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Concepts and ideas of how a person could view the next few years.
Obviously in this time of Internet access there are many ideas 'out there'!

However these thoughts and conclusions are simply offered as a basis for your own studies and prayers.
> The series of events are based on the whole Bible, but to reduce the size of this article we usually give references only. However, since this is a very serious study, we hope you will look at them.
> You may prefer a shorter version of this Study as a brief introduction summary.

The emphasis is on what PRACTICAL things we should be doing now, or praying about, as Bible-believing people.

God's Word: The Amplified Version of 2 Timothy 2: 15 is worth noting carefully.Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved, (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed; ~ correctly analysing and accurately dividing ~ rightly handling ~ and skilfully teaching ~ the WORD of Truth.” This is our prayer for ourselves and for you, our readers.


Almost all of us think that we would like to know –in a general way – what to expect in the next few years, for the world and ourselves specifically…
This is especially because most of us Bible reading Believers believe we are in the ‘End Times’ of this world of Human Rulership, before our LORD Yeshua/ Jesus Messiah Returns to Earth to reign as Ruler and the Prince of Peace. Psalm 45, & 72, Rev.19! Then we will reign with Him 1000 years! Rev. 20: 1 - 6. Please note, we do not believe we can, or should give specific dates of future events, and feel sad about Christians who clearly state 'the date of the 'Pre-trib Rapture' - and then have to make changes to their calculations. That doesn't honour God or His Holy Word, nor does it help people - it turns them off!

As the writers of this article, we want to state absolutely clearly that we do not know the whole scenario of future events ~ or the exact order in which they will happen, or even every specific event, for certain.
 (In a few places we have shared a personal possible insight - for consideration.)

Yet we know that in all our thinking we must never forget the principles of our Bible-based Faith in God's Word and God's Sovereignty. See Micah 6:8!
Perhaps these can be simply summed up in the words “Trust and Obey”.
As you know there are many 'alarmist' theories and prophecies around, especially since the Film '2012'. There are good and very testing times ahead.
ONLY - only - the BIBLE has the truth!
 [You could do your own search about a book by Frank Gabriel, which never mentions the Bible, at all, therefore could not help anyone.]
But a large part of the signs of the End times indicate many kinds of mainly natural disasters which we should be prepared for – in order to be a blessing to others - our families, friends and neighbours! These we can prepare for.
Also right now we can give and pray for persecuted Christians.

You're welcome to ask for our 'Guide to preparing for any Disaster'.


Watch for the Scriptural and Spiritual Factors.
The Bible is the only source and guide to any thoughts or conclusions we make about the future, as we pray for the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit in answer to prayer in the Name of Jesus. [2 Peter 1:19 -21.]

2. Watch the Current Events and Trends, or Warnings.
We will be sensible, if we are partly guided by the developing events we see around the world. Our personal family life and other factors need to be faced honestly and lovingly. We need to WATCH or listen or read news broadcasts. [Matthew 24: 42.] See here.


Time factor 1: Actual Events.
These are quite important in preparing for some of the future events, such as the question of the ‘Time of Tribulation’ clearly foretold about in the N.T. and how it will effect both Jewish People and non-Jewish, but Gentile Believers in Jesus especially. We have dealt with this question in other articles. See 'Scriptural - Post Tribulation Beliefs'. So we need to discern world trends and events around us! You can learn about the formation of the 'One World Government'. See here.

Time factor 2: In Scriptures. Everywhere in prophetic or apocalyptic literature, events are foretold which when studied carefully and prayerfully, give us guidelines to take into account how we should or could re-act. The key is: “LORD teach me”. However the principle is even more true that  "He/ she is no fool that gives up what we may not be able to keep, in order to gain [for Jesus our Returning Saviour] what we cannot lose" ~ Cp. Mark 10: 26 – 31.
God’s prophets
always gave warnings before serious changes, so people could act. Isaiah chapter 55 is a good example.

As Bible Believers, our careful studies have led us to believe in a single ~
'Post-Tribulation Resurrection- Rapture, Pre-Millennium Return of Jesus.'
This simply means that we expect that the actual Return of Yeshua/ Jesus will be AFTER all the serious Endtime events, when Christian Believers will be here on Earth, in these awful times, (except for Believers living in an enlarged Israel.)
Jesus also believed in His Return after the Time of Tribulation: "But in those days following that distress... AT THAT TIME men will see the Son of Man (Yeshua/Jesus) coming in clouds with great power and glory. He will send His Angels... and gather His Elect [ALL Believers]...from the ends of the EARTH [where they are still present] to the ends of the Heavens." [Compare Mark 13: 24 - 27, & Matthew 24: 29 -31 !]
Also "When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the Earth?" We believe He hopes to, in persecuted Christians as a result of persistent faith, by Christian Believers like the Widow had. Luke 18: 8(b). [Note there will be no new Christians after receiving 'the mark'.] But those who refuse it, can look forward to the Time Jesus called the 'Last' Day as the Day of Resurrection! See John 11: 24 & 25, 2 Thess.1: 7 and here.
We believe many of us will live to see some of the more serious 'signs' Jesus and God's Prophets like Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah and the Apostle John wrote of!
> However there are many details we will not know until they happen. <

Time Factor 3: The last four Jewish Feasts. Most Bible Believers realise that the first very special Jewish Feasts, which every Jew was meant to celebrate, had a prophetic, exact fulfilment in Israel, all in the same year, mainly with Jewish people. Yeshua/ Jesus was the Passover Lamb. Three days later Yeshua's resurrection matched the Feast of First-fruits, and 50 days later at ‘Shavuot’/ Pentecost the Holy Spirit came on all the Believing Jews in Jerusalem, which Yeshua had told them to expect. [Acts 1: 4 - 8.]
Therefore we [the writers] expect that the last four Jewish Feasts will also be matched by special events, in Israel, in the same year! The focus will be on the Jewish People being restored to their own Messiah as Saviour, Yeshua, through real repentance and FAITH.  So these Feasts should be seen as important parts of the ‘End Times’ ~ the end of this world ready for the beginning of the ‘world to come’, also given in the Article, "The Full Israel/M.E. Timeline”.



Our Advice 1. READ the Bible! Consider what we read in Scripture that matches - what we know is actually happening world wide, and the changes that we should expect - as the Bible describes them! [2 Thess: 2, esp. 13 - 17!]
God has always warned
of times of distress; that is why He writes of serious events through the Prophets! We're so privileged to have 'higher watch-towers' with Scripture translations and modern media, like TV and the Internet than ever before! Making strong Disciples of our children and others will be so important!

We should not worry about what we don’t know.  Just concentrate of what we can read and DO know! Maybe start with Matthew 24, Luke 21, and Mark 13.

