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Even as we see the swirling currents and ‘roaring waves’ of change and disaster
in the world we Believers in the Bible, the Word of God, can have HOPE!

We long for many more people to come to know Him as their God.
We can trust God to fulfill His wonderful purposes ~
our part is to pray, “Your Kingdom Come!”

Paul wrote; “First of all then, I counsel, that petitions, prayers,
intercessions and thanksgivings be made for all Human beings,
including…all in positions of prominence…”
[1 Timothy 2: 1. Jewish N.T.]

Much of the Arabian area of the Middle East was liberated from the rule of the “Turkish Ottoman Empire” by the British Forces, including the armies of the then “British Empire” (i.e. Australia, New Zealand, & India in particular, & assisted by a small Jewish Brigade) in the early 1900’s. France had also acquired control of some parts & the area was then subdivided, (not always wisely) among the more prominent Sheikdoms of the time. Iraq & Trans-Jordan were allocated to two sons of Sherif Hussein & much of Arabia came under the rule of the Saudi Family by 1922.

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So today, we have the separate nations, unified to a degree by their Islamic Faith, but known as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States of Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, & the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. These nations are loosely associated in “The Arab League” (but this also includes some north African states to bring the total number to 22.)

The General Secretary of the Arab League is Amr Mussa.
[Also spelt ‘Mousa’.]
Originally called ‘The League of Arab States’, it was formed in 1945 by Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan & Yemen. Other nations joined later as members of a voluntary association of mainly Arabic speaking nations. The Arab League is composed of 22 Arab nations in the Middle East & North Africa. It includes the Palestinians, and has its headquarters in Egypt. The Arab League is, in turn a part of the world body of Muslims in the O.I.C.

[The Organisation of Islamic Conferences,
is not limited to Arabs, or the Middle East, but included in the 57 nations are Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, who are not Arabs, & not all from the M.E., of course. The one thing that does unite them is their hatred of Jews, Israel & the ‘Christian West’, (though in different degrees), & with many kinds of differences among them, including some being Sunni & some Shi’ite Muslims. It is interesting that Russia has attended their Conferences, as it has a very large Muslim population, & good relationships with Iran & Syria, & nearer Muslim Nations to its borders, often supplying then with weapons & in the case of Iran, help with nuclear technology.]

King Abdullah Fahad Bin Abdul-Aziz al Saud of the Saud dynasty.
As the head of the House of Saud, King Abdullah became the 6th King of Saudi Arabia, on August 1st, 2005. Although he is in his eighties, he holds the power in this vast oil-rich nation, assisted by other members of the Royal Family. The nation is predominantly Sunni & has been pro-western in most of its policies. This royal family are distantly related to the Hashemite Royal Family of Jordan, who’s King is also King Abdullah (II) and is introduced in the article below. Saudi Arabia as one of ‘OPEC’ nations is very influential in this strategic area. In more recent times, (since the wars in Iraq, & the Israeli/Hizballah war of 2006), Saudi Arabia has expressed concern, as a Sunni Nation about the threats & insidious influence of Shi’ite Iran, throughout the Middle East. They have a sympathy for ‘the West’.
[This could be significant in the light of Ezekiel 38: 13, as Saudi Arabia, Yemen & some Gulf States, approximate to ‘Dedan’ & ‘Sheba’ in Biblical times.]
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Some notes taken from the King’s web site,

His majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein is the 43rd in a direct line from Muhammad. He assumed constitutional powers as monarch of Jordan on the day his father, the late King Hussein, died in 1999. He was born in 1962, & was married to Queen Rania Al-Yassin in 1993 & has 4 children.
He has had a very extensive education in both Britain & USA, which extended to military training first at Sandhurst in the U.K. & through many other military advances within the Jordanian Army Services. In 1987 he studied at University in USA in Advanced Study & Research International Affairs. He has had many roles & positions of command over the years and must have met many, many people, who no doubt must have shaped his perspectives. He firmly believes in ‘religious harmony’.

“Since ascension to the throne, King Abdullah II has continued his late father’s commitment to creating a strong and positive moderation role for Jordan within the Arab region & the world, & has worked towards the establishment of a just and lasting comprehensive solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.” This is directly from the official statement in the above document, but it sums up very well the reason for the many news items about the king’s activities over these last few years, & this year in particular. Keep your eyes open for news clips about this influential widely respected man!


  • Through negotiations in 1918/19 the first King Abdullah of Jordan (from a background role) was given authority over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. & the royal family have paid large money for its upkeep and repair. No decision regarding that area can be made without reference to King Abdullah, even agreeing to the Christian Patriarch of Jerusalem, resigning, some time ago. Now the king wants to build a new tall minaret on the Temple Mount area, at sometime, soon.

  • The King is interested in restoration of ancient sites in Jordan so much so that he has hosted a “Summit of 29 Nobel Laureates & top thinkers” which was held in the restored ancient City of Petra 18/19th May ’05. It was co-sponsored by a liberal Jewish woman, Elie Wiesal, founder of the ‘N.Y. Foundation for Humanity’. It is significant that among the 44 guests were Clinton, Peres, the Dalai Lama & Richard Gere, (an actor & the first white American Buddhist Monk). The King is in favour of ‘inter-faith’ gatherings and religious tolerance, including to Christians and Jews. He is outstanding as a Muslim Leader in the Middle East.

