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This phrase is used about 70 times by the Prophets, about different, Future events to them when given, but most are Past events to us.
The 'DAYS' are not all the same, and can seem confusing, 'time-wise'.
So we share Biblical insights to some Future events in the wider Middle East, for you.


We recommend that you look at other,
related articles on this site, along side this one.

Some are about Israel, or Iran or Egypt and the
'Big Picture' in 'God's Plans for the M.E'

 [See here, and here in addition, we offer "E.T. Timelines", 2 long ones, 2 short ones!]

You will see that we use the New International Version of the Bible, and the Words of Scripture are in purple italics to reverence God's Word.
We also try to link the Word of God to current events,
as we understand them, to challenge and warn us in these serious times, but we respect your beliefs as you pray and study.
"In that day" is used many times in the Bible,
So it is an important phrase.

The Holy Bible shows us God’s concerns are for all the Peoples of the M.E.
 A well-known writer, Joel Rosenberg, calls it 'The Epi-center'.
Being in this central part of the world and being part of the diverse, yet gifted Peoples, (stemming from very ancient roots), means that we can look on them, and their future with great hope and expectation of great blessings!


> The nations (especially in the ‘Middle East’) that are mentioned in the Bible from very early times have been an integral and very important part of God’s plans for mankind. Today, we think of the Middle East being - Israel and other, surrounding ~ mainly Arab nations, also Turkey, Egypt, and the Persian People of Iran.

> God hoped from the very first pages of Genesis that mankind would spread out and develop and enjoy the wider blessings of the entire Earth. [Genesis 1  & 2.] Therefore we read of His concern for nations, (as well as individuals) - and His plans for them as a whole. [This can be see in the books of the Major Prophets - as well, especially, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel.]

> We read of God's patience with them, His help for them in times of trouble and often His displeasure, and even judgements - but also His great longing to bless every one of them! Israel especially as God's 'chosen nation' so that they could be a "Light to the Gentile Nations" through Jesus. Isaiah 42: 6.



1. From Creation to the Flood.
God waited a long time for the skills and privileges He had given to the first descendants of Adam and Eve to be used for good. But though those ancient people used their great God-given skills very well, (as archaeology has shown with great cities and even ‘indoor plumbing’ and good facilities, as well as art and music), it was all for selfish and godless aims. Sadly as it says, The Lord saw how great man’s wickedness had become and every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time. The LORD was grieved that He had made man on the Earth, and His heart was filled with pain.”  (Genesis 6.) The resulting story of God’s choice of Noah, to arrange a way of saving innocent animals and birds and any people who would accept the offer during Noah’s patient 120-year building and preaching programme, is well known. (Genesis 6 –9.) In fact, in God’s dealing with nations, (especially the word or concept) of God’s mercy and patience comes through, many times!

2. After the attempt to build a Tower in Babel, ('Babylon' to this day.)
We would think that in the years of living memory the lesson of the punishment of the Flood would have lasted in the minds of the People! Yet it was Noah’s own great-grandson, Nimrod, (through Cush, son of Ham) who was a leader of this next revolt against God’s plans for mankind to "spread throughout the Earth" (to enjoy and administer it well). So God's dispersion of those who were building the Tower "up to the Heavens so that we can make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole Earth" was the beginning of the great divergence of tribes, languages and ethnic groups which developed. Each group came to be both possessive of their own areas and aggressive to others, creating many ensuing years of racial and ‘land’ wars and strife. (Genesis 11: 1 - 9.)
Every modern piece of equipment is still used to safeguard a nation's area!
Sadly, these wars have persisted to the present times, and will into the future… with the death of thousands, of often innocent, human beings!

3. God’s next plan was to choose one man, then one family and from them one Nation to honour His Name and His loving way of life.
> So we have the Biblical narrative of God’s special dealing with the insignificant Nation of Israel, being the descendants, ethnically of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in a very deliberate set of events, (such as miraculous births to mothers unable, without God’s help to have sons). Also God gave specific promises to each son of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and later these were confirmed to Moses and Joshua, and right through to King David. [You can check these for yourself by reading Geneses 12 - 33, and ch. 35 especially. Then the book of Joshua will confirm the history, as Psalm 105 does in a poetic way!

> God also promised some blessings for Abraham's other descendants through Ishmael, the natural born son of Abraham. Other members of the family such as Jacob's brother Esau - from whom the Edomites came, and even the tribe of Dan, actually forfeited any blessings they might have had by their sinfulness.
At different times other Gentiles were included into the nation of Israel but were expected to worship ADONAI - Israel's God. Some were a great blessing to Israel. An example is King Cyrus, (Ezra 1:1 -4.) and Artaxerxes, (Nehemiah ch.2)

It is very, very important to remember that God never chose anyone simply for his or her own benefit. It was always so that they (as an individual) would teach and show the true relationship anyone could have with their holy, powerful and loving God! God’s way was “to bless you and make you a blessing.” Therefore, because even Israel often sinned against their special God, ADONAI Elohim, they were punished in love, but always with a view to blessing them, and then making them a blessing to the entire world! This is still God’s way!  God loves all peoples. God cares deeply about you!

