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A Mid-Tribulation Event ~ an Earthquake in Jerusalem ~
Will mark great changes for the Entire World.

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This is a specific Biblical Study, of an important subject based on the whole Tanakh/ O.T. and also using the New Testament with quotations in Italics.

This study is in two parts:
The importance and significance of Jerusalem.
B. One Earthquake in Jerusalem, marking final, severe, world Tribulation.

We originally wrote this article in October 2005, when Christian writers were linking prophecies of very spectacular Biblical signs in the sky, with naturally occurring expected eclipses close to Jewish Feast days, in 2005, and even seeing eschatological meaning in them. Their expectations of the ‘rapture’ did not eventuate, then. What can be learnt from this in a spirit of truthfulness, encouraging our faith, hope and love for God? Humility and truth are needed! In this article we share our belief that while future eclipses will also occur near to Jewish Feast times, (as in 2014 -2015), the 'sky signs' in Scripture are clearly fearful, spectacular, supernatural events which will be seen and felt ~ worldwide! ALL 'signs' given in Scripture, (not just a few) must be considered!


Introduction: Past, Present and Future.

> HISTORICAL PAST ~ significance of the City of JERUSALEM.

From very ancient times in history, the land now known as Israel, has featured in even the very earliest recorded literature, (sometimes under different names). The Hebrew Bible records (around 2100 years BCE), the encounter of Abraham, the Patriarch with “Melchizedek, King of Salem” in Genesis chapter 14. Then, throughout Biblical and secular histories, many references abound to this Land, and often to Jerusalem, which 9 times, was specifically nominated as the center of worship by the God of Israel. Joel 3: 21, It was also called ‘Zion’ and we can refer you to our article on “Biblical Zion”, and also to a historically significant calendar, called “Jerusalem Dates” for other aspects.

There is no way any honest person can diminish or ignore the special importance of this City, out of all the cities in the world historically or otherwise. Some cities, such as Damascus and Jericho are as ancient, many are much more influential in modern times, some have religious significance as Rome to Catholicism, and Mecca to Islam, but none has been or will become more influential than Yerushalayim/ Jerusalem in Israel, 'Zion', God's Royal Place, ~Ps. 2: 6. "I have installed My King on Zion, My Holy Hill."
Not only has it been important historically - it has spiritual meaning.

>>Therefore for the Eternal God and His chosen people
- Jerusalem is the central focus!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
> PRESENT ~ day Significance
the real City of JERUSALEM.
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Any widely read person, and especially Bible reading Believers, such as frequent this web site will have a real interest in the present and future significance of Jerusalem. Nations, international and powerful religious groups have their opinions and designs – some times for division or domination of this key’ City. Therefore there is a wide range of views regarding it, and these can be considered, but above all, a genuine love for the God of Israel and the Bible, must form the guidelines to any conclusions that are made. It is in this spirit that we offer some of our own conclusions, in consultation with Bible versions and commentaries, plus modern sources of information about events as they occur.

>>Understanding why Jerusalem is unique now
in these End Time events is helpful.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

> The Spiritual and Prophetic ~ FUTURE Significance of JERUSALEM.

This is a very big subject! About as big as the whole Bible – the Tanakh (O.T.) and the New Testament put together. The KEY FACT is that it was meant to be a place where the paramount focus was not on its geographical or political or international or religious importance! Not on any of its spectacular buildings, nor even a Temple (when there was one) - BUT on the Sovereign ADONAI Who chose it as His Place to be! In fact, even before God had actually brought the Israelites into the Land that He had promised them, He had already, (through their special Prophetic Leader, Moses/Moshe), given them instructions about the place that was to be the only center of worship! The whole of Deuteronomy chapter 12 is devoted to this subject.

>>“You are to seek the Place the LORD
your God will choose… to put HIS Name there".

Please note:
This means - it does not matter what the UNO says, or what Christians or Jews say, (based on their opinions), or any claims that Religious groups might demand such as R.C. Vatican, Muslim Leaders, Clerics of Christianity, Rabbis of Orthodox Judaism, or Religious Gurus promoting worship of 'Gaia' who are trying to control the City's Religious state ~ none will bring harmony, let alone world peace though trying to control Jerusalem! See Zechariah 12: 2!

Whatever the world might demand, it is the Word of The Almighty GOD of the universe, the Holy One of Israel, the Eternal God alone - that matters!

