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A Continued Study of chapters 38 & 39 of Ezekiel, in the Tanakh/ O.T.

A description of the effect on the entire world as a result of this event.
Please see the previous article, ‘Gog & Magog, Whatever do They Mean?’


The three very important reasons why God has placed these chapters in
His ancient, Eternal Word.

1. To explain how the whole world will finally recognise, (before Jesus’ Second Coming) that ADONAI, the Sovereign LORD is the only true God, and the Eternal God of the whole Earth. No other god is equal to Him.

2. To explain what it will take to fully restore the true Jewish Nation of Israel, as a nation) to their own Sovereign ADONAI, recognising the Face of God in Yeshua, by the outpouring of the Ruach ha Kodesh. The great Triune God!

3. To give more clear indications of the world-shaking scenario of what will happen to the entire Earth; physically, politically, and spiritually, bringing about the final birth-pangs of the End of man’s rule in this world.

These chapters describe in detail a God ordained
severe threat against Israel.

[We briefly summarise them here.]

B. The concurrent & immediate effects on Jewish People everywhere.

  • As soon as the invading army is detected & all the intelligence locally & elsewhere confirms that there is no way Israel can defend herself, (inspite of amazingly efficient Defence Forces & advanced technology) Jews everywhere will be numbed with fear and a terrible sense of sheer helplessness. Please read Jeremiah 30.

  • Jeremiah the prophet in chapter 30 describes this very brief time of fear. First, he confirms that this message is for Israel after their restoration to the Land. From verse 4 we read: “These are the words the LORD spoke concerning Israel & Judah. This is what the LORD says: ‘cries of fear are heard – terror, not peace. Ask and see: can a man bear children? Then why do I see every strong man with his hands on his stomach like a woman in labour, every face turned deathly pale? How awful that day will be! None will be like it. It will be a time of trouble for ‘Jacob but he will be saved out of it’.

This is an amazingly misunderstood passage of Scripture, we feel.

This is because it has been made to fit into an eschatological theory by teachers who have followed a specific line of teaching – copying each other and influencing millions of Christians. We are referring to the ‘Pre-tribulation rapture theory’, which teaches: “that there is a first part, of the two-part Second Coming of Yeshua/ Jesus when all the Christians will be resurrected and go to Heaven. All the unbelieving Jews will be left on the Earth to undergo 3.5 years of refining in the ‘Time of Tribulation’.” This is referred to as “the time of Jacob’s Trouble” – separating the sentence into two separate parts with no regard for its’ complete meaning! We strongly believe that this refers back to the time of the first Jacob, who by being chosen by God to become the father of the 12 sons, became the ‘Founding Father’ of a new Nation! Until this time it was only a 3 generation Family of Promise, ‘Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob’.

The name “ISRA’EL” had never been known or heard. It was hidden in the heart of ADONAI until one night of Jacob’s fearful re-entry into the promised Land, when Jacob found himself wrestling with a * ‘Man, from Whom he refused to be separated unless he received a blessing from Him! The blessing came with the ordination ceremony, we might say, of being given a new name, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but ISRA’EL because you have struggled with *God and with men, and have overcome.” (Genesis 32: 28) Yacov/ Jacob even called the place ‘Pini-el’ – *the Face of God! Soon after, on arrival in Bethel, in the Land, God repeated the words, “ you will no longer be called Jacob, [deceiver] but ISRA’EL [prevailing with God.] How is it that Scripture often continues to describe Israel by using the name ‘Jacob’? It would seem to be a reminder of their background of depending on their own human strength. But ADONAI knows that for most of us – He has to deal with us in a hard way to soften our hard hearts into a new relationship with HIM!

This is when this unbelievably awful threat will cause every Jew around the world – individually but as a Nation - to ‘wrestle with a Man’ – Who is – Yeshua God * in fact, and plead for His blessing like never before - & become a real- ISRA’EL!
This is what the short time of ‘Jacob’s trouble’ will be all about.

[We suggest you read the article, Who is the Face of God?’ *]

  • So the terrible threat of this huge army with the real potential to do as they claim – to eliminate every Jew from the Land of Israel – will cause agonising fear on every genuine Israeli for whom it is God’s chosen place of Promise. Every Jew around the world & many Christians will be in an agony of fear, also.