Advice 2.  Check our ATTITUDES. This means that we should always look to see if our personal knowledge and attitudes are true to a humble, prayerful, genuine, sacrificial, loving ‘walk with God’.
It is no blessing if we are theoretically sure of what we
believe, but do not turn it to care for others! (We should not consider this some sort of interesting hobby.) 

This includes listening to other people’s points of view -'Pre- Post- Past- or Mid- this or that', even when we do not agree with them. Keep looking for Truth.
 Whether ‘we’ are right or wrong is not so important ~ only trusting and obeying God’s Word ~ acting on it ~ is important!

Advice 3. Be practical now. If you really believe in an immanent ‘Pre-Trib Rapture’ – maybe you need to rid yourself of some things or turn them into money for God? All Believers should hold possessions lightly and give often. Remember Matthew 6:33! Invest in good, effective causes, (i.e. Bible Training, Bible Translation, Discipling, overseas evangelism in all forms,) = strategic Christian ministries. Also caring about persecuted Christians right now!
This scenario of events we are offering, based on Scripture, suggests that (instead of ‘Rapture before the Tribulation'), first will come natural disasters, also total world economical disaster due to a major earthquake followed by chaos, looting, shooting and panic, with bank and stock market failure!
Some events we can prepare for, others not. Try anyway.

NOW is the time to turn your 'goods' into assets for building God’s Kingdom, or have ready access to money (or goods) perhaps in place of owning properties, which you may lose anyway. We do NOT recommend building ‘hide-outs’, but normal emergency supplies for any type of disaster is very important for yourself and others. [Rented property may be the best way to go.]

Many of the 'signs' are already here – economic loss, wars, disasters, fear, crime, plagues, false prophets, famine, plans for world governance… but the Spread of the Gospel, inspite of growing evil of all kinds!
>> Yet most Christians are living in a ‘glass bubble of complacency’ – which will burst - with showers of broken hopes, and terrible fears and regrets, even panic, raining down on the unprepared.

But we CAN be mentally and spiritually prepared!

Consider our study on Habakkuk, 'My Country is in Big Trouble'.



We now offer you a ‘time-line’ that seems
                                          ~  Scriptural to us, with 9 main sections.
We add some Scripture references
only, (from the NIV),
                                         ~  but good for you to study, please.
Note use of A, B, C, for main sections,
1,2,3... for sub sections, and > for extra details, also colours: red for spiritual Salvation, blue for Israel, black - world events, purple for God's words, and green for Islam and Russia,
                                 ~ as this is a very long article, covering a long time period!
Some main subjects have been written about in separately articles,
                                          ~  worth checking out, through the links provided.

Most of these events are very, very serious though only listed briefly.
 [See separate study on 'Worldwide Earthquakes and Sky signs' here.]
They often overlap or continue on and on, sometimes even getting worse almost to the End of this Age of man's control, until the Return of Yeshua/ Jesus To Reign for 1000 years on this re-created Earth, then forever in Eternity!


We now begin the 9 Sections of Time Periods right to the time of ETERNITY!


The Breaking of the first 5 'seals' of Revelation 6, matching Jesus' words in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, and 2 Thessalonians 2.

1. Deception. The first white horse and Rider of Revelation 6, (the first Seal, broken by the Nail-pierced Hands of Jesus Himself emphasising everything that happens is permitted by God alone!)
The 18th century brought growing 'worldly-wise
enlightenment' and deception, and was developed in the 19th century, on a new 'world stage', through 'colonisation' and new geographical areas discovered. We believe these 4 coloured Horses and Riders have symbolic meanings, but are not literal.
 [Read Revelation 6: 1- 11 and pray as you read.]

> This includes 'False Christian Prophets'
- even in Jesus Name, (as He warned in Matthew 24: 4 -6), deceiving many with 'escape from suffering' theories or 'prosperity doctrines'; with many false Christian Cults flourishing too.

> Other religious leaders like
Islamic leaders teach many false concepts, including 'needing' a world war to bring their own idea of a messianic figure, 'the Mahdi', (to make Islam the world religion.) God will surely limit their power!

> Also a growing influence -(since the 'enlightenment') of an increasing progression to a Global 'Humanistic -godless religion
- though really the worship of 'Gaia' - (Mother Earth) is a form of occult-based spirituality - encouraging an even more wicked society, without morals. Lying, or deceiving ideas - or practices by many organisations or businesses are acceptable. See here.

2. Wars. The second fiery red horse and Rider represents 'war', especially internationally. From
the 'First World war' (1914 -18), and the even worse Second W.W (1939 -1945), wars of all kinds have proliferated; through to ethnic, tribal, racial and religious wars, including horrific genocide in Germany, Rwanda, Cambodia and Sudan, plus Gang wars, in the West; aided by the invention of the gun and many other kinds of weapons of mass destruction, even 'cyber warfare'. Today's people and Nations dread world, nuclear war!
Yet 'WMD' are proliferating at a terrible rate while millions are starving!

3. Awful suffering. The 3rd black horse and Rider of Revelation 6, a Deathly Figure, represents other horrors, economic collapse or disasters causing drought, food shortages, and pandemic plagues, as in the 21st C. His scales represent developing 'injustice' especially between poor and rich people with unfair manipulation of resources and all forms of greed and impossibly high prices for even basic food items. See Revelation 6: 6.

> Millions are trapped by drug addiction and other addictions, immoral sexual practices, slave trading, gambling, cruelty and exploitation of all kinds! Increasing wickedness with less controls, and rebellion against the True God.

4. The 4th Riders of a sickly grey-green colour of Death followed by Hades is able to kill in 'other ways', so that a quarter of the world dies...

> The "sword" of terror, war and unjust beheadings and cruelty is aided by guns and bombs, and weapons of all kinds... to kill!
Now there is 'Cyber warfare' and use of 'nano-technology'. Revelation 6: 8 tells of power to kill 1/4 of the world's population! That could ultimately be well over a 2 billion people! This has been escalating since 1920 for 100 years - with the following 3 causes. 

Food shortages, (some, from ‘greenies’ mismanagement, reducing food to make bio-fuel) and weird weather, resulting in droughts or floods; water shortage and pollution,
(I Bn. in poverty) is now a world problem, as a result of the above two disasters - wars and famine. Issues over water may bring more wars. Poor supplies of Petroleum and Oil will affect all production and transport, resulting in very high prices for all food and essential goods. [Yet now 'over-eating' is a killer in Western nations ~ with 'a famine' of God's Word resulting in falling values of decency, kindness, godliness, and morality!]

bring more, new unknown medical conditions and mental cases through starvation or drug use, (+ alcohol) or mysterious effects of chemicals (even 'smoking') and immorality, bringing 'AIDs' and infertility and a predisposing to cancer. Starvation, immorality, ignorance of hygiene, floods, all can bring fatal diseases, which will get worse as time passes.