2. This does not mean, however – that God would never allow destruction or disaster for the City.
The reality is that this City has seen more wars and disasters than almost any other City on Earth. It would seem that even the loss of the beautiful Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in AD 70, was a significant act allowed by God! The very fact that no genealogical records of Jewish tribes and families, or actual complete artefacts from the second Temple period have been proved to have survived, inspite of conjectures of many people, is very important. We refer to furniture such as the Menorah, Ark of the Covenant and other Temple treasures.

This tragic loss, remembered each year on the 9th of Av, by Jews, suggests that God Himself did not want the Jewish Faith to survive on things – icons or relics - which can become a focus of worship; for God desires a spiritual and inward heart recognition of ADONAI Himself as The Holy One of Israel.

Sadly, God has punished sin in Jerusalem and will again as He reaches out to His Jewish People.

>> How else could we understand the terrible history of the rape and pillage and destruction for 2000 years of this ancient, but battered City?

3. There is ample proof that God chose Jerusalem for His Jewish People.

Fortunately, modern archaeology and the written records of contemporary historians, both Jewish, Christian (e.g. the N.T.) and secular writers confirm without a doubt, the true importance and significance of Jerusalem, no matter what Muslims or 'world Religious' or other Leaders say!

>> But this only emphasises the requirement of an intelligent trust on our part, in the evidence of the proven accuracy of the Word of God, the Bible, leading to trust in future prophetic events actually happening.

4. God, Who made Mankind, is the greatest Communicator of all time.
He has always been available to speak, act, or demonstrate His love and His justice in many Sovereign ways, often focused on what could be visibly witnessed by people. This is why He chose a nation of People, a Land, and a City to be the ‘stage’ on which He could convey His most important messages. As we get closer to the true Messiah's Return, worldwide events will be declared from Jerusalem, and attacks on Israel will bring massive special signs.

>> This explains Israel, the People, the Land and the City of Jerusalem and lays the legal, ethical base for finding the Truth of the One True GOD.
God has allowed severe events for Jerusalem for special reasons.

In the time of Jesus, God's loved Son, (but rejected Saviour by His own Jewish Leaders), God allowed earthquakes, and a deep un-natural darkness over the City, at His Death to emphasise His direct responses to very significant events.  Also at the equally important time of His Resurrection!

>> The main Meanings of the earthquake at the time of Jesus/ Yeshua's DEATH, about 30CE/ AD.
In the B'rit Chadashah we read of the 3 hours of darkness at the time of Yeshua/ Jesus’ death, and the earthquakes that marked both His death and resurrection.  
Matthew, a Jewish eye-witness of the Crucifixion of Jesus, records these in helpful detail.

Please read these in your own Bible in chapter 27: 45 & 51, 28: 2.
The Jewish New Testament, [translated by Dr David Stern] Records it this Way:
"From noon until 3 0'clock in the afternoon, all the Land was covered in darkness...
"At that moment the 'parokhet' (curtain-drape) was ripped in two, from the top to the bottom; and there was an Earthquake with rocks splitting apart..."
"After Shabbat, toward dawn on Sunday... suddenly there was a violent earthquake, for an angel of ADONAI came down from Heaven and rolled away the stone
[grave cover] and sat on it"

There are real mysteries about these events, which we do not know entirely.

>> The darkness, for instance, when there was 3 hours of deep "darkness in all the Land", clearly was not a natural eclipse of the sun, but a Sovereign act of God. Did God, "Who is light" turn His face away?

It is as if, even God Himself could not bear to see such suffering - but even more; as 2 Corinthians 5:21 says, "God made Him, [Yeshua] Who had no sin ~ to be sin for us"! This fits with what Habakkuk said, "Your eyes are too pure to look on evil, You cannot tolerate wrong." We must never forget the seriousness of the situation Yeshua/ Jesus allowed Himself to be in for us ~ as in Deuteronomy 21: 23, it says clearly, "anyone who is hung on a tree", [that is as a criminal], "is under God's curse."  We can only worship God's great, undeserved grace and mercy for each of us who accept that He did this for us!

>> The Earthquake is also a mystery; in it's extent and people affected. But it represents one of the most precious spiritual truths for us! Matthew 27: 50/51 records: "When Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, [His words were "It is Finished!"] He gave up His Spirit. At that moment the curtain of the Temple was torn in two from the top to the bottom. The Earth shook and the rocks split."
It goes on to say it was at that point that the Roman Captain of a100 men and the ones with him realised ~ "Surely HE was the Son of God!"
 [How sad the Jewish Priests who were there, did not discern the same truth!]

