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The Focus of ADONAI, the LORD our God and the world, will be on this City until it finally becomes God's ZION!
Please see our article on 'Who Really Owns Jerusalem?"

NOTE: This is a Biblical Study, of an important subject based on the whole Tanakh/ O.T. and also using the 'Jewish New Testament' by Dr David Stern, with quotations in purple bold, Italics, as a mark of reverence.
As it is a Bible study it would be good if you could print it off and look up the Scripture references we have given, as we have not typed them all out here. Our desire is that it will inspire you to: "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" in a new and exciting way.


The Spiritual and Prophetic Significance of Jerusalem, in Israel.
This is a very big subject! About as big as the whole Bible – the Tanakh (O.T.) and the New Testament put together. The KEY FACT is that it was meant to be a place where the paramount focus was not on its geographical or political or international religious importance! Not on any of its spectacular buildings, nor even a Temple (when there was one) ~
BUT on the Sovereign God, ADONAI Who chose it as His Place to be and therefore desired His People to worship Him there!
See Psalm 9:11
 [You might like to see our article on '
Biblical Zion'.] In Psalm 76:2 it says ~
"God's 'Tent' is in Salem, His dwelling Place in Zion"


A. The loss of two Temples Built on two occasions, [in Jerusalem in Israel] and destroyed on two separate occasions, the second in N.T. times (after the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of the Messiah Jesus) ~ in 70AD/ CE = Common Era. These were very serious events!
> In God's plan there was only ever to be one Temple
in the entire world, and it was to be on the site first chosen by King David, with God's leading.
 [This story is in 1 Chronicles, 28 & 29] and other background events are in our article, '
Who owns Jerusalem'. Above all it was where God chose to live!
> However it is clear that even the loss of the second, beautiful Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in AD 70, was a significant act allowed by God!
The very fact that no written genealogical records of Jewish tribes and families, and especially most of the very ancient carefully hand written copies of the Torah and the Tanakh ~ or actual complete artefacts from either of the two Temples have been proved to have survived, inspite of conjectures of many people, is very important. There has been no Temple for 2,000 years.
> However the 'Dead Sea Scrolls', which predate the destruction of the Second Temple, certainly validate the accuracy of any scrolls of the Tanakh that may have been lost, so we can stand firmly on our beliefs in it.
> Note: it is incorrect to refer to 'Herod's temple'
. Herod was set on winning fame for himself and favour with the Romans by great building programs. Instead the 'Herodian Mountain' he built was not even found or excavated until more recent years, (in an effort to find his tomb), yet the baby Boy, born to a poor, young, Jewish couple, in nearby Bethlehem, became the most Influential Person in the entire world ~ Yeshua/ Jesus/ Yofeh!
However Herod persuaded the Jewish Rabbis to allow him to do "a make-over" to beautify the rather plain Temple, which the Disciples admired so much! Yet Jesus was concerned His Father's house was "a den of thieves".
The rather plain and less expensive, 'Second Temple' had been built 515BC by the returning Jewish Captives from Babylon. Herod's extensive 'makeover' took from 20BC to 46AD, but then was destroyed by Roman Titus AD70.
However it was the significance of its destruction we take note of!


B. Yet now, Jewish Orthodox Rabbis are preparing for a third Temple!
> For many years it was thought that the Jewish people should not attempt to build a third Temple, as the belief was, that Messiah Himself would do so, at His future Coming. [To them there will be a one only future Coming to Jerusalem since they do not believe Yeshua Who came 2,000 years ago was the true Messiah.] We, as evangelical Christians rejoice in the expectation of Messiah's Coming as a Conquering King. Yet Jews need to call on Him first.
> However after a time of reflection at a Retreat, one of the Senior respected Rabbis was able to convince other leaders that Messiah wanted the Jewish people to prepare a magnificent Temple in Jerusalem for Messiah's Coming.
So Rabbi Yisrael Ariel became the founder of 'The Temple Institute' in 1987! While today there are many political and legal reasons the actual Temple Sanctuary cannot be built on the true site on the 'Temple Mount', the preparations that are being under-taken from accurate information is thrilling!
 [To see modern, re-created, identical, carefully crafted copies of the original sacred vessels made over recent Years, see the 'Temple Institute' web site