>"Wild beasts"
could be microscopic viruses, insects or large aggressive animals... Millions are born to die from Malaria, or dysentery or become maimed, with little or no treatment in most 'Under-developed' nations.

>>Un-named problems are Governments failing, or dictatorships - from political disarray – and economic greed and mismanagement, ethnic strife, to widespread protests against injustice. The result is homelessness and unemployment, especially in underdeveloped nations, as in Africa and Asia.

>Economic instability,
from the greedy mismanagement of finances, first in USA and around the world. Partly due to shoddy laws and lax methods, disasters such as floods, droughts, fires, and mud slides and cheap labour costs, gets worse in the 1st decade of the 21st century.
So Plans are for a new Global monetary system leading to central control.
This is far more advanced than most people understand
- being 'tied in' with plans to 'Save the Planet' by issuing Carbon Credits, not only to Governments and big business, but every individual to make them adhere to the rules of the Powers who are gradually controlling every part of our lives. [Rev. 13, and 18.]

5. The breaking of the 5th Seal
reveals the tragedy of Christians being persecuted. There is a real mystery in the description in Rev. 6: 9 - 11.
But it has been well documented that the number of martyrs since 1900 has been as many as in all the centuries since the Day of Pentecost in AD 33. Widespread, vicious persecution of Christians continues, and is even escalating in 21st C. But God is aware and will respond with 'robes' of comfort
and assurance of His Justice for His suffering Family. Please read 2 Thess. 1: 3 - 12

>Religious turmoil between Islamic sects and the strengthening threats of world Islam, creates more terrorism and fear, as does many other religiously inspired instances of terrible 'Human rights abuses' - which are rife already.

>>Yet the 'key sign' Jesus gave is also coming true! [Matt. 24: 14.]
"This Gospel of the Kingdom will be made known in all the world..."
There are record numbers of people, (even in the M.E) turning to the true Saviour as God is allowing all forms of media to cross barriers and bless thousands! Also one day God will show that He alone is the True God!

>Also a prayerful thought: in God’s loving mercy, He may allow a severe plague, which will take (children) and many old (saints of God) into glory, to be spared the on-coming 'Times of Distress', because of many years of faithful service. [This is based on Scriptures like Isaiah 57: 1 & 2, Ps. 37: 40, Phil. 1:23]

>>Other End-time Scriptures are also happening in heart-rending ways.
The influence of atheistic Secularism is growing, which, while it grieves us -it is part of "The increase of wickedness"
in so many ways, with false doomsday prophecies, (like '2012') for this Earth - all preparing for a united world religion! This is what Jesus warned of, with the sorrowful reaction given also, "that the love of most (Believers in Him) would grow cold". Matthew 24: 12 & 2 Thess 2: 7 - 13.  Note KJV of verse 2 - "That Day shall not come except there come a falling away first." A very sad 'sign' that we see already!
Is our reaction like those Ezekiel saw, (ch.9: 4) who are marked by God's Scribe because we "Grieve and lament over all the detestable things done in the City"?

Let us pray that we will be "faithful even to death"!

> Nations are in new relationships - with agendas often, of evil. Preparing for the fulfilment of prophecies such as Rev. 13 [The reign of the Beastly World Leader]. The fantasy of a great 'threat to Planet Earth' is being used for control. For more important information see here .



There are two Middle East 'wars' to come, the first prepares for the second, resulting in TOTAL WORLD CHANGES IN EVERY WAY!

The almost unexpected formation of the State of Israel in 1948 was a fulfilment of many Scriptures in the Tanakh with Hebrew restored as a modern language, and thousands of Jews returning to their own Land, and making it very prosperous!
Yet Israel has faced wars and threats of destruction ever since 1947, with at least 2 more to come.

1. God will need to deal with Israel's enemies soon in a 1st M.E. war *, where the main focus of these Islamic plans is coming from IRAN.
So from 2012 Iran is being seen as a nuclear threat to the world, but especially Israel. This is because of their threatening words, in "vowing to wipe Israel, - 'the Zion Entity' they call it, off the world map", and replace it with Islamic people, (possibly Palestinian Arabs, with many others). It seems this war is being delayed, or fulfilling part of Jer. 49:37 "to shatter (Iran)" by the use of computers targeting nuclear sites with 'Cyber warfare' (specific viruses) to try to disrupt and delay or destroy Iran's nuclear programmes. [News from Debkafile September 2010. Also Search 'STUXNET']

2. The 2nd War a few years later in the future against Israel, is the most important of the 2 M.E. wars. It is the 'Magog War' of Ezekiel 36 - 39, being prepared for in the Middle East, ever since the formation of Israel as a successful Nation. So this has caused a rising hatred by the Islamic spirit - against Israel making them want to kill all Jews (and Christians). The world media confirm these threats and they are becoming more significant daily.

> The Word of God says clearly that Israel will be feeling secure and enjoying a time of peace and prosperity in the near future. It is not totally clear HOW this will happen but it cannot happen while Iran holds the power it has 2002 - 2013 over 'proxy' Organisations and other nations. Therefore the world will be really shocked by the very possible ruination of Iran's * strategic military and weapons sites, [by Israel]. But by depriving Iran of its hold over Syria, Hamas and Hizballah – it will bring a 'false peace' to Israel!

> This next war * will isolate Israel, - and Islam and the M.E. may even fear Israel at first.
[Amazingly there is only one verse in Jeremiah 49: 37, that lists three forms of punishment for Iran!] Iran's loss of power and influence in the Muslim world could be within the next few years. See article 'Iran ~ Israel ~ Egypt...' . This next war may only last a short time of a few weeks, but will have a great affect on Israel's present enemies of Hamas, Hizballah, etc.

2. So first, at last, there will be a time of false peace and security for Israel (only),
which otherwise (while Iran is powerful) they would NOT have. Ezekiel 38: 8,11 & 14 spells this time of 'security' out clearly, yet after years of negotiations and suggestions 'peace and security' has seemed impossible. Whatever way peace happens, we can know that it will come.
Sadly, this will not be a time of Jewish holiness as a verse in Ezekiel 39: 26 shows, please notice the word 'when' in this verse!

>But apart from the time before the 'Magog War' against Israel, there will be no 'peace' for the rest of the world ever again, as Revelation shows and all the above events of "the time of Rebellion" continue on and on... until the False-Messiah comes, so at that time instead of 'peace' there will be distress from huge disasters. [Nowhere in Scripture does it say he will make a 'peace -treaty', it is a covenant (or treaty) to give him sovereignty.]