However the far more significant part was regarding the very thick, woven and embroided Curtain, which separated the 'Holy Place' in the Temple from the 'Most Holy Place', [the square, gold-lined room behind it], where the sacred gold-covered box called "The Ark" represented the very Presence of GOD!

No person, except the High Priest, (dressed in plain white, instead of his majestic robes) could ONLY, ever go in there, on ONE day only, each year. Even he could not enter, except with blood of a dead animal sacrifice, to sprinkle on the lid (called "The Mercy Seat"). But amazingly, this Sovereignly torn curtain-drape was ripped, (the moment Yeshua died)  - not by a man from the bottom to the top (some 20 feet high) but "from the top to the bottom". It was God's dramatic way of inviting cleansed sinners, like us, through the blood sacrificed by His Son, right into God's Throne room!

As the writer of the letter to Hebrews puts it: now "we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place, by the blood of Jesus... through the Curtain, that it His [torn] Body..." Hebrews 10: 19 - 22.
What is more, now we can: "approach the Throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us, in our time of need!" How wonderful is that!

>> The Earthquake that was enough to 'wake the dead'!

Matthew reports another mystery in 27: 51- 53, "The Earth shook and the rocks split. The tombs broke open and the bodies of many holy people who had died - were raised to life. They came out of the [cave-like] tombs, and after Jesus'/Yeshua's resurrection they went into the Holy City and appeared to many people." When we are resurrected at the Return of Yeshua/ Jesus to Earth at His Second Coming, [Hebrews 9: 28], we will be able to ask more about this great miracle. But we can have His life in us - now - by accepting Jesus as our own Saviour from our sin!  And if we die in an earthquake, or any other way, we never need to be sad, or afraid, because we'll be with Yeshua/ Jesus Who died and came Alive for us!

>> Another Earthquake at the time of Jesus' Resurrection - 3 days later.
It is important that we notice that, the Earthquake did not happen in order to allow Jesus to emerge from the Grave, nor did the angels roll the stone away to 'let Jesus out' but to let the Disciples IN to see the EMPTY tomb!  It seems Jesus arose to life silently and emerged from the cave-grave (just as later He was able to enter a locked room where the Disciples were hiding in fear), before another Earthquake in Jerusalem. Again Matthew describes it in 28: 2 - 4, "There was a violent Earthquake, for an Angel of the LORD came down from Heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it... The guards were so afraid of him that they shook and became like dead men!" This means they could honestly say, they had nothing to do with the disappearance of Jesus - so were not killed for neglect of duty but paid to tell an 'impossible lie' - against all the other events and words of the disciples!
 [Matthew 28: 11 - 15.]

We are indebted to good web sites for information gleaned from various sources.
We find a note in the International Study Bible Encyclopaedia, with this information. “ Many destructive Earthquakes have been recorded in history mostly in Syria in the north, but rarely in Jerusalem. The last major Earthquake felt in Israel was in 1837, near Mount Hermon in the north, but felt even [down] in Hebron. The region is just on the edge of the great earthquake circle whose center is Armenia, which is liable to earthquakes – perhaps more frequently in Bible times.”  

However a most helpful web site gives fascinating more recent information about Israel.
'Shalom Jerusalem Family'
This reveals a definite increase on Earthquakes over 6+ strength, in Israel, but again we must emphasise, though these are clearly allowed by God, they are naturally occurring events' due to the Earth's shape and rotation, etc. However from the above web site you will see an increase in Earthquakes in Jerusalem since 2000.

Another report and example of an Earthquake in Jerusalem was on February 17th 2004, which shook part of the 'Western Wall', which is part of the retaining wall around the base of the 'Temple Mount Area'. At the present base of the wall, which was cleared by the Jewish Authorities following the 1967 war, there is a sacred gathering place of Prayer (the Kotel) with a part for the men and another place for the women. So some stones from the wall did crash down into the women's section. At the same time the 'Mosque of Omar' suffered some damage to the "golden" Dome, but the crack was repaired by donations from the UAE. A knowledgeable source writes: "a large amount of unrelieved stress, (10 metres) along the 'African Rift Valley' implies that a major Earthquake is long over due in the Holy Land." God alone knows the timing and effect of it. The Israeli Government are recognising the possibilities of future severe earthquakes and are making some preparations.

