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>> Daniel's Vision was quite unlike the main part of Nebuchadnezer's Vision in chapter 2,
[Except for the special part about the stone being cut out - without Hands.
>> Daniel's own Vision in chapter 7 was specifically given for Endtime Believers, like us.

~ We realise; this is an amazing statement to make; yet our hope is that it blesses you! ~


The ‘Beasts’ of Daniel chapter 7.
Vs 3.Daniel said; ‘In my vision at night, I looked and there before me were the four winds of Heaven, [from all ‘corners’ of the Earth], churning up the great sea, [of people]. Four great beasts, [monsters] each different from the others, came up out of the sea.”

Our Note:
They were not called ‘kingdoms’ and are more likely to be ‘Power Blocks’ of united countries or similar States. [Not the same but can be illustrated by the concept 'the Americas', 'Europe' or 'Asia'.]

These are just the very basic descriptions –
1.The first was like a LION, and it had the wings of an EAGLE.” Vs. 4.
2.There before me was a second beast, which looked like a BEAR.” Vs. 5.
3. “… there before me was another, [third] beast – one that looked like a LEOPARD... and on it’s back it had four wings, like those of a bird… it had four heads.” Vs. 6.
4. “… there before me was a fourth beast … it was DIFFERENT FROM all the former beasts. Vs. 7.

We will be coming back to learn about each of these later.

5. But note, the Fifth Kingdom also features in a special way in this vision, as the Kingdom of the Saints’ which is very important for us to notice as we progress through this study.

Our conclusion.

The last Kingdom that features in this chapter 7 vision, is not numbered as the fifth, but clearly is separated out for very special mention, in verses 18 & 21-22, & 27 as the Kingdom of the saints’!



The only point in giving us these written visions is ~ so we get the reason and meaning of them!

You will quickly see the first 4 are 'Earthly' ~ but the Fifth is on Earth, but has a Heavenly Origin.

(Please read Ch. 7 first.) This is a part of Scripture that has various interpretations and may even have more than one fulfillment. With modern Internet etc, we can have some understanding. One valuable site [agreeing mostly with what we have written below] is
 [If your interpretation of the visions is different, we respect your right to that.
It MUST fit with all Scripture]


> For the best result of my research
into a theological understanding, I am indebted to Teaching video tapes by a great Bible Teacher of our day, Rev David Pawson, for opening this set of concepts to my understanding.
 [Thinking of these Visions as 'Videos' may help you understand them.]
> Daniel had a unique opportunity
as a Statesman of an ancient world of 'kingdoms' and powers. These were not primitive societies, but very advanced in many Sciences, including Astronomy, warfare, mathematics, and literature. As young teenagers the Jewish Captives were taught these subjects.
The Time frame for the vision in reality seems to be for a period of time, [partially present], towards the End Time as it includes the "Coming of the Son of Man with the clouds of Heaven” (verse 13).
The emphasis is on the World Political powers.
Whereas the vision of the breaking of the seals in Revelation chapter 6 is on the effects on the world of people - (of war, famine and disaster); this ‘video’ gives a slightly different perspective, but overlapping the tragic events of the same End Time period.

> The Supreme, Unseen Final Powerful Ruler isThe Ancient of Days... The Most High’ in Heaven, (verses 9, 13, 22 and 18, 25, 27).

GOD alone had power to control the entire scene.


Below is an artist's interpretation of the four 'Monsters' or 'Beasts' in Daniel's own dream, ch. 7.

1: A LION with EAGLE'S wings, until the Eagle's wings were torn off the Lion,
2: the BEAR, with raw ribs in its mouth, reaching out on one side,
3: the LEOPARD with 4 heads and 4 wings,
4: The composite MONSTER, combining 3 features from the three previous Animal Powers..
 [We believe these represent influential World powers mainly since the 16th C. in the present form.]