> Meanwhile Israel gets richer in goods and gold, etc,
making Russia and Islamic nations envious. In 2010 both huge Gas and Oil deposits were found in Israel.   Ezekiel 38: 12 & 13 tells of this time of 'False Peace', and the wealth Israel is gaining. Possibly Saudi Arabia will trade with Israel or make investments there, accounting for (later) objecting to the Magog Army? [38: 13]
 [This may last for 18 months to 2 years from a date when Israel feels 'secure'.]



All these next concepts are based on Ezekiel 38/39, Joel 2: 1 -20, Psalm 76 & 83, and may end with the horrific earthquake of Revelation 6: 12, when Jesus/ Yeshua Breaks the 6th Seal, allowing a huge world-changing earthquake?

>>Leading up to this, Russian world influence fades, and Islamic nations get poorer, and more religiously fanatical and jealous and hateful of Israel and all Jews. America loses power and influence from this time on.

> So Russia offers to the Muslim nations in the OIC (57 nation Organisation of Islamic Conferences) to finally deal with Israel using ground forces. They want to become a world power. The leader of the proposed huge Army will be known as ‘Gog’ and his army as ‘Magog’, even by secular people, and by discerning Christians. [NOT the same as Rev.20: 8]

>The decision to kill all Jewish people in Israel, and take over the Land of Israel is made - using chemicals/ or 'dirty bombs'. Only recently is this possible - using modern weaponry, so that a nation's wealth can be 'plundered' instead of destroying everything - yet eliminating the people - in this case the Jewish people. Iran, (Persia) is the first nation listed as part of this Army, in Ezekiel 38.

>Thousands of Arabs (and other non-Jews, especially those living there illegally), and the members of religious Cults will leave Israel, also from Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, Isaiah 49: 17 & 19, "Those who laid you waste depart from you"... "Those who devoured you will be far away". See Psalm 37: 32 -36.

>The gathering of a huge army is suddenly seen (through world media) in Syria and on the borders of Lebanon, (the B'kkah valley area) being led by Russia. This is the 'Magog Army' under 'Gog' as described in Ezekiel 38. [Note: Israel's total Land area (as the God-promised 'Holy Land) reached right up to the Euphrates River, which formed its Northern boundary, but now it is part of the area called the 'Syrian Arab Republic' (once Assyria), with Damascus as its Capital. BUT in Ezekiel's book, the area is called 'The Mountains of Israel'].

The Magog Army plan to possibly time the attack for the onset of M.E. winter, (as in 1973) around September one year (and maybe the time of the Jewish Feast of Trumpets and Yom Kippur?) See notes on 'Timeline of Events in Israel'

>The Army avoids radar and satellite scans, by using transport vehicles and even weapons made of lignostone - a wood-based, very strong product plus use of horses. (Russia requires all 4-legged animals to be registered.) This accounts for their ‘surprise’ arrival, not seen easily by radar or even satellites, if it is very cloudy, which it could be in Early October, some future, unknown year.

Worldwide declarations are made that this war is to show the world how great Allah is and that he is ‘the only god, and Muhammad is his Prophet’. They don’t hide their intention to take over all of the Land of Israel, especially Jerusalem – God’s chosen city – because of the satanic hatred of Israel’s God - even if it means killing 7 million Jews!
For them this would add to their victory and the glory of Allah.

The total impossibility of any nation helping Israel,
will be clearly understood by everyone through T.V., the Internet etc, so the entire world can watch and hear what is going on. This event has never yet happened as described in detail by Ezekiel in 38/39.
So it is still future, but not the same event as given in Revelation 20:7.

The possible timing of all these events, as related to the Jewish Sacred Feasts is outlined in our article:  'Timeline of Future Events in Israel'.

>Many Christians, thinking that the ‘Rapture’ will happen soon, will be very upset as they come to realise a possible result of this may be World domination by an Anti-christ regime, (though it will not turn out to be an Islamic one). Another evil 'UNO' power will soon emerge, with no 'Rapture' because this is not the time for it, as other events and Scriptures show. See: 2 Thess. 2, verse 3! Also Jesus words in Matthew 24: 29 -31. Maybe, those teachers who promote a 'Pre-trib Rapture' are those mentioned in Daniel 11: 35?
See Bible study, 'Scriptural - Post Tribulation Beliefs', or 'Two Points of View'.

>All Jews in Israel and around the world will be terrified, fasting and praying to their God in a new way, (as described in Jeremiah 30: 4 - 7, and Zechariah 12: 10 - 13), thinking Israel is 'finished' and that Jews in Israel will be annihilated. Yet many Jews will go to Israel – even "to die there".

>Some informed, caring Christians will try to comfort other Christians, and also Jewish friends and neighbours, (or even go to Israel) and try to explain what is happening to the Jewish people there, but in this time God is working.

Sadly, there will be great apprehension, confusion, even panic and fear, everywhere, but deliverance as clearly described in the 24 verses of all of Jeremiah 30, and Ezekiel 38 & 39. - Worldwide, Christians need to read Ps. 46!

>The UNO etc will be silent and helpless about the situation,
though Saudi Arabia, the 5 Gulf States and Yemen send a protest note to the UNO questioning "why are these nations going to ‘plunder’ Israel?" As reported in Ezekiel 38: 13. [This indicates that it is NOT 'Armageddon' with all Nations.]

>All other Governments are silent and unwilling to help, especially USA, as they will be financially unable to. NO military response is possible to prevent the planned attack of Israel by the Magog army, as they carry 'WMD' [Weapons of Mass Destruction]. Bombing them would spread the gases/ radiation/ chemicals, making things worse.



>>Israel is paralysed with fear and panic as they realise they are utterly helpless to defend themselves. See Isaiah 26: 20, Jer. 30. Psalm 81 & 82 etc. But Believers will tell them to call on the Name of Yeshua and repent! [See Isaiah 48 for Jews everywhere, for those in Israel: Isaiah 49: 2 - 26.]

>In Israel, a call is made to all Jews to repent and pray to God in the name of and recognition of Who Yeshua is!
The message will be on radio, TV and the Internet so all Israel and the Arabs will hear. [Consider Psalms 9 - 13.] Every Jew everywhere will be greatly convicted – (Zechariah 12:10 to 13: 1) ~ and experience individual, yet national mourning for not having recognised and then rejecting Yeshua/ Jesus as their Saviour and Messiah.
God's Holy Spirit will operate as in Eze 36: 24- 27.

>>But a HUGE earthquake
suddenly rocks Syria, technically the Promised "Mountains of Israel", setting off the Magog Army's weapons and causing panic among the soldiers (from many countries), who now turn on each other.
Fire, ‘sulphur’, hail are add to the enormous destruction. [It is almost certain that Saddam’s WMD have been hidden in the caves in the B'kkah Valley and nearby, for years.] Ezekiel 38: 18 - 23 gives a shocking picture!

