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This is a Full Timeline ~ of Specific Events ~ Mainly for Israel~ In the Future.

This article gives some details of the future events for Israel as part of a long study ~ 'A Full Bible-Based End Time, Time Line', covering ALL the main future events for the WHOLE WORLD, including Christians and Jews, see here.

But if you'd like a short summary ~ of THIS article about ISRAEL ~ you can see one here, 'Short Summary of Israel Timeline'.


>>The History of people and events in the Tanakh/ 'Old Testament', as well as the 'New Testament' is HIS-story - God's story...
It tells of His Plan to show Himself as the Great Loving God of the Universe and especially the Holy God of this Earth that He made ~ through a chosen family, which became a Nation of people, known as ~'Isra-el'.
Being Bible-reading Believers we understand that God needed to use a group of people (Israel) and a setting for them to be in, ('The Promised Land') that He could personally teach and train to represent Himself to all mankind, as a Holy and Loving God.
Yet He also was willing to leave them aside, from 70CE/AD, for a time, (as a whole nation - though many individual Jews did obey Him), and then concentrate on making Himself known to Gentile people, called 'Christians' - but also a specially 'chosen group of people' ~ from the entire world.

> The restoration of the Nation,
(we believe strongly) is that 'The Holy One of Israel' is going to restore Israel and Jews to a very special future of great blessing, (at first) right here on Earth, before their Saviour Yeshua/ Jesus comes back, and then (later) all God's Chosen Gentile People will join with them as one Kingdom after His return to be the King of the whole world!
Please read Ezekiel 36, and Isaiah 62! It is so exciting! Also Rev. 19: 1 - 16.

> Therefore, because He is a Holy God of Truth, He also kept His Word about the consequences of their unbelief and rebellion so that they have as a nation of people, suffered very much at different times in History.
Psalm 107 describes it as a 'picture gallery', and Psalm 78!

> Yet many individual people of Israel
have been and still are greatly blessed *, very especially in knowing God's Son, Yeshua, Who became a human, Jewish man to show the glorious Light of God to people.
They are called, 'Messianic Believers'. (Same meaning as 'Christians'.)

> But as a Nation it has been different.
The Jewish writer of John's Good News wrote, " This was the true Light which gives Light to everyone entering the world. He was in the world - the world [actually] came to exist through Him - yet the world did not know Him. He came to His own homeland, yet His own People [as a Nation] did not receive Him".
Compare Romans 10 & 11, especially verse 11.

> However God never forgets His promises! This is why we have already noted above, that the Great El Shaddai - the Almighty God is certain to complete the wonderful Plan *He had, for His Jewish People, before the End of the Age, (Olam ha Zeh -in Hebrew) or the end of the time of man's rule over the Earth. This study will outline the probable stages of completing the Plan, first for Israel, then for all His other 'chosen People', later on. Please stop here and read all of Jeremiah 31 - it is amazing!


Perhaps it is better to say that events that happen in relation to the nation of Israel * will affect the entire world's future~ so that means you and me.
Coming to know God* is not only for Israel's own joy and thrilling fulfillment, but also in order to bless/ benefit * the whole world as God always wanted!
A Jewish prayer in Psalm 67, says: "May God be gracious to us, and bless us, and make His Face to shine upon us, that Your ways may be made known on Earth, * Your Salvation among all nations!"

>>The timing of Israel * 'knowing God' ~ is before, (we believe) the Return of Israel's Messiah to be King of the world. This is how we understand Matt. 23: 39, where Yeshua told the Jews of that time, "I tell you, you will not see Me again until you say, 'Blessed is He [Yeshua] Who comes in the Name of ADONAI'."  
So the future of this world is tied to the future of Israel.

This prayer of simple * trust in God has to happen - (we believe) NOT by seeing Him with their physical eyes, but by the eyes of repentance and faith!  The events God will use to bring this about are also going to change the whole world order, even to allowing Satan to rule for a time.
This what we meant when we said above, that Israel is the 'key' to the future events of the world including the final ~

Return of Yeshua/ Jesus at 'The End', to the Mt of Olives in Israel!

> It is important to note that - while this article is about ISRAEL - many other Prophesied trends and events are happening at the same time, throughout the whole world. Weaving these together in a smooth way step by step is hard to do ~ so please take one piece at a time to think and pray about. The result is this is a long article covering unknown years!
You will notice references to God's Acts are in purple.
References to Israel are in blue
Muslim nations and plans are in green.
Evil people, plans and actions are in black.
The glorious Return of Yeshua/ Jesus to Earth and 'Eternity' the time beyond are in 'gold'!
For other details of events not given here, see 'Future Endtime Earthquakes' and the section: 'Full End Time Events'. We believe the first 2 Seals as in Rev.6: 1 -5 will have been broken and those events have been happening and will continue. 1 = deception of all kinds, 2 = many wars.