1. The utter destruction of the TEMPLE was a serious, meaningful event which as we've pointed out was deliberately allowed by God the second time in the Common Era [A.D] foretold clearly by Yeshua/ Jesus in Matthew 24. 
This emphasises that God Himself did not want the Jewish Faith to survive on things – icons or relics - which can become a focus of worship, ~ but on a spiritual and inward recognition of ADONAI
Himself as "The Holy One of Israel". [Called this 33 times in Scripture!]
So God allowed the City and even the Temple to be destroyed!
How else could we understand the terrible history of the rape and pillage and destruction for 2000 years of this ancient, but battered City?
> Fortunately, the written records of historians, both Jewish, Christian and secular writers confirm without a doubt, the true importance and significance of Jerusalem! All copies of the Hebrew Tanakh especially, confirm it too.


2. SO the future of Jerusalem is still based on its Divine choice as a centre for worship of ADONAI ~ “The God of Israel”! It will yet be exactly ~ that. Please keep reading why and how it will be.
> Yet the real reason [for the destruction of the 2nd Temple] ~ is surely that Yeshua/ Jesus fulfilled the meanings of every part of the Building's structure and furnishings. Therefore: even more, Yeshua/ Jesus represented the services and sacrifices that the Temple had represented, to teach the Hebrew Jewish people how to meet with God!
> So in fact there was and is no need for one place physically or geographically to go to. To me it is so wonderful that Yeshua/ Jesus explained this truth, Himself to a Gentile woman! [John 4: 23, 24.]
Yeshua said: "A time is coming... when the true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth...  God is Spirit and His worshippers must worship Him in spirit and in truth." Our heart's attitude is important.

Yet we know God will allow the third, future Temple to be built, also for a very precious reason, and it will be the center of the World's attention.

 [Cp. Revelation 11: 1-12 with Luke 21: 24, & 2 Thess. 2: 4. & our other article: '
The Spiritual Future of Israel']
As said the City is only important ~ as the Place we call "the Temple of YHWH's Presence", the center of Blessing for Jewish People's worship, peace, protection and meaningful devotion. ~ See Psalms 42 & 43.
Not just a BUILDING but for PEOPLE ~ the Jewish Israeli people ~ soon!
So God will answer the prayer Jewish People pray every year at Pasach!
> So very much could be written about this, however Psalm 122 to 128 are a great set of songs about Jerusalem, yet it is very dependant also on the true devotion of God's own Jewish People to their own ADONAI. It is a shame that for the sake of space we cannot print them out in full, so please take time to read them! Here are some phrases... [Ps. 122] "I will say, 'Peace be within you' ~ for the sake of the House of the LORD our God..." [Psalm 124: "If the LORD had not been on our side ... when men attacked us... they would have swallowed us alive... Our help is in the name of ADONAI".
"The LORD bless you from Zion all the days of your life."


There is far more significance to the existence of Jerusalem than most people recognise! It will survive even Damascus soon.

1. The destruction of the City and of the Temple in AD 70.
Jerusalem is, sadly, an example of the effects of repeated, continuous sin against God, right up to the first century A.D. Even the Land, (almost forsaken) the City and the Temple: destroyed twice, the Jewish People: dispersed for 2000 years ~ are facts! All the actual fulfilments of specific Prophecy were not “accidents of History” as some Secular Jewish People say, but real events with real messages. Yeshua/ Jesus Himself, foretold the destruction of the Temple, which happened 40 years later, exactly as He said.
 [See Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21.]

>These all emphasise the requirement of our intelligent trust in the evidence of the proven historical accuracy of the Word of God, so now we have other evidence for students of Israel’s Past, through careful archaeological finds ~ then even more events of confirmation ~ like the recreation of the nation of Israel!
> Yet the worst event of all was the dispersion of the Jewish People all around the world, something that could only be seen as raising serious questions, about so much of God's written Biblical Word.
God Himself comments on this in Ezekiel 39: 23:
"Israel will know that I AM YAWEH, the LORD their God.
And the Nations will know that the people of Israel went into exile for their sin, because they were unfaithful to Me. So I hid My Face, [Yeshua] from them, and handed them over to their enemies."

