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Some encouragement as we steer our way through the ‘oceans’ of news & ideas.

Throughout this article we will give links to more complete answers to questions.
Please be sure to check these out, especially the Bible references!

Why we care about your questions - some explanations first…
Because we are the people who write and post a range of articles for our web site, we really DO have a genuine prayerful concern to actually make a useful contribution to God’s people like you, who are visiting our site, & not waste your time, or our efforts! [See ‘
About Us’.] We so much want you to be blessed!

What we are trying to offer.
1. Useful information about current events in the light of the Bible – God’s Word.
2. Encouragement to those who need encouragement in their faith, in hard times.
3. Some insights of possible future developments, even warnings of tribulation* -so we can be prepared for what God may ask of us, as Believers in Yeshua/Jesus.
4. Invitations to find the truth about a real relationship with God, through repentance and faith in the death of the Son of God, Jesus, as our Sacrifice for sin. Then to invite all Believers, to seek to stand true, also by faith, in God’s power, making Jesus the LORD of our lives, until Messiah comes!
An awareness of the present suffering of many Believers and the reasons for this - as the fulfillment of many prophecies about the increasing wickedness/ wars & disasters in this ‘End time’ world - tells us, there will be even more ahead*.

SO many, (sometimes) confusing articles, web sites, books & films are available now!
The reality we see is, that there are just so many variations in the messages one can hear, read or see via our modern technology, about ‘eschatology’, (End times) that it almost becomes disheartening, to the point of ‘flagging it all away’. This is especially if we think that, maybe we will not escape from a terrible time of testing, as so many teachers are saying? This is only one subject we address, but it is an important one, as we are obviously in the minority, when so many Bible Teachers believe in a ‘Pre-tribulation’, or ’Pre-wrath’, 2-part coming of the LORD Jesus, with 2 separate resurrection days some years apart…

We believe there is another message for us to consider?

This is the main focus of this web site –seeking, not to be ‘scare-mongers’ but to try to prepare people for a future of great tests, just like many of our Fellow Believers are already facing! We believe Yeshua/ Jesus was not asking us to “WATCH’ to be ‘entertained’ or in order to be experts on the events of the future. But by being prepared in the renewing of our minds, with the Holy Spirit’s help, we will be able to stay true even through suffering in tribulation -“to the End”.

With the help of modern technology (web tracking methods) sometimes supplied by Christian people, we can get an idea of the kind of questions and search words people use to find our web site. We use one called ‘Stat Counter’ free & very useful.
This does not tell us anything about individual people. But the broadest information; like, the country people are in, what subject was being searched for; the articles that were looked at and the approximate number of articles a person looked at.
Sometimes we feel that people have been directed by the ‘search engines’ to articles that did not answer the question the person asked. So we want to give you some extra help, to really find an answer to your enquiry! Is that O.K. with you?


(Often there are many Scriptures giving answers to the questions
but we give only a few very brief references here, to keep it simple.)

1. What part of the Bible tells of the End of the World?

a) There will be an end to the wicked rule of mankind under the Antichrist/ False Messiah as given in Revelation 19, and great desolation of the Earth is described in Isaiah 13 & Isaiah chapter 24, but this will not be end of this Earth, because we believe when Man’s wicked rule ends & Yeshua/ Jesus comes back He will remake it as a recreated world – like it was at Creation! Isaiah 2: 1-5, & chapter 11 & 12 are some descriptions of many. This is exciting!
[We don’t know how long it would take – but probably less than 6 days!]
[See ‘
The False Messiah’ & ‘The Messiah’s Kingdom’, Part 1 & 2.]

b) Later there will be an actual End to this physical Earth, at the end of the 1000 reign of Yeshua, when it is replaced by a New Heaven & Earth, described in Revelation 21 –22. These will be totally different from this Earth, which will have ‘passed away’ completely. It will be so different it is hard for us to imagine, inspite of Revelation 21 & 22, which indicates it will be real – but spiritual & eternal –lasting forever! Another fascinating, exciting study!
[See ‘
Eternity – Heaven on Earth.]

2. Is the Second Coming (of Yeshua) mentioned in the Tanakh/ O.T?

Yes, it is more than once, in places like Daniel 7: 13 & 14, & Psalms 72, 93, & 97. Also Zechariah 14: from verse 3. (As these were written before Yeshua’s first Coming it is easier for us to study about Yeshua’s Return to Earth, with the extra knowledge of the B’rit Chadashah/N.T.) But it is good to build on the messages in the Tanakh – God’s special book - in all subjects. Psalm 45 is about the Royal Son’s wedding day – it could only be Yeshua’s. “In Your majesty, ride forth victoriously…Your throne O God will last for ever & ever, a scepter of justice will be the scepter of Your kingdom!” [See ‘Jesus Second Coming’.]

