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Someone who is called ‘The Anti-christ’, or ‘The False Messiah.’

This study, is a hard one to write and for you to read, partly because of the subject under examination and partly because other writers have written much about it, and especially the time leading up to it. The time before the Anti-christ appears is called ‘The Time of Rebellion’ which we will write about later. But many of us feel we are in this time already as we see the increasing moral degeneration all over the world.

Some speakers and web-sites major on the predisposing factors, especially in the world of finance which have been and are being manipulated to make it possible for the Antichrist and his Prophet to have world-wide power over everyone who agrees to his conditions. We agree with some of these concepts, so will not cover the same topics here in any detail. But you will realise we live in a fast changing world.

One conclusion which should be clear to all who read the Scriptures relating to the End Time, is the enormous amount of sorrow and suffering ahead for the whole world - Believers and Unbelievers. This is why the New Testament tells us a lot about it. Your background Scripture readings on this subject need to include, Revelation chapters 12 - 18, Daniel chapter 7, & chapters 9: 24 –27, & chapter 11: [but only] 31 –39, then the Gospel records of Jesus in the ‘Olivet Discourse,’ and 2 Thessalonians 2.

Pray earnestly as you read! We would suggest you find a Bible with good foot-notes as many of the Scriptures, especially in Daniel 8 & 11 were fulfilled in ancient times, and Names of rulers, countries and dates, verify that they have happened before the time of Jesus, i.e. B.C. You need to ask, “has this ever happened – or had a fulfilment in the past?”

It might be a help to read our article, ‘The Study of Biblical End Times.
However, to make things a little clearer to our modern minds we suggest that when you read of a VISION in the Bible, you could think of it like a VIDEO.

The Overall World Scene, called ‘the time of rebellion’.
This will simply be a continuation and intensifying of what has gone before, and frankly is happening in our World right now. This is all the aspects of ‘The Great Shaking,’ as it is also called and ‘The Time of Rebellion.’ Developments in every area of life in the 21st century are preparing for the most evil world Dictator of all time, widely known as ‘The Antichrist, but we prefer to call him, ‘The False-messiah’. He is the most visible person in a ‘Triad’ of evil, because associated with him is a second person known as ‘The Prophet of the Antichrist’, or ‘The False Prophet’. But behind them is the greatest Evil Power, Satan.

A. Who is the GREAT EVIL Power Behind the ‘False Messiah’?
The person of “the great Dragon - that ancient Serpent called the Devil or Satan, who leads the whole world astray,” is described accurately in chapter 12 of Revelation, verse 9 and looked at in an amazing description in Ezekiel 28: 12 –19. This is a long description of Satan, (who is personified as the king of the ancient city of Tyre). We know that he was a very glorious angel, who rebelled against God because of his pride. Ever since he was thrown out of Heavenly service, he has tried to take the control of God’s most special creation – people, -from God. Using one evil, powerful man is his last grotesque effort to take planet Earth for his own kingdom, and all the people in it, and so get what he has always angled and fought and deceived for. He wants ‘the kingdoms of the world’ to rule over forever.

One of the most amazing efforts to get this, was the third temptation he gave to the very Son of God in the desert, as described in Matthew, Mark, and Luke after Jesus’ Baptism. In Matthew 4: 8 we read, “Once more the Adversary took Him, [Yeshua /Jesus] up to the summit of a very high mountain, showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in all their glory, and said to Him, ‘all this I will give you if you will fall down and worship me.’ Yeshua/ Jesus told him, ‘Away with you, Satan!’ Yeshua told him, ‘the Tanakh / Scripture says, ‘ Worship ADONAI your God and serve only Him.’ “
We should never under-estimate or joke about this real, but invisible, person.
His name tells us a lot about him! We will note later how he longs for our worship!

We need to note, however, that though he is a defeated enemy of the Eternal God, and ours, yet he is still permitted, through the free will of sinful mankind, to have this time of Earthly power. This is shown in the ‘video’ of the ‘breaking of the Seals’ in Revelation chapter 6. Even Satan cannot act, if God does not allow him to. But it is for a reason.