So this has been the long, and tragic history for Jewish Israel for 2,000 years.
> Sadly some Christians do not even believe in God's power to preserve the ethnic Jewish race of Jacob's descendants 'forevermore'! Psalm 111: 6.
Today's possible 15 million numbers of Ethnic Jews are a remnant in comparison with Arabs! 1 Chron. 16: 12 - 22, & 34 - 36, is only one Scripture of confirmation, of their eternal survival, "for Great is the LORD/ ADONAI!"


2. However ~ the restoration of the modern nation of Israel to part of their original Land, and the reclamation and uniting of the city of Jerusalem in 1967 are other examples of God's miraculous over-ruling in events in the last 65+ years. Also developments in every area of life in Israel, are amazing.
Victory in Israel's wars against greedy neighbours ~ is God at work!
So Isaiah's mysterious words in chapter 66: 7&8 actually happened!
"Can a country be born in a day, or a nation be brought forth in a moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in labour"-
[from about 1850] "than she gives birth to her children." So there are now some 6.3+ million Jews in Israel! Thousands more will join them as Ezekiel 39: 26 - 28 says!


3. So the description of Israel as "a Desert" is a way of identifying it in the important chapter of Revelation 12, about "the Godly Line", many God-fearing Non-Jews, (like Ruth) were woven into 'The Israel of God', throughout History, up to the present time! [See beautiful Message in Hosea 2: 14 &15 of a 'door of Hope'.] Therefore the past history of Jerusalem, with so many different 'Rulers' and so many wars brought destruction, and all kinds of odd rebuilding. Also for some 400 years, the payment of Turkish taxes using trees caused the degeneration of the entire Land - to become almost a desert, as visitor's noted sadly, [though we know it is far from that in many places, now]
> The 'Bride' or "A Woman"
in that chapter was seen as basically 'Israel' when John wrote it. In our lifetime especially since the 1850's, and into the immediate future the Jewish people will indeed be given refuge "In the Desert, in a place prepared for her by God" [2 x's] Eretz Israel, no less!

4. However the truth is, as said above, the past, often reveals the future.
> Yet the godly Jews, and even isolated Christian teachers held on to the promises of restoration, for the City, the Land and the Jewish People.
The strange thing about specific prophecies
in the understanding of even steadfast lovers of God's promises ~ is that the spectacular fulfillment of those prophecies in many cases is not fully comprehended and appreciated!
This is true to a degree of the re-establishment of the Nation of Israel, in 1948 by the declaration of the Jewish Zionists under David Ben Gurion!

Then again in the reclaiming of the entire City of Jerusalem... Forever!

5. Yet still other prophetic events are near to happening in the 21st C ~
All these events emphasise the requirement for our intelligent trust in the evidence of the proven historical accuracy of the Word of God.
Yes! God Who made mankind, is the greatest Communicator of all time, and has always and often been available to speak, act, or demonstrate His love and His justice - in many Sovereign acts, and has focused on what could be visibly witnessed. We will soon see more of God’s power, there! [Rev. 11.]   
Already we have other evidences of God's sovereign acts in the events of the last 100 years, available to students of Israel’s Past, some through careful
archaeological finds! Many of these are actually in Jerusalem.



Neither has ADONAI finished displaying His power and His love through future events in Jerusalem ~ but affecting the entire world! 
 This includes: Israel, the People, the Land and the City of Jerusalem
~ and lays the legal and ethical base for finding God’s Truth, for each Believing person as an individual. That means you and me ~ watching!
Yet even secular observers around the world will see spectacular acts of the Sovereign God through this City, in the next decade. Being aware and ready is important. [We list these briefly at the end of this article - please see them.]

 CONCLUSION: The future of Jerusalem is bound up with future events for Israel and all Jewish people worldwide, changing the world we see.


General guidelines regarding understanding future (prophetic) events in Jerusalem, Israel and the world.

1.The Bible is the ONLY place where reliable prophecies are given regarding Jerusalem. Significant ones are: Zechariah chapter 8, also 14: 10 –15, Ezekiel 36 - 39, Revelation 11: esp.vs13, and Psalms like 83, 102: 12-21, etc.