> So while natural earthquakes are fairly common in the region from Syria right down through the Jordan river valley to south of the Dead Sea, making "The Rift Valley" the deepest 'gash' on the surface of the Earth, it is the timing of many Endtime events which are important as seen in Rev. 8: 5 & 11:13.

>>Therefore, Biblically recorded Earthquakes in the past or the future are important, especially in relation to Jerusalem. [See later notes below.]

== Yes! The City of Jerusalem, for millennia, has been, now is,
and always will be very significant!
>>Understanding this will shape our thoughts and even attitudes

'Future Endtime Earthquakes worldwide'.

1. EARTHQUAKES AND SKY SIGNS ARE ONLY SOME OF THE ENDTIME SIGNS. We note that many parts of the Bible give specific SIGNS of different kinds associated with the End of this present Age and the Second Coming of Yeshua/ Jesus. We are not commenting on them here, but see: in our 'SUMMARY SECTION - 'Main Future Events on Israel',

We are writing of an Earthquake
[below], in Jerusalem, described in the future specifically.

You can read about them in a Separate article


> Note: For a number of years Bible believing Watchmen have commented on various significant astronomical events, especially in the sun and the moon. But a humble attitude to these, associated with other foretold events is needed. We are right as ‘watchmen’ to consider changes in our universe.

However it is the worldwide, un-natural changes, which are ‘signs’, of the End of the Age and Messiah’s Coming to Earth, not localised, brief eclipses.

> Note:
We use a capital letter for Earth, one of 9 planets circling our Sun, as we regard it as the most special Creation of Elohim, and center of the whole of Space, given specifically to Mankind to populate and enjoy. [Genesis 1 - 2.]

>Note: In the article about Worldwide Earthquakes, we comment on how major Earthquakes
can affect the hours in a day so each 1,260 days during the 'Time of Tribulation' is shortened as Jesus said in Matthew 24: 22, and Mark 13: 20, but only severe earthquakes felt worldwide.
This will be because of changes to the rotation of the Earth changing.


The Scriptures do tell us of FUTURE very serious events for Israel which we will now consider.

> Our conclusion is that these tragic forces are not sent by God, but allowed by Him, above all, to turn our thoughts to Him and the destiny of each life with, or without Him! He longs for each one of us to “call on His Name in repentance and trust in His way of being saved”. It is well explained in the letter to the ‘Romans’, (10 & 11) in the N.T. Please read it for yourself! They are for Jews and non-Jews.
These FACTS need to be humbly acknowledged and bring us to our knees often in worship of ADONAI, but also that they may be used to bring some other people to know God.


1. Has Jerusalem ever been affected by earthquakes in the past?
a) We have already referred to the most significant earthquakes in the New Testament, first at the Death of Jesus/ Yeshua, and again at His resurrection.
b) More recent Earthquakes have also been noted, (as above).

2. Does Scripture give any specific prophecies of a future earthquake in Jerusalem? YES!
A very significant Scripture in Revelation 11: 13 gives amazing detail of a horrific event in Jerusalem, in the future, at the time of the False-messiah’s (Antichrist’s) world rulership.
This is because of the context of other events!

It is not hard to imagine the headlines describing this event!


Death toll tops 7000, thousands more injured.

Previous days of celebration turn to shock and confusion.
Awe-struck Israelis and residents of Israel give “glory to the God of Heaven.”

This is the event described in Revelation chapter 11: 13.
 “In that hour there was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city collapsed. Seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake, and the rest were awestruck and gave glory to the God of Heaven.”

3.What are the background factors to this event?
Since the political collapse of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, and the successful military campaigns by the British Empire (or Commonwealth as it later became) in 1918, at the close of the 1st World War, the question of who should occupy, and even more, who should control the City of Jerusalem has been difficult and divisive. There is massive written material on the subject, which we cannot cover here. However readers will probably be familiar with the sequence of events as given in our article “Jerusalem Dates.” [Or see our Israel Timeline.] Some of these events actually fulfilled Scriptural Prophecies!