B. The False Messiah, the Antichrist, Human Incarnation of Satan
His names are very descriptive, just as Satan’s names are.

He reflects his master, and tries to copy Jesus the Lamb of God, but he is actually a ferocious Beast, or monster. That is why the Bible calls him ‘the Beast’! He has blasphemous names on his horns. The lurid characteristics of this Beast, or monster from the sea (Rev 13:1) do not need to be repeated here, but some of his names, taken from various translations, are very graphic, such as ‘a man of anarchy’ or ‘the vile northern conqueror’ (Daniel 11:28). ‘The fourth beast, a king of vile countenance’ and in Revelation 17:3 ‘a scarlet Beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns’ - even ‘the eighth king’ in a chilling scenario of evil rulers which Daniel writes about in chapter 11. In some Scriptures, especially Revelation 17 the Beast and his ‘kingdom’ are both referred to as a ‘Beast’, and are very wicked and cruel.

A description of the False-messiah.

In Daniel’s ‘video’ in chapter 7, we read about 4 beasts that represent 4 Earthly, power blocks’ as we like to call them. This is because they may actually include a whole continent, or more than one. [You will need to see our other articles.]
The Beast I saw’, said John in Revelation 13, ‘resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear, and a mouth like that of a lion.’ This ‘beastly kingdom’ gains all the powers of the other great world powers, but in the most cruel and evil way, as you would expect when he is representing Satan.

His mouth speaks blasphemous words, and he uses it to pour out filthy lies!

From his mouth the Serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the Woman,” (the godly Bride, God’s true people), “to sweep her away with the torrent.” This is actually in a different vision/video in Revelation 12: 15, but the False-messiah & the Serpent are alike! John continues in chapter 13: 5, “The Beast was given a mouth [world-wide media coverage?] “to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority for forty-two months. He opened his mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander His Name and His Dwelling Place, and those who live in Heaven.” This fits with the behaviour of other ‘antichrists’ like Hitler, who used radio to harangue huge crowds who stood patiently to listen to the tirade. The False-messiah will do the same. This also explains perhaps, why he delights to give Jerusalem a name that he knows will cause revulsion: ‘The City that is called ‘Sodom’ and ‘Egypt’. (Revelations 11:8) Yet other Scriptures indicate that it will again be a Holy City in actual fact, because of the Spiritual renewal. [See our articles on Israel’s Glorious Future.]

It will not only be called, as Isaiah 62 indicates, beautiful names like ‘My Delight’ and ‘My Bride’, as it really will be a Holy city: “They will be called the Holy People, the Redeemed of the LORD.” But evil loves to slander what is pure and good. It was even done to Jesus, and God’s people have not and will not escape this kind of torture. You may know about this yourself, as Satan is behind every form of slander or cruelty. We do not feel it is necessary to pinpoint more accurately other details about this terrible person. Sadly, we may have the answers sooner than we think! He could well be alive and devising his plans right now. It is unwise to determine exactly who he is, at present, but we believe he is an ordinary, human man, who has a great personality but who gives himself to Satan to control.

The fact and scope of the False-messiah’s power.
This is clearly laid out in the Biblical chapters already given. It also is a parody of the scope of power and influence, which God has given to His Son, King Jesus! This is the ‘keynote’ factor, for to Satan people are totally expendable, and he loves nothing better than to see them die, because after our physical death there is no more opportunity to make changes in our spiritual destiny. The One he really wants to hurt and try (unsuccessfully) to conquer is our Beloved Saviour and King: Yeshua/Jesus. But the reality must again be emphasised that mans’ own sinful choices will be permitted by God to become the opportunity for this Evil Man to have his time of power. And amazingly, it is similar to the extent of God’s Kingdom. For ‘he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation,” leaving no one who will be beyond his grip though he will copy God by giving individuals the opportunity to choose not to use his worship or monetary system, but he will punish anyone, if they don’t agree!

