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The amazing fact is that 2,600 years after Isaiah wrote it ~ it is now happening!
We use the NIV translation, and hope you will read this chapter now.

FIRST, A NOTE WRITTEN 15th February 2011 for Newsletter Readers:
"As we look through 'the window of the Word of God' in ISAIAH 19, the prophetic warning is of a very significant, but serious set of events in Egypt, described there.
These could develop anytime, as growing tensions of all kinds, political, religious and economic could converge to bring about the real Prophetic fulfilments given, which it seems have never been fully fulfilled ~ and so need our prayerful concern ~ yet with a great outcome for Egypt and Israel!"   


 [We discern a harmony between Isaiah 19,
(for Egypt),
Jeremiah 49: 37 *(for Iran), and Ezekiel 38/39 *(for Israel).
 See article: 'Iran ~ Israel ~ Egypt ~ Some background facts'.]

>> These observations from the ancient and authenticated Bible and
recent Events are for your prayerful concern for all the people involved.
Almighty God 'El Shaddai' cares deeply about them, so should we.

1.  It seems that (unlike some parts of Biblical Prophecy), all the events in Isaiah chapter 19 are in a progressive time sequence, for Egypt and happening relatively closely to each other, probably in the next few years.

2.  Research shows that the total events given in this chapter of Isaiah 19, have not happened for Egypt, in the past as detailed.

3.  This means these events for Egypt, are both current and reaching into the future, perhaps starting over a period of some 18 months from 2011?

4. It seems these will match-in with other Biblically foretold events for Iran*, Israel*, etc, all happening before the Return of Jesus/ El Massih.

5. Great BLESSING will eventuate over much of the M.E, as a result of these events (a thrilling scenario) ~ by a massive turning to God through Jesus /El Massih /Yasuo, as described in Isaiah 19:23-25, & Joel 2:28 -32.

6. However, there will not be large-scale BLESSINGS on Earth, once the Anti-christ's  'Beastly kingdom' happens, so that these events will be happening first, before the arrival of his 'World Government'.
[Rev. 13.]

7. Yet, this chapter indicates that Egypt has a special place in God's Heart, since His Son was a refugee there, also other significant events in history.
See Matthew 2: esp.13 - 15 (Jesus a refugee), & Genesis 50: 15 - 25, (Joseph an innocent prisoner for 14 years.) and Moses trained as an Egyptian Prince.

> God even calls Egypt, "My People" ~ in the last verses of this chapter! <

For your own consideration, and to study.

A. When it says as in verse 1, "See, the LORD rides on a swift cloud, and is coming to Egypt" ~
It DOES mean God is decisively focusing
attention on Egypt, after hundreds of years of patience, especially watching the suffering of Christian Believers at the time of the Roman Empire, also over the last 14,000 years, since Islam took Egypt over, (about 640AD) in cruel wars, and with no respect for Christians.
[The Coptic Church is about 10% of the population, has existed for 2,000 yrs.]

It does NOT mean the actual Return of Jesus/ El Massih/ Yasuo/ yet, - (which later will affect the entire world not only the M.E) but that will be after many serious events as given in Revelation 6 - 18, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, etc. Yet GOD will be fully aware of every event in Egypt, and though He will allow a time of suffering ~ specifically for Egypt, it will be to bring a large part of the nation to HIMSELF - for their blessing!

This what we will now study from Isaiah chapter 19 ~ maybe you could open your Bible there?


B. Three times in the first 4 verses GOD'S SOVEREIGNTY is emphasised, with the words,
"I will... I will... I will, declares the Lord, The LORD Almighty",
(Hb: 'ADONAI El Shaddai'.)