2 About Prophecy. Sometimes - there can be two similar fulfilments, years apart of a prophecy. An example is The Spirit being poured out twice on Jewish Believers. Acts 2: 17/18, and later to be fulfilled as in Joel 2: 28/29.
Also Jerusalem and its Temples were destroyed twice!
And God allowed it to happen! However events in the past are NOT indications that they will happen again, in the same way, so trying to use this idea of foretelling Jerusalem’s future could be wrong. Scripture explains Scripture.
E.G. "A Jewish Diaspora" [dispersal of Jews from the Land of Israel], has also happened twice, (583B.C E and 70 CE/AD) - and God gives the reason in Ezekiel 33:21- 29, showing it was by God's own Sovereign acts.
[Sadly some mistaken Christians see it being repeated again, ~ a totally wrong concept.] See Amos 9:27, " 'I will plant Israel in their own Land, never again to be uprooted from the Land, I have given them,' says the LORD your God"
All the evidence is, that this verse applies to Modern Jewish Israel. It is God's land and City to give as HE wills, for Blessing!

3. Special events may sometimes emphasise both the Sovereignty of God, and the sinfulness of man, as seen in Jesus/Yeshua's life and death. God Sovereignly foretold and planned the Death of Yeshua, His Son to bring Blessing to billions of people. Have you found that blessing yet?
Yet Messiah's death was also brought about by the sinful people who crucified Yeshua/ Jesus. See Peter's words in Acts 2: 23 -25.

So God may use different methods, or events for the one important reason. He longs for all Jewish people to (as it were) endorse His choice of King Yeshua, to be their chosen King by faith in His sacrifice for them when He died as "King of the Jews" 2,000 years ago. Psalm 2, & Luke 23: 38.
All these points ~ assure Bible Readers of a good future for Jerusalem!



1. Two extremes are seen, when considering the city of Jerusalem especially.
a) One is the fact of being an ordinary city, almost like any other big City...

b) The other is the spiritual significance it holds, as God’s specific ‘place’ - and called 'Zion', ~ because of this holy, spiritual dimension! Also to prove God can and does fulfil every Covenant and Promise He made!

2. Generally ‘Jerusalemcan be seen as the ‘representative’ of all Israel. So when we are asked to Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” Psalm 122, we are praying not only for the City, but the entire Nation.
> But since there will never be true, lasting peace, except for the Prince of Peace establishing - (not just ‘lack of war’) - but a spiritual renewal of all the Jewish people when they accept Yeshua as Saviour and Messiah by repentance and faith [NOT by sight] ~ this is the meaning of the prayer.
>> Praise Yeshua, we know He will answer!

3. At this point it might be important to see the Article on 'Who owns Jerusalem'
here? The answer to that question is a vital part of understanding "Israel's Future." The Scriptural answer to that question underlies every physical, political, military and especially the Spiritual impact on millions of people ~Jews and non-Jews, around the entire world, but we cannot repeat it all here, as it is a complex question that needs thinking about.



JERUSALEM will soon be given by God's over-ruling ~ totally into Israeli Jewish control in a surprising way! However from our study it will be in 2 main stages in the next decade - both key events involve war with Israel's Enemies but only in the Middle East, with Victory for Israel by God's Help.

1. First a short war to give Israel a time of 'security' but also 'isolation' as a result of the war described in Psalm 83, Jer. 49: 37, and in a 'Letter to Israel' given by the prophet Isaiah, some 2,500 years ago, in Isaiah 41: 8 -16! The assurance of 'security' first, is 3 times in Ezekiel 38: 8,11 & 14.


2. A few years later on - a huge army called 'Magog' - representing Islam, will gather to use chemical weapons to eliminate all the Jewish people from Israel. These events will be 'organised' by ADONAI as in Ezekiel 38: 4!
There is only one future war described in the Tanakh in detail, and this is in Ezekiel 38 & 39. Israel will not be able to do anything to defend themselves. 
Men who have served in the IDF in Israel will be totally distraught, as Jeremiah 30:1 - 9 describes it. Though it is a "time of trouble...  he will be delivered out of it" - indicating it will be a very short time! See
3. But Sovereign ADONAI Himself will step in with Divine judgement by a massive Storm and Earthquake -
completely destroying the entire Army, but sparing Jewish people and the entire Nation from harm!
 [The Muslim mosques and Cult centers throughout Israel may well be destroyed, including those on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.]
4. The watching world will be amazed, as it repeatedly says in these chapters in Ezekiel, and to Jewish people, too. "Then they will know that I am ADONAI." Jews around the world will now become Believers in Yeshua, as Saviour of their sins, and Messiah! See Ezekiel 39:29 & Zech 12: 9 - [not the entire world just some that attacked] thru' to ch13: 1. Also Romans 11: 12, 15 & 26! This is God's greatest desire fulfilled for His Jewish People!