C. But How Does He Manage To Get This Powerful Position?
We have already answered the question from a Heavenly point of view, so does Scripture have any insights into how the False Messiah gets his great position, from other perspectives? Yes it does.

Consider these points:

a) The False-messiah is specifically given power to him by the Dragon, that is Satan.
Revelation 13; 2 says specifically, “The Dragon gave the Beast his power and his throne and great authority.” In verse 4, “Men worshipped the Dragon because he had GIVEN authority to the Beast, and they also worshipped the Beast.” Remember the ‘Beast’ is the False-messiah. [BUT we believe even Satan cannot act unless God allows him to.]

b) Ways the False-messiah uses the power he is given.
You can read in the same chapter other ‘powers’ he is given by Satan.
Given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies.”
“He was given power to make war against the saints and to overcome them.”
“He was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.”
In Revelation chapter 6, where the Slain Lamb, Yeshua/ Jesus breaks the seals of the future, the effects of the Times of rebellion and the Man of rebellion are given symbolically. So you can now match up both the person, (the False-messiah) who causes most of the sorrows with the effects on people, shown. In both of these notice that ‘authority was given to TAKE PEACE from the Earth,” Revelation 6: 2, 4, 6 & 8 and then, 13: 4. The tragic results of war are death, famine, poverty, plagues, refugees, and pollution!
[The riders of the horses in Revelation 6 are not real people –only symbolic creatures.]

c) He is backed by a ‘One World Religious Federation’ and their ‘Prophet’.
This is explained very clearly in Revelation 13; 11 –18. “Then I saw another beast, coming out of the land…” We have a different explanation from some people who think this means, Israel. However one of the MAIN things which binds most people together (whether they consider themselves ‘religious’ or not), in these times is that they are very ‘conservation-minded’, (often called ‘Greenies’) and even Governments are very anxious to please them. Preserving the Earth is an essential, religious mandate for many! Later we will notice that they pride themselves on not being ‘racist’ yet have declared themselves the promoters of ‘human rights’. This is HUMANISM, which will be the common bond between the different ‘inter-faith’, religious groups who will combine in their support of the False- messiah in a time of world anarchy, believing he is a great ‘saviour of the Planet’.

This religious federation is also depicted as a lurid ‘whore’, as well as an evil monetary system represented by the Satanic city of Babylon, Revelation 17. In 13:12 the description of the False Prophet continues continues, “He had two horns like a lamb, (False humility) “but he spoke like a Dragon,” (his real ‘god’.) “He exercised all the authority of the first Beast on his behalf, and made the Earth (?) and it’s inhabitants worship the first Beast… He deceived the inhabitants of the Earth…” Already there is a softly spoken religious leader, called ‘His holiness’ who has visited every other top religious leader, and most political leaders as well.
He is venerated as a ‘holy guru’. The False Prophet will be like that.

d) But authority is also given to the False Messiah by many people.
This is as the result of some amazing miraculous ‘healing’. Revelation 13 verse 3 says, “One of the [seven] heads of the Beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished and followed the Beast.”

There are several more references to the ‘healed head’ in this chapter, and Revelation chapter 17, especially verses 8-14, and we will leave you to consult with various commentaries about more detailed possible explanations. However in a time like now, where the most amazing surgical operations can be done, we could wonder if it is far more than ‘a wound’, -perhaps he has actually been beheaded and died, then brought to life? This would again fit in with his desire to ‘copy’ the precious, and meaningful death of the LORD Jesus/Yeshua Messiah. Other people suggest (as you can read) that it was a loss of political power, sometime in history, in connection with the Emperors of Rome, but we have doubts about that explanation as you will see later.
But all of these events are allowed by God, because he gave mankind a free-will, even to allowing people to choose to do very evil and stupid things, like worshipping this ‘Beast’!

e) It is with support from other powerful ‘kings’.
Revelation 17: 8 gives this explanation, “the beast which you saw, once was, now is not, and will come up out of the Abyss… The ten horns you saw are ten ‘kings’ [power blocks] who have not yet received a kingdom, but who, for one hour will receive authority along with the Beast. They have one purpose and will give their power and authority to the Beast.”
[This is where there are different explanations, but to try to keep it simple, we are giving our thoughts for you to study and pray over.]