Here is a poem by Roy Lessin:

Just think,
You are not here by chance, but by GOD’S choosing!
HIS hand formed you and made you the Person you are.
HE compares you with no one else- you are one of a kind!
You lack nothing that HIS grace cannot give you…
HE has allowed you to be here at this time in History,
For YOU to fulfill His special purpose for this generation.”
Psalm 138:8 says: The LORD will fulfill His purpose for me. Your love, O LORD endures forever.”


These national events were spread out over 8 different time periods, often denoted by the phrase "In that day", which we go through later.


>Sometimes other nations were used by God to be a blessing to ~ Hebrew people, as Egypt was, for a period of at least 14 years, (using the Hebrew son, Joseph, especially to help both peoples.)  Later on they were called 'Israelites' and it was in Egypt they grew to be a nation, for some 400* years, albeit as slaves for part of the time. God even used the hateful attitude of Pharaoh, to show His love and magnificent power as a lesson to Israel and every Bible reading person, since. [Exodus ch 4 - 12.]
This was true of the events of 'Esther', too!

>Sometimes God used other nations to punish Israel. The prophet Habakkuk had to understand that this was sometimes God’s way.
So the kingdoms of Israel and Judah were exiled in waves of 'deportations' to Assyria then Babylon for 70+ years from 586 BCE - on.

>Sometimes God waited hundreds of years for a nation to turn to Him.
We can remember the almost 400* years of God’s patience with the Amorite people and their neighbours, as God explained in the special vision He gave to Abraham. (Genesis 15: 12 –19.) In the fourth generation,” (after Abraham),your descendants will come back here,” (to ‘the Promised Land’), for the sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure.”  It is wise to notice that God did not give their Land to the Israelites, from the River of Egypt to the great river, Euphrates” without due notice to the very cruel and evil peoples, that Israel would replace in Canaan.

> Even among them, when there was one person who respected God as Caleb, (a Kenizzite descendant -Gen. 15:19/ Joshua 14:6) and even Gentile women like Ruth, and Rahab (Josh. 6: 25) God noted, included them, and recorded it in His Word! So God was kind to godly, honourable people, even a woman like Rahab, accepting them into the nation of Israel. Although God had chosen this Zionist Nation to be His special representatives He several times included other peoples.

God now includes all who accept His Son by faith,
Into His Kingdom Family.

Have you prayed to ask God to forgive all your sins, by Jesus' death for you, and make you one of His Royal family? * You can right now!

> Later, God, through Hebrew prophets like Obadiah foretold the destruction of Edom, (descendants of Esau), as did other prophets, but it did not finally happen until hundreds of years later. In fact it was a descendant of Edom, Herod, no less, (also called an Idumean), who adopted a form of Judaism and paid Rome to be allowed to administer the Land of Israel as ‘the king of the Jews’ around the time of Jesus. It was his father who tried to kill the baby Jesus, (along with many children).
But this Herod was the false 'King of the Jews' who caused ~ Yeshua/ Jesus, the true ‘King of the Jews’ to die, * because Satan was behind the tragic events of His death. Yet Jesus death was allowed by God for our salvation!
 See Isaiah chapter 53 that clearly says this! "The LORD has laid on Him, [Jesus/ Yeshua/ El Mesih] the iniquity of us all... Yet it was the LORD'S will to crush Him and cause Him to suffer, and though the LORD makes His Life a guilt offering... the will of the LORD will prosper, [in blessing] in His hand... He will be satisfied."

> Sometimes God sent His Prophets to warn 'enemy' Nations to repent, as Jonah and later Nahum did for Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian Empire. Obadiah warned Edom, and God used even Jewish Captives like Daniel and Mordecai and Esther to make God and His ways known to the Nations of the Babylonians and later the Medes and Persians. Ezekiel, also a captive in Babylon, gave serious warning to many of Israel’s neighbours, Ammon, (Jordan) Moab, Tyre, Egypt, Lebanon, Edom and Israel also! You can read about them in Ezekiel 25 to 32, serious, and sad, and meaningful!

Outside our time dimension, although He understands and uses time for mankind, ever since He created Space, Time, Matter, and Energy.
Therefore, it is very important that you use a good Bible Commentary when you read these prophetic events.
Very many of them actually happened B.C.E. or before a date like 100'A.D'. [A.D is 'Anno Dominai' = the 'Year of our Lord' and ~
B.C.E. is: 'Before the Common Era', - or B.C. ~ 'Before Christ'.]
Sadly some Bible teachers still expect some prophecies in Scripture to happen in the future which have been fulfilled, and when studied along with all other Scriptures, or historical non-biblical literature, it can be seen that they could not be repeated again, such as some prophecies of Zechariah, [e.g. 9:9.] So establishing which time is meant by the Scripture is important!

