Khorassan. It is 150 metres deep and covered by farmlands. It already has 155,000 centrifuges flown there by Bulgaria and work on them was to be completed by October ’06, and made ready for production of nuclear weapons, possible by the end of 2012. Most of the sites are scattered all over Iran and put into residential areas, it seems.

B. The attitudes of the WORLD Muslim Nations.
There are 57 Muslim nations in the world united in the IMC, [International Muslim Conference] which includes non-Arab nations, like Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Afghanistan, with huge populations. However, they too are not totally united in their desire to see the supremacy of Iran or the proliferation of Nuclear weapons. The two Muslim streams of religious Sunni and Shi'ite, is also an unsettling factor.

C. The divided attitudes of Muslim Arab nations in the M.E.
The Arab League is composed of 22 nations, who have regular Conferences, but almost always have been unable to agree on important issues. Since the Israel - Hamas war of January 2009, with the discovery of pro-Iranian, anti-West cells, such as Al Qaeda in the Sinai Peninsular, Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza, the attitude of Arab Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia, most of the Gulf States and Egypt, has partially changed toward Iran and Iran's proxy organisations such as the Hizballah and Hamas groups living in several Arab Nations! The background beliefs, Sunni versus Shi'ite also has an influence.

D. Israel as a Nation in the Middle East geographical area.
For a nation of people, who have existed as an independent modern Nation for only 60+ years; prosperous and growing, (inspite of repeated attacks against it, and ever-present anti-Semitic attitudes as well as economic bans and divisive, jealous criticisms) there is real apprehension about Iran's verbalised plans against them. With all their military skills, Israel is not unaware of the need to balance this with caution and respect for people and friendly nations, as well.

However, because Iran has repeatedly threatened to "wipe Israel off the Map" and sees the Jewish nation as 'usurpers' - * Muslims feel the urgency to act against Israel. This is for the sake of Allah, so Muslims feel they must do all in their power to 'retrieve the Land' for Islam, even if it means eliminating all Jews!
For Muslims, what was called 'Palestine' (2,000 years before by the Romans), the area was called, 'Arab Lands' -(as it was 400 yrs under the Turkish Ottoman Empire), * therefore Israel existing there, is anathema to ardent Muslims!

Another perspective.
> It seems from all the myriad of opinions about the situation, Military means will be seen as a necessary and a calculated risk, which can hardly be avoided.
Targeted military strikes from the air against specified (nuclear factory) sites in Iran are what are being considered by Israel, it would seem.
> This is what Israel's P.M. Netanyahu was meaning by His presentation, to the U.N General Assembly in September 2012. Using a placard with a drawing of a bomb, and a red line, to indicate at what point of Iran's readiness, (of suitable Nuclear based material to actually make a Nuclear Bomb) would indicate that Military action would be essential.

Israel, of course has its own perspective, based on several facts.
> One is, that their re-establishment in the specific Land was a legal and politically acceptable result of the vote of the 'League of Nations' (now UNO), in 1947, and the successful winning of at least 6 wars of aggression against them.
> Even more the historic and Biblically mandated Divine decree of Israel's God has made it their heritage forever. This is the view of evangelical, Christian Zionists too, including the Sponsors of this Web Site. Joshua 1: 1-5.

Possible war against Iran's Nuclear and other strategic sites, in 2013?
We believe Israel will be successful (with or without America's help) for the very creditable and reasonable statement of the 'key' verses, we are basing this article on, and our understanding of God's greatest longings for great blessings to come to Israel, [before Yeshua/ Jesus Second Coming to Earth.]

> Very briefly we believe the Bible shows that this 'war' will only be a pre-curser', to a much bigger, joint attack, later on by named (Muslim) nations, that will again attempt to reclaim the Land of Israel in another war, with plans to use Chemical weapons to eliminate all the Jews. This in the 'Magog War' described in Ezekiel 38 & 39. [You can read about it here, "Gog and Magog, What do they mean?"] But an important clue about all these events is: Israel will have a time of feeling 'secure' ~ even at 'peace' for some time before the above event. [See Ezekiel 38: 8. 11 & 14.] Therefore, as Israel cannot have any security, while Iran wields influence over many other, anti- Israel Groups, we believe military action to weaken Iran will take place, soon.

> Also, our Biblical notes below, strongly suggest this is what God will allow, in these ‘End-times’. Jesus Himself spoke of, Wars and rumours of wars.”
 We don’t need added signs to remind us of the times we’re in, but we need to remember to PRAY!  The cost in every way could be enormous!

The 'wider' dangers to other parts of the M.E. and the Western world.
The potential cost of additional terrorist attacks on USA and Western interests around the world, would need to be considered. Yet the reality is that even Muslim Nations, such as Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, have also suffered from these terrorist attacks. A nuclear attack on Israel is very unlikely!