We see these as large ‘power blocks’ such as are now emerging in the Earth. The European Union and the African Union are two examples. It could be worth noting that the parts of the World referred to in Daniel’s ‘video’ of chapter 7, together represent seven ‘kingdoms’, I.e., the Lion, the Eagle’s wings, the Bear, and the Leopard with four heads and wings, and they include the whole world. {See our study on ‘Daniel’s Vision of the End Time Kingdoms’.]

But the exact explanations, like many of the facets of the End Times, will not be known for sure until we see them happening. No one has certain knowledge at present. However, coming more specifically in Revelation chapter 17:12 & 13, one wonders if this could be a different kind of authority, such as is wielded by the powerful financial grouping, originally called “the Great Ten” but later it became the G-7. With the recent inclusion of the C.I.S. (Russia) it became the G-8. These are called ‘industrial nations’: American, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Italy.

With many financial power blocs such as the I.M.F., the World Bank and World Trade Organisations (GATT, APEC, OECD) and other financial groupings such as a recent influential money-manipulating alliance called the M.A.I. (Multilateral Association of Investors) one could guess endlessly about the actual people who “pull the strings.” The ‘Club of Rome’ is one, and The United Nations and their sub-organisations of course are well known, and the concept of a “Global Village” is touted as a great advance and a “New World Order” as THE answer to a better world. Therefore it is clear the world is gearing itself to look for and accept a great charismatic “messiah,” but not King Jesus!

Someone with world- wide appeal.
It seems to us that a factor is that this person, the False-messiah/ Anti-christ, ‘Beast’ would have to be acceptable to all the peoples of the world. Of course, he will have some qualities that will seem important – especially ‘a strong man’. Already given as a reason to vote for a leader! However we also believe he will be like Pharaoh in the book of Exodus, and like Antiochus Epiphanies. Daniel gives this description in chapter 11: 38 –39.

Probably not Jewish.
This is because,
a) He will not have “regard for the gods of his fathers.” Daniel 11: 37. He does not seem to have come from a monotheistic heritage, like a Jew, (or Christian or Muslim).
b) The Beast is depicted as a powerful ruler with 10 ‘horns’. In Scripture, only Gentile nations are described this way. (God is the majestic Strength/Horn of His people.)
c) In Daniel 9: there are references to the Anti-christ, and in verse 27 he is actually described as ‘the prince of the people who will come and destroy the City”. This is what the Romans did in AD 70. If anything he seems anti-Jewish.
d) In Revelation he is described as “coming out of the sea.” This is a well-known idiom for a sea of people – so he will be ‘universally acceptable’ it seems.
e) As we have hinted he will be like the cruel Syrian impostor, (Antiochus Epiphanies), but the Ruler of that State who invaded Israel, and did many evil things against the Jews, and desecrated the Temple, which the end time ‘ruler’ will also do.

When God sees the time is right.
1. Paul clearly gave his perspective in 2 Thessalonians 2.
He says that the Antichrist (he calls him), “the man of lawlessness, the man doomed [later] to destruction” will not come onto the world scene yet.
For that Day [of Messiah’s Coming] ‘will not come until the Rebellion occurs, and the man of Lawlessness is revealed” This is the word ‘parousia’ meaning a spectacular entry. We even wonder if it will be when billions of people are watching some spectacular world event –‘glued to their Television screens’ is the way it happens, sometimes. Then Paul indicates that God has ‘someone’ holding the False-messiah, back. He writes, (vs.6), “you know what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed [note the word!] at the proper time.” Some (especially pre-tribulationists) say that the ‘one holding the Antichrist back’ is the Holy Spirit, as this fits in with their theory.