3. Will all the Jews be ‘saved’/restored spiritually?

We do take Romans 11: 26 very seriously, because of the way it comes in this special letter to Gentile Christians in Rome, where previously exiled Jewish Believers had been ordered to leave, but were now returning to a predominantly Gentile congregation. [We are indebted to Rev David Pawson, for this excellent explanation.]
From our studies, Ezekiel 38 & 39 tells when the Sovereign God will deliver Israel from an impossible situation, because they will finally call out to God, (see Zechariah 12: 9 – 13: 2) in repentance & trust and recognise Yeshua as the Face of God, by His Holy Spirit being poured out on them. Ezekiel 39: 29 sums it up. “I will no longer hide My Face (Yeshua) from them, for I will pour out My Spirit on the house of Israel, declares the Sovereign LORD.” Isn’t that wonderful!

But, we believe they can only be saved when they “call on the Name of the LORD (Yeshua)” in faith & repentance. There is no other way! God does not save anyone except through their faith in Him; NOT when they see Yeshua at His coming. (Yes, God is so gracious to give some visions of Yeshua, to some Jewish people, now.) Rabbi Sha’ul, (Paul) wrote, “if you acknowledge publicly… that Yeshua is ADONAI ~ LORD & trust in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be delivered/ saved (spiritually).” Jewish NT- Romans 10. Yeshua said in Matthew 23, “you will not see Me again until you say ‘Blessed is He that comes in the Name of ADONAI’.” (“Baruch ha ba B’Shem ADONAI”, in Hebrew.)
[See ‘
Israel’s Glorious Future’]

4. What nations of the world will be blessed by Israel?

This question could be based on the clear promise to Abraham, Genesis 12: 2 & 3.

a) ANY person, at anytime, anywhere, as an individual, who has repented of sin & accepted the Jewish Yeshua/Jesus’ life & death & resurrection by trusting is blessed! Therefore many millions of people have been blessed by the truth of the complete Jewish Bible containing the Judeo/Christian Faith.

b) The influence of these good laws on many societies - ‘legal rights’ have brought great blessings to the nations, (especially in the ‘West’), that use them. Also Jews have been involved in many great ‘inventions’ & scientific medical & other developments to enhance & bless the lives of people, everywhere.

c) A special answer is “we believe most nations” will be blessed in a special way, in the future, after Israel individually, but as a Nation, recognises & “calls on the Name of the LORD” as described in Romans 11 & Isaiah 19: 23 -25. We have several articles about this exciting question. [See ‘The Future of Israel’, (short version) & ‘Israel’s Glorious Future’, also the ‘Sequel to the Ezekiel War’ Part 2.]

d) In Matthew 25: 31 –46 it tells of a division of ‘nations’ after Jesus Second Coming, between the people (‘sheep’) that cared for ‘the brothers of Jesus’ (& will be blessed) and (‘goats’) - those that did not care. We actually suspect this has been fulfilled in several ways, but we wonder if the Jewish Restored Nation will minister (perhaps through 144,000 Jewish ‘servant/social workers’) to persecuted Gentiles in the Tribulation – but we do not know for sure. (Revelation 7: 3 – 8, simply calls the 144,000 of Israel ‘servants’. They cannot be ‘evangelists’ in the Tribulation, after people have ‘taken the mark’ which will lock them into the worship of the False-messiah, so it will be beforehand.) God has always wanted to bless the world through Israel & we find it impossible to believe that God will wait until after the Return of Yeshua to Earth. God will use them greatly beforehand as Romans 11: 12 & 15 says! “Greater riches” for the world! See Isaiah 60, & 66:19 – 21 – absolutely amazing verses of blessings here!
[See ‘
The Greatest Sign of Messiah’s Coming.’]

5. Will people be able to become Believers in Jesus (converted) after they have taken “the mark of the Beast”?
This seems very unlikely, as the ‘mark’ is more of a worship symbol than even a monetary system. Revelation 13: 15 –17. [See ‘
The Time of Tribulation’.]

[But this is not what those who believe in a Pre-trib rapture believe about those who have
been ‘left behind’ – they are called ‘Tribulation saints’ but this teaching suggests there
is a 2nd chance to accept Jesus, & a second resurrection day for Believers - which is not so.]