> Where the Four great beasts came from. (These Animal representatives of the Political Powers) in verses 2-3 are the result of both the "Four Winds of Heaven" and the churning up of the great sea” - which in Scripture usually means the ‘sea of peoples, if you compare with Revelation 13:1, for example.
John wrote: "I saw a Beast coming out of the sea." A swirling mass of people, driven like restless waves of the ocean.

1. “The first was like a LION and it had the wings of an EAGLE”
(verse 4).
Here the suggestion is that this kingdom is largely the ‘British Empire’ that of course had strong links to other Caucasian nations and kingdoms right across Europe * in its earlier times, and then spread to the great north American continent where the nation is represented even today by an Eagle.
 [We realise other nations and political groups also used the symbol of a lion, but rarely with Eagle's wings, possibly Venice * did, which was part of Europe.]
Daniel wrote: I watched until its wings were torn off, and it [the Lion] was lifted from the ground, so that it stood on two feet, like a man and the heart [or mind] of a man was given to it.”
> The description of this traumatic event
reminds us how ~ (13 Sates, of what is now the U.S.A), separated itself from the British Empire, to become 'North America', in 1776.
There are two things to note: one is that it was "like a lion"- (the symbol of the British Empire, now the 'British Commonwealth of nations', a 'World Power' - not a single kingdom, since many countries in the 20th C declared 'Independence'). Second, that it was made to stand up like a man and it was given the heart (or mind) of a man.” We believe this is reflected in the growing use of 'English' as a Global Language.
The influence of the English speaking World in the spread of the Gospel and humane practices, should not be over-looked, though sadly often done with less than pure motives or real understanding of the indigenous people to which their influence spread.

But the Most High God has used it for good, as He loves to do!

> The negative aspect is the increasing pride in man’s accomplishments and the god of this world is now man himself, and the English language is an agent worldwide, for 'Humanism' and worship of 'Gaia'. [See:]
It is clearly = 'A Kingdom of Earthly Wisdom'.


2. “The second beast looked like a BEAR,” verse 5.
No ancient Kingdom had a bear as a symbol, yet anyone visiting the Moscow Olympic Games was not left in any doubt about the bear being the symbol of Russia, or better, the one time - U.S.S.R. [Now the Federation of Former Soviet States.] The growth and influence of 'Russia' developed most, after 1917.
The visual description fits 'Russia' ~ too, by its clumsy and cruel regime of Communism.
"And there before me was a second Beast, which looked like a BEAR. “It was raised up on one of its sides and it had three ribs in its mouth... it was told, ‘Get up and eat your fill of flesh!’”

We all know the tremendous cruelty of the Communist U.S.S.R. and how it was able to reach out to the ‘Eastern Bloc nations’ - on one side, but not to the West, although some of us feared a union with Communist China. In fact Russia is frequently seen to be 'Anti-West' in its attitude to pro-Christian Nations.
This union of the 2 Nations did not happen then, but in the context of both nations being members of the United Nations Organisation [UNO] - as both are permanent members of the 'Security Council of the UNO', * - they often vote together ~ and often against the 'Western nations' (like USA) and against Israel in particular. This is a meaningful situation, and again points to being an 'Endtime Power'.
Sadly, literally millions of Jews and Christians [more than 20,000,000 suffered cruelly under this seventy year regime, yet the Believers were brave and the blood of the martyrs helped the Body of Yeshua to grow strong, even under tremendous persecution.
So it could be called = 'A Kingdom of Physical Cruelty.'


3. The third beast Daniel saw - a LEOPARD - like a panther or jaguar... had an interesting combination of special features, especially strength and resilience.
 “Another beast, one that looked like a LEOPARD”, (the third beast).
We think, when we refer to 'The THIRD WORLD' - another large part of the Earth’s population, that it is a modern concept, yet it seems the Holy Spirit was showing Daniel exactly that, - in this third animal.
You may remember an organisation of mainly Afro-Americans who were called ‘The Black Panthers’ - one of the same animal family, as are Cheaters, etc ~ worth studying. The description in verse 6 says,
"After that I looked and there before me was another Beast, one that looked like a LEOPARD. And on its back it had four wings, like those of a bird. This beast had four heads and it was given authority to rule.”