> In this list of events  - we give the main Scriptures, but our studies have shown that this is such an important desire in the LORD - YHWH'S heart - (even before He called them), that the whole Word of God is about Israel's * restoration and becoming a witness and blessing to the entire world, even in the darkest hours of Tribulation.
Comparing Psalm 80, with Isaiah 26, is a precious study.

> So the main answers to the above subjects about Israel * are found
in - Ezekiel 38 & 38, Joel chapter 2: 1 - 20, resulting in events verses in Joel 21 - 32 and Revelation 11: 1 - 13, for your own study, also Romans chapters 9 -11. Please make time to read these, as we cannot write them all out.

> The events we list are only part of the events that will happen, partly because God has not shown us everything ~ He may have more surprises for Israel.
 And we want to emphasis that we certainly do not know every detail, but what we do believe, is as close to the words and descriptions of the Tanakh especially, as we can make it. However some prophecies have a double fulfilment. For a list of some Scriptures, clearly about Israel's future ask for 'Prophecies For Jews only', or see here.



Note: Suggestions are made in this article about how the last 4 'Jewish Feasts of Israel', (out of the total number of 7 main Feasts in a year) will be fulfilled by future events happening for Israel, just as the first 3 Feasts have already been fulfilled, perfectly.

a) These first 3 were: Pasach (Passover), 'First fruits' (especially the 3rd day), during 8 days of eating Matzo, ('unleavened bread' ~ pure wheatmeal and oil with no raising agent in it), and Shavuot (Pentecost).

b) So the last 4 are: Yom ha Truah
(Feast of Trumpets), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement, ending the 'Ten days of Awe') and Sukkot, (Feast of Tabernacles) and on the 8th Day, 'Simchat Torah', (Rejoicing in the Torah, the original 'Law', or the Word of God).

Like the first three, they will be fulfilled:

1. In a special place, the present Land of Eretz Israel - in the Middle East.
In a short time span, even within the same year, a future unknown year.

3. With real spiritual meaning ~ especially for Jewish people,
And as a single nation they were all actually, literally involved.

5. But non-Jewish groups of people were involved, especially in 'Pasach'.
6. With all the events so clear, that a witness could write about them.
[We acknowledge that these conclusions are personal ones by the writer ~ but shared, simply to glorify God, to encourage Jewish People of a great future ahead after 2000 years of suffering, and for you the Reader to consider for yourself.]

While these events are mainly for Jews in Israel, all Jews will be affected for good, after one big Spiritual test,
[Ezekiel 39.]
These are our prayerful concepts, we offer you.


A. M.E. war with Iran. Within a few years, big changes in the M.E. will possibly follow the destruction of Political power in Iran, (but not the actual nation) which to that time holds great influence over Israel's neighbours: the Palestinians in Hamas and Fatah, and in Hizballah, also the nations of Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey. This war could happen in 2013/14. The Prophet Jeremiah in chapter 49" 37 describes it.
You can read details here.
One result will be that Israel will finally have peace and security as a result; also they may win a certain amount of fearful respect from Western nations, even Saudi Arabia, ['Dedan' in Scripture] and Yemen ['Sheba'] but some other, mainly non-Muslim nations, like India and China.

Eventually, after Iran's power has been broken, Egypt will be afraid of Israel it seems, but later, many parts of the Egyptian Nation will accept Israel's God as described in Isaiah 19. God has a special place in His heart for Egypt it seems, since His Son (as a child) was taken there as a refugee. 
Please pray for Egypt now,
as Presidential elections are due but Pres. Muberak is in his 80's, and the 'Muslim Brotherhood' Group are restless to gain power so the Civil War of Isaiah 19 could break out, within a year or two... See: 'Iran ~ Israel ~ Egypt'.

B. So then a 'False Peace' will happen for Israel, with a growing economy and a sense of Security, in a few years from 2013 - (but possibly lasting only a short time of 18 months to 2 years after it).
But Israel will not be a * holy nation yet.
This 'peace' seems an impossible outcome after years of efforts, but Ezekiel 38: 8,11, & 14 declare it clearly. This could possibly be the time of 1 Thess 5:3, but other Scriptures especially Revelation indicate no time of world peace - only distress and disasters gradually developing for the whole world. See Jesus words in Matthew 24, and Revelation 6-9, etc.