There is no Scriptural support for a second chance to become Christians after God’s People/Bride/Body have been ‘caught up’ to meet, Yeshua/Jesus as He returns once to Earth! We believe in only one resurrection day for all Believers, and no 2nd chances to accept Jesus at any time after that. “Now is the Day of Salvation.” Faith is not - ‘seeing’ - & ‘faith’ is absolutely essential to have a relationship with the Loving LORD God! However there will be a huge harvest just before the Antichrist takes over. See Joel chapter 2, 1 – 27 is about ‘the Ezekiel War’, & the result for Israel is in 28 – 32!
[See article on ‘
Faith –this mysterious thing we all need’]

6. What is the difference between “the times of the Gentiles”, in Luke 21: 24; and “The fullness (or full number) of the Gentiles”, in Romans 11: 25?

We believe the first (in Luke) was when Yeshua/ Jesus was speaking of a political time of change that would come to give the Jews the possession of the City of Jerusalem. Many people believe this happened in 1967, but in a sense it is not quite complete yet, but very soon Israel will be given the full responsibility for this Covenant City.

The second reference (in Romans) is to the full number of Gentile Believers in Messiah Jesus, a spiritual time of completion – here on Earth, & known only to God. It will also match with a given time when all Jewish people – here on Earth - will have finally realised Who Yeshua really is! That’s why it says, “and so all Israel will be saved.” (Vs. 26.) This emphasises our belief that every Jewish person alive at that time, (even though a ‘small remnant’ of maybe 20 million –as compared with 360 million Arabs), will come to know Yeshua as Saviour & their Messiah, before the Return of Yeshua to Earth.
[Please see the full explanation in ‘
The Times of the Gentiles’.]

7. When is Jesus Coming back?

No one but GOD knows the actual date, but we will know it is getting nearer as we watch for the signs. But it will be after some time of Tribulation, followed by a short time of God’s judgments, during which true Believing Jews & Gentiles will be kept safe. We believe that NO one knows the “day or the hour”. But while non-believers will have no idea what is happening, (Matthew 24: 36 –39) yet godly, true Believers will NOT be caught by surprise as they see the time getting nearer. 1 Thessalonians 5: 1 –11 says it well! “You are not in the dark, so the Day would take you by surprise.”
[See ‘
Messiah Jesus is Coming Again’.]

8. Is Islam the End Time Beast of Daniel 7 & Revelation 13?

No, we do not believe so. We believe God will break the power of fanatical Islam in ‘The Ezekiel War’, but that soon after as a result of worldwide chaos, the real False-messiah will emerge & head up the Beastly kingdom –also called ‘Babylon’. This will be supported by ‘a One World Religion’ that will include many moderate Muslims, carnal Christians & every other religious group in a homogenous Satan worshipping group. Of course any powerful, cruel, Satanic regime in history or in the world now, (like Islam) shows the same cruel features, which, sadly will be even worse, when the Antichrist emerges to set up his ‘Babylonian’, beastly kingdom.
[See ‘
The False-messiah’, & ‘The Greatest Lie’.]

9. Is America ‘Babylon’?

No, we do not believe this. ‘Babylon’ will not be one nation. It will be a total, global economic & religious system – a new UNO -headed by a very powerful & seemingly clever MAN – who will claim to be the messiah. He is alive now - & could be gaining worldwide influence just as some leaders are already doing. He will be backed by a worldwide, humanistic, ‘religious inter-faith’, conservation minded lobby group with a leader like the Dalai Lama. The False-messiah will be supported by 10 ‘power-blocks’ like: Africa. Arabia, South America, Asia, China, India, Nth America (Canada & USA) Russia, Europe & Oceania (Australia & all Island nations in the Pacific.)

Each will have one ‘king’ or leader to become the ‘10 kings’ of Revelation 17. But the world is becoming more ‘inter-dependant’, forming big alliances, such as the G8, WTO, Multi-lateral financial & cultural groups, and other efforts such as setting up non-national ‘initiatives’. Even the UNO have set up a special organisation called ‘AOC’ = Alliance of Civilisations, see . See also, ‘Clinton Global Initiatives’, the ‘Organisation of Islamic Conference’, and other groups, talking about ‘values’ & seemingly noble humanitarian ideas – not only financially based world bodies. [See ‘Daniel’s Five End-time Kingdoms’ Part 2.]