Now our suggestion is that this animal could represent Africa, Arabia, Asia and South America. [We are not dogmatic about any of these suggestions, offered for your own investigations.] However, though they are widely separated they all have similar features, of strength and resilience under pressure.
 > But you may say, ‘How are they being given power to rule?’ A person or group does not have to have official governmental power to rule or ‘call the shots’ as we say. So look at the number of times ‘an Ethnic Protest’ has been put on a big commercial operation, or some kind of ban against a new development, or even a ‘sit-in’, which can take a long time to resolve.
Conversely, there are very influential people from these parts of the world that have held high office, e.g.- in the United Nations, (Secretary Ban Ki Moon, after General Kofi Anan and before him Butros Butros Ghali of Egypt) and a previous Secretary G. of the British Commonwealth also. A present influential President is descended from the Afro-American line. The influence of top athletes, entertainers, as well as the legitimate Leaders of many third world countries is considerable. The actions of one Middle East Leader, Saddam Hussein, brought many nations into the costly Gulf war, and lesser wars and crises can have repercussions very widely, often in the field of economics, but disease and famines or natural disasters too. The 'Asian' and M.E. economic crises are examples of the threat of serious ‘shock-waves’, 2013-14.
These = The Kingdom of Political Influence.


Further Significant Points to Notice in the ‘Video’ of World Political Power
Each of these three kingdoms are in existence now, and are allowed to continue both after the destruction of the Fourth Beast and after the Coming of the Son of Man (Jesus) and during His Earthly Reign! This will be looked at more carefully later, but is one reason we believe in the Earthly Reign of King Jesus Messiah in the Millennium. (See Daniel 7: verses 11 - 14, please!)


The Fourth Beast was a ‘composite’ of the other previous three animals, when you read carefully, verse 7.

The Tanakh record in Daniel 7 is vivid! There before me was a Fourth Beast - terrifying and frightening and very powerful. It had large iron teeth; it crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left.” Compare Revelation 13:1 - 4.


This description of an Endtime World Power, and its influence, is actually a subject for a separate, in depth study, some of which you can read here.

We simply include the Scripture with added notes, brought together under headings, from this chapter. Notice the main descriptions are repeated, as if Daniel was double-checking, that what he had seen was a real Creature, and one of FOUR KINGDOMS.

1. What the Beasts represented. 
 [Given in verse 17], they were not individuals, but by interpretation [in vs. 16.] ~ 'Power blocks' ~and described in vs. 17: "The four great Beasts are four Kingdoms that will arise from the Earth." But an earlier verse - (12, jumps ahead in the sequence) to note: "the other Beasts had been stripped of their authority, but were allowed to live for a period of time."
Because this is after the 'talking 4th Beast' was slain, [vs. 11] and was associated with the Coming of "the Son of man in the clouds of Heaven... [Vs. 13] "Who was given [vs. 14] "authority, glory and Sovereign power..."

We wonder if these 3 kingdoms will be on the Earth during the Millennial reign of Yeshua/ Jesus, when we saints will reign with Him, and they will constitute the non-believers that we will also rule over?
We believe after all the tragic Endtime events, their numbers will probably be quite small, but with the healthy conditions on the renewed/ recreated Planet [like it was at Creation], they will live long lives and produce many children. They will then comprise the huge army, ("like the sand that is on the sea shore") - that Satan is able to raise to fight in the second 'Gog & Magog War' as described in Revelation 20: 7-9? This is to answer the question in some Reader's minds about the huge Army of Rev. 20: 7-9.
 [Note: the totally new Heaven and Earth will not be until after the 1,000-year Millennial Kingdom Rev 21.]

2. How the Fourth Monster looked to Daniel.

Vs 7."After that, in my vision at night I looked, and there before me was a fourth Beast  - terrifying and frightening and very powerful. It had large iron teeth,"
[which it actually used in a cruel way.]
"It was different from all the former beasts, and it had 10 horns."