Yet there is a picture of how bad Israel will be spiritually at that time, in God's words addressed to them later on- in Ezekiel 39: 26 "They will forget their shame and all the unfaithfulness they showed toward Me" - (when?) "when they lived in SAFETY ~ in their OWN LAND ~ with no-one to make them afraid."
This time has not happened yet - even though Israel has been living in their own 'Eretz Israel', for over 60 years! We believe by their 70th year, 2017, [5777 on the Hebrew calendar] God may have answered * our prayers for them to have real peace as a holy Nation in their own Land!

C. The rest of the world will be severely affected by the attacks on Iran and Iran's attacks on the oil producing nations and routes. It is hard to visualise the distress that will come on the whole world as a result of the Israel - Iran war. It seems this is when the 3rd, 4th and 5th Seals are broken by the Nail-pierced Hands of the Lamb-like-Lion of Rev. 6:5 -11.The tragedy of the results of war, shortages of food bringing famine and very high prices, more killings and horrendous plagues and tragic Persecution already begun, for true Christians.
Compare Psalm 2, also Isaiah 13: 1- 8, but we write more about this here.


 [Please read Ezekiel 38 and 39, Isaiah 29: 5 -8, Psalm 76 & 79 & 80 & 83.]


a) Russia helps Muslims to plan a final war against Israel. The Muslim world will be desperate to win glory for Allah after the defeat of Iran and it's proxies, and Russia, (thought to be 'Rosh' - the head) longs to become a super-power - a real possibility with a greatly weakened USA and E.U. So with the use of a huge "Magog Army",  ["a horde"- Ezekiel 38: 4] of foot soldiers as a mainly land-based army, plus the financial backing of the 57 members of the OIC, (Organisation of Islamic Conference) and possible use of Chemical or biological weapons they feel sure of victory this time. - Note the planned invasion of Israel will mainly be by the named nations only, as given in Ezekiel 38: 1-7, so this is not 'Armageddon'.  Russia has thousands of Muslims - actually healthier and increasing faster than the Russian population so they, with the other nations agree to Russia's "Gog" being the leader of the "Magog Army".  Many Muslim nations are poor with large numbers of poorly educated youth; also they feel justified in attacking Israel, as the Islamic Turkish Ottoman Empire once controlled the area of present day Israel. An added goal for Russia and the Islamists is to plunder Israel's wealth, [verse 12].
But Scripture tells us that it is God Who drags them like an animal for slaughter into this scenario for His own great purposes.
For full details see the article here.

b) The Final outcome will be A One-World Controlling Government, but not by Islam! God's over-ruling will soon be seen clearly! This is the scenario of events we referred to, which ultimately,
(we believe) will change the whole 'world order' - because of preparations for many years, by a group of Leaders - using the 'Climate Change Threat' to advance their plans, right now. These people were looking for a crisis to help them take over control of the world, so now their plans are already in place and starting to be enforced worldwide. See Psalm 2 and here.

c) However it will be GOD Who will initiate a great crisis to the world economy by using the 'Magog Army' to attack Israel.
These specific nations are hoping for great 'plunder' as well as the imagined 'glory' of taking over Israel for Allah. How wrong they will be! So do not fear for them, but pray for all Believers perhaps unwillingly involved.
Many indications of the nearness of this threat to Israel are in our daily news. Jewish people will be praying Psalm 83 urgently, and we say 'Amen'!

 [Probably lasting over only a period of a month or so,
and it may fulfil the 4 last 'Jewish Feasts']

a) The sudden presence of the Magog Army (in Syria) brings HUGE fear to Jews worldwide, especially in Israel. Most non-Jews will leave. Thousands of Arabs and non-Jews (who do not love Israel's God) will leave. However God will use this to solve Israel's present problem with thousands of Illegal residents, Muslims who actually hate Israel, and false cults who do not accept the divinity of Yeshua, such as Ba'hais, Mormons, J.W.'s etc.
 But some true Christians and many Jews will go there - even if they die!
See Psalms - 120 - 125: 3 especially! See Zechariah 8:23! Also a full description of the war here.

b) It will be known by the entire world and especially Israel that there is not one thing Israel can do,
  (or USA, UNO, EU, etc) to stop the attacks of this huge 'Magog Army' - which probably will have chemical/ or other lethal weapons, so they can kill all the Jews, and take over the Land intact, especially Jerusalem - 'for Allah'!
 [America will have 'collapsed' by this time; so will be unable to help Israel.]
Much of this is clearly explained in Ezekiel 38, but with our knowledge of the power and threats of Islam against Israel, and Russia's desire to be a world 'super-power' it all makes sense, especially as no other war in history has been written about in such detail, as this one. We believe the Magog Army will congregate between Lebanon and Syria by the Beq'ha Valley, the true "mountains of Israel" as Scripture says. See Joshua 1: 4!