10. Who is the ‘Restrainer’ of 2 Thess 2?

We believe this is a very powerful Angel, as in many places in the Bible, they are given very special assignments, as shown in Daniel 12. Time-wise it is before the Tribulation that ‘the Restrainer’ is removed in order to allow the ‘Lawless one’ to take over. So we do not believe it will be the Holy Spirit, because Jesus by the Holy Spirit will be in all true Believers, even in the time of Tribulation. As Jesus said, “I will be with you always, yes, even to the end of the Age.” This is another reason out of many, why we do not believe in a Pre-tribulation event/ Rapture. God by His Spirit will always be omni-present – everywhere, always, with all of His people by faith - Jews included! But by the increasing liberal attitudes of even Christians there is less ‘restraint’ of evil, as there is also an “increase of wickedness”.
[See excellent article at:]

11. How important is World Evangelism & will there be a great End-time Harvest?

YES! This is the exciting key to the Return of Yeshua/ Jesus! Joel chapter 2 will happen! It will partly be because of “all Israel being saved” – all Jewish people finally realising Who Yeshua is & turning to everyone they know around the world, to tell them the Good news, also a huge harvest of new Believers in Islamic nations of the M.E. Isaiah 19: 23 – 25. Yeshua/ Jesus said clearly in Matthew 24: 14, “This Gospel… will be made known in all the world & then the end will come.” It’s so important! [See ‘The Greatest Sign of Messiah’s Coming’.]

12. When will Believers in Jesus & non-Believers be resurrected from the dead?

a) There is only ONE resurrection Day for all Believers; it is at the one & only Return of Jesus to Earth. “This is the first resurrection,” Revelation 20: 5. We believe that it will include all people since Seth, (see Hebrews 11) all Believers in the Tanakh/O.T, right through to the ‘end of the Age’. Anyone who has ‘believed’ and therefore their ‘faith is reckoned to them as righteousness’, like Abraham, or ‘the dying thief’, or people over the last 2000 years.

b) Revelation 20, verses 7–15 tells clearly of the time 1000 years later when another, ‘second resurrection’ happens but only for non-Believers and sadly they will die a second time. There is NO second chance to become Believers by faith, because they will see Jesus their Judge & know they have sinned & will die in the ‘second death.” Some Scriptures suggest levels of punishment, but it is not clear. It is clear from Romans 1:18 – 20 everyone knows what is right, from creation, & their own consciences, & will have no excuses on the Judgement day. However we agree with Abraham’s statement in Genesis 18:25, “Shall not the Judge of all the Earth do right?” All little children & intellectually handicapped people from birth, will be saved & be where Jesus is. Everyone else will have to answer to Him, one day.
[See ‘
Messiah Jesus is Coming Again’.]

13. How much do we know about the future of Jerusalem, & the 3rd Temple?

There is quite a lot about this in the Bible, which we comment on, in different articles. Soon this will include notes on the ‘Two Witnesses’ and other parts of Revelation. Revelation 11 and Isaiah 62 are very specific & good chapters to read!
[Please look for these up-coming articles! See next question.]

14. Where can I read about End Time earthquakes & sky signs in Israel?

We give a summary of some of these. [See ‘Earthquakes & Sky Signs in Jerusalem’.]

15. Can we know Man’s true origin?

We believe God made one man & one woman absolutely perfect physically, mentally & spiritually on the 6th day of Creation. Genesis 1: 26 –31. Can you imagine God making anything that was not perfect in every way? Many Christian scientists believe God created the world & people perfectly, less than 10,000 years ago. Sin has caused a ‘decline’ in many people over the centuries, but God can ‘restore’ those who believe in Him, in this life, and even better at the Resurrection, “when we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him!”
[But see ‘
Comfort for Sorrow’ Part 1.]

16. Will weapons be made of ‘lignostone’ in a future war?

Yes, we believe so. This is because after the ‘Ezekiel War’, Israelis will ”go out & use the weapons for fuel & burn them up…. For 7 years they will use them for fuel… they will use the weapons for fuel…” Ezekiel 39: 9 & 10. In Ezekiel’s time, wood was the main source of burning for cooking or warmth. (Oil was for lighting.) Present-day Israel is very good at using solar heat for electricity but has to buy almost all its other petroleum needs. But modern slow burning stoves, etc would offer a lot of reduction of other fuel needs, so now that there is this substance called ‘lignostone’ which is as hard as steel, but being made from wood, (& would be less visible on radar or from satellites), so it seems possible the Magog army would use it for at least carrying other weapons. Their weapons could even include modern kinds of ‘shields, bows & arrows’ as Scripture clearly says. Refer to: the Ezekiel War and do a web search on ‘lignostone’. See