Here are some examples of Past Significant Events for modern Israel:
>> UNO votes for the partitioning of ‘Palestine’ between Jews & Arabs 1947.
>> Israel declares itself as an Independent Nation on May 14th 1948.
>> Jordan was given control of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount on behalf of Islam.
>> Israel captured the City in the short war of 1967, and reclaimed the Temple Mount.
However Israel granted The Muslim Quaff a continuing presence and partial control of the Temple Mount and the Arab East quarter of the city.
1980 Israel officially declared Jerusalem to be the ‘eternal, undivided Capital of Israel’, July 30th.1991- 93 All Jews worldwide made a solemn Covenant with the city of Jerusalem to always honour it as the "eternal, indivisible Capital of Israel". [See or search via 'Google']

Since 1967, inspite of concerted efforts to settle the over-all questions of the future of the region for 60+ years no resolution has been reached about the full control of Jerusalem, and especially the Temple Mount Area. We wonder if God was displeased at a "Covenant with the City" - as they have not accepted God's New and special Covenant through the Death of His Jewish Son? See Jeremiah 31: 30 - 34!
>> Since 2003 the proposed ‘Road Map to Peace” adopted by the UNO and Arab and Israeli representatives has the specific issue of the division of Jerusalem in it, whereby the East part of Jerusalem would be granted to the Palestinians as their ‘capital’ for the proposed Palestinian State next to Israel. This is a big issue continuing to the present for all concerned, especially Israel, the Palestinians, and most other (especially Muslim) nations. See here.

4. Would the Sovereign ADONAI, the Holy One of Israel allow His City to be divided?

It seems amazing that God might actually allow the division of this specially chosen City! Yet we have to remind ourselves, that while God does have HIS Sovereign Plan, He also works – even through the foolish or plain evil decisions – of people. In this case His own Jewish People!
However we must recognise several other facts as Bible Reading Believers!

> God has allowed the continuity of Israel as a Nation, since 1948, inspite of 7 wars against her.
Also the ongoing terrorist attacks by the Palestinian Muslims, in deathly ‘terror’ operations, and Israel’s specific responses, since the State of Israel was Declared! The numbers of dead and injured on both sides is horrific.
> Yet a semblance of order and democracy has made Israel a viable Nation in many ways, with duly elected Leaders, however strong or weak, right or wrong they have been.
The population has grown amazingly, with thousands of new immigrants moving to ["making Aliya"] to Israel, so by 2010 the Jewish population is 6 million, plus some 1 million Arab Palestinians who call themselves 'Israelis'.
> Israel has also made great advances in technology to match. Even Israel's economy is gradually strengthening and the discovery of gas and oil off the coast of Haifa in 2009 is very significant.

However the longed for peace and security is still a big problem.

> The mounting death and injury tolls and changes in Leadership in USA and Israel brought Israeli people to a state of mixed weariness over all the tensions within, the criticisms of the world and the ongoing pressures of powerful nations, both Western and Islamic, for Israel to concede even more demands to the hostile forces, than ever before. Even in mid-2008, some saw a faint possibility that within two-years peaceful solutions might be found ~ a ‘false peace’, to be sure! However by 2010 - this has seemed even further away than ever, yet it could be closer than anyone thinks, even in 2010- 2011!

> Therefore in the 1st decade of the 21st century, the prospect is, of an Israeli Government decision to even allow the Palestinian Authority Government to have one of their major claims!
> Perhaps this will be the 'payment' Israel has to make for destroying Iran's power over Hamas, Hizballah, Syria and Lebanon... as Jeremiah 49: 37 suggests in a severe war against IRAN and it's Proxies, in 2010/11?

 [See here for a Scripture-based article: 'Iran - Israel - Egypt - Background Facts'.]

>The division of Jerusalem, with Muslim occupancy and control and the naming of East Jerusalem, as the capital of Palestine is a strong possibility! But it would only encourage the "Ezekiel/Magog war" soon!

ALL the above reminds Bible Reading Believers ~ to believe God's Power can over-rule Evil ~ for Ultimate good and the Glory of His own Name!

We do not need to throw up our hands in any sense of defeat nor should we plead ignorance of God’s over-all Plans for His own Jewish People! We simply MUST stand with the prophet Habakkuk, who having seen the sovereignty of God on behalf of His Jewish People accepted what God was allowing. We too can see God's Hand at work each month and year as we pray.

> God will not fail to bless Israel or to act at the right moment on their behalf!

 [Please read this chapter through for yourself.]

1. How does this earthquake relate to the presence of the Temple in Jerusalem?

>>The 1st verse of Revelation 11; sets the scene as John the Beloved continues to write what he sees and experiences, I was given a reed like a measuring rod and was told, ‘Go and measure the Temple of God, and the altar and count the worshippers there. But exclude the outer court, because it has been given to the Gentiles.” Clearly you cannot measure something with a rod/ruler that does not physically exist!
So there will be a third Temple soon.