Yes! The City of Jerusalem for millennia, has been, now is, and always will be very, very significant! Understanding this will shape our thoughts and even attitudes as we watch modern events, and pray for God’s will to be done, and God’s Glory to be seen. Israel will bring blessing to the World!

5. This will be after God destroys Islam's power in 'the Magog war', saving Israel from annihilation, and giving them ALL the Land He promised!
I will gather them to their own Land not leaving any behind."
[39: 28.]
There are some lovely prophecies in Zechariah chapter 1, & chapter 8: 3-17, to reassure you that this is God's unfailing, loving purpose for Jerusalem!
"I will return to Zion and dwell in Jerusalem, Then Jerusalem will be called the 'City of Truth'... and 'the Holy Mountain'."
[Zech 8: 3.]


 [Question: "Will Israel be in the Tribulation under Anti-christ?" - No.]

1. Finally one last 'World Power' called 'A Beast' will try to control Israel.
First - the Future world Dictator, also called "Anti-christ", will make a Covenant with all nations for 7 years, to hand over their Sovereignty to him.   
> But it is clear
, he will make a separate 'Treaty' to give Israel separate * sovereignty over all of Israel, but with conditions, [we believe] such as the forced return of all Jews to Israel, in return for permission to build the Temple.
See Ezekiel 39:26 -29, also chapter 36: 33 -38!
> This will allow Israel a time of independence, * instead of being part of the Beast's world Domination, with a False Prophet using a lethal, talking Statue to control everyone. See Daniel 9:27 & Mark 13: 14, & Rev.13:14/15.


2. Therefore ISRAEL is given control of Jerusalem for a possible 7 years.
All eyes will be on Jerusalem at this time - with God's People now holy, as the result of God saving them from the Islamic 'Magog' Army.
> This means
Israel will be a glorious Nation under God, as Isaiah promises in chapter 60:1-3.during the first dark 42 months of the 'Tribulation'. > So Israel will not suffer, and will welcome true Christians, as all Jews will be Believers! The Jews will build the third Temple and start sacrifices to teach about Yeshua, as most Jews (and some Christians) understand so little of the Meaning of the Temple and the services and sacrifices, pointing to Yeshua.
See Ezekiel 39: 29, Romans 11: 12, 15 and 26, and Joel 2: 28 - 29!
> Israel at peace,
is another BIG subject also described on this web site,
'Israel's Glorious Future'.
> However during this time,
the Beast will tightly control all people by changing most laws and "he forced everyone... to receive a mark on his right hand or his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell, unless he had the mark." All true Christians will therefore be imprisoned or killed, except for all the Jewish and some Christian people in Israel.
See Zechariah 8: 23 -25.



1. They speak for Him from Jerusalem.  [Open your Bible at Rev.11.]
During the first 42 months, (3.5 years) of the Beasts reign over the world, when everyone must worship the 'Dragon', it will be a very significant time for the Prophets, due to them being 'Spokesmen' for God. [N.B. They are not ancient prophets, as the Bible does not teach 're-incarnation'. They are probably alive in the world today, as humble prayerful men of God.]
> It seems the 2 Prophets will probably work with God -
in sending 'Trumpet Judgements', [as In Revelation 8: 7 - 12] on different parts of the world. Rev.11: 3 - 6, tells that the followers of 'the Beast' will hate them, and after 1,260 days [3.5 years], will be glad to see them dead, as verses 7 - 10 says. "The Beast will attack them... and kill them. Their bodies will lie in the streets of the great City... for 3 & 1/2 days...  The inhabitants of the Earth will gloat over them... because these two Prophets had tormented those who live on the Earth." [This concept is our understanding of when the first 5 'Trumpet judgements of Rev. ch's 8 & 9, could take place. Maybe ~ 6 &7, match the 6th & 7th 'Bowl Judgements' as in Revelation 16: 12 - 21.]


2.  But the world is in for a great shock a POWERFUL EARTHQUAKE!
First! "But after the 3 & 1/2 days, the breath of Life from God entered them and they stood on their feet - but terror struck those who saw them. Then they heard a loud voice from Heaven, 'come up here'! And they went up to Heaven in a cloud, while their enemies looked on."