The Timing:
the threat of attack may be planned for the beginning of winter in Israel which often starts with huge storms, when it is hoped the rain and great claps of thunder will hide the actual attack from the north, in September or October, one year, also Israel's sacred season.
This may be when the 'Feast of Truah' (Trumpets) begins, the 4th of 7 Feasts, in one future, (unknown) year chosen by God.
This is the first Feast of the sacred year (also called 'Rosh Hashanah').  But in view of the sudden known presence of the 'Magog Army' there will be a huge call to Prayer and heart-searching in Israel for the next 9 'Days of Awe', as every Jewish person in the world will fear annihilation of Israel!

All Jews will 'wrestle' with the belief that Yeshua is their own Saviour and Divine Deliverer - during a short time of 'Jacob's Trouble', (as for the original Jacob - Gen 32: 24 - NOT 3.5 years). - Then they become God's True Isra-EL by calling in repentance and faith on the Name of Yeshua at Yom Kippur, as in Zechariah 12. Repentance and Faith are essential to being accepted by God! It is not by 'sight' -literally seeing Jesus - (except for a few He gives visions to), as God looks only for total trust in Him.
 See Gen. 32: 26 -30, Zech 12 -13 & Romans ch 10 & 11!
Finally after 5 days they celebrate 8 days of Sukkot and Simchat Torah.


Here is a Calender of Jewish Feast Days for 5 years.










Mar. 30

May 19

Sept.  9

Sept. 18

Sept. 23

Sept. 30


April 19

June 8

Sept. 29

Oct. 8

Oct. 13

Oct. 20


April 7

May 27

Sept. 17

Sept. 26

Oct. 1

Oct. 8


Mar. 26  

May 15

Sept. 5 

Sept. 14

Sept. 19

Sept. 26


April 15

June 4

Sept. 25 

Oct. 4 

Oct. 9

Oct. 16


April 4 

May 24

Sept. 14

Sept. 23

Sept. 28 

Oct.  5

This does NOT mean we are naming any special Dates for future events. The mention of specific Feast days in relation to the actual events are only suggestions of possible dates of fulfilment as the events are so special to Israel. Note that Dates start from the evening of a day until the next evening.

A> So the First Feast, 'the Feast of ha-TRUAH' (TRUMPETS) begins the 4th of the 7 Jewish Feasts.
As explained this is also called 'Rosh Hashanah' or New Year as it begins the Sacred reckoning on the calendar. However it was always meant (not as a joyous celebration), but a solemn call to preparation and heart-searching, over a period of 9 days. At this time all Jews will 'wrestle' with the belief that Yeshua is their only Saviour and Divine Deliverer, with a great repentance as described in Jeremiah 30, where it is described as "The time of Jacob's Trouble", [Genesis 32:24.] and very great fear -so a man unconsciously holds his stomach like woman in labour. This will NOT be years long, but a short time, (fulfilling the beautiful words of Isaiah 62), during which God will do a great 'Heart Transplant Operation' for all Jewish people, as written in Ezekiel 36: 23 -27.
 "I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean... I will give you a new heart, and put a new spirit within you, and move you to follow my decrees."
Please read about this in Ezekiel 36 vs. 22 -31; also Zech.12: 10 - ch 13: 1.

B> The Second of the' last 4 of 7 special memorials' is a one-day fast on the 10th day. Very probably by 'YOM KIPPUR'
[Day of Atonement], every Jewish person will not only have repented but now in faith and simple trust accept that Yeshua is their Holy Sacrificial "Lamb of God" ~ Who alone makes atonement for each sinner.
But as for the threat from the Magog Army, it is now known that ADONAI is the only One Who can help Israel.
Even gathering this 'horde' is an act of God, which will cause millions to check out the Biblical record!
 [Please be sure to read Ezekiel 38 and 39 and keep your Bible open there.]