>>The rebuilt Temple has to be an actual, literal building for a number of reasons. Paul told the Believers in 2 Thessalonians, that one day ‘the Lawless one’, (clearly meaning the ‘False-messiah’/antichrist), would set himself and his abominable statue in the Temple, in Jerusalem.
 [Biblically speaking there is only one building deserves to be known as The Temple– God’s Temple. The first Temple, built in the time of King Solomon, then a Second Temple, was rebuilt in the time of Ezra & Haggai, (Ezra 6: 14). Later it underwent a ‘makeover’ by Herod (he did not build it) in the first 46 years of the Century A.D./ C.E., in the time of Jesus. Matt 24:1.]

However it is clear from this Scripture and others, that a future, Third Temple will be built in Jerusalem, before the second Coming of Yeshua /Jesus Messiah.


2. Who will be the main residents in Jerusalem at that time?

a) We believe that all Jews will become Believers in Yeshua after the ‘Ezekiel 38/39 War’, and about this time the Anti-christ will arise and make a 'Treaty' with all nations to come under his control. However, Israel - who at this time are all Believers, will ask for a separate agreement, not to be under his control.  He will grant this, on the condition that all Jews return to Israel, (Ezekiel 39: 28.) So, he will also allow the 3rd Temple to be built.

Therefore at this future time, most residents of Jerusalem will be Jewish. [See ‘The ‘Ezekiel War’ Part 2]
It will be Believing Jews in Yeshua who will worship in the Temple Courts with Believing Priests leading the worship of God, by faith in Yeshua the High Priest.

b) The two Prophetic Witnesses will also be seen and will Preach/ Prophesy to the world from Jerusalem, for 42 months. Rev. 11: 3 - 6, "And I will give power to My Two Witnesses, and they will prophecy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth". [Representing mourning for the godlessness in God's world?] "These are the two Olive trees and the two Lamp-stands that stand before the LORD of the Earth". [Holy God inspired light of Truth.]

We do not believe in 'reincarnation', and God always had other human men of God available and prepared when He needed them, so it is very possible God is preparing these men right now. We should pray for them as it is so often that God refines His best servants in the fire, so they will be filled with the Power of the crucified and risen LORD! [They may be like other prophets - as John the baptiser was, but new individuals filled with the Oil of the Spirit, to speak Truth.]

c) There will be agents of the False-messiah [A/C] also, wanting to kill the Witnesses, who are able to work with God - [perhaps in connection with the first 5 Trumpet Angel punishments on the Anti-god system of worship of 'Gaia' and the spirits of fire, water, wind, and the sun... as described in Rev. 8: 7 ~ 9: 11.]  But as in chapter 11, "If anyone tries to harm them fire comes from their mouths and devours their enemies. This how anyone who wants to harm them, must die. [People blame and hate them for the disasters on the world.] "These men have power to shut up the sky so that it will not rain during the time they are prophesying; and they have power to turn the waters into blood and to strike the Earth with every kind of plague as often as they want". [Rev. 11: 5 & 6.].

d) However it seems possible that the Arabs, who have lived in East Jerusalem may demand to be allowed to stay there, so will be permitted to continue there, by Believing Jews. Only God knows, we do not.


3. What does it mean about the "Outer Court being given to the Gentiles"?

a) However one of our beliefs is that many Gentile Christians will be welcomed into Israel, at which time there will be a real ‘oneness’ between them and the Jewish Believers, like never before! These are the people who are worshipping there. Go and measure the Temple of God and the altar and count the worshippers there.”
Revelation 11 continues with the instructions to John, but exclude the Outer Court; do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles.” We believe many Christian Gentiles will be glad to worship there! (See Zechariah 8:23.)

It will finally become “The Holy City” inspite of bad names from the False-messiah! Our prayers for Jerusalem’s righteousness to shine out like the dawn, and her salvation, like a blazing torch,” will be partly fulfilled, as nations see her righteousness and kings, her glory!” [Isaiah 62.]
It would be greatly honouring to God for this to be true even when the rest of the world, is still under the rule of evil leaders. God could do this! See Isaiah 60!


4. Who else will visit the City of Jerusalem and the Temple?

Verse 2 also says, “They [the non-Christian Gentiles] will trample on the Holy City for 42 months.”  May we offer an explanation that fits well with the over-all understanding given above?
 (The usual explanation of this is, that the City of Jerusalem will be over-ridden by armies, especially those of the Antichrist.)
We feel this may not happen at THIS stage.