It is also called 'The DAY of the LORD' and finally in
Revelation 16:14, "The Day of God Almighty"!
It is used in many places in Scripture... both Old Testament and New.

> Knowing some ancient history is very important for all the Prophetic books, because often the warnings of judgement did actually take place B.C.E, or shortly after the New Testament times, to 100 A.D. and will not be repeated. The warning about the Temple being destroyed happened in AD70.
> Yet, as always it is the Spiritual message we need to notice carefully!
>Yet of course some prophecies have been only partly fulfilled - with part of the message still in the future. Jeremiah 49:35 -39 about Iran is one modern example! [See study here.]
>Therefore it is very important to ask, “Has this ever actually happened?”
If all the information indicates that an event has not happened in the past, (like Isaiah 19 about Egypt) then, of course, because it is the Word of God it will happen sometime in the future. It has been carefully noted that 80% of all prophecies have been fulfilled accurately. The other 20% are waiting for events to happen in our future. [See 'Focus on Egypt'.]

> Of course, readers will know that many Christians believe - we, in this 21st century, are in a special, intense period of time the Bible calls "The Last days", that is - before the end of mankind's evil rule.
>>We are now living in times when a number of prophecies are being fulfilled that were given about 2,500 years ago! Ezekiel 36: 24 has already happened over the past 100 years for Jews returning to Israel. But note verse 25 - 38 when God will cause a change in every Jewish heart - to Himself!

Therefore we need to understand these words that were used often by the Prophets:
 “In that Day” or “on that Day”, used about 75 times in the Old Testament, and about 15 times in the N.T. ~ even by Jesus Himself.

The writers of this web site believe that this statement governs all that God has allowed to happen and ~ that will happen in the Middle East - for the entire peoples of the M.E. -
Arab, Muslim, Egyptian, Persian or Jews.

~ GOD's SPECIAL TIMING OF SERIOUS EVENTS, some sad, some joyful, some lasting hundreds of years are often described as ~
~ So what exactly does the Bible mean when it says
 “IN THAT DAY”? What type of 'Days' are they?

You may find many Bible teachers with different ideas about this. Like all the Bible chapters about the future especially, we cannot know everything yet, so this writer wants you to know that we do not ‘know it all’!
But we believe God has put enough teachings and warnings and encouragements in the Bible for us to take notice of them ~ and be blessed! [Sometimes it takes time for us to study all these amazing things!] So we are making these suggestions, hoping they will help you.

It seems there are 8 different, special times ~ happening OVER about 2.600 YEARS ~ DIFFERENT PERIODS OF TIME, that are described in the Bible, that are meant when it says, “In that Day…”

* Note that it depends which translation of the Bible you use, whether the exact words, "in that Day" are used, but they will means the same concept - of a special period of time, but different periods throughout History. [An example of a phrase we use is like, 'In the Day of Queen Victoria' or 'Shakespeare's Day'.] Isaiah 27 is an example of the phrase used 4 times. but covering two different events maybe 2,000 years apart, the second from1800!
The first, the dispersion of Israel [66 -70AD], and the regathering in the last 200 years and still happening.
* When we quote the words "In that day", it always means 'a period of time', usually many years, (not 24 hours as at Creation.)
One period is actually 2,000 years long, being the 'Church age' - or the time between the first and then still future, the Second Coming of Jesus/ Yeshua, to this Earth, [which we count as the "Eighth Day" of all of Earthly time.]

* This is significant, because the Eighth Day’ in Scripture was often a very special day, which maybe we can refer to later. Knowing what "THE DAY" means, can be a help to know what blessings we can still look forward to! And quite naturally, (it seems to us) the 8th Day is the climax to this world's History, being all about Yeshua/ Jesus' Return to reign on Earth!

"On the Day He comes to be glorified in His Holy People, and to be marvelled at, among all those that have believed!" 2 Thessalonians 1: 10.

* We cannot give you ALL the references because there are very many! Often these “Days” over-lap and are intertwined with events for another group of people.  We recommend that you look at a 'concordance' with Scripture references, if you feel this is a concept that helps to separate different major events, foretold or described in the Bible often for Nations in the Middle East.

* God is in charge of all the events of the world AND the times of them.

* Some of these ‘Days’ are now past, some are present, some are still future.   

* We can only briefly refer to them briefly, (as above) without much detail or many Scripture references.
 [But please see our next study on the Eight Time Periods...]

* Maybe you could start a study on this subject to follow up on, for yourself?


We now invite you to see our suggested divisions of the Time Periods that are referred to as:

Could we suggest that to "Love the LORD our God with all our heart, and with all our soul, and with all our strength" ~ partly means that we take time to understand the full meaning of His Word in the Bible?
They were written for us!

Also to share and care about what God's Plans and Purposes and Promises mean, not only for ourselves, but ALL GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE, THE JEWISH PEOPLE,
This is why we have taken the time to share this 'puzzle' of the different Time Periods with you.
God's faithfulness to the warnings He has given and even more precious, His faithfulness to the Victory and Blessings He will give, will encourage us through our good times and coming hard times!


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