> Damascus, which is the world's oldest city, will be totally destroyed probably at this time. See Isaiah 17: 1, [but other prophecies in that chapter were
fulfilled in the first exile of Israel. Compare 17: 1 with chapter 13: 1 - 5.]

>The earthquake will be felt far away - and cause other destructive earthquakes all over the world. These will help to cause a massive, worldwide economic 'crash'. It is possible this could be one of the most
terrible, special, earthquakes described in, say ~ Revelation 6: 12 & 13, though it is not certain.

>Yet the effect of the earthquake will only be mild in Israel, with no damage except (perhaps) to the Temple Mount, where the Al Aksar mosque and other mosques will collapse, including the ‘golden Dome of the Rock’, killing the Muslims still there.  See Psalm 58, as all Scripture must be fulfilled exactly.

>>>One main result of this event: it will have conclusively destroyed belief in Islam's god,
* So thousands of (often) secret ex-Muslim Believers in Isa/ Yasuo will emerge to share with spiritually hungry (often grieving) people
among the 1.5 Billion Muslim people of the world. Isaiah 19: 19 - 25 will have a great fulfilment! This will also fulfill Jesus' words in Matthew 24:14, because every person in the world will know Who the Sovereign LORD is, and be able to turn to HIM! *

> By the next bright morning, there is calm in Israel and all Jews will realise YHWH ADONAI, Israel's God alone has saved them and they will be so joyful and completely changed in their attitudes to God, to Yeshua - the Son of God who is now their Saviour and accepted Messiah. Attitudes to true evangelical Christians and each other will be accepting and loving! Ephesians chapter 3!



From now on most of the details come from the book of Revelation, but we have to omit the fourteen wonderful visions and descriptions of events in HEAVEN in the 22 chapters, which are vital parts of the whole Endtime story! There is nothing happening on Earth, or under the Earth,
that is not seen, and either sent or permitted by GOD and Yeshua!
So whichever part of the Endtimes we will find ourselves in ~ God knows!

>> Following the 'Magog' event from Ezekiel's vision - the entire world will know that the God of Israel is the greatest God with Jesus His Son, * and Allah is no god at all and Mohammed was a False Prophet.
This is also the 'good part' of events as written above, with Muslims freed now. *
Acceptance of 'Zionism' and the rights of Israel to all the Land God promised will change totally, the M.E. situation from now on. Isaiah 14: 1 & 2, also 61:7!

* Every single person in the whole world will know Who the true and only God is, ADONAI, Israel's King, and Jesus is the only Saviour from sin. *
This will fulfill the promise about the Gospel being made known -globally!

>>For the whole world,
chaos and anarchy break out everywhere, quickly, following the total destruction of the Magog Army, and the effects of other serious earthquakes, or one massive worldwide 'shaking'. [Rev. 6:12 - 17?]
This will mean that the stock markets all crash to zero, making Governments unable to govern!  There will be looting and shooting and waves of crime, but unpaid police, soldiers and those in 'authority' will be helpless to stop it, even if they wanted to. Christians and Jews will be in danger. There will be no nations not affected, so no - help will be available from anywhere, as in other serious earthquake disasters, like in Haiti or the Pacific.

> Suddenly, as communications are restored, news of a One-World Leader will be announced. The Bible calls him the 'Anti-christ' - a False-messiah.
Rev. 13, uses the words 'Beast' = Evil Monster. However he will be seen by almost everyone as a marvellous choice and a great charismatic 'saviour'.
His evil world Worship/Economic System will soon take control.

>>His chief advisor (possibly a man like the Dalai Lama) looked on as a great Prophet, will also be accepted as just what the world needs. He will exercise enormous power, and seem to do amazing, (but useless) miracles, like fire from Heaven - (but see God's act much later in Revelation 20:9!)

>The two new leaders will be endorsed by a ‘new look’ Security Council of the UNO –10 leaders of 10 world areas. Maybe Africa, Arabia, Sth’n Asia, Nth Americas, Russia, China, India, Sth America, Europe, Oceania? Rev.17: 12 -18.

>> Every nation will agree quickly, to the rulership of the new One World Leader and his system of control, marketing and religious practice, by confirming the agreement to give their Sovereignty to the UNO, that most of them signed over in 1995, and have confirmed since at Climate Change events.

[Our belief is that] -Israel will ask to - NOT be included, so will be allowed to govern themselves, as now God: 'ADONAI El Shaddai' is their King!
The False Messiah will sign a separate agreement with them including permission to build the Temple. Israel will be granted the entire Land God promised through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Joshua, and will be a refuge for all Jews,
 [Rev.12.] and some Christians, as Zechariah 8:23 indicates. See Ezekiel 36, also amazing description, Isaiah 4: 2 - 6 in a 'storm'!

>> However the Anti-christ's agreement to a separate 'Treaty' with Israel will be on the condition that ALL Jews must return to Israel or be killed. Anyone who tries to hide them will be punished. Jews will be given ** a short time to leave; only 30 days or two months long? Many people will help them go with money or transport as in Isaiah 14: 1 & 2, and Exodus 12: 33 & 36 & 38!

>>The False-messiah, with world religious backing of the ‘Humanists’, makes a 7-year Global Treaty.
A Treaty or Covenant with 'many' will not be for ‘peace’ but religious and financial control. [Today's 'Millennium Goals' prepare for it.] Gaia, 'Mother Earth' will be the new ‘inter-faith’ god, and worship of her and the Anti-christ/ or False-messiah will be part of the control system.
Revelation 13, and ch.18 & Daniel 7: 27 give chilling descriptions of this time.

>There will be ‘a window of few months’ time ** to set up the world economic system,
with (seven billion) people able to choose to accept a ‘mark’ (in the form of a micro-chip), acting like a cash card and I.D. This will be connected with worship of the False-messiah which will be a compulsory part of getting the ‘mark’ which also will control ALL monetary exchanges. Revelation 13: 16 & 17. Once people accept the 'mark' they will not be able or want to become Believers in Jesus, so this is why we must teach the full Gospel, NOW including these 'Endtime' facts to prepare many people!

>>There will be a world revival of the knowledge of God - in this time ** as given in Joel 2, with Jews and ex-Muslims being in the forefront of sharing the Gospel, especially where it was not known before. Isaiah19: 23 - 25 & Joel 2: 28- 32. This will be the last great out-reach of the Gospel! By then everyone will know Who the true God is, and about Jesus the Saviour!

>However a decree that anyone refusing the ‘worship mark’ is to be arrested, makes the choice of refusing - a serious one for Gentile Christians. Many will be betrayed by family and friends, who fear punishment themselves. Weak Christians, seeing no escape in a ‘Pre- Trib Rapture’ - will accept the microchip, Matt. 24: 12 & 24. [Many people need to read Rev. 9: 1 - 11, now.]