17. Why does it say Jerusalem will be called ‘Sodom’ & ‘Egypt’ in Revelation 11:8?

We like the NIV rendering about the two killed ‘prophetic witnesses’, “their bodies will lie in the street of the great City, which is figuratively called ‘Sodom & Egypt’ where also their LORD was crucified.” It is very clear this is during the time of the False-messiah’s rule, who hates them & everything they stand for. So like all people who hate the Lord Jesus, they use angry & blasphemous words & names. So this does not mean Jerusalem has become evil. We believe it will be a righteous City under the control of newly Believing Jewish Leaders, who will rebuild the Temple & worship God through Yeshua, for 3.5 years, as this chapter 11 describes. But it suits the jealous False-messiah (who gave them permission to build the Temple), to then besmirch & blaspheme God’s City, until finally he jealously decides to seat himself in the Temple in Jerusalem with his statue, & proclaim ‘he is god’, there. (2 Thess, 2: 4.) Evil people love to speak badly about good organisations, people, etc.
[See ‘
The Great Lie’.]

18. Will God provide a place of refuge & safety, on Earth, to Jews & Gentile Believers in the Tribulation?

Yes, we believe the whole Land of Israel, from the Euphrates river across to the great (Mediterranean), Sea, and down to the ‘river of Egypt’ as it says in Joshua 1: 4, etc, will be restored as a safe place for all Jews alive at that time. In fact we believe that because the False-messiah/A.C will be like Pharaoh he will order all Jews to go to live in Israel. (Compare Revelation 12). But some Gentile Believers will be able to go there too, as Zechariah 8:23 says, though many others will die for their faith. It is possible the area Israel will gain after ‘The Ezekiel War’, will be even more, than originally promised, as it says in Isaiah 61:7, “ they will inherit a double portion in their Land.”
[See, ‘
Times of Tribulation & Wrath’ & ‘Sequel to the Ezekiel War’.]

19. Which nation will be the ‘Sheep nation’?

We are not dogmatic about this but believe it is Israel. Specifically, during the Tribulation, Israel will help persecuted Gentile ‘brothers of Yeshua’ (perhaps by sending out 144,000 Jewish “servants” as they are called in Revelation 7), to be the actual ‘social workers’ on behalf of Israel. Later Israel will be divided from the rest of the unbelieving world after the Return of Yeshua, as He sets up His Earthly Kingdom. See Matthew 25: 31 –45. However God has used the message & meaning of this story to encourage all Christians in every place & every age to find ways of ministering to both Jews & Gentiles, Believers or un-believers. We note that it is ‘nations’ that are separated from other nations, (Matthew 25:32) - perhaps not individuals. This is an example of things we do not fully know or understand till they happen. Christians have always been & are in the forefront of many rescue and relief agencies as they should be.

20. How can a Jewish person understand how Yeshua is God?

Only by the help of the Ruach ha Kodesh. This is a very special question, with a very special answer, for Jewish people, who repeat ‘The Shema’, (from Deuteronomy 6: 4), every day. The affirmation in Hebrew says: ”Shema, Isra’el; ADONAI Elohaynu ADONAI Ehad”. In English it is: “Hear, O Israel, The LORD, our God, The LORD is One.” For those who will accept it –it is in fact an affirmation of the three-part nature of their great eternal ‘ADONAI’ / LORD – (taken from the Hebrew ‘YHWH’.)

The repetition of the three names is significant, as is the use of the plural possessive form of ‘Elohim’ being ‘Elohaynu’- our God. It is also noteworthy that the word ‘ehad’ for ‘one’, can be at times & is used elsewhere in Scripture, for the concept of a multiple number of people, (as in an army) but designated as ‘one’. As the Holy Spirit is responsible for ‘convicting us of sin, and righteousness and judgement” we simply pray still, that even more Jewish people will recognise that Yeshua is THE FACE of God, as Yacov discovered at the place he called ‘Pin-iel’. Genesis 32:30. Cp. John 14: 9.
Whoever has seen Me has seen the Father…” In the end, this is something no one can understand with his or her mind, (as we would be equal with God), so we must accept it by faith, alone!
[See ‘
Who is the Face of God?’]

We trust these brief questions and answers have been a help to you.
We do not claim to know all the answers, but do believe
God wants us to ask & seek, most of all for Him, Himself and what He can be to us

Here are some precious thoughts about our individual relationship to God.
The love of my poor heart can be - to God’s beloved Son,
Something He nowhere else has seen, and in no other, won!

“And His dear love can be to me - my own, my very own;
Something He can only be- to me – and me alone.”

(Author unknown.)

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