Instead we believe in this context it just means large numbers of people visiting the City during the [first part] of the Antichrist’s rule, as tourists, in such large numbers, that they will be seen - as they are even now – coming in such large tourist groups that if you see a group coming towards you, you quickly flatten yourself against the nearest wall so as not to be ‘trampled on’!

This will be for forty-two months.” We do not believe the City will be taken over by evil army forces during the first 3.5 years when the Two Prophetic Witnesses work with God in Jerusalem, during the time the rest of the world is under the Anti-christ in the Tribulation, [Isaiah 60: 1-3].

Certainly, later, the Antichrist is going to bring his world army against the City, out of sheer jealousy, (but at a later date, not at this time), but he will then be soundly defeated and destroyed when Jesus/ Yeshua Returns as described in Revelation 19; 19 – 21 & 2 Thess 2: 8 - (2nd part of the verse). In the meantime the Anti-christ is not yet in Jerusalem during the first 3.5 years of the Time of Tribulation or 'Distress', especially while the Two Prophets minister there.


5. In what way does the Earthquake in Jerusalem relate to the deaths of ‘the Two Witnesses’? Rev. 11: 3 - 11.

God has ordained the time-frame of events, for both the False Messiah and His False Prophet trying to control the world (with 10 kings Rev. 17: 12 & 13.) and the clear awareness of God's own Sovereign power through the (hated) Prophetic Witnesses and the glorious Third Temple, which will uphold the TRUTH of the Lord Jesus/ Yeshua Messiah even before His Return to Earth! [Ezekiel 37: 21 -28]

All the False-messiah can do is use bad, untrue names for the City, like ‘Sodom’ and ‘Egypt’, [11: 8] just as people often malign good things, ('bad mouthing') in sheer jealousy, perhaps because of so many tourists going there? Because of these plagues, but perhaps even more for their messages, the Antichrists regime will hate the Two and tries (unsuccessfully) to kill them. But they are preserved for the full period of 1,260 days, equal to 42 months.

Finally by a direct act of the Satanic power
of "the Beast from the abyss" now possessing the Antichrist, they will be killed. A serious new era now begins. When they finish their witnessing, the Beast that came out of the Abyss, will fight against them and kill them.”  This will bring great rejoicing throughout his kingdom, for 3.5days, during which time their bodies will lie exposed to the gaze of the entire world, [probably using modern media – TV, Internet, etc, indicating that this is still a future event.] However - while their deaths are a great cause for rejoicing by the world’s unbelieving followers of the False-messiah, they will be vindicated for their ministry, where they have stood true to their crucified Lord, Yeshua/ Jesus, Who died in the same City!


6. So what happens immediately before the massive earthquake in Jerusalem?

Clearly, God’s superior power will be demonstrated in the miraculous scenario of verse 11. “But after 3 and a half days a breath of life from God entered them and they stood on their feet and terror struck those who saw them.”  No wonder! But this is not all!Then they heard a loud voice from Heaven, saying to them, ‘Come up here’. And they went up to Heaven in a cloud, while their enemies looked on.”   The False prophet will have nothing to match such a special event!
And the whole world will see it clearly! Some will give God the glory!


7. Can we doubt the seriousness of the immediate events?

Verse 13 says: “At that very hour there was a severe earthquake, and a tenth of the City collapsed. Seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake, and the survivors were terrified and gave glory to the God of Heaven.”  

There have been, and will be even more deadly earthquakes around the world, but it seems as if the surrounding events to this earthquake, are more than significant!

The events in Jerusalem (over 3.5 years) are to be the catalyst now, for even greater End Time events, as the next verse (14) says: “The second ‘woe’ has passed; see the third ‘Woe’ is coming quickly.” These events are linked to the very terrible "Great Tribulation" with the A/C ruling in Jerusalem because of the 3rd Woe of the Dragon being cast out of Heaven by Michael to the Earth.

[Rev. 12: 7 -9 &12b - 17. Cp. with Isaiah 14: 12 - 17, and Daniel 12: 5 -7]


8. What other significant Event happens at this point?

a) This is when the False-messiah - in anger and jealousy will break his Treaty with the Jews, (made 3.5 years before) and move himself and his speaking Image (statue) into the Temple area, where he himself will enter the Temple building (Holy Place) and demand to be worshipped there as 'god'.