>Yet even new Christians will refuse, especially from Muslim nations ~ though they will know the dangers!
But those who accept the mark will not want to, or be able to change to become a Christian after they receive the mark. This is when the final number of God’s true family will be complete, but only God will know the number. Romans 11: 25, links this with the recent turning by all Jews to accept Yeshua. See article 'Times of the Gentiles'.

>But in Israel, the Temple will be very quickly rebuilt
and become a holy, beautiful centre of worship of Yeshua. Some real Christians will join the thousands of Jews flocking to Israel. [Zech. 8:23.] Israel will have gained ALL the land promised by God, and possibly more as Isaiah 60 & 61: 7 indicates, also using empty houses, left before the ‘Ezekiel war’. Israel will use the slow-burning lignostone as fuel and clean up the Land. Ezekiel 39: 9 -16. Also with the gas they found off the coast of Haifa, and extensive use of solar power (for many years already) they will be able to be independent of other nations, and be "a nation alone" part of an amazing prophecy given by Moses in Deut. 33:28/29 nearly 3,000 years ago! The population will burgeon as in Eze. 36:10.

As indicated by Daniel 9: 27, it will be "for 1 week" meaning seven years, but divided into 2 parts of 3.5 years, or 1,260 + days, as the N.T. shows.

>>A time of Tribulation for the entire World begins, *(except in Israel, now all are true Believers, as Isaiah 60:1-3 indicates). There is untold sorrow for 42 months or 1260days for all the people of the world, because as a result of the 1st 5 ‘Angelic Trumpets’, [of Revelation 8:6 to ch. 9: 12] five kinds of disasters fall on the Anti-christ’s kingdom as announced by the two godly Prophetic Witnesses in Jerusalem. These are modern men not re-incarnations. [See below.] **

> It is possible that all Jews (now linked with true Christians) commence a support system for * terribly persecuted Christians by generous giving.
Food, clothes, etc is taken (at the risk of their lives if caught) by 144,000 young people (called "servants" in Rev.7), to Christians, "brothers of Jesus" in prisons, cold and starving, etc all across the world, (as they remember the Shoah Holocaust). They may be able bring a few back to Israel. [Matt. 26: 40] This means Israel will become (the only) "Sheep Nation."

>>Israel continues as a holy Nation, re-establishing Temple rituals as demonstrations and teaching is given re the true meaning of Yeshua’s dual ministry - His death as a sacrifice, yet ministry as High Priest. Thousands of Gentile tourists visit Jerusalem, and ‘trample’ [not a war] over the restored and now beautiful city, making the Anti-christ very angry and jealous!
The names of 'Sodom and Egypt' he gives to Jerusalem are given in cynical hatred, as indicated by the added words, "where also their LORD was crucified"
(See Rev, 11: 2 & 8, and 2 Thess. 2: 4, and later note **.)
will be like Noah's Ark of protection for Believers in Yeshua/ Jesus, only.

>>Two Messianic Prophets in Jerusalem work with God, (possibly a Jew and a Non-Jew) ** announcing the Trumpet Events, of 5 forms of disaster in response to Gaia worship, which we believe will/ may happen during this * 3.5 year reign of the False-messiah, with serious effects of destroying 1/3rd of the Earth each time, causing many people to die. [Rev. 11: 6] This will be in response to the anti-God worship * of the so-called spirits of Fire, Water, (sea and fresh), Air/wind, especially the false 'Gaia -Mother Earth'. Rev. 8: 6 - 9:12.
The First Trumpet, God's judgement of 'spirit of fire'
- 1/3rd of Earth burned up.
Second Trumpet blast against 'spirit of sea water'
- 1/3rd Sea turns to blood-like liquid.
Third Trumpet blast against the 'spirit of fresh water'
- 1/3rd springs and rivers polluted.
Fourth Trumpet blast against the spirit of the Cosmos/air/ wind
-1/3rd of sun, moon and stars blacked out, with 1/3rd daytime dark, and 1/3rd of the night, (affecting tides?)
All Divine events are against
the Global worship of Gaia the satanic 'green agenda' and the cheating 'Carbon Credit' world system, designed to rob all nations, especially the poor ones and limit world population by cruel means... Please read - Rev. 11 and chapters 8 & 9: 1 - 11.See modern information: "The One World Gov't' is Almost Here", and other papers about the 'Green Agenda' of the UNO.

>>The False-messiah makes many efforts to kill them, ** (over 42 months)
because they represent the Holy God, but each time strong words send the would-be killers reeling and they just burn up on the spot.  Rev. 11: 3 - 12. This signifies a new era of even worse cruel events as described below.

>Finally after 3.5 years, Satan himself, now incarnated into the Anti-christ, over-powers them **and kills them before the media cameras of the world. 
It may be that the battle described in Rev 12: 7 -9 is when Satan is cast out and enters the body of the Anti-christ (who may have even had a kind of death experience and resurrection?)
This brings an even more evil time of Tribulation.
The bodies of the two Witnesses are left on the ground, (possible on the cleared area by the Western Wall of Jerusalem, seen by Television), for 3.5 days, while the world joyfully celebrates their deaths, thinking that means the end of the 'Trumpet' disasters, which they blamed on the two Prophetic Witnesses. **

>>BUT the sudden rise to life of the two Prophetic Witnesses ** seen standing up, is also captured on world T.V. until they rise into a cloud after a Voice summons them up to Heaven.
Rev. 11: 11, 12.

>However this is accompanied with a massive earthquake in 1/10th of the City of Jerusalem, killing 7,000 people, [possibly false-believers or members of the Anti-christ's people who insisted on living in Jerusalem?] Rev, 11: 13.

The Believers not affected – though terrified – give God all the glory, for what has happened.


Rev. 16: 1 - 10. [See our study on Endtime Earthquakes and Signs Worldwide.]

>>The False-messiah * breaks the Treaty with Israel after 1,260 days, relocating his Statue to the Temple in Jerusalem in jealousy and anger with his re-stated demand for everyone to worship him! (This is after 3.5 years or 42 months since his Treaty was made.)  Daniel 9: 27, 2 Thess. 2: 4. Rev. 12: 5.
He stops all Temple worship for 1,290 days as Daniel foretold in ch. 12: 11.

 [We do not know what the 'extra' 30, and 45 days mean, but one day we will.]

>All Believers within the Judean area, (especially near Jerusalem) quickly evacuate
to the north of Israel, (not leaving Israeli territory to go to Pella or Petra.) Matthew 24: 15 & 16, which had a partial fulfilment in A.D. 66 - 70.