But when one sees the role of great angelic powers all through the book of Revelation, either holding back, or releasing evil powers (e.g., 9:14) and involved in measured actions, it seems far more likely that this is what is meant. The Holy Spirit’s ministry is in God’s people who have been redeemed by the death of Yeshua, and will still be on Earth at the ‘time of Tribulation’, which the False-messiah will inflict on the world. (Rev’n 9:4, & 13:8.)

There is great comfort here, in that although all of the previous points are true, regarding what will actually bring this sinister and powerful person to rulership - yet in the end it is all ordered from Above, including the timing. “The secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. And then” [and only then] “the Lawless One will be revealed.

It is reported that the powerful financial strategists are planning to orchestrate a world economic disaster to suit their schemes, but God will determine it, Himself, on time. It should also be noted that, in the year 2000 all the Governments of the world agreed and their Leaders signed a document to give their sovereignty to the United Nations if there was a threat to the whole world. This was on the 50th year of the U.N.O. that was formed for this purpose.

2. So it would seem that there must be some very significant event to bring him visibly onto the world stage.
One question on the writer’s mind as one watched the world scene and saw the huge power struggles that go on within any country between political parties vying for power was, ‘in the light of this, what would it actually take for all the nations of the world to willingly hand over their power to one person?’ The answer came through looking carefully at the ‘video’ of Ezekiel 38 & 39 – “The Ezekiel War” or the “Great Jihad.” [See other articles about Israel’s Future.]

There we see God’s dealing mainly with Israel and the particular great army, which attempts to come against her in a great conflict between Allah and the God of Israel.
[This is a Middle East ‘war’ not to be confused with ‘Armageddon – later on.]
But the world-wide implications are also given to an extent. The LORD says clearly in Ezekiel 38: 23, “And so I will show My greatness and My holiness, and will make Myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know I AM the LORD.” From this time on there will be NO doubt of either the existence or power of a Holy God. Later the LORD says, “I will display My Glory among the nations.” So the world’s rejection of God from this time on will be very, very significant! From this time on no-one in the whole world will be able to say they did not know who the true God was, so the fact that they are deceived by the Anti-christ coming as a False- messiah will be of their own choice. [See our article ‘The Great Lie’.]

It is clear from the way the world’s economy is interlocking more and more that it is like a “house of playing cards”. Therefore a world-shaking event like this ‘Ezekiel War’ will cause shock waves to circle the globe so violently that every stock market will crash to the point of no return. This will mean that Governments will not be able to pay welfare benefits, nor Governments their employees (such as soldiers, police, firemen, teachers, lecturers, medical personnel, etc).

Of course this has happened in some nations, for periods of time, and in some places has been accepted with a sort of stoicism (e.g., Russia). But not so in the Western Nations. Anarchy will be rife very quickly! This will be the very chance the False Messiah has been waiting for - when he will make his own vivid ‘parousia’, (spectacular appearing), so trying to emulate the Second Coming of King Jesus Messiah!

There will be two periods of 3.5 years, or 42 months.
We believe he will be in power for 7 years, as this is the time he make the ‘covenant’ or ‘treaty’ with ‘many’ as reported in Daniel 9: 27, “he will confirm a covenant with many, for one seven.” The periods of ‘seven’ in this chapter are well recognised to be periods of seven years, also called ‘weeks’. Good Bible commentaries outline the periods Daniel was referring to in this chapter. Most of the events were fulfilled exactly up to and including the death of Yeshua for our sins.

However it is also agreed that one ‘week’ of seven years has been held over to fit in with this very special time in the last days. So the expectation is that when the False-messiah offers to take over the disastrous economic and chaotic world scene, he will start by getting an agreement to do things his way for 7 years. When you add the details we are given in Revelation 13, it is clear he will bring order by demanding that people take on a ‘mark’, [implanted micro-chip?] by which they can only pay for or sell any items. But it will also be an agreement to worship the Dragon and his representative, the False-messiah.