> Then! "At that very hour there was a severe Earthquake, and a tenth of the City, [i.e. Jerusalem] collapsed. 7,000 people were killed in the Earthquake, but the survivors were terrified and gave glory to the GOD of HEAVEN." It seems this could be a section of the City that were against the National turning to and acceptance of Yeshua, as Zechariah describes in 12: 10 to ch. 13: 1. See 'Earthquakes in Jerusalem'.



1. The Control of the world by the 'Beast' and his False 'Prophet' - changes, for the worst after 3.5 years or 42 months, when they move to Jerusalem, with their Lethal Statue, that Daniel and Jesus called: "The Abomination of Desolation".
> Background facts.
As described above, the 'Beast' of Daniel 7: 27, and Revelation 13, [called the 'Anti-christ'] will make a special 'Treaty' or Covenant for Israel to be a separate Nation, in their own Land, with Jerusalem as their capital and the 3rd Temple built and in use to worship "The God of Israel".
> But
this will change after the first 3.5 years, when the Beast breaks the Treaty he made with Israel. Even secular people and certainly Bible-reading Believers, know from New Testament Scriptures that this personality called ‘the Anti-christ’, (or more accurately ‘The False -messiah’), wants Jerusalem!
> So He will suddenly lay claim to it, for himself! This could be [we believe] in jealous response to the huge number of tourist sightseers who will flock to see the glorious Temple during the first 3+ years of the Beast’s World rule.
> This fact of Jerusalem becoming a favourite tourist destination,
[even inspite of the terrible disaster the Trumpet Judgements brought to large parts of the world] will cause the 'Beast' - (in jealousy and anger) to place his own statue in the Temple and re-enforce his demand for everyone to worship him!
> Scriptures for this belief.

Revelation gives a terrible description in ch's 17 & 18 including the future Fall of the Beast's evil city - 'BABYLON' - the opposite to Jerusalem!
So there will begin the even more evil 42 months of 'Tribulation time'. This is a big scenario that we explain in the article ‘
The False-messiah'.




For Biblically based readers we need to discern what God is longing for.

What are GOD’s priorities?
1. To provide salvation for repentant sinners, everywhere.

Throughout all of Scripture, God’s plans, and great desire was to bring people into His Holy, Royal Family – into a special relationship with Himself. But mankind’s SIN was the tragic barrier to ever being close to God, here or after we die! So God planned to atone for the sin’s of any individual ~ through the death of His own Son in Jerusalem, (God's chosen City on Earth), so that anyone who would look to Him by faith, would be made holy, and therefore acceptable to a Holy God. For God so loved the world that He gave His only and unique Son, so that every one who trusts in Him, may have Eternal Life.” Please see: Yochanan/ John ch. 3: verses 16 - 18 in N.T.

2. To restore His own Israeli Nation to Himself, as a holy Nation.
The prophet Ezekiel writes about it so clearly in the 36th chapter of his book. This is what the Sovereign ADONAI says; ‘I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back into your own Land. I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean… I will put My Spirit in you and move you to follow My decrees’…” Then they will BLESS the world!
> There are many passages that indicate these wonderful Plans that God has for His Jewish Nation, which He is now in the process of fulfilling!
It is sad, so few people see this probability – even being part of their total experience in this world like it is, as a witness to His faithful promises.
Isaiah paints it as a beautiful picture of Jewish Israel, in chapter 60: 1 -3.
 “Arise shine! For YOUR Light is come, and the glory of ADONAI arises on YOU”.
[But by contrast in a time of world total distress – as in the ‘Tribulation period’; he continues…] See, darkness is over the Earth, and gross darkness is over the peoples – but the LORD rises upon you, and His Glory appears over you.” This does not describe the actual Coming of Yeshua, but the result of all Jewish People ~ realising that Yeshua is their spiritual Savior and Messiah, after the Magog War and BEFORE the rapturous Return of Yeshua. See GOD'S reason at the end of this article!
We believe Jewish People will spread the Gospel, as in Joel 2: 25 –29!


 [Some readers may disagree with the conclusions from Scripture that the writers of this article describe, but they are not offered at all dogmatically but for your individual prayerful consideration.