  • It seems that ancient Prophets have foretold it, too. Verse 38:17 says about Gog,are you not the one I spoke of in former days by My servants the prophets of Israel? At that time they prophesied for years that I would bring you against them.” One clear example is in Psalm 64, -about Gog, “they encourage each other in evil plans… they plot injustice & say, ’we have devised a perfect plan…’ But God will shoot them with arrows; suddenly they will be struck down… & bring them to ruin. ALL mankind will fear; they will proclaim the wonderful works of God & ponder what HE has done!” See Isaiah 10: 5 –27.

  • It is therefore at the time of the threat that the Ruach ha Kodesh / Holy Spirit will do as He has done for so many individuals before, “convict of sin & righteousness and judgement in regard to sin.” (John 16; 8.) It is then that every individual Israeli will call on Ha Shem, the Name of the LORD, ADONAI in urgent prayer! Psalm/ Tehellim 80 will hardly be off their lips!

  • The full description is in Zechariah 12: 10. “And I will pour out on the House of David, and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplication. They will look to Me - the One they have pierced, & they will mourn for Him as one mourns for an only child and grieve bitterly for Him as one grieves for an only son. On that day the weeping in Jerusalem will be great… The Land will mourn, each clan by itself, with their wives by them selves…” Revival will come!

  • The next chapter continues the picture of spiritual renewal like never before. “On that day a fountain will be opened to the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, to cleanse them from sin and impurity.” Bible reading Messianic Believers will surely minister to many people to emphasise what Jews really know in their hearts, that there is only one way for cleansing from sin. For centuries, as a nation, they have shied away from acknowledging that the death and outpouring of the lifeblood of a perfect innocent sacrifice was the only way. Now they will admit that none other than the Son of God, their Saviour & Messiah, YESHUA can be that perfect sacrifice. At last they will “call on Him,” in genuine repentance, and in trust! They will not physically see Yeshua/ Jesus, but just as millions of Jews & Gentiles in the last 1900 years have done, they will ‘see’ in faith the “Lamb of God Who takes away their sins.”

  • This will be only the beginning of a whole series of exciting changes in Israel that we describe later! Hallelujah! – Are you thrilled as we are?

[See our articles,Israel’s Glorious Future,’ or How Israel will be Blessed…’]

The dramatic Intervention of Israel’s God!

  • In the midst of this great life-changing dramatic spiritual upheaval for Israel, God will be accomplishing another geological upheaval of the terrain, described as “a GREAT earthquake,” exactly in the place where the threatening army has gathered and is poised to destroy and plunder Israel & especially Jerusalem. A great, powerful act of God alone. We can only guess at the measurements on the scientists’, scales!

  • The Magog army is described twice as “advancing like a storm, like a cloud covering the Land.” (38: 9 & 16). [This may even indicate the time of the year, as the onset of ‘winter’ in this area is often begins with huge storms, thunder, lightening and rain. It also could be at ‘The Feast of Trumpets’ (Rosh Hashanah). It would not be the first time invading armies chose this part of the year, if you see Jeremiah’s description of the Babylonian invasion in chapter 4, (which could also mirror the coming world judgement at Armageddon) in verses 23 –28. But this is not certain.] The Arab nations used this time to attack Israel at Yom Kippur 1973.

  • What is certain, is that Gog & his whole army (not a part of it,) but all, will be totally destroyed within a specific area, but not damaging today’s ‘Israel’! Now, do you see why we believe God is deliberately confining Israel to a small area?

  • The destruction is by the most lethal earthquake with cataclysmic rain, hail, fire & chemical plague, not forgetting the troops turning on each other in panic and hatred. The dead bodies will even block off a whole valley since the total army will be killed. A study of earthquakes & their measurements suggests this is a major event. As we have said, the presence of the chemical weapons among them, plus the proximity of oil pipes add to the complete destruction of the army as graphically described.

  • Very soon the amazing deliverance of the nation of Israel unscathed will be seen on the media outlets of the whole world. Victory will be to the Holy One of ISRAEL! [Almost all God’s interventions – miracles – are in the ‘timing’ of them.]