The evidence of historical events equal to all of Isaiah's prophecies for EGYPT, do not seem to have ever happened in a nation-wide, serious way.
 [Yet the possibility of Civil war in Egypt, an unknown cruel Leader emerging, also long term drying up of the Nile River, are right NOW big items for prayer!]
Research suggests there has not been a civil war, since 1915-17, when a particular group called Sanusi Muslims fought Leaders, but were driven into Libya. After the 1973 War with Israel, the Military took over Egypt, and have 'ruled' ever since. [It is possible this may not continue as before 2011.

No other fulfilments in a localised civil war have happened in Egypt
- nor have the other events ever happened as given in Isaiah 19.


This is not surprising, though sad!
> The first part as in verses 1 & 2, "I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian..." bringing great disheartenment, as "the hearts of the Egyptians will melt... the Egyptians will lose heart". These words could hardly be clearer!
The events surrounding the first 'free' elections late in 1011, have even been seen as underlining the two sides in the nation: Pro-strict Islamists, against others who want a more secular society, (but Muslim).
> The two-fold result is a turning to "consulting ancient idols" and "the spirits of the dead, the mediums and the spiritists". Some ancient form of spirit animism, (like was practiced in Egypt at the time of the Pharaoh who finally allowed the Israelites to leave Egypt, Exodus 7 -12), may resurface under the new Leadership. [Each of 10 plagues of Egypt matched one of their gods even frogs, flies, etc]
> It seems that a different form of religion will be introduced, since generally Islam does not claim either Idol worship or worship of the dead.
 (Though from a Christian view the veneration of Muhammad and the 'Kaaba' could be seen this way?) The destruction of large, famous Idols in Afghanistan was by Muslims - offended by their presence there.

So a future Leader in Egypt may not even be Islamic?

The reality is that Egypt has had the Christian Message since N.T. times, and was a vibrant Center of Christian activity early after the events of the New Testament. Yet sadly the 'religiosity' of many 'Christians' has lost its power, and we Christians in the 'West' also need to be challenged to a greater devotion to the basic truths of the Gospel: the reality of Hell for lost sinners, and the death and victory of Jesus at the cost of His shed blood, over sin and death and hell giving V Salvation by faith alone IN HIM! Let us pray urgently for the work of keen, evangelical Christians (like 6 Bible study groups in Cairo, for aprox.100 Christians), as well as different Churches, strategic Bible bookshops, literature outreaches, schools, hospitals and other great Christian outreaches going back to the 1900's.
The 'Coptic Christians' form 15% of the population, and there was Christian celebration of thousands, even in 2011, inspite of real persecution and many Christians cruelly killed for their Christian Faith.



GOD SAYS: "I WILL stir up Egyptian against Egyptian, brother will fight against brother, neighbour against neighbour, 'kingdom' against kingdom". Could this be tensions between powerful Factions, such as Non Islamic Military (even secular) versus the strict Religious Muslim parties?
 We can almost see this developing already.
First, the Muslim Brotherhood announced that they would form a Political party to fight in future Elections. [Previously, as they were forbidden to be in the Government as a Political Party, they stood as individuals for Parliament, getting 20% of the seats. Any search on the Web will tell you more about the Muslim Brotherhood formed in 1928 and their worldwide, anti-Israel goals, etc!] Now they are a Political Party, with a clever name: "Freedom and Justice".

However other news about the power of the Egyptian Army Generals, suggests that they may prevent anyone removing them from the comfortable role of the controlling power. The Internet Search engines can give a good description of the role of the ARMY Generals who have the present power.
Here are some extra notes:
Constitutionally Muberak clung to power even after leaving office and some of his men are still there.
Aware of this, the High Military Power, (that he had actually handed over power to), made some apparently serious changes, yet their power seems to be as strong as ever at the end of 2011.
First, they abolished the Constitution on Feb 13th, 2011, as - if they did not, the Military could not issue decrees, or pass Laws.  They then were able to pass some laws, though the support for them was weak.
Now, [most of 2011], they are the 'incumbent'/real power, offering an amended Constitution which was voted for favourably by 77% of the nation in March 2011, in a large turn out in a partially free, and unique referendum.