> It is during the second half of the "7 year Treaty"
- when the most horrific "time of Tribulation" and persecution of Christians all around the world will happen with excessive cruelty by the evil 'Babylon System' of the World Government, as described in Revelation 18, so that Jesus words about the actual "Days being shortened" will happen, probably as a result of the huge Earthquakes and Trumpet disasters. [Cp. Matthew 24: 22, with Rev. 8: 6 -9: 12.]
It is known by scientists that when the Earth shakes severely it can affect the rotation of the Earth, which in turn takes increasing minutes off each successive day, so the number of DAYS is the same, but each day shortened. See here.

> It is possible that the Nation of Israel, becomes the 'sheep nation' (of Matt. 25), by sending out 144,000 "servants" to minister to the persecuted Christian "brothers of Jesus" by feeding, clothing and visiting them in prison.

>>After the 1,290 days foretold by Daniel - the First 5 Bowl Judgements
begin almost immediately to devastate the False-messiah’s Kingdom, (Rev. 16), but all saints in Israel and even the few left in the world, are now sovereignly protected, (we believe, see verse 2.)
The Land and Nation of Israel will be like a 'Noah's Ark of protection'.

>The False-messiah now calls for support from all nations to Ha Megiddo ready for the final battle against Saints in Israel. This could be when the 6th and 7th of the 'Trumpet' and 'Bowl Judgements' actually come together if you read the relevant chapters in Revelation 9: 13, 11: 15, and 16:12  & 17 carefully!

>>The very serious nature and cruelty of the world religious System, * called 'Babylon the Great'
is emphasised by the lengthy descriptions in Revelation, from ch.16: 19 (as a thumbnail intro,) then enlarged on in both chapter 17 & 18! It is represented by a whorish, gaudy Woman seated on the scarlet Beast, as well as a City, but with worldwide 'religious' control. [She does not represent any church or separate religion but the world worship of 'Gaia'.]

>>The 6th & 7th Trumpets, and Bowl judgements will happen in fairly quick succession, with other very significant events, such as the collapse of the Anti-christ’s ‘Babylonian system’, along with his city and palace. The entire world sees it go up in smoke and the world economy with it! Rev. 18; and Isaiah 14: 3 - 27, especially, describes a very graphic, epic event emphasising God's attitude to persecution of His Believing Saints
in 18: 24!

>Three spectacular Angels are actually seen making the momentous announcements all Believers have prayed to hear! “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on Earth…”
See Rev. 14.
1. One announces that the Gospel of the Kingdom has finally reached every human on Earth. Verses 1 - 7. [Note: it was made known by humans (only) before this time, but is now completed.]
2. The second announces the end of the False-messiah’s ‘Babylonian empire of Evil’, vs. 8. It is an announcement only - but described in great detail in chapters 17 and 18.

3. The third, announces the terrible fate of everyone who in sheer rebellion against God, has taken the ‘mark of the Beast’. [This was the knowledge that the faithful, persecuted Christians had ‘hung on’ for, - Rev. 14: 12 & 13.]
This is emphasized also by an ‘allegorical picture’  (not literal), in the end of Revelation chapter 14: 14 –20, 'The Harvest of the Earth' - not literal but very real in its effect on evil people...

>The Armageddon Battle is about to happen! The 6th & 7th Trumpets & Bowl judgements now happen almost simultaneously and in quick succession. [6th Trumpet - Rev. 9: 13 –21 matches 6th Bowl – judgements Rev. 16:12 – 16.] But it is not easy to fit all the earthquakes mentioned in Revelation together.
It is important to read Isaiah chapter 24, here, noticing the part about the Believers vs. 14 - 16!!!

>Four Angels and 3 'Frog-like' evil spirits possibly work together at slightly different times... The frogs
represent Satan, the anti-christ and the false prophet, but the Angels are under direction from "the Voice coming from the horns of the Golden [Prayer] Altar that is before GOD".

This is the drying up of the Euphrates and the preparations made by the huge Asian army controlled by the 3 demonic frog spirits… to arrive in Israel at the very time God calls for the 6th & 7th 'Bowl Judgements'. Revelation 9:15... "kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year". [However this could have two stages of a fulfilment, also, and is a complicated set of events not clear yet.]



We suggest that a number of cataclysmic events all happen close together now - almost too fast to see and describe them all at once!

>>The 7th ‘last Trumpet’. From God’s Temple in Heaven, the final Victory is announced by the angel, [Rev 11: 15 – 19.] This is our glorious resurrection - reunion event with the Bridegroom, and long waited for by all Believers!
In Rev. 19, &
1 Corinthians 15 the actual resurrection is described especially in 22 -27: and 1 Thessalonians 4: 13 -18!!! Even Psalms 45 and 72 describe it!
"For the LORD Himself (!) will come down from Heaven with a loud command, with the voice of the Archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Messiah [Jesus] will rise first... After that we who are till alive... will be caught up to meet the LORD in the air."
 (And having resurrection bodies will come back to Earth with Him),
"And so we will
be with the LORD forever!"

>>The 7th angel pours out his Bowl on the Earth with a very loud announcement from the Throne. “It is done” unleashing a horrendous storm and the greatest earthquake the world has ever had, affecting every island and mountains, and destroying every capital city, also killing many with 100 pound hailstones. Even the surface of Earth seems to be affected! Rev.16: 17 -21, and Isaiah 40: 1 - 5, esp. verse 4.

>The fall of ‘Babylon’ is celebrated by “a mighty angel”
(and confirmed by a speech called out from Heaven), destroyed in the space of “one hour”, for very good reason – "the blood of saints shed by her".
a) Rev. 18, seems to be a full length 'video' of the previous shorter note in ch.16: 218 7 19, about the "Fall of 'Babylon'," which "split into 3 parts," as a result of the mighty big earthquake, "God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of HIS wrath."
b) Does this show God is behind the actual physical disaster that others wreak on her as Rev. 17: 16 says that it is the Beast and the Ten Kings who "hate the Prostitute... They will bring her to ruin, and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire. For GOD has put it in their hearts, to accomplish His purpose by agreeing to give the Beast their power to rule, until God's wards are fulfilled. The woman you saw is the great City that rules over the kings of the Earth."
c) However chapter 18 describes the city being destroyed suddenly, "In one hour" three times! 18:9 says: "the kings of the Earth...  (also) see the smoke of her burning, they will weep and mourn over her."

>> No wonder the call, "by another Voice from Heaven", says to all Believers [right now] in our hearts and minds and actions to separate ourselves from any form of evil, and seek to be holy, the more we get nearer to the Day of Yeshua/ Jesus' Return! "Come out of her, My people, so that you will not share in her sins..." Rev. 18: 4
This is getting harder, as the increase of wickedness grows, and every work-place, and community and (sadly for some) their homes are places where the 'normal' speaking acting and attitudes are evil, "continually'.