This fulfill's Daniel's prophecy in 12: 11, "From the time that the Daily Sacrifice is abolished, and the Abomination that causes desolation is set up there will be 1,290 days."  The N.T. prophecy about this is in 2 Thess. 2: 4. "He [Anti-christ] will oppose and exalt himself over everything that is called 'god'. He also sets up the speaking statue that we read about in Rev.13: 15, "He [the false prophet] was given power to give breath to the image, ['the abomination of Desolation'] of the Beast so that it could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed."
Sadly this is the second 3.5 years of the Tribulation - so bad, its called 'great' as Yeshua said in Matt. 24: 22.

b) This is also the very sign that Yeshua warned His Followers to watch for! It included the warning to Jews to flee from Judea - to go north to the Hills - even north of Galilee. "So when you see standing in the Holy Place, the Abomination that causes Desolation spoken of by the Prophet Daniel, ~ let the reader understand ~ then let those that are in Judea, flee to the Mountains".

c) However we believe that Messianic Jews and true Christians in Judea will be protected
- away from Jerusalem at this time, but they will not leave the borders of the newly enlarged Land of Israel, (following the 'Ezekiel/ Magog War') which will now extend right up to the Euphrates River. [Rev 12 describes this in an picture-like prophesy of the Bride -woman taken care of for 3.5 years.]

d) After the 'shortened days' but 1,290 in number (with 30 extra significant days as Daniel said),
there will be many more serious events come very fast one after another - as the key chapters of Revelation 15, 16, 17 and 18 describe! You can read about these in other articles on this web site.

 [Just so as to not leave you guessing as to our understanding, of the final triumphant verses of this chapter 11, (to encourage the Readers) the verses give a ‘fast-forward’ insight to the ‘end of the story’, which is enlarged on in chapter 19.]  It will be - Victory “to our LORD God and His Messiah Who will reign for ever and ever!”]


>> Jerusalem is God’s chosen City, for which He alone is responsible.

>> Only the true God of Heaven can foretell and depict clearly events in the future, we only see them as in a blurred movie picture.

>> Each specific description in the 11th chapter of Revelation has literal, serious meanings, which we are meant to take seriously.

>> God has always used human men of God to speak for Him, against Evil, and will even more in the Last Days!

>> Notice too, the time of Tribulation, under the Antichrist is of special concern to God.

>> This is why He will use Earthquakes to shake the whole earth and so shorten each day, even though the number of days will be as prophesied by Daniel and John.

>> Jesus said God would do this "for the Elect's sake"~ so are you praying for this now?

>> He has always been very slow to anger, as the time factor here shows.

>> But in the right time, before the whole world ~ God will act very decisively.

>> These events are available for anyone ~ especially involved with Jerusalem, to know about.

>> God’s GLORY will be made known and seen right to the very end, though only some will praise Him!

>> Endtime saints ~ the elect ~ Jews and Gentile Believers will finally rejoice at the overthrow of all Evil Powers, as many will have seen suffering in it.

9. How should Bible-reading Believers react to all these things?


Recent events, especially major disasters, are always the ‘stuff’ of prophetic explanations, which may or may not be true. Ordinary, Bible reading Believers need much wisdom-to discern not only how to pray, but also to see God’s hand of Love, and of justice – correctly - correctly. Maybe we should not always pray for our idea of sweet blessings – if God, as in the time of Habakkuk has other plans or punishments that He must send...
 [See article – ‘My Country is in Big Trouble’ or 'Tribulation' or 'The False Messiah'.]

But NOW we pray for Israel and many people, including Middle Easterners to know God and Jesus/ Yeshua/ Isa as their own Saviour from sin.
"Then all mankind will know, that I the LORD ~ ADONAI ~
Am your Saviour and Redeemer,

The Mighty One of Jacob!"

 [Isaiah 49: 26,b!]

Again, we do not write these studies to be ‘right’ about events of the future, but to those who will receive these thoughts, we would like them to be greatly encouraging! You see, yes, we do believe in a ‘Post-tribulation Coming of Yeshua/ Jesus’, but not without real joyful hope for all Jewish people, and many Gentile Believers who love them, support and pray for them now. They will be kept safe in Israel ~(Rev 12: 6 & 12 - 16) which will be like God's Ark of safety at the time of Noah. We also pray for Non-Jewish persecuted Believers in MANY Nations, referred to in Rev. 12: 17, "The rest of her offspring".

 As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so ADONAI surrounds His People, both now and for evermore… The sceptre of the wicked will not remain over the Land allotted to the righteous.
Shalom / Peace be upon Isra’el!” Psalm 125!


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