Current situation, 2011.
Many of the young protesters are disappointed in the lack of freedoms and change, (also the large 'Christian' population and educated Liberals) so already the seeds of disquiet are growing.
The Military, tried to avoid decisions on elections, - virtually announcing that elections, could only happen while they hold the power. So elections of a sort were held in November 2011. Legally they can't have elections until the Constitution is formally adopted, so the actual formation of a Government and a Leader is still to become a fact. Accusations of irregularities have resulted, as the Nation gets poorer!
However, again, this could be a cause for internal antagonism and therefore 'civil war'. Isaiah said it would happen! [We Believers must pray that true Christians will be sustained, and more turn to Jesus!]



God's part is very clear, vs. 4, " 'I will hand the Egyptians to the power of a cruel master, * and a fierce king will rule over them', declares the Lord, The LORD Almighty."      

[Note the 2nd Name using 'LORD' is 'El Shaddai' and it re-occurs throughout this chapter, emphasising God's Sovereign control over all the events.]

Who this new, future fierce 'king'/ leader/ president is, is not known yet, but he will be God appointed... He is certain to be * anti-God, and part of the worldwide terrorist-minded set, but he and the events during his time of control, will be used, [even by his cruelty] finally by God, to bring Egypt to Himself!

Another NOTE: ISRAEL IN DANGER? The political opposition - a loose group, but including the Muslim Brotherhood, have requested a "full investigation of the financial corruption of Muberak and his supporters". However as 25 of the present High Military Command are in that group, they will raise a wall of objections. 'It appears that to make it look good, their "corruption" - was not stealing from the Public Budget, but directing investments into (their) Privately owned and operated Companies, in Industry, Banks and other Financial Institutions.' [Debka.]
So it could be that the 'Muslim Brotherhood', a powerful worldwide organisation, already there since 1928, may try to seize power, and even resort to 'warfare' against the largely 'secular' Military?
Because of the Civil War, and the very shaky economy of Egypt,
we believe war with Israel is very unlikely!
However, neither will they help Israel in any way.

We will live to witness
GOD's solemn word being fulfilled, with results just like the repression now seen in other Evil-led * Nations, such as Nth Korea, Iran, Somalia, Eritrea and Saudi Arabia!

Again we remind you that it is the Christian Believers
who suffer the most and will need our prayers,
as the prophesied events begin to happen.

> Already many people are fearfully expecting the Muslim Brotherhood - a powerful, strict, cruel Islamic Organisation, who arranged to form a political Party in Egypt, 'Justice and Freedom' - seems closer to taking over power there.
, a new Leader may emerge and be anti-Islamic, a * Man of "Idol worship of Ancient Egyptian gods and spirits of the dead."
Could this be a result of the ongoing protests impoverishing Egypt?

EGYPT ISOLATED? Is this is the reason why Egypt is not named anywhere in the "Ezekiel War" scenario - in chapters 38/ 39, in any capacity, neither for nor against, as many other Muslim nations will be.  Instead of taking a Leading Role in the Muslim World (as Egypt would like) perhaps God will 'demote' them?
One result of the so-called 'Arab Spring' rebellions, is divisions in Islam (Shia vs. Sunni) are forming, based on hatred of Israel, and heading up to events of Ezekiel 38/39? Refer to the article: 'Iran ~ Israel ~ Egypt ~ Some background facts'.



> Verses from 5 - 10, about the Nile drying up, have partially happened before, as I discovered when I did research for an article on this chapter years ago.
> In the future, this tragedy could be largely 'man-made'
due to unrest and threats from North African nations (esp. Ethiopia) where the Nile originates. Any change to the Nile River, esp. 'drying up' has a devastating effect on fishing, agriculture and the water supply for people.
> Tragedy compounded.
With the poverty and the dead, fly-infested fish that cause an unbearable 'stink' - hundreds of people could die of infectious plagues. [Plague is mentioned later in vs. 22.] A reference to a death toll is not made, but would seem to be a horrific and tragic result of the two events.
Without expatriates, and wealthy people (many having already left Egypt), the businesses and other civic or commercial services could be cut, with general mayhem in every part of society, schools, universities, and tourism, (Egypt's main income earner) will simply cease to exist. Civil war will add to the woes.