  • It is even possible that an effect of the earthquake will cause irreparable damage to the Muslim Mosques on the Temple Mount, clearing it for the rebuilding of the 3rd Jewish Temple for which careful preparations are currently being made. Surely another sign of the soon fulfillment of this event! [See our link to ‘The Temple InstituteWeb-site.] Yet we believe all Jews will be saved in more ways than one! Praise be to the Holy One of Israel – their Redeemer!

D. The Spiritual repercussions on the rest of the Middle East!

  • When the total destruction of the boastful army and their Leader is made clear, that same Loving Holy Spirit of God will move in the hearts of thousands of Middle East people, who, sadly have been locked in fear & pain by the teachings of Islam.

  • Therefore, thousands of Middle East people will also turn to the true God! Isaiah 19:23-25 and Jeremiah 49:35-39 will be true soon! There will be wonderful changes, especially for Egypt and ‘Assyria!’ [See articles - God’s Plans for the M.E.’]

E. The effect on the rest of the World - East to West, from North to South.

There are world-wide repercussions from this event, ‘The Ezekiel War”.

[These are also taken from the over-all picture of End Time Events given in many other Scriptures, but based on God’s words in these 2 chapters.]

  • Destruction in other places by other serious earthquakes. Verse 38: 19, “In My zeal & fiery wrath I declare that at that time there shall be a great earthquake, in the land of Israel. The fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the beasts of the field, every creature that moves along the ground, & all the people on the face of the Earth will tremble at My Presence.” Since the great Tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004, it has been known that a powerful Earthquake, could, in fact, cause the globe to ‘shake’ & even affect the Earth’s rotation. We can only imagine the extent of the devastation, so widespread!

  • It seems there will be total economic collapse for every nation as a result, as the whole world economy is affected, with the repercussions of stock market crashes. The world economy has become more inter-dependant over recent years. But with literal earthquakes, also in other places, the repercussions will be very serious. Other ‘End Time’ Scriptures, could be fulfilled at this time.

  • This will result in anarchy (killing and looting) and so much panic and disorder that Governments will be powerless to act. This will be a critical time for the governments of the World. All nations signed their sovereignty over to the UNO in 2000 for such a time as this - ‘a world wide threat’.

  • Christians and Jews will be in great danger, but have a wonderful opportunity to witness to the God of Israel, the only true God who is now known by the whole world as the Sovereign LORD! “Then they will know that I AM the Sovereign LORD ADONAI.” This is a repeated message and result, making it clear there is NO OTHER GOD!


These conclusions are based on Revelation 13 & other Scriptures.

  • The False-messiah - A/C will promise to bring a wonderful global world of prosperity and order, so all nations will sign an agreement with him to rule. We believe Israel will make a separate kind of an agreement/treaty or ‘covenant’, whereby they are allowed to be a separate nation, in their own complete Land.
    Israel’s Glorious Future”

  • A very significant and acceptable Religious Leader, (not unlike the Dalai Lama), will back & support the False-messiah. Revelation 13 is well known to explain this. [More details are in other articles on End Time Events.]

  • All other nations will agree on the need for a ‘One World’ unifying monetary process to integrate every transaction by every individual. The False-messiah will institute the system of individual tracking, similar to ‘bar coding’, but assure everyone it is good. The technology for this is becoming more possible daily. Anyone objecting (because it is tied in with a religious worship system) will seem totally stupid – which will include ‘Christians’ critical of true Christians.

  • Miraculous displays by his Religious Advisor, (the false prophet) will cause almost everyone to believe the anti-christ is a saving Messianic Person to be worshipped.

  • It seems there will be an interval of a few months to set up his regime using a system like the census counts, but greatly assisted by modern technology. It will be voluntary, but the implications of non-involvement will be made very clear and serious.

  • As the system is installed and people choose to “take the mark of the Beast” the time of the “fullness of the Gentiles” of Romans 11:25 will have come, as there will be no desire to turn to Jesus after the mark has been taken. Many Christians will be disillusioned by not having been ‘raptured’ at this time. [See Jesus’ tragic words in Matthew 24: 9 – 14!] Yet many people will decide to become Christians, especially in the Middle East, inspite of knowing the potential cost. (They have already suffered greatly under Islam, but now they will have a new heart reason to risk suffering, as they choose Eternal Life in Isa Masih the true Saviour.)