a) So the world watches. The fact that ADONAI says, "I will show My greatness and My holiness, and I will make Myself known in the sight of many nations. THEN they will know that I AM the LORD," indicates it must be in our times with modern means for the whole world to watch an event by T.V. and Internet! [Ezekiel 38:23, & 39: 1-21 ~ especially verse 21!]
 [Possibly] over-night, right on Yom Kippur the whole Magog Army is destroyed by a huge localised Syrian Earthquake, but panic among the soldiers ensures complete destruction of all. Only the mosques on the Temple Mount are likely to be shaken to the point of collapse, some Muslims still there will die. Eze.39: 21 - 29, Joel 2:1-17.This whole area is on an earthquake fault line, but this one will be very serious - high on the scale!

b) (Maybe by morning of Yom Kippur) but certainly one day - all Israel wakes to the quiet realisation of the fact that by calling on the Name of Yeshua ~ they have been saved spiritually and physically,
and even the city of Damascus has been totally destroyed! See Jeremiah 17:1.
The overwhelming reaction all over the world, but especially Muslim nations is that Only the True God of Israel, and NOT Allah could have done this so specifically. Persecuted Christians in those nations will rejoice!

C >The Third Celebration (of the last 4) is called 'SUKKOT', 'Feast of Tabernacles'.
This was to remember Israel's Desert time under God's care.
It is just as well there are 5 days before this next great 'Jewish Feast'!
The 5 days up to Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles = leafy huts*), will bring the most huge and radical changes in all the people, and Government decrees will start to reshape the nation to become a Holy People, [Ezekiel 36, Jer. 30 -33, etc]. The faithful Messianic Believers will be a great blessing to all and accepted at last! The contrast in attitudes to True Christians, and God and all His Word ~ even the B'rit Chadashah/ NT will bring great glory to God!



a) As a result of the total destruction of The 'Magog Army' and Damascus, total economic disaster results from other Earthquakes in 'diverse places' [Ezekiel 38: 18 - 39:6] and the loss of the Magog Army's assets and money by those who were financially backing the venture, brings world chaos, anarchy and collapse of Government's controls. [See 'Sequel to the Ezekiel war'.]
This prepares for the Ant-christ or False Messiah to take world control.
Also see our other articles on 'The False messiah' & 'The Great Lie' &  'Tribulation'.

b) Israel continues to celebrate the Feast of 'Tabernacles' for the next 7 days with new understanding and harmony like never before, and real joy!
The chaos and anarchy all round the world, will not be in Israel, where the *Feast of Tabernacles/ Sukkot, will begin a time of rejoicing that Yeshua * 'Tabernacles' (lives) as God, with Israel still! John chapter 1 - especially verse 14, and chapter 17.

D> The 4th of these 'newly fulfilled' celebrations and last Feast of the total Seven, is called 'SIMCHAT TORAH' on the 8th day. This last one means 'rejoicing over the giving of the Word of God', first through Moshe in the desert, but now all Jews will recognise the living 'Word of God' in Yeshua their own Saviour and Messiah and the Holy Spirit!

Israel may see this as a time to celebrate Jesus/Yeshua Immanuel's actual birth, when He became "God with us" as a real, visible Jewish male person over 2,000 years ago. See Isaiah 9:6, Joel 2: 18 -32, Isaiah 49, 51, 62!

>>All true Christians (many in M.E. countries) and new Jewish Believers around the world will use this chaotic time after the 'Ezekiel war', like a 'window of opportunity' for a few months, to witness and bring thousands into the Kingdom of God through repentance and faith in Yeshua/ Isa/ Jesus! This will bring the revival we've long for.
Jewish people will have "all been saved" spiritually * over the past few weeks so this will fulfill Joel 2:28 - 32, and Isaiah 19: 23 -25, & Romans 11:12, 15, & 26/27!


For more details from here on, we suggest you look here.

a) The 'Global Governance Gurus' quickly initiate all their previous prepared plans for Global control under a 'One World Government' with worldwide powers. See: & 'The One World Gov't is almost here'.
The new 'Terra basic currency' is launched and the new World Leader is now announced, ('Anti-christ or False-messiah') with strict regulations quickly being launched. See here also Revelation 13.

b) The entire world will know that Allah is not a god, but the 'Holy One of Israel, The God and Father of Yeshua the Messiah' is the only, true God! The power of Allah and Muslims will be totally broken, ready for a worse "beastly" Regime, which will commence almost immediately.