The Isaiah 19 description of the drying up of the Nile, added to the cruel oppression the people find themselves to be in, is so graphic it needs no imagination to sense the sheer frustration of the poverty-stricken nation, with the Leaders. (They may actually long for the time of Mubarak!) It could be that God allows this disaster to punish the evil and cruel Leaders and undercut the power of evil, * in the Middle East, (but not eliminating it completely yet.)

However Zechariah 10: 11 describes an act of God, related to other M.E. events, (perhaps those around the Ezekiel 38/39 scenario) when End Time Jews will return to Israel. [See Ezekiel 39: 25 - 29 *] "They [Jews] will pass through 'the sea of trouble', the surging sea will be subdued, and all the depths of the Nile will dry up. Assyria's pride will be brought down; [in the Earthquake to destroy * the Magog Army?] and Egypt's sceptre, [Leadership] will pass away." Islam's power will be broken!
'I will strengthen them in the LORD, and in HIS Name they will walk', declares the LORD
 [This could mean both God-fearing Jews and Egyptians at that time  ~ as God is so good!]

But in all of these our prayers must be for the
Christians who must remain in Egypt at this time...
They have already suffered much persecution.



> Whether the disaster of the Nile drying up, or sheer frustration with the Evil Leaders, the result is total rejection of their leaders, "who led them astray" - This is the emphasis in verses 11- 16. Yet God allows this! The people's reaction to the Leaders, ~ shown by saying; "Egyptians will be like (stupid) women" This might just be the way to make those Leaders acknowledge the LORD'S greater powers! Possibly in Isaiah's day, and certainly in all Islamic communities today, women are wrongly despised as inferior to men. Yet here, perhaps it is the women who realise the reason for the horrific circumstances the Leaders have created? Because Isaiah wrote, (about the people) "They will shudder with fear at the uplifted Hand that the LORD Almighty raises against them."

~ At last, finally, they know WHO really is in Charge! ~



There could be several reasons for the next the part in verse17!

"The Land of Judah will bring terror to the Egyptians; everyone to whom Judah [now 'Israel'] is mentioned will be terrified".

Once before, Israel gave terror to the Egyptians in the time of Pres. Sadat as he realised how easy it would be for Israel, to simply bomb the Aswan Dam (when it was the key to Nile water management), plus being involved in other complicated political problems at that time.
He was sensible enough to make a peace treaty with Israel, (though it brought him strong disfavour with other Arab nations), but it cost Israel dearly to return the whole of the Sinai including a small Oil Well.

This next time, Egypt, ~ by seeing GOD'S HELP OF ISRAEL in the next big event ** ~  that will somehow bring abject fear to them!

Is that why verse 17 concludes, "Because of what the LORD Almighty is planning against them"?
E.G. IF in the future Israel is forced to deal militarily ** with Syria, Iran, Hizballah and Hamas in such a way, that their military viability as enemies is virtually destroyed, then other nations could fear for themselves, including Egypt, whose vicious attitude against Israel is endorsed by 55 plus - other [Muslim] Nations! Until GOD acts!

>> [If you have other answers to this puzzle about their fear, please tell us. This our answer at present.]