WE believe it does, in six verses ABOUT ‘ELAM’, from Jeremiah 49: 34 –39, today called IRAN. [Please open your Bible at this point and have it beside you.] Here is repeated what Jeremiah wrote, from verse 37. "This is what the LORD Almighty says... 'I will shatter Iran, before their foes, before those who seek their lives; I will bring disaster upon them, even My fierce anger,' declares YHWH. 'I will pursue them with the sword... and destroy her 'king' and officials' declares the LORD, [ADONAI].  Then to Verse 39:
"Yet I will restore the fortunes of Iran in days to come,' declares ADONAI."

1. Five times in these 6 verses it is emphasised that this prophecy is from "ADONAI, YHWH, The LORD Almighty,"~ [El Shaddai.]
 [This belief challenges the Islamic claim that ‘Allah is the greatest god’.]
In the modern context of the whole ‘Middle East’ situation of this 21st Century this is very significant. This is because as we and other Biblical commentators have emphasised, the M.E. aggression focused as it is on Israel, is not political, nor territorial, in a way not even ‘religious’.

It is a spiritual battle between Satan - against the God of Creation, the Bible, and Israel.
All decisions and actions will only be as the True God, ADONAI allows!

2. Yes, the timing of these prophecies as originally given, can be dated by the known reign of Israel’s King Zedekiah.
> This means, the faithful servant of God, Jeremiah received these words between 579 & 586 BC,  early in his reign", maybe even 580BC? However, as so much of God’s words from that time that have literally and historically been fulfilled, the fact that these words are some 2,500 years old makes them no less reliable. Some words from 3 verses have already been fulfilled in the last 40 years! [We quote the verse 34 to prove it's ancient date; (599BC). This is the Word of the LORD that came to Jeremiah the prophet concerning Elam, early in the reign of Zedekiah, king of Judah.”  Yes, God has been patient!
This means: - if 3 verses have been fulfilled in our time the next 3 could happen soon, also! [See here]

3. The history of recent events for people in Iran has already fulfilled the prophecy of verse 36…
 “I will bring against Elam the four winds from the four quarters of the heavens; I will scatter them to the four winds, and there will not be a nation where Elam’s exiles do not go.”  
> The exactness of God’s prophetic words is ours to see, as these events did take place after the over-throw of the last ‘Shah of Persia’, when Islamic Ayatollahs took power, bringing an Islamic regime to Iran in1979.
> A list of the numbers of Iranians worldwide in 2000 compared with 1979 showed a huge presence of Iranians in more than 30 countries!
>> Yet this is where God’s over-ruling for good can be clearly seen!
Many Iranian expatriates in the many nations they have moved to, have chosen to be freed from the tyranny of Islam, to know the true God and Yasuo/ Jesus, His Son, by accepting Him as their Saviour!

>> However many in Iran are also learning about Yasuo/ Yeshua/ Jesus through recently published Scriptures, especially accurate, and true to good Farsi. [A previous translation was old, done hurriedly and so not quite accurate.]
850,000 New Testament have been printed and 98% of Iranians offered a copy in Iran have received them gladly, with thousands coming to Faith in the true Saviour. Believers are assured of glad acceptance in the Holy Heaven with the True God of Love.

Please pray for them, to be kept safe physically and Spiritually!

4.The next words, emphasise that God even knows a Nation’s main strengths and pride! This is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘See, I will break the bow of Elam the mainstay of their might.”  (Elam was famous for its archers –compare Isaiah 22:6.) Now, Iran is keen to show off its distance war weapons either in the air, or in the sea, with recent successful tests told to the world! Now, they want even more weapons, with much more deadly effects! If Iran cannot gain the influence of it’s great ‘rival’ – the USA – it can copy one area of perceived power - its weapons!

5. God Almighty’s Justice against horrific evil always comes after a long, long time. Verse 37 continues, I will shatter Elam before their foes, before those who seek their lives; I will bring disaster upon them, even my fierce anger, declares the LORD.” You see, from 1980 –88 Iran was trapped in a horrific war with Iraq, killing 1 million people, including children. The children were tricked in many cases, into carrying a symbolic ‘key to Heaven’ and forced to walk across heavily mined areas, so that the older troops could follow.

Also since that time, many Believers and innocent people have been imprisoned or killed. GOD notices all cruelty, especially to children!

Perhaps that is why, sadly, even in the years of the 21st century, God has allowed Iran to suffer devastating earthquakes killing thousands of people. 24,000 in 2003 and many others since.
 “ ‘I will bring disaster upon them, even My fierce anger,’ declares the LORD’.”