Vs 19. "Then I wanted to know the true meaning of the Fourth Beast, which was different from all the others and most terrifying, with its iron teeth and bronze claws...

3. How it treated its 'Victims'.

Vs 7. "It crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot, whatever was left."

Vs 19. "...The Beast that crushed and devoured its victims, and trampled underfoot whatever was left."

4. The mystery of the 10 horns and one Strong One, in particular.

Vs. 7. "... and it had ten horns."
This showed the wide extent of its recognised authority.
Vs. 20, tells that Daniel was talking to a spokesman for God. "I also wanted to know about the ten horns on its head and about the other horn that came up, before which three of [the 10] fell - the horn that looked more imposing than the others, and that had eyes and a mouth that spoke boastfully. As I watched, this horn was waging war against the saints and defeating them, UNTIL..." Praise God for the actions decreed by God, indicated by the word 'until'!
 [Another meaningful one is in Romans 11: 25!] God always knows when exactly to step in!

5. The defining Court Case, with the "Ancient of days..."
[mentioned twice in this chapter.] This a respectful description of God the Father.
Vs. 9, "As I looked thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of Days,
[God] took His seat. His clothing was white as snow... His throne was flaming with fire... a river of fire was flowing, coming out from below Him. Thousands upon thousands attended Him, 10,000 times 10,000 stood before Him. The Court was seated, and the books were opened." We can see right into Heaven!
 This total amazing scene [verses 9 - 14] deserves another article to fully consider its meaning.
HOWEVER its main meaning is clear: the Sovereign God decrees all that happens and when and for whom either judgment or blessing is decreed.
Therefore as members of God's Royal Family, we can just rest and trust that whatever happens all will be to God's Glory, and the blessing of VICTORY.

6. What 'Power Block' might the Fourth Beast represent?
There are MANY suggestions! However we believe this Evil World Power, has existed since the time of the first dominant Evil Power, written about in the time before Noah, [Genesis 6: 1- 7, 11 - 13]. Then even after the Flood, with the building of the 'Tower of Babel', Satan's Babylonian Power is described, [Genesis 11: 1 -9] which has shifted its visible geographical center, but has always existed, and already is forming as the final Global Babylon of the Book of Revelation ~ chapters, 13, 16: vs 19, and ch 17 & 18! [We do not believe it is 'Rome' or USA.]
By "Coming out of her"
we mentally and spiritually determine to belong to 'The Fifth Kingdom'!


But best of all, there is another greater more lasting Kingdom!
With a great and beautiful King! - [See verses 13 & 14, in chapter 7.]
 “HE was given authority, glory and sovereign power... His kingdom is one that will never be destroyed... (and) the Saints of the Most High will receive the Kingdom and will possess it for ever - yes for ever and ever.”
It has also existed since the time of Noah and has become worldwide.
At present, this Kingdom is like a ‘fifth column’; almost 'unseen', but the true one is real! [Sometimes it is called 'The Godly Line' (people in the Tanakh) ~ or in Romans 11, "the Olive tree''. See the study 'Times of the Gentiles'.]
In the meantime do you need me to underline what our part in all this will be?
Many Saints have already suffered and are suffering under the regime of the first three kingdoms [and especially the Fourth Kingdom - dominating them] in various ways of manipulation and regulation, burdened by watching SIN being legislated for - even in our own country.
Sadly many are suffering very greatly in Asia, in the Arab world, and Africa and even the Island nations, yet God is building His Kingdom. Are you helping? How deep is your dedication to this goal? Consider Matthew 28: 17 - 20!
Do you mean it when you pray," Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”? This is a costly prayer to pray.

HOWEVER, just as every part of Scripture, this vision is rich with meaning for you and me ~ today, this week, this month, this year!