  • This is because the newly Believing Jews and thousands of secret Believers in the Middle East nations will quickly spread the Gospel and fulfill the sign of Matthew 24: 14! If you are one of the (seemingly) few Arab/ M.E. Believers in Isa/ Jesus be encouraged. God is preparing good ground for a huge harvest of new Christians!

[So that this article is not too long, we give Bible references only –
for you to look up. We have already described these in other articles.]

  • All Jewish people will have become Believers in Jesus as Saviour and Messiah. For them, this will be Romans 11:26 fulfilled! Also this is described by Zechariah in chapters 12 (especially verses 10 to 13:6.) After a time of deep repentance, they will sing songs exactly like Psalm 106, Isaiah 12, 26 & 27,and be full of joy!

  • They will tell everyone around them and their contacts worldwide that Jesus is now their Saviour and He can be the Lord and Saviour of every Gentile who turns to Him. Matthew 24: 14 and other Scriptures will be fulfilled gloriously! Romans 11 verses 26 –31 describes it wonderfully, as does Isaiah 25-27! (See chapter 27:6!) God will turn the ‘Diaspora’ from a tragedy into a “blessing to the world.”

  • Messianic Believers’ relationship with true Gentile Christians will be of total love and acceptance of each other, in Yeshua. From now on they will truly be ‘one’! From now on they are all simply called “the saints”. (See in Daniel and Revelation, ‘God’s people.’ So you see ‘the suffering church/ ecclasia/ Body’ is present in Rev. 4 –19!)

  • Israel will request not to be part of the Anti-christ’s regime, and he will agree, on the condition that every Jew around the world returns to the enlarged Land of Israel. (Ezekiel 39:28) The ‘covenant’, (Daniel 9:27), he makes with them will include permission to rebuild the Temple, on the Temple Mount that will have been cleared by the effects of the ‘Ezekiel War’. Israel will now have all the Land God promised them, right up to the Euphrates River... This agreement will be because of the pressure of the ‘one world religious lobby’ that support him, (but who pride themselves on not being ‘racist’) so that the False-messiah will agree to Israel being separate, for potentially 7 years. After 42 months, he will break it.

  • Other nations have a collective, separate agreement, but also for 7 years. By contrast at last Israel will be a holy Theocracy under the leading of the Holy One, but they will be living “by faith in the Son of God who loved them...” Jeremiah 30 & 31 are 33 give more details of this wonderful time. Note: NO tribulation or dispersion for Israel ever again, though the rest of the world will suffer terribly. Isaiah 60:1-3 and Revelation 12: 6,14, indicate God has a safe place for Jews. We believe it is all of ‘the Promised Land’. [Later when the False-messiah desecrates the Temple, Jews in the immediate Jerusalem City area will quickly leave & go to the northern hills of Israel. Not Petra, or away from the Land of Israel]

  • Some Christians will ask Jewish people if they can “go [to Israel] with you, because God is with you”, (Zechariah 8:23), ‘Immanuel’- for sure! As many Arabs, etc, left the Land before the Ezekiel war, and now Jews are permitted to claim ALL the ‘Promised Land’; there will be plenty of room for 20 million Jews from the rest of the world, and Believers they have come to love!

  • But sadly, many disillusioned Christians will lose their faith altogether at this time and accept the mark and the worship of the False-messiah. Some severely shaken Christians will have to re-adjust their beliefs, as Daniel 11: 35 indicates.

  • Some other true Christians will “not love their lives unto death” being willing to die for their Lord Jesus. See Revelation 12: 17, & Daniel 11: 33.

  • Israel will become the “Sheep Nation” Jesus told about in Matthew 26, and help “the brothers of Jesus”, true Christians imprisoned, starving, naked & alone.

[This is one scenario offered by the writer of these notes, who agrees the actual time factors may be different, but not the actual events.]