>Yet the whole world - all people everywhere, will know ADONAI/ YHWH is GOD! This will help to fulfil Yeshua's words that, "This Good News of the Kingdom will be made known in all the world and then the end will come," Matthew 24: 14. Isn't that a wonderful fact? We have longed for it.
> Some Christians with links to and love for Israel may be able to go there as Zechariah 8:23 says, and all God's People will really be one, there!
>Sadly many Christians will lose their Faith, and those who choose to take the 'worship mark' of the 'Beast' [Revelation 13] will ensure that from then, there will be no more new Believers, as they will not be willing to change.
> But the other, faithful Believers, (who refuse to take the 'Mark') will complete the "full number of the Gentiles", a number only known to God.
Romans 11:esp., 25 & 26, & 1 John 3:19 -21 & Rev. 13.

c) It is now, that the False-messiah (Anti-christ) is organising his control systems, getting all Nations [the "many" of Daniel 9:27] to confirm the Treaty (covenant) to give him sovereignty for seven years. (This may be the one that 50 nations made with the UNO in 1995, see
-tho' no detail of resolution given.)
However as we have said, new Jewish Believers and Christians quickly share the Gospel, with relations, friends ~ anyone they can!
Joel's prophecy of chapter 2: 21 - 32, will be fulfilled not only for Israel.
This will be a time of final glorious revival, with every new Believing Jewish person and all true Christians, including from all the M.E. nations, (Isaiah 19:23 -25) will 'evangelise' with great joy, winning many to Jesus as Saviour - even though it will be known that this will lead to persecution, soon. Perhaps Believers in Iran become Leaders in sharing the Gospel, as Jeremiah 49:38a & 39 describes, which will then be true as God said: "I will set My throne in Iran... I will restore the fortunes of Iran..."

d) The Anti-christ will only agree to Israel, not being part of his 'kingdom' by making a separate Treaty with them, on the condition that ALL Jews go to Israel, where they will now have the control of ALL the Land God promised to them,
and the population grows! Ezekiel 36 describes this, also Zephaniah 3: 9 - 20 & Hosea 2: 14 - 23, lovely verses!
"I will bring them back not leaving any behind" Ezekiel 39: 28, and other Scriptures, only partly fulfilled before this. Israel will be a Holy Nation and become like Noah's 'Ark of refuge' for all Jews and many Christians.
Israel will not suffer in the Tribulation
, but will be the Spectacular 'Woman' described in Revelation 12 who is taken to a "place prepared for her by God", which [we believe] is the Land of Israel! [vss 6 & 14 but this needs your careful study and we will not know until these events do happen.] Cp, Isaiah 60: 1 -3, Zechariah 8 & ch. 10, & Isaiah 29: 14 - 24.

e) The Anti-christ will also give permission to rebuild the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount and conduct their own affairs.

Two godly Prophets give the lead.
This is when the 2 Prophetic witnesses (not re-incarnations of old Prophets but godly 21C men, possibly a Jew and a Gentile), will appear in Jerusalem, in Israel, to start their ministry... as in Revelation 11: 1 - 13.
f) The two Prophetic Witnesses represent ADONAI's Authority in the world from Jerusalem - NOT the Anti-christ, but rebellious nations under him will suffer justice for worship of the evil Gaia system, and the spirits of fire, water, earth and 'air', called down possibly by the Prophets.
Rev. 17: 12 & 13. See article here.
Gradually they will act LIKE Moses and Aaron (but not be them) by harmonising with the God's Trumpet disasters in response to the evil Worship system of the Beast's Babylon regime. Rev. 11:6, cp. 8: 6-12.
They will be hated for these serious effects, on 1/3rd earth being burnt, 1/3rd of water turning to blood and 1/3rd of the Sun and moon blacked out and other disasters. Cp. Rev. 11: 6, with Rev.8: 6 -12.

g) During these first 42 months or 3.5 years, the cruel and evil 'Time of Distress' will be taking place throughout the world except in Israel, which will now be a Holy Nation.
True Christians will be persecuted all over the world, (but see notes **).


is a very significant, evil event. The 'Treaty' will have been made with every nation to give the False-messiah/ A-C world rulership, (except for a different agreement with Israel - who will not give him the sovereignty over Israel!)
But then after 42 months, he decides to break that 'covenant'. 
Please read it yourself from Revelation 11 & Ch.12 thro' to Rev 13 verse1.

a) The Heavenly explanation of the change in the False-messiah [A/C] may be the battle John describes in Revelation 12: 7, "and there was war in Heaven. Michael and his angels fought... against the dragon and his angels. But he was not strong enough... The great dragon was hurled down - that ancient serpent, called the devil, or Satan who leads the whole world astray." It is then Satan enters into the False-messiah.