3. We also believe the Father is longing to send His Son Yeshua/ the Messiah back to this weary, wicked world to Reign. Revelation chapter 19, & Psalm 24, 45 & 72 describe it like a Wedding Day! See our specific study on ‘The Second Coming of Yeshua to Earth’.


 [As this study is rather long already we thought we should only summarise other events that we have written about separately, especially, ‘Earthquake and Sky Signs in Jerusalem’, and ‘The Ezekiel War Part 2’.]

1. After the events of the next 2 Wars ~ Israel will be granted ALL the Land originally promised to them. This is told about in Isaiah 14: 1 & 2, and in Isaiah 60 & 61, (esp. verses 7-9! maybe twice as much). Also all ch. 49.
2. All Jews will be returned to the Land of Israel. God may use the new ‘World Leader’ (the False-messiah or Antichrist’) to force Jews to return, but God says in Ezekiel 39: 26, Though I sent them into exile among the nations, I will gather them to their own Land not leaving any behind’.”
. Because of the voluntary exile of many anti-Israel people before the Ezekiel war there will be plenty of room for all who come. Some Believing Non-Jews will join them, and be welcomed by Jewish People. Zech. 8: 23.
4. Israel will become a Holy Nation, as clearly promised. This is what the Sovereign LORD says… ‘For the sake of My Holy Name which you have profaned… I will show the holiness of My Great Name… Then the Nations will know that I AM the LORD… when I show MYSELF HOLY through you, before their eyes’.”  Ezekiel 36: 22 – 23.
5. Jerusalem will be fully restored including the Temple on the Temple Mount. Yochanan/ John describes the Temple being measured in Revelation 11:1-2. This is where millions of Believers will worship. [That it will be a literal building is indicated by Jesus’ warning in Matt. 24: 15.] Many people trample through.
God will have 2 human godly prophetic spokesmen to declare God’s plans and punishments, against specifically anti-God, anti-Israel nations. Rev 11: 6.
 [They will not be re-incarnations of previous Prophets, but will have a similar ministry to previous prophets, but will harmonise with the ‘Trumpet Events’ during the Tribulation that is over the entire world except for Israel...]
This will be for 3.5 years, during which efforts to kill them will be made.
Three & half days after they have finally been killed, they will be raised to life and to Heaven. The entire world will see this, maybe on modern Media.
At that moment a huge Earthquake will happen to 1/10th of Jerusalem, with 7,000 killed. All Believers will give God the glory. Revelation 11:13.
The False-messiah will angrily relocate his ‘worship statue’ to the Temple and demand to be worshipped there. See 2 Thessalonians 2.
All the Believers in Jerusalem will quickly relocate to the hills north of Israel. Matthew 24: 15 – 22. [Not to Petra or Pella, we believe.]
11. Then the Beast will gather his Army and bring them all to Israel, for the 'Battle of Armageddon'. The result for him and his false Prophet is Rev. 19.
12. The ‘bowl judgements’ will follow quickly, and culminate in a HUGE Earthquake for total destruction of the Evil Anti-christ’s regime and his army! Even Satan, the Dragon will be captured and locked away. Rev. 20:1-3!

The End of the Age is here! The end of Evil, will synchronise with the sudden return of Yeshua with all the angels and Believers who were given resurrection bodies to rise to meet "The KING of kings, and LORD of lords, the - WORD of God!" Revelation 19:11 – 21!


It seems that this may be the time when the amazing City and Temple complex described in great detail by Ezekiel (40 – 47) will be spread out on the much bigger area than the present city!

Most of all, here is GOD'S reason for restoring Jerusalem: "Then all the Nations will know that I, YAWEH, the LORD, am your Saviour, your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob." [Last part of Isaiah 49: 26!!!]

But there is one certain promise for us all to look forward to as we pray:
 “May Your Kingdom come”… [It is the last verse of Ezekiel 40!]
 “And the name of the City from that time on will be:

Behold, I AM coming soon! My reward is with Me. And I will give to everyone according to what he has done. I AM the Alpha & the Omega, the First & the Last, the Beginning & the End. Blessed are those who wash their robes that they might have right to the Tree of Life, and may go through the gates into the City.”  [Rev. 22: 12 - 14.]
May it be so, to God's great Glory, Amen!


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