>Revelation 19: 17 -21, describes the ending with the final call to battle and "the great supper of God" - birds and preying animals cleaning up the dead bodies of all these "kings, generals and mighty men... and the flesh of all people."
This is at the spectacular RETURN to Earth of:
"The KING of kings and LORD of lords"!
 (Also called in Rev.19, ‘the Rider of the white horse’ –like Roman conquerors) accompanied by "the [returning] armies of Heaven" ~ "on the clouds of Glory ~ all the resurrected Saints of all time, through the 6 millennia since Creation.

>Then the actual battle is described, with the final victorious act of the capture of the “False-messiah and the False Prophet thrown alive into the Lake of Fire”. Revelation 19: 20!
It is the Word/ authority of Jesus/ Yeshua, the “Rider on the white horse” Who acts against them - as the real Ruler, with "an iron sceptre."


 [Revelation 20: 1 -7 & Isaiah 11: 7 - ch 12; & 60, see article here]

>>It seems, after all the final devastation, the Earth will be in a very bad state. However it may be restored to it’s proper axis (which was part of the destruction of the time of the flood), and the great Creator will restore Earth exactly like it was at Creation ~ perfect in every way. [If God could create it from nothing in 6 days at Creation, He could easily re- create it in 6 hours!

> [Note that "The New Heaven and the New Earth"  [Rev. 21:1] are kept for us to enjoy later on ~ in 'ETERNITY' ~ after "death and hell are cast into the Lake of Fire... which is the second Death." Rev 20: 14.]
This is for unbelievers only. What a challenge to make sure we are in God's Family now, through Jesus Death and resurrection victory for us over sin and death and hell! "If anyone's name was NOT found written in the Book of Life, he or she was thrown into the Lake of fire." ~

So can we lovingly ask you to think about that sentence right now, and tell Jesus you are sorry for your sins, but you are grateful He took the death sentence for you, and ask Him to write your name ___________ in His Book of LIFE? We would so much long to see you there!

>Believers will ALL have ‘resurrection bodies’ – with no defects, and like Jesus, for “we shall see Him as He is”. The act of being resurrected into the air to meet Jesus on this one only, special 'Rapture Day', will have been like the first act of justice = or ‘judgement’ ~ as we find ourselves in our wedding garments, “fine linen the righteous acts of the saints”!
 [There seem to be several different aspects of the ‘Day of Judgement,’ (Rev 19: 2 & 11), but this scenario is like an instant prize of joy!]
Also note that God's Family will be fully complete at last - on this Earth!
No more 'conversions' after this, ever, ALL Believers are in God's Royal Kingdom... forever. (Those, who teach another chance later, are dead wrong.)

>It seems a reasonably small number of non-Believers with human bodies will survive, but because of the pure, (weed and disease free) atmosphere, during the 1,000 Reign of Yeshua/ Jesus on Earth, they will live long and have many babies. This probably accounts for the huge number of fickle 'non-believers' who outwardly "bowed the knee and confessed that Jesus is LORD", (during the Millennial Reign of Jesus), but not by faith or from their hearts. Sadly children will be born spiritually blind to the Truth. Rev. 20: 7-9.

>So at the end of the 1,000 years, when Satan is let out of the Abyss prison to travel across the Earth, non-Believers follow him to join as a very great Army to go against "the camp of God's People, the City He loves."  Rev. 20: 7 -10!]
They are destroyed by the "fire that came down from Heaven and devoured them. And the Devil who had deceived them, [finally!] was thrown into the lake of burning sulphur, where the Beast and the false Prophet had been thrown".

>> With our tiny minds we cannot unravel all the mysteries of the Apocalyptic Scriptures, such as Revelation, but a major Principle of Scripture is that all evil will be punished, as my Bible College Principal John Dean often said:


>>It maybe at the very beginning of this Millennial period of time that the judgement of nations - described in Matthew 25: 31 -45 as dividing the "Sheep and the Goats" may happen then, based on the treatment of "Jesus’ brothers"(most likely Gentile Christians during the previous 42 months of Tribulation) as mentioned above. Note how many times in Rev. 7 and 22; God's people are simply referred to as "servants"! But it is certain rewards will be given - for faithful service during each Believer's lifetime, as Jesus' parables describe.

>During the Millennium, all the resurrected Believers of all time – from Abel on – may have separate, huge celebration events, when the ‘books of each life’ [maybe like a video from God’s point of view], could be opened, and each person receive their reward for service. [This is a personal idea from Malachi 3:16 - 18 & Eph. 2: 6 –KJV says He will point to us as examples of His kindness” and Jesus parables… giving us lovely surprises, perhaps in great, beautiful out-door arenas!]
But see the challenge of Rev. 22: 12, "I will give to everyone according to what he has done" ~ needs to be considered carefully NOW.

>The Millennium will be a most joyous time of useful ministry and fellowship. Food will only be for fellowship for Believers with resurrection bodies, as no 'nourishment' will be needed. There will be no marriage or procreation either, by those (Believers only) with resurrection bodies, as Jesus said in Luke 20:34 -36!
But non-Christians with human bodies, will have very many children, with little sickness or danger, so if for some reason some NON-Believer does die even at 100, it will seem strange, as most will live, (like before the Flood) - for hundreds of years. Animals, etc will all be harmless and in harmony! Isaiah 11: 6 - 9.

>> [NOTE: This 'time' of 1,000 years, is different from the next Eternal ‘Time’ ~ “when Time shall be no more”.] 

Note: There will be no 'second chance' to become a member of God's Family in the Millennium or after, as no one can come except by repentance and trust in hope of what we cannot actually see with our eyes, Hebrews 11: 6.
This is why Today is the Day of Salvation!

(Please see our 2 articles on 'The Millennium', or ask for our blue book - "Israel's Glorious Future" - free.)

>>Most of all we will have a beautiful relationship with God and the Lamb - and all people and animals and nature will be in peace and harmony!



You’ll have to see our article ‘Eternity ~ Glorious, never ending Bliss - or the book mentioned above to get more details!!!
This list can’t go on forever, (like Eternity will). So we will leave you with the prayer that maybe this study will be a real blessing and something worthwhile to think over – or refer to in the years ahead…

>No wonder there are so many anthems of praise in Revelation and the New Testament. [And we can sing them now ~ like this one by Dale Garrett (1978 Scripture in Song, from Revelation 5:12.)
"Worthy is the Lamb, to receive power and riches,
and wisdom and might and honour,

Blessing and honour and glory, and dominion forever
~ Worthy is the Lamb!"

Please, may we suggest you keep this list as a prayer challenge to be prepared yourself and help others in this serious time as we try to wait patiently ~ for Our Saviour's Glorious Coming? Where there might be changes or new inspiration to add to this 'Time-line' ~ you can add them as they are needed.

"Our Father Who is in Heaven,

Hallowed and reverenced be Your Name.

May Your Kingdom come, and
May Your will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven!"


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