b) Inspite of the disasters which have been happening over the world from the trumpet judgements, somehow everything will continue on as in the time of Noah, (as Jesus said) and it seems many people will go to see the glorious rebuilt Temple. Rev 11: 2 describes those who "will trample on the Holy City for 42 months" will not meaning war, (as many teachers explain) but be the great crowds of tourists, which anyone who has been to Jerusalem knows about. When you see a big group approaching you flatten yourself by the nearest wall so as not to be trampled on!

c) The Anti-christ moves to Jerusalem, perhaps partly in a jealous rage of all the tourists going there. First he kills the Two Prophets by the power of a demon "from the abyss", [Rev. 11: 7] and also breaks his Treaty (with Israel) and moves his speaking * Statue to the Temple Mount [2 Thess 2: 4] and sits in the Temple demanding to be worshipped as 'God'. This will be as Daniel wrote in 12:11, "from the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished, and the Abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days" - (30 extra for an unknown reason). This is when Satan in the A/C kills the 2 Prophets.
However encouragement is given to all Believers that patience over a total of 1, 335 days will be rewarded. [An extra 45 days - the reason unknown.]

d) There is an Earthquake in Jerusalem at this time [Rev. 11: 13] but John sees God's Temple in Heaven ~ Rev. 11: 19 and an Earthquake and hail-storm probably on Earth. [So this could be the same as the one in Jerusalem, or even later at the 7th Trumpet -matching the 7th Bowl judgement as in 16: 16 at Armageddon, so the 6th & 7th Trumpets and Bowls judgements happen together very near the End.]
John could not look at every 'video' of events at the same time - but at the same event separately? See 'Earthquake and sky Signs in Jerusalem'.

e) All Believers in Judea
**mainly Jews, (but some Gentile Christians they may have married many years before) will see the Statue as the sign *'of the Abomination of Desolation', Yeshua spoke of so they move to North Israel, but not leave the now - full/ total area of the Land as promised by God, (but see the note below about ISRAEL, also Rev. 12: 1 - 6.)

f) This will now be 'The Great Tribulation'. Sadly, many Gentile Christians, still in the world who refuse to accept the worship and economic system, as represented by a mark (micro-chip) in their hands or forehead will be cruelly treated in ~ a new 'Holocaust' in the second 3.5 years under the Anti-christ and his 'Prophetic False Prophetic helper who forces *worship of the statue representing the Satanic Leader, or die... (Rev, 13: 14 -17, and Rev 12: 13 - 17 fitted together.)

>>It is possible that at the end of the first 3.5 years, the A/C may have had a 'death' experience but comes back to life fully possessed by Satan whose first act was to kill the 2 Witnesses who could not be killed before this. Perhaps this is portrayed in a different way by the battle between Michael and "the Dragon and their angels". Rev. 12: 7 -17, and 13: 2 - 17, but note verse 4 especially. "Men worshipped the Dragon, because he had given [extra?] Authority to the Beast and they also worshipped the Beast and asked, 'who is like the Beast? Who can make war against him?' " Christian Biblical answer: God's Michael did!

g) But in Israel, (now a Holy nation, honouring God and in real harmony with true, humble Christian Gentiles)~ all Messianic Jewish people ** will be the Light to the world, that God always wanted them to be! This is here on Earth, before the Return of Yeshua.
Isaiah 27: 2 - 6, & 49: 5 -13, Rom. 11: 12. 15.
This is the opposite to what most Bible teachers explain, about this time, yet this is what Isaiah 60: 1 -3 says to Israel. "Arise! Shine" for YOUR ** Light has come," (a new understanding of Who Yeshua is to them by faith) "and the Glory of ADONAI rises upon YOU **. (But) see darkness covers the Earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon YOU **and His glory appears over YOU"** - (by faith not sight!)

h) It is also possible that this is when Israel becomes the only 'sheep Nation' ** in the world by sending out Jewish people, (144,000) who will risk their lives to secretly minister to the persecuted Christians.
In Rev. 7 the '144,000 Jews' are simply called "servants", NOT evangelists, as no one with the mark will be able to turn to Jesus as Saviour, so it will be all people who have not taken the mark that will complete the full number of Christians. Romans 11: 12, 15 & 26, Isaiah 45: 11- 12, 17, & 59: 20/ 21. etc!



We believe GOD ~ will shorten the actual days ~
because of the suffering over the whole world.