> Here again, may I say, these are personal prayer-and-Bible based thoughts, but also based on a lot of secular news information, because part of our service to you is to bring the current world events, in line, with God's written Word.
> So our hope is that your own research will give you too, something of the deep heart gratitude we offer to the LORD alone, for His ways, even though we must wait patiently to see the fulfilments!
We humbly believe He has shown us some of His Plans for love of all His true People.
Clearly, God has to use hard - even harsh methods sometimes - even to win His own Jewish People back to Himself, also for many Gentiles, throughout the 2,000 years that His has been building - 'His Church'...
For thousands of years God has been building His Kingdom, it is also called "His Temple' or an "Olive Tree" (as described in Romans 11: 13 - 24), wooing and winning people all over the world to Himself!
> What we now see is, that He has just as deep a yearning for much of the nation of Egypt to respond to Him using harsh methods for them - just as He has for many individual people, even for Israel, too!
All this, (including the death of many martyrs in the M.E. nations) will ultimately Glorify God, and bless the entire world with the final news of the Gospel to End this 'Age'. Matthew 24: 14.

~ Therefore we know God can use whatever
HE chooses for His own purposes of good!



is given in verse 18.

"In that Day, five cities in Egypt will speak the language of Israel"!
 [In Isaiah's day it was still called Canaan - but it is now 'Eretz Israel'. At present, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, French and English languages are also used a lot, (by people from many nations) in Israel.]
> However, we would suggest whatever the actual spoken language or communication is used
, it will
bring a new harmony between what has been enemies. That is what is important!
It is very clearly a changed heart attitude to Israel's ADONIA El Shaddai, [they will] "swear allegiance to the LORD Almighty". This will be an amazing work of God in the hearts of these special Middle East peoples, descendants of a varied History at least as long as the Hebrew people, and (as mentioned) at times, closely associated with them.

> God is clearly preparing for a special time in the future of the M.E! <

>So the most important aspect is not the actual language, it is their serious commitment by "swearing allegiance" ~ verbally promising to give their lives  and themselves to Israel's God.
>"To the LORD Almighty"~ to the only One who is 'ADONAI El Shaddai'! <
> It will include a large part of today's Cairo City,
verse 18. "In that day, 5 cities in Egypt ... "One of them will be called the City of Destruction."

Now it is known as 'Heliopolus', city of the sun god, a large suburb Northeast of the sprawling city of Cairo, which was once destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar [Jer 43.] The Hebrew word for 'destruction' is like the word for 'sun'.

~ Oh, may the Sun of Righteousness shine there soon! ~

> The right way to emphasise their new commitment, verse 19 - 20a.
"In that day there will be an Altar to ADONAI in the heart of Egypt, and a monument to the LORD at its border. It will be a sign and a witness to ADONAI El Shaddai in the land of Egypt." In a land of very significant, big 'landmarks', like the Pyramids and the Sphinx, this is important! 

What form it will take, we do not know, but again, it is what it represents of a new Heart-felt dedication to the true God and Father, that is important! This could be a time when we readers who profess a faith in the true God of Heaven, can also make a renewed vow to give our allegiance to:

~ 'The LORD, God Almighty'.


> The second part (of verse 20) gives more important details of what exactly happens. "When they cry out to the LORD because of their oppressors, He will send them a Saviour and Defender, and HE will rescue them." We need to consider this amazing statement!
What does it really mean? What would it mean in the 21st Century?

Now, whether it is the Tanakh (O.T.) or the New Testament, there is only one way to have the help of a "Saviour and a Defender", and that is by real repentance and faith in God's way ~ through a Sacrifice of a pure lamb on the 'Altar' of God's love, and there, El Massih/Jesus - God's Lamb died in our place.
God choice was for His Son to die for all people on the 'altar' of a cruel Roman cross, but it has so much meaning because He also was raised to Life again!
[The symbol of a cross is tattooed on the wrist of many Egyptian Christians!]
There is only one perfect Sacrifice in a time of need of a Saviour from sin,
~ It is El Massih/ Yeshua/ Yasuo/ Jesus, "the ~ Lamb of God". ~

> Yet we need to ask, who will be the human agent of the 'Saviour and Defender? God always delights to use Human men and women as His messengers, so it seems the message of faith in the God of Israel, as a Saviour and Defender, must be made known that way.
Even to reach God's chosen people with the message of salvation the Apostle Paul asks;
"The same LORD is Lord of all, and richly blesses all who call on Him, for 'everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved'.
How then can they call on the One they have not believed in?
And how can they believe in the One of Whom they have not heard?
And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?
And how can they preach, unless they are sent?
As it is written 'how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news'."
Romans 10: 12 -15.]