Here are some reasons given to us ~ for the meaningful messages within Daniel's Vision to think about:

A. To prepare God’s End Time Saints, both Jews and Non-Jews.
> God has always sent prophets to warn of times of trial ahead
. A separate study of the Prophetic books would show that God explained through the whole of the Tanakh/O.T. that after a time of judgement in the second Exile, He would one day send a glorious Messiah to bring in the reign of God on Earth!
> Of course it was not all clearly seen and understood until the New Testament times, ~ also, in our day.
 > But just as the glorious future for God’s people was envisaged, so also the just punishment of all evil and those who caused the world to suffer from evil Powers would be described clearly!
These are the predominant themes of the ancient prophets of Israel. We need to think about them too.
Only a Holy God could give such warnings but it is due to God's love that mankind has been warned.

B. To reassure God’s People of every age that God is Sovereign and does condemn evil.

> Daniel had a Statesman’s clear awareness of the implications of the cruelty and domination of Evil world powers. Their huge and grotesque statues were everywhere, including the massive stone lion still in Iraq, which represented the proud concepts of strength and ferocity, and cunning they believed they had. We need to approach these facts very humbly, as we believe Daniel did ~ looking for the spiritual challenges to a consistent faith that moves mountains” ~ rather than just an academic understanding of the details.

God gives us enough information now to live and pray and work for Him, as we should.

C. Prophecy fulfilled, vindicates the greatness and integrity of our Majestic God.
No other person or so-called ‘god’ ever has, or ever will accurately foretell the future, let alone cause it to happen. [If there is a reader who is not sure whether the Bible is true, could we encourage you to test it this way?] Most special, perhaps are the 33 specific events in the Life and Death and resurrection of Yeshua/ Jesus/ Messiah [which all happened exactly as described hundreds of years before!
> As we contemplate the meanings of the Monsters in Daniel’s awful dream we need to take them as clear messages to us to pray about, and prepare other people as God helps us.

God did not need to write them for Himself. He wrote them for us, today!

D. We cannot stop these events and prophetic scenarios from happening.
Whether we understand or believe the ‘pictures’ of Daniel 7 are for these End Times, is not of great importance, but as Christians we could be affected.  We can still live lives of humble trust and obedience.
But as a nurse, I know that for many people who have to face serious medical or surgical treatments, it has been proved that when a person has some idea of the possible course of events towards their treatments, then they are much better able to come through it well. God put verses 21 & 25 in chapter 7!

E. So, we believe that God is going to test the faith of End Time Believers very seriously.
Daniel sees that too, especially regarding the Fourth Beast and its ‘little horn’. Verse 21 says, "As I watched, this horn was waging war against the saints and defeating them – until… “

We do not believe he will defeat all of them, but the pressures will be very, very great. Our preparation in holy determination to stand true to our Lord and Saviour now, is important.
 [This is the burden of this web site, winning new Believers is essential, but teaching them and ourselves to count the COST is vital!]

In closing this Part 3 study, we again remind ourselves that God’s Word is meant to:
Challenge us to a more total devotion to God, and Comfort us in every circumstance.
This is far more important than a ‘correct interpretation’ of the prophecies.

"With THIS in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may count YOU worthy of His calling, and that by HIS power He may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act ~ prompted by your FAITH. We pray this ~ so that the Name of
our LORD Yeshua/ Jesus/ Yasuo ~ may be glorified in YOU, and YOU in HIM, according to the GRACE of our God and 'Yeshua Ha Meshiach' ~ the Lord Jesus Messiah. 2 Thessalonians 1: 11 - 12.
This is the main reason for writing these studies – even though they offer a different understanding from many other Bible Teachers. God’s Kingdom WILL prevail and be victorious!

BUT! When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith [in Him] on the Earth?”
Because we have a great concern for many faithful Believers ~ our prayer is, that Jesus/Yeshua/ Yasuo ~ the Prince of Peace and Sovereign Savior and Messiah of the World ~ will find a deep, genuine sacrificial, but joyful faith in many humble Believers, in many readers like you!
It is to encourage Believers anywhere  ~ everywhere to remain true to their Saviour and God, even under bitter persecution, that we offer these studies.

Please pray over, and share them wherever you can, and may God bless you, as you do!

If you wish to have these studies printed on paper, please e-mail us your request, or write to:
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