Why will the last 3.5 years be more severe (though these days are shortened).
1. This is because it says in this same chapter of Daniel 7, In the middle of the ‘seven’, he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a ‘wing’, [thought to mean he will introduce an ‘overspreading influence’] of the Temple, he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is poured out on him.” The Temple referred to here is the rebuilt Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. This clearly will have been rebuilt. [We give more reasons why and how in the other articles. There are other references to this significant action of the False-messiah.]

2. However we also feel that this is partly an evidence that the False-messiah has previously made a ‘covenant’ of a different kind with the Jewish nation, allowing them to build the Temple, in return, demanding that every Jew from around the world must return to Israel. In Ezekiel 39: 28, God says, “I will gather them to their own Land, not leaving ANY behind.” Israel will have gained the entire Land God promised them.

3. There is no evidence that the False-messiah will be benevolent for 3.5 years, and nowhere is there any indication that the ‘covenant’ he makes is a peace treaty – rather, that is what people will hope for as a result of him bringing security and financial order, out of disorder. This is why we emphasised the background facts of him being given authority to ‘take peace from the Earth’. Only Yeshua/ Jesus is the ‘Prince of Peace’. In recent times the wars of ‘liberation’ were with the hope of peace as a result of security and financial stability. The False-messiah’s rule will only bring death and tragedy, which he will blame on the two godly witnesses to the Truth, in Jerusalem during these 1260 days of their prophetic ministry.

4. We believe that it is because many tourists will go to see the beautiful Temple and restored City of Jerusalem, that in jealousy and anger, the False-messiah will install his statue there, and set himself up as a god to be worshipped there!

5. The fact that the tragic end of the ministry of the two witnesses is after 1260 days and then the next series of judgements begins, indicates that the False-messiah’s time is close to the end. [We will be honest with you about Daniel 12: 11, which in N.I.V. reads, “From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days.” However in the light of other Scriptures, and difficulties of accurate translations of participles, we think this should read, “Up to the time… especially when you read the previous verses.]

This is such a big and important area of discussion and prayerful preparation for us Christians that we will deal with the subject in the article, ‘Times of Tribulation and God’s Wrath’, as a separate topic.
However our decisions right now are very important.
At this point, having said and believing all of the above, it seems very, very important for believers to be totally dedicated to the cause of their Saviour and King right NOW.

We need to be determined to be willing, if necessary, to risk investing only in God’s Kingdom, giving up even home, [family] or fields for the Good News to be spread throughout the world, taking royal shares in the best ‘Investment Company’ of Messiah Jesus’ Kingdom, such as any strategic work of mission especially.

The reality will be that most Believers in Jesus will lose all they have very soon, anyway. But oh, the joy of knowing most of our assets are safe in the Bank of Heaven! Jesus said “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on Earth, for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Read Matthew 6:19-34.) Scripture also suggests that we should not get into large debt, especially at a time like this. Practical James says it so well in the fifth chapter of his letter, and Paul in Romans 13:8 – “let no debt remain outstanding”, both implying that at a serious time, such as this, being rich in love and faith will be important. “Do this, understanding the present time. The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our Salvation is nearer now than when we first believed,” (read to verse 14.)

Again, if the time of the Second Coming seemed close then - how much closer it must be for us, with these key signs before us. My concern is for the young people getting into serious debt for tertiary education, which sadly they may never use fully, use. When the Antichrist comes, Daniel tells us, “He will speak against the Most High and oppress His Saints and try to change the set times and laws.” (Daniel 7:25).

What a waste of time the present haggling over bills and all kinds of legislation might be - only to be cancelled later! Yet, again, many present decisions on a global scale are preparing for this future time. May God give wisdom to put effort into God’s Kingdom!

Dear Reader, intellectual knowledge, especially about the things of God, and our place in His future Plans are important, but only if it challenges us to know God’s Love and power in our own daily lives, now.
We pray that inspite of the sad aspects given in the Bible,
Each of us will find encouragement and blessing.

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