  • The Dead Sea is also the focus of concerned action by the King, who has arranged a joint feasibility study which includes the UNO & Israel, regarding addressing the problem of the falling level of the sea, by proposing a link with the Red Sea to bring water to there. This could be a great venture not only the bringing of water to raise the level of the dying ‘Dead Sea’, but on its downward course from the Red Sea, it could be harnessed to both provide a power source for the whole of Jordan for many years. It could also be treated to divide some of the water to become fresh enough to drink, (a huge resource for needed fresh water), while the more salinated water would enhance the chemical levels of the Dead Sea.

  • There is currently a suggestion that a specific economic zone be outlined, & utilised adjacent to the length of the Jordan River – under a cooperative scheme between Israel, Jordan & the Palestinians. This would be a great blessing to each of them if it were facilitated. The Jordan Valley is a fertile area if utilised wisely.

  • He has laid claim to the historically ‘owned’ piece of land that currently is part of Saudi Arabia, even raising the flag of the Hashemite Kingdom there adjacent to the Gulf of A’quaba.

  • Because King Abdullah is in a direct line from Muhammad, while he is a Sunni, (as is most of Saudi Arabia & Syria,) he’s also respected by many Shi-ite Muslims. As such he could even be involved at some time in helping to solve the problems (especially of the large Sunni population) in Iraq, which was once governed by a member of the same Royal Hashemite Family. (Saddam Hussein killed the last ruler.) [We suggest you pray about this. God’s honour is at stake through the Western pro-Christian presence in Iraq.]

  • As one of the ‘Keepers of the Muslim Holy Places’ Mecca, Medina, (in Saudi Arabia) & the Temple Mount) he is consulted about any major issues regarding those sites. This adds to His importance. He would like to build a new, tall Minaret on the Temple Mount, at present controlled by the Muslims & the Leader, The Waqf.

[Here is a man who could even be one of the ‘ten kings’ of Revelation 17, as he has influence – though not control at present – over the ‘Arabian area’ of the Middle East. He often consults with King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, as well as every other M.E. State, even including Israel & the Palestinians.]

  • Over recent years & months, King Abdullah has visited very many other nations, & on occasion, (such as the visit to Thailand) has been accompanied by his beautiful wife. He is well received everywhere & is a great ambassador for moderate Muslims. He is regarded highly by the West, but as a Sunni Arab, his views are nearer to the other Sunni nations of the M.E. such as Saudi Arabia & Egypt.

  • Did you notice the fourth person present at the re-assessment & conferment of the ‘Road Map’, hosted by President Muberak of Egypt, & attended by Pres. Abbas for the Palestinians & P.M. Sharon from Israel, at Sharm El Sheikh in February of 2005 – was King Abdullah II? Even though the hopes for this to be successful has not been realised, (yet) it is very significant that he was & still is involved in all consultations.

  • Also in May 2005, the 3rd in a set of WEF (World Economic Forums) was held at the Dead Sea Resort, hosted by King Abdullah for about 1,200 political and business Leaders from 45 countries. The fact that there was a large delegation from Israel as well as from the Palestinians as well as many others from Arab nations, speaks volumes about the influence of this humanitarian King. Jordan has a peace agreement with Israel, & on joint issues, such as water & border crossings, they collaborate.

  • From June 30th – July 31st ’05 there was an extravaganza of displays, entertainment and food, under the auspices of the Jordanian Government called “Global Village – Amman”. One reason Jordan (& Egypt) would like to have some kind of comprehensive peace in this reason is that their main income has always come for tourism, which has suffered over recent years.

  • In 2007, King Abdullah of Jordan said that his nation could pursue an interest in building a nuclear facility for generating power. This is understandable, as Jordan has to import its petroleum & other energy supplies.

  • A further significant development was begun recently with the laying of the foundation stones for a prodigious business facility for Jordan. To be called ‘Jordan Gate’ it will become a prestigious focus for the USD 1 billion ‘Royal Metropolis’ in the heart of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

It will be built in co-operation with the ‘Greater Amman Municipality’ and Kuwait’s leading financial institution, (KFIC). Since a large part will be hotel facilities, Hilton International will be partnering with the other participants. It will include two towers, connected to a shopping mall, built on the highest point of the city, but it is only part of the wider plan for industry, business and residential development, giving employment and income to the nation. Please pray for Jordan!

We strongly recommend you look at the King’s web site. There you will see the issues of importance to him, where the word ‘development’ appears 5 times, * Judicial reform & Educational Initiatives are prominent in the list.

Our Bible based perspectives.
We believe Islam will not ‘take over the world’ as it abhors every other religion, so would not agree to be part of a ‘One World Religion’, which includes others. Also for Israel’s sake God will finally break Islam’s fanatical power. This will free thousands under its tyranny –even many Muslims to turn to Jesus as in Joel 2: 28 –30 & Isaiah 19: 23 –25. “I will bless them and make them a blessing.”

At the same time, God, as we have noted, can and does use Leaders to fulfill His wider Plan, and we believe He is & in the future could well use
His Majesty, King Abdullah II in even more significant areas of influence.

[We invite you to look at the studies: ‘Israel Focus & ‘Middle East Focus
on this site.]

Therefore we need to pray for this well-intentioned, gifted man!
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is outstanding in so many ways,
of freedom of beliefs, care for the under-privileged,
encouraging education, & even the acceptance of the existence of Israel -
and in many ways!

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