 [We cover these events in more details in the
Full E.T. Timeline for the Whole World

a) The Abomination of Desolation'. When the 42 months is up, the 'False Messiah' in a jealous rage (because of all the attention the Temple is getting) and because he is now possessed by Satan will transfer his 'speaking Statue to the Temple and demand to be worshipped there as god, (as described above.)
Paul prophesied this in 2 Thess. 2: 4. This will be exactly the sign Yeshua gave the Jews in Matthew 24: 15 all Believers ** in the near vicinity of the Temple Mount and city of Jerusalem will flee hurriedly to the hills in the North of (the enlarged) land of Israel. They ** will not leave Israel to go to Pella in Jordan as in 66 - 70AD - or Petra - which was not where the 1st C Jews went -inspite of rumours.

b) The final events will follow quickly
(after the 2nd part of the shortened days of the 'seven Year Treaty') which the Anti-christ broke; he now plans to fight God and Israel. God will have the first 5 'Bowls of Wrath' poured out, and other events as in Revelation 16,17, and 18 will reach a crescendo - until the 6th and 7th Trumpets and Bowls (may) happen together to bring about the final battle of 'Armageddon'.  Rev. 9: 13 (6th angel) cp. with16: 12. See 17: 13 & 14, and ch. 19: 19 - 21, also a 2nd fulfillment of Isaiah 13: 6 - 13, ch.14: 5-6.
It seems very possible that during these last Bowls of terrifying Judgement - all Believers ** still alive, (esp. in Israel) who are still in the world, will be Sovereignly noticed by God, and often protected.
 See Rev.14: 12 & 13, 16:15. Luke 18: 7 - 8, and 2 Thess. 2: 13 -17.

c) However many older people may be taken in death before these times. Consider Isaiah 57: 1& 2, where it says: "the Righteous are taken away to be spared from evil, those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death." This may have happened in the time of the breaking of the 3rd or 4th Seal, [Rev. 6: 5 -11], when world plagues will cause many deaths. Many children too will die, to be spared, I believe.

d) An understanding of the words of Jesus about the 'Days being shortened' is now known, based on scientific measurements of time following a very massive earthquake - (of which there will be more than one) before the Return of Yeshua. It is a precious insight into God's loving concern for the people He made. In Matthew 24:22, "If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the Elect [Believers] those days will be shortened."
So it is now known that each day will be shortened by a few seconds or minutes by God using worldwide earthquakes, which will affect the rotation of the Earth, as was demonstrated at the time of a great earthquake and Tsunami at the end of 2006 in the Pacific Ocean.
[See article: 'Future Earthquakes and Sky signs Worldwide'.]




A> FINALLY - all the End time events come together - perhaps in a speeded up sequence (also perhaps) "to shorten the days" so that all of Revelation 16, 17, & 18 suddenly culminate in ch. 19, with the Actual Coming of Messiah Jesus, which will be THE great resurrection Day and Meeting in the air, before joining the magnificent precession of Angels and Believers of all time back to the Earth ~ finally transformed by the Creator's Word ~ to be as it was at Creation as part of the whole magnificent scenario? See link here.

These events are so magnificent in scope and variety of Angelic actions, announcements and COMPLETION of all God's highest Purposes that He has planned, since the foundation of the World, that we cannot fully understand how they will eventuate. - Zech. 14: & Zephaniah. 8 - 17, etc!

B> Yeshua finally has Returned to the Mt of Olives in Jerusalem, to reign from there for 1000 years with the Apostles and Jewish Believers in the highest governing positions, as Jesus promised.
All other resurrected Believers will be allocated areas of service based on their faithfulness in this life.
It appears there will still be some Non-believers in the world to be ruled over. Daniel 7: 12 & Matt.25:19 - 30. Micah 4:1 - 8, Isaiah 2:1 - 5, Psalms 45, 47, 72, 96! This is a beautiful, big subject you can read about here.

 This is the time after the 1,000 years - 'ETERNITY'
as told about in Rev. 21/22. See Dan 7: 11&12, also Isaiah 65: 17 - 25. ~although it is almost too wonderful to understand fully! Please see our paper on 'Eternity'

So, in closing this Study may we ask you to ~
Praying especially for all Jewish people to soon turn
to their own Saviour and Messiah
We believe God's word is still as in Ezekiel 12:28 -
"Therefore say to them, 'this is what the Sovereign ADONAI says: None of My words will be delayed any longer; whatever I say will be fulfilled',
declares The Sovereign LORD."

Our response: "Baruch Ata ADONAI Eloheynu Melek Ha Olam!"
"Blessed art Thou O LORD our God, King of the Universe!"
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