> Here is where WE can have a part.
- There are many Egyptian Jews in Israel - some are Believers in El Massih/ Jesus. - We can pray for their numbers to increase and for God to send them to Egypt, as most of them would know Egyptian Arabic! [Which is a little different from other Arabic dialects].

But Egypt will accept the Messengers and the Message gladly!
This means we can be prayerfully involved, not just 'speculators' or spectators in Egypt's Future!


> The verse 21, gives God's response to their cries, "So the LORD, will make Himself known to the Egyptians, and in that day they will acknowledge the LORD. [This name 'LORD' also represents God's most sacred Name 'YHWH' in Hebrew, and is written as ADONAI in the Tanakh often, representing God's eternal, faithful relationship with His devout Followers as the Egyptians will now be.] Their way of demonstrating this: "they will worship with sacrifices [but not blood or animal], and grain offerings, they will make vows to the LORD and keep them!"  
Isn't that a wonderful result of God's blessings, and the 'fruit' of the death of martyrs, the suffering of brave Christians and costly sacrifices of Christian Messengers for 100's of years even to the present?


> NOTE, Verse 22, is a summary of the previous verses, (not a new set of events).
"The LORD will strike Egypt with a plague"
[The result of the previous disasters, such as the dried up river.] "He will smite them and heal them. They will turn to the LORD and He will respond to their pleas and heal them". Maybe even Isaiah could hardly believe what God was telling him to write in his prophecy 600 years BC, when Egypt was among Israel's enemies!



Blessings across the whole M.E. with a time of harmony and worship and service to the LORD, the God of Heaven!

"In that Day there will be a Highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and the Assyrians will worship together. In that Day, Israel will be the third along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the Earth!
The LORD Almighty will bless them, saying, 'Blessed be Egypt My People,
Assyria My handiwork, and Israel, My Inheritance'."

> The land area of what is meant by 'Assyria' could be a little uncertain as that kingdom changed its boundaries several times. [We hope it will be a vast area!]
> However we are certain that it will include all of present day Syrian and Iraq, and of course Israel will regain all the territory that God promised them, [which 'till now they have never totally possessed] so it will include all of present day Lebanon and Jordan and Syria up to the Euphrates River.
It seems possible there will be value to the people to travel on a road, (not only by air), perhaps to see Biblical sites in Israel and meet more Believers?
> We can only speak for ourselves, but all this represents such a great and wonderful miracle of change, from what we see in the world of these first decades of the 21st Century, we can only pray and praise such a great God of love and power, for all these wonderful Plans, for this weary world!
> The most exciting aspect is the indication that there will be a spiritual 'revival' in the huge area of 'Assyria', (a result of God's "handiwork") ~
and in Israel - "His inheritance"! They will ~"be a blessing on the Earth"!
This period of blessing may only last for a relatively short period of time, and be part of the fulfilment of Joel's prophecy in chapter 2: 28 - 32.


Thankyou for reading this and for agreeing together in prayer with thousands of Believers worldwide for real blessings in the whole Middle East in God's Time, because of HIS PROPHECIES! Amen.
If you would like to be part of God's plans by becoming a Believer in the
~ LORD God Almighty, or you are already serving Him in the M.E. ~
Please know that we pray for you and would love to hear from you.
You can use the form below. May Our Loving LORD GOD bless you!

An extra NOTE - End of 2011. Some Egyptian Pastors met and talked with a Jewish Israeli Messianic Leader about these prophecies, though they may take several years to actually happen as described.
Please keep Praying for them ~ they will need courage and wisdom.

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