  • During this time, God will have two godly prophets, in Jerusalem, truly human men, with a ministry like Moses and Aaron had in Egypt. They will be the human agents of the disasters which result from mankind’s wickedness and listed as ‘the trumpets’, of Revelation. Their ministry is clearly described in Revelation 11. This time of tribulation for the world, (but not Israel), will begin almost as soon as the False-messiah takes over, but after the marking system is completed – perhaps a few months. The False-messiah will soon come to hate the 2 prophets and the effect of their words but be unable to kill them for 1,260 days. Verse 7.

  • Israel will become the holy Nation God has always wanted them to be, in fulfilment of many, many promises of the Old Testament. God will bring every Jew back to Israel, (Ezekiel 39:28). See too, the contrast between Israel and the rest of the world in Isaiah 60:1-3! (The fact that these many blessings, include increase of families, indicate the promises for this time, rather than in the Millennium, when all Believers will have resurrection bodies and will not procreate, as Jesus said in Matthew 24: 29 & 30. See Ezekiel 36:10 –15.)

  • Many people from around the world will travel to Jerusalem to see the beautiful rebuilt Temple, where people living in Israel regularly worship, including Gentile Christians to whom the outer court has been given. (Revelation 11:2). In fact so many ‘sight-seers’ will come, that there is a description of the City being ‘tramped over’ (not destroyed) for 42 months. (Jewish Believers will use the Temple sacrificial system to demonstrate the meaning of the death of Jesus and teach lessons from these.) Preparations for re-building the Temple can be seen here.

  • This will make the False-messiah very angry and jealous, using horrible, lying names for Jerusalem, (Rev.11: 8). After 3& half years he breaks his treaty with Israel and relocates his own statue into the Temple and himself to be worshipped there as god. But God’s bowls of judgement will be poured out on his kingdom, and a crescendo of horrific events now proceeds. (It is possible there is no second 3 & 1/2 years but a shorter time of horrific bowl judgements following the death & resurrection of the 2 prophets of Revelation 11.) A few Christians - ‘the saints’, are still present in the world, (outside Israel), but from now on will be sovereignly protected. (Rev. 9:4 and compare Exodus 9:1-6, verse 26 and 10:22.)

  • The False-Messiah’s response is his call to all the armies of the Nations to surround Jerusalem and gather at Ha Megiddo for the battle we know as ‘Armageddon’. Revelation 16:16-21 is a summary of the expanded ‘videos of chapters 17 &18. This is now God’s time of judgement, not initiated by man as before, (during the 42 months of tribulation under the False-messiah.) The 6th & 7th seals, trumpets and bowl judgements merge into the same scenario of horror for the world, but the Jewish Believers, and true Christians will be the ‘victorious Saints’! We just pray & long for that time, don’t you?

[See our section on
Jesus Second Coming’.]

This will be Resurrection Day when all the Believers in the world and in Israel will be raptured into the air to meet the Lord Jesus with all the saints from every age, with all the angels, and come back down to a devastated Earth, in a great procession! ONE, great, resurrection DAY for all God’s saints of all time, with no divisions! “And so we shall be forever with the LORD!”

The Millennial reign of Jesus will begin from Jerusalem with the Earth restored.

Jesus Messiah will reign from Jerusalem, rebuilt as described by Ezekiel with the Temple, now open to all, in order and beauty, health and happiness!

Please note: This outline is not dogmatic – it is a study guide, for YOU.
It does not contribute to a ‘pre-tribulation rapture theory’.
It is to share the warning for Christians of great testing coming soon.
It is to emphasise the role of ISRAEL in spreading the Gospel.
It is to explain to & encourage Middle East Christians of a great hope!
This will explain the time of Israel being a Holy Nation in this world!
It should encourage Gentile Believers to understand God’s plans.
We pray it will encourage more holy, sacrificial living by Christians.
It also enables us to focus on ALL God’s glorious Plans…
We so much look forward to JESUS COMING!

Dear Reader, it has not been easy to write these two serious studies, but we have done so with many prayers & longings that they really will be a true underlining of GOD’S Messages. They are different from many other messages. But we long for them to be messages of blessing - of both warning and encouragement to God’s People - all God’s saints through His Son - like you.
We would welcome your similar thoughts and prayers so that we can agree together -
a sure way to have our prayers answered!
Matthew 18:19!

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