6. Were these without any warning? Not at all! God’s Words have been available for centuries to this area, as the presence of the ancient Assyrian Church bears witness. A British missionary, Henry Martyn made great efforts for a few, costly years to translate the Scriptures before his death at age 31, in 1812, as one effort to bring the truth of God’s salvation to them.

More recently godly, highly qualified Christian Leaders have been martyred! In their name extensive work has been put in to a new Translation of the Bible in Farsi. So, as the battle against God continues so does God’s love reach out to all who seek Him! Recently 120 Christian Iranian Leaders called for PRAYER!

As ex-Muslims they know now, that to live or die as a Believer in Yasuo/ El Maseeh means sure, Heavenly, blessings!

7. God can and does use imperfect people or even nations to fulfill His Plans. Verse 37 continues, I will pursue them [anti-God forces] with the sword until I have made an end of them.” This does NOT mean all Iranians but their Leaders. It is right to try to discern both God’s timing and His methods, knowing we will NOT always fully understand. However we feel there could still be a future time of war - (swords/ weapons used by human hands) must indicate war - or at least - targeted attacks on some places in Iran. Yes! Christians have been Praying, but God knows best.
Psalm 83 speaks clearly of the result of the wicked plans of any nation that comes against God’s people, especially when it is clearly written in the Bible! Later on, God will punish Islam even more comprehensively as in Eze. 38/39.
It could hardly be clearer:

God will punish anti-Israel nations, for the wonderful purpose:
 “So that men will seek His Name.” [See Isaiah 49: 28!]

It is important to remember again:

> God does allow wars, and uses them for a purpose. [See article our on ‘War’]
> God alone knows the timing of events, which we do not.
> God can bring glory to Himself, and blessing to those who really seek Him!
> Therefore we believe *God could use a modern nation to destroy/undermine the Leaders of Iran, by destroying the sites of their planned lethal weapons. This could give more time to the spread of the Gospel and development of God’s other End-time Plans, ~ especially for Israel.
> [For this reason we believe *God will not allow USA’s economy to be totally destroyed yet, as they are still in the forefront of the spread of the Gospel”.]
> Israel, we affirm categorically – will never, never be destroyed, but will be blessed, inspite of the fact they are not 'perfect', nor 'Holy' yet! [Ezekiel 36.]

May we insert a small extra note here, about Leaders?
Certainly no nation of Earth is a ‘perfect Nation’. Democracy is not the best system, though it is better than dictatorships. However, most Western nations have been founded on at least basic “Judeo/Christian principles.” God has and is using these nations to spread His Message. They have given refuge to many people from abusive regimes, and helped many countries, especially in times of disaster. It is because of the Bible, America has shown support for Israel. We personally believe, that no Leader (good or bad) gains power except GOD has allowed it. In Psalm 75 God says:You say, ‘I choose the appointed time; it is I who judge uprightly’…. To the arrogant I [God] say, ‘Boast no more, and to the wicked, ‘ Do not lift your powers against Heaven; do not speak in an arrogant way.
No one from the East or the West or from the desert can exalt a man.
But it is God who judges; He brings one down, He exalts another.”
 So if GOD has brought these Leaders into office, we must trust that God will use each of them in HIS way. This is a Spiritual battle we are watching!
Our part, as Believers in God’s Word is to PRAY for God’s will to be done!

7. It is absolutely certain that God will remove the Leaders of Evil, as He says in verse 38: I WILL destroy her king [President] and officials.”

This is a clear statement, so we believe it. We do not know when, or how.
> It seems very possible it could be by military action, as described above, in the near future… Or inside sabotage, or internal uprisings of the Iranian people.
> Or the ‘disaster’ referred to - could be by God’s strategically placed earthquakes.
> Or it could be by a devastating plague, as ‘Swine Flu’ or any of the other medical threats in our modern world, aids, epidemics, meningitis, malaria, tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, cholera, etc.



> Even as God breaks the power of their own leaders - the people will make Yasuo/ Jesus/ El Maseeh their God and king! This is because God says, (verses 38/39)  “ ‘I will set My throne in Elam’ … declares the LORD. ‘Yet I will restore the fortunes of Elam in days to come’.”  
> This is wonderful news for the Farsi-speaking people of Iran! For a long period of their history, (1502 –1736) rulers were known as kings/’shahs’ of the Safavid Empire. Now they have ‘Presidents’, and a 'Supreme Leader'.

The Loving LORD God Almighty longs to be their KING ~ King of Love and Salvation!
So soon, they will enthrone Yasuo/ El Maseeh ~ in their hearts, and know His true and loving reign of spiritual freedom, which many long for.
 (Other Scriptures indicate God’s throne is in Heaven, Isaiah 66:1, & 7:49, but one day it will be in a renewed Jerusalem, Zech. 8: 3.)



>>The result of Irans turning to the true God will be spiritual restoration for many people to God and His Son Yasuo/ El Maseeh/ Jesus! Perhaps Iran will become, with Egypt, a leader in the spread of the true God’s ‘Good News’ of salvation in Jesus/ Yasuo, especially to the ‘Muslim’ world, as depicted by the word ‘throne’, in the verse above? We believe, most of those people God has scattered to every nation, (many of whom have come to know the true God through Jesus Messiah) will return to their homeland and be a great blessing as leaders and teachers, in a short ‘window of opportunity’ that God will arrange.

Please be encouraged if you are a refugee from any M.E. country, because God has good plans for you! Prepare yourselves now to be a blessing to many other Iranians, or others.

True spiritual blessings for the entire world from Iran and other M.E. nations!
We have repeated it before, but the glorious hope of blessing for millions of people all over the whole world surely cannot be repeated too often!
God could even use the fact of scattered Iranians, as well as the Jews of the Diaspora, to point people to the Saviour! The closing verses of Isaiah 19 speak for themselves. The Egyptians and the Assyrians will worship together. In that Day, Israel will be the third along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the Earth. The LORD Almighty will bless them, saying, ‘Blessed be Egypt -My people, Assyria –My handwork and Israel My inheritance'.”
 [In ancient times ‘Assyria’ reached right across the Middle East and included ‘Persia/ Iran’.]
We can be encouraged to hear that hundreds of Iranians are tuning to Jesus!
Many are learning Truth from the Bible, recently re-translated into modern Farsi!
 In the last of the six verses of Jeremiah 49, (v.39):
The LORD says: "Yet I will restore the fortunes of Iran, in days to come."
 We PRAY for those special Days will come soon!
Will you pray for the people of IRAN too?

Please note*** that many contributing events are changing quickly -


STOP PRESS [This report came on the Internet one year, before Ramadan.]
"The Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on all Muslims in neighbouring countries to intensify preparations" for the coming of the Islamic messiah, the 'Mahdi' or 'The 12th Imam'.
He specifically urged Muslims - "to mobilise forces to defeat the U.S. and Israel. Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Pakistan need to gather Forces - to make drastic changes in order to prepare for 'The Awaited Guided One'." He reported that as Supreme Leader, he is now the direct representative of the Mahdi, so obeying him is like obeying the 'Guided One' - the prophesied saviour of Islam.
Notes:> It did not explain what the 'drastic changes' are, that must be made.
>>It seems the Supreme Leader is deliberately 'demoting' the President Achmadinejad. It's unknown what difference a new President in 2013 will make.
>> Based on many other statements of the goal of 'true Islam', this could mean serious attacks of the kind that could destroy vital Internet connections, electoral supplies on a big scale, use of 'dirty bombs' (even in a suitcase or shipping containers) and sadly - other lethal acts - against Leaders and controlling forces, (like Governments or Military Centres.)
It is just over 10 yrs since the disastrous World Centre on '9/11' attack.
> In September each year most of the world's Nations will be represented at the UNO Annual 'General Assembly' in New York, USA. Islam has many Reps.
>> The result of 2012 Presidential Elections could make a great difference in the West's relationship with the Middle East, even if Obama is returned...
> However it is not impossible that God will direct Israel to act alone.
>> Depending on the outcome of these serious future events  - is there a possibility that there will be a split in the Arab world? Not all are in favour of Iranian ideas, as Ezekiel 38: 13 indicates. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States and even Yemen may break away from other Muslim nations! Note the nations named in Ezekiel 38 and those NOT mentioned! Light being thrown on Eze. 38?
> Contemplate before the LORD what Isaiah 19: 16 - 15 about Egypt might mean? It could be Egypt also, will stand aloof from the Islamic 'Magog Army'!
>> Since the above (2011) it is clear Israel is preparing for war on all it's 'fronts', north - Hizballah in Lebanon, south, Hamas in Gaza, and many Islamic Jihadist Groups in Sinai, Syria, Iraq and around the world controlled by and financed by Iran. Victory for Israel over them, would give Jews a sense of 'security' even though they would then be isolated - which God wants, so they will have no one to look to for help, except the LORD, ADONAI!

(This writer expects to see this division, also the collapse of the Iranian leadership before long. Also my apologies for a long study, but we do need to compare events and the Word of God, together.)

A special time IS coming, as the Prophet Isaiah wrote God's intentions,
[in the last half of ch. 49 verse 26:] ~

For Jewish People and Israel and the Middle East People, and Christians:
"Then ALL mankind will know, that I the LORD am your